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When sex-offender laws promote more crimes

National City has become the latest California city to face a lawsuit from a registered San Luis Obispo County sex offender over its sex-offender regulations. _____ ____, 61, of Grover Beach, contends such local ordinances are superseded by Jessica’s Law, the 2006 measure adopted by California voters. Full Article

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When a man is charged with a sex crime it’s usually a slam-dunk for the DA’s office. Why is that? I was told by an attorney that these kind of charges due to their nature puts the burden of proof (not by law but by application) on the defense not the prosecution. In these type of cases you are guilty until proving yourself innocent. Ever try to prove a negative? Can’t be done. Whether the guy is innocent or not he will be found guilty. That’s not how it’s suppose to work, but with anything sex relayed all normal standards go flying out the window. In many cases it is argued that there is no evidence. In most other type cases (non-sex related) the DA’s office will not take the case because the burden of proof is on them, but because it’s sexual in nature they’re pretty sure of a win. If the guy did it he should be slammed, but many times no one knows the truth because there is no evidence. It truly is a he said she said situation! The reasonable doubt should go to the defendant, but it won’t. Those deciding usually side against the defendant on the off-chance that he might have done the crime no matter how slight the evidence may be. Justice rarely in these cases go toward the accused, The sad thing is 80% of society is somehow okay with that. Even churches side with damnation over redemption for a registered sex offender that has done his probation, therapy and time served. The existence of the sex offender registry is a slap in the face of God. Abortion of babies the church will stand up and scream but abortion from society of citizens that have paid their debt they say nothing. The sex offender registry is a Living Death it is Evil and it is Wrong. If someone is so bad they have to be put on an online hit-list like the registry why are they even amongst us? The registrant is the politican’s new whipping boy for votes. TRUTH

Oh my God, that Valerie Parkhurst woman, what is wrong with her? For those that haven’t read the comments on that article, that woman is attacking my wife and anyone else who posts a positive comment. Repeatedly calling RSOL “the new nambla”. It’s seriously disgusting.

Now she’s saying that my part in RSOL is to teach all of the other members how to circumvent compliance laws. For the record, here’s how you do it, YOU FOLLOW THE LAWS AND COMPLY WITH PEACE OFFICERS!!!!!!! Fight for your rights in legal ways, but stay out of trouble in the meantime. It’s much harder to “fight the fight” when you are behind bars.

There, that’s my secret, don’t circumvent laws, follow them. The end!

PS. sorry, I just felt the need to blow off a little steam and I can’t even reply on the UT comments because I don’t have a facebook account (you know, because RSOs aren’t allowed to!)

You are right!!! That Valerie Parkhurst woman seems to be blinded to truth (empirical studies and facts) by her serious hate issues.

I wonder, just how far must she go before we can bring suit against her?

Apparently she doesn’t read what is posted on this site. First statement in what we believe: “no sexual abuse is ever acceptable”. If that wasn’t there, I wouldn’t contribute to this organisation. What I believe and what is born out with the facts, is that the present laws keep sexual abuse hidden in families, where it is not discussed. Nothing posts on this site that advocates for legalizing sex with children. Nor is there any call for violent action against the government or victim’s groups. Can’t think of a more compliant group of citizens, who have had their rights and their livelihoods taken out from under them. Oh! what is the world coming to; people wanting the Constitution upheld and are willing to go to court to see it is done. That doesn’t sound like criminals. That sounds like responsible citizens. I didn’t ask for it, but I am proud to have been thrown in this group. With my experience, maybe I can by useful in educating someone about the dangers of sexual abuse, how to recognise it and maybe we all can work out some real solutions. This is of course if you invite a registrant to dialogue as a fellow human being and quit trying to drive me under a bridge like a scared animal.

Hi Tim:

This chick is just putting her bias and ignorance out there for all to see. Whats scary about it is that much of the population is easily rabble roused into a frenzy by people like her. She only sounds knowledgeable, and most of the rabble is too lazy to check the facts for themselves. Her comparison of us to NAMBLA is so ridiculous, but then again, it sounds credible to those willing to believe whatever they are told because they will not check the facts for themselves.

If it’s true Facebook won’t allow RSO’s on their site they should be sued for discrimination. We have a right to be heard too.

Just a thought, I can’t help but wonder if sex offender laws and the oppression the two in Anaheim went through on parole led to them committing their new crimes.

I’ve had the same thought myself. Just what one goes through to survive in prison can seriously change you, not always for the better.

Jason, I knew them while I was on parole from the same office. I know first hand the oppression these two experienced and heard it from their own lips. That parole office for years had the reputation as being one of the worst in the state, especially for 290 registrants. I did a two week stint in Chino for a bogus violation(that was dropped) and during my time there I talked to others who had actually heard how bad this particular office was. I also heard from others who even said the parole commissioner would complain about this office at hearings.

At this office, they were constantly changing parole terms, often not even having them written down but just warning us verbally about things that were acceptable suddenly being off limits. I personally got called by parole agents several times for ridiculous reasons, often threatened with violations for things beyond my control, such as the GPS malfunctioning. I even once found myself in a room with two agents(one on each side ready to jump me) and three counselors chewing me out and accusing me of causing a disturbance to the group counseling session because I would correct the group counselor when they repeatedly tried to claim sex offenders all had very high recidivism rates(which we now know is under 2% according to the DOJ). And I had what were considered to be some of the agents that treated us better…and at least while I was on parole, these two had the same parole agent who was considered to be the worst in that regard. Almost weekly I was hearing about things that agent was doing to make things worse for parolees. I’m not saying the system is to blame for the choices those two made, but the system didn’t exactly do things to help the guys either.

Reading those comments below the article was pretty intense! A whole lotta hatin goin on by one in particular. Hard to read some of the vicious remarks. All I could hear was “don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!” True ignorance knows no bounds…

Valerie Parkhurst is a troll. She is from Florida, and you will see her comments in almost every newspaper in the states. Apparently she is a very mentally disturbed, demented, angry woman. She had been around for years.

Yeah, my wife just ended up blocking her on facebook so now her comments don’t even show up. You can’t win against crazy like that, there’s not even any point in trying. We made that decision after reading about her aggravated assault incident. If she’s going to pull a gun on someone driving past her, then who knows what else she might do.

Not for nothing but isn’t aggrivated assault one of the charges that gets you on the SO registry? Especially since her asault was on a sex offender that makes it sexually motivated violent in nature! Violent crimes puts you on the registry why isn’t she on it then? just saying…

Oh how I wish that were true, but for some reason the law isn’t being applied properly in that regard. There are subsections of PC 290 that include using the registry to commit crimes, so to me, it stands to reason that any crime against a registrant is potentially a violation of PC 290 in addition to whatever other crime is committed. Based on my understanding of the laws in place, in California she would be guilty of aggravated assault, a politically motivated hate crime, a terrorist threat, and a PC 290 violation, which is in itself becomes a registerable offense. Throw the book at her like they would any of us!

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