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Feds: Laws threw sex-offenders together, undercut GPS monitoring

Federal probation officers charged with supervising two Orange County sex offenders who are accused of four killings were overworked, underfunded and hampered by GPS systems that did not communicate, an internal inquiry concluded Wednesday. Full Article

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  1. G4Change

    “The report also blamed state and local laws for exacerbating oversight problems, including sharply restricting where sex offenders can live and pushing many offenders into homelessness.”


  2. Tim

    Too bad there is never a full analysis of the consequences of a feel good bill like Jessica’s law before it is voted on by the public. As they are finding out more and more with tragic results, none of these sex offender bills and ordinances turns out to be a simple “no brainer” when put into practice.

    • B

      But let’s remember: nearly every newspaper in California wrote an editorial opposing Jessica’s Law because they predicted exactly what is happening. It got on the ballot because the California Republican Party put $6 million into it.

      • Tim

        That’s is a good point. Even some probation officers recommended against it. It’s very confusing, when it comes to crime and punishment, and some other things, California could exist comfortably in the conservative south.

      • MS

        Good point B and well stated.

  3. Q

    Yup! All this BS is finally collapsing under it’s own weight. When you consider all the laws, restrictions and ordinances and acts for a by and large non threatening government created lower class of citizen, and the rate of laws, etc that seem to be always popping up the outcome is pretty easy to see.

  4. hannah grace

    I find the comment that these two registrants were required to submit to polygraph tests, unannounced visits by probation officers, random drug testing, and sex offender rehabilitation counseling because they are considered “high risk” offenders ludicrous. I live with all these possibilities on a daily basis. My loved one had no physical victim and both of us have been subjected to this kind of treatment. He has been classified as “Low Risk” by everyone who has evaluated him. They have even stated in writing that he is very unlikely to reoffend. I just consider this a legal form of harassment on the part of the probation department, who are just trying to justify their employment. All registrants and their family members (if they live with them) are required to submit to these conditions regardless what their risk status. They pretend they are so overworked. Maybe the solution is to abolish the registry and let the offender serve his probation/parole in peace. From what I see, these restrictions would not prevent anyone from committing another crime.

    • Michael

      You sound like you live in Orange county. My offense was a single count misdemeanor that didn’t even qualify me to the Megan’s law registry because due to the nature of the offense i’m deemed low risk as a matter of law.
      But none of that stopped my PO from treating me like i kidnapped and raped 10 babies and doing everything she could to violet me on any technicality to get me put in jail to lighten case load.

      I kept pleading not guilty and requesting a trial. I had 6 pictures and I was sure not all of them rose to the lever of CP as legally defined.
      Finally, for a guilty plea, I was offed by the judge to register for only 5 years, during my probation. The first year of which was to be formal probation then, if the probation dept agreed (something they added AFTER i signed the paperwork) informal for the last four.
      I figured, well, fine. I’m not prone to criminal behavior and I’m certainly not going to be involved in anything like I was that got me arrested for this conviction. so i accepted.

      If I had ANY idea the nightmare formal probation could be, and was, i would not have accepted.

      When I got to the shrink i HAD to go to (I was low income so only could afford one guy in Santa Ana who was a former probation officer himself, and acted like he still was, and was more interested in keeping up his high volume group sessions then really helping anyone) he just laughed and said probation NEVER let anyone off after 1 year and most likely i’d be going back to jail before then anyway.

      Finally, within a year after my conviction, i ended serving 6 months and the probation was ended. But then the registration was converted to lifetime. Now I’m trying to have it vacated thru a Certificate of Rehabilitation

      But for that I’m back with the OCPDs office. They blew it last time by filing too early (if anyone would know about that stuff you’d figure the PDs officer would) and thisnew guy doesnt seem like he wants to know any of the details of my case one way or the other. Sounds like he’s just gonna fill out the form for the COR and hope for the best as he addresses any objections the DA has for the first time in court..on the fly.

      The take away?; If you ever have to have a public defender defend or represent you, kiss you a** goodbye.

  5. Bluewall

    You treat a person like a street animal…. you get a street animal…

  6. hannah grace

    In response to Michael: Thank you for your input. This all sounds so familiar to me. However, you are wrong on your assumption that we live in Orange County as we do not. I am just saying that because all jurisdictions in the state of California welcome the prosecution of sex offenders as it feeds the coffers of the prison/probation departments. Don’t know if this is true, but I have been told that for every probation violation of a sex offender, the probation department receives a monetary stipend upon the conviction of the violation. No wonder they are intensely looking for violations. As far a the public defender comment, we hired and paid an attorney an exorbitant amount of money who filled us with nothing but false hope. On his recommendation, he accepted the plea deal. Like you, the conditions of the plea were changed after it was signed. All I am assured of is that my loved one was guilty of making some very stupid decisions. However, that is what the prosecution of the so-called dregs of society thrives on. They get the individual in a position thinking what do I have to do make this go away and then after all is said in done, the reality is it will never go away. As far as I am concerned, the judicial system in California is just looking for ways to fill their coffers.

    • Tim

      Hannah. This sounds like the way the Europeans monarchs used to frighten suspects with torture until they confessed to something. Boy, we have sure come Al long way forward..

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