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International Megan’s Law passes House of Representatives

WASHINGTON — The United States House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday aimed at protecting children from roving convicted sexual predators who travel abroad.

The International Megan’s Law, H.R. 4573, which was authored by Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-4), establishes a model framework for international law enforcement notifications when convicted child-sex offenders who pose a danger to children arrive in a destination country. Full Article

H.R. 4573

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Another feel good act based on hearsay, not science. The GAO report is a joke. It didn’t even attempt to prove a link between human trafficking and registrant travel. In fact, it tended to show just the opposite. They have proven they care diddly squat about human rights, both for adults and children, just as they can care less about the planet going to hell, which according to our own military is the main cause of strife, poverty, the displacement of people’s lives and consequently the suffering of children.

The broke part is our judicial system. It is there the problem come to a clog. We need to somehow hold them accountable to their oath of office. We need a means to check the check and balance system of government. An oversight of our oversight. I use to think well it won’t be constitutional and the courts will step in but not so any more. This is a tragic hole in our country’s bucket. I hear from the clergy that these are the consequences. That seems to be their big argument for doing nothing. We just need to shout… Read more »

Trampling on citizens rights to freedom of association. Persons who have been convicted in the past are not person that pose a high risk to re-offend. 97% of all new sex offences are from people who have never previously been convicted of a sex offence. Beware ALL US citizens on how the government is eroding your constitutional rights. Tracking and Residency restrictions promote a false sense of security for the community. Take Notice! Any government that has the power to improve your life can also destroy it. Stop the hype and the erosion of Citizens rights. These people have… Read more »

Once again the slimeballs masquerading as honorable and upright completely ignore the facts/truth.

Yet another act of sheer stupidity by the U.S. government… As long as politicians are able to lie to the public about the alleged dangers of “sex offenders,” this madness will not come to an end. They will continue to exploit for their own gain as long as the voters allow them to do so. And to the U.S. House of Representatives…Can someone explain to me why someone who was arrested for indecent exposure for urinating in public is so dangerous that now other countries must be notified if he chooses to go there on vacation? How about this, what… Read more »

Out of curiosity…

Can there be any way that CA RSOL can challenge this law in federal court once Obama signs the bill?

The only reason i have faith in lawyers at all anymore, is because of Janice. 🙂

If this gets signed.. something WILL have to be done about it. We can’t let them railroad us any more.

I’ve never traveled outside the country because of fear of the unknown. But now i’m afraid i will never be able to visit a small village in Sicily where my grandpa was born, or in Italy where my grandma was born.

Until people organize it isn’t going to get any better. How many of you reach out to other RSO’s to tell them about this website ? Buy 1 stamp and mail the web address to someone on the registry. it’s a start and you’ll feel better for not just sitting around helpless.

Can we organize and have someone do this? I would happily donate to this kind of effort! Or to even work with some kind of bulk mailing to communities in general…imagine if we were to not just let registrants and their families know, but let everyone know. I know that would take a lot of money, perhaps we could start with one community at a time, like letting the people of Orange County know what T-Rack and his cronies have thumbed their nose at the Constitution and threw away millions of dollars in Orange County to enact and attempt to… Read more »

No good

We can assume that murders and drug dealers will also have their records sent to and a red alert sent to the country they have purchased a ticket to visit. Right? After someone has paid the debt to society (a bullshit concept and sound bite) then it’s over…everyone gets a second chance…except sex offenders. America is so scared of the world sex! This is a violation of a human right of travel. They can not do this. I am ready to fight this all the way to the supreme court (unless I can manage to get out of the country… Read more »

It seems the thing to argue here is that it’s to broad. It should be narrowed to people who have been convicted of child trafficking, pimping or traveling across boarders to have sex with kids otherwise arguing to rid the bill altogether will be a dead end….unfortunately

According to the GAO report those people are already denied passports. The authors of the report clearly wish to deny passports to all registrants, but the State department won’t go that far, for obvious constitutional reasons. So, instead they want to keep us from going some places by letting the other countries do the denying. Sounds akin to the process of extraordinary rendition to violate people’s right by not technically violating people’s rights.

This is exactly where to pinpoint the breach of equal protection under the law. If a person is a multiple murderer and he is not subject to these restrictions and punishments, then this should be clear evidence.

As far as can tell the provisions of this bill have already been put into action with the exception maybe of the U.S. providing financial aide to other countries to give us their meager lists of registrants. It sounds like we are going to start offering byrne grants to other countries like congress offered to our states for enacting the AWA? Most civilized countries don’t repeatedly punish their citizens who’ve been convicted of a sex offense. I’m sure they’ll be happy to take our money, but I doubt we’ll receive the reciprocal effort we’re expecting (Like the AWA). The first… Read more »

I think this STILL has to PASS the SENATE first before going to THE PRESIDENT to be signed into LAW……….. That right ? thx 🙂

No offense, but I plead to a battery (18 years ago) and it is so difficult to travel internationally. Im harassed each time I come into LA (charged expunged years ago).They TSA doesn’t even know what to say. Hmm, should we check his bags? I’m very professional, but the guys act like thugs and its very embarrassing. This is terrible.

I know how you feel. I have a wife in Kenya and I am also a RSO. Everytime I come in, immigration gives me the 3rd degree. Their favorite thing now is to ask for my RSO card and threaten to arrest me for not having it. I tell them to arrest me, then they lose interest.

I never did understand why Megan’s Law, in any place, does not have to do with murderers of children. I dare say 99.9+% of people here have nothing, zero in common with that man or his crime. I also wonder if all the good upstanding American Citizens who support a law like this ever stop to think what happens when they go to their local WalMart and delight with the prospect of $8 Jeans or $4 shirts and such. Just where do these ‘bargains’ come from? Would it be rude to point out that these products breed conditions in which… Read more »

Ya Joe. I think that is what we are for, to put restrictions on us to assuage their consciences. Identify an easy to recognize bogeyman and surround him with simple myths, so one doesn’t have to deal with the real complexities of how our actions here may unwittingly condemn others to misery elsewhere.

The homework will never be done by the authorities because the honest facts will expose their hyperbole, abuse of ex post facto laws, and many other basic human rights that these emotional and reactionary laws trample on. Repeating ad nauseum: “these laws protect politicians, lawmakers and public officials”. That is what they are about. * To add insult to injury, it is an election year and they don’t even try to hide the fact anymore that any consideration of constitutional rights of registrants aren’t even mentioned in fear of jeopardizing party politics. * And the judiciary is falling on its… Read more »

The headline should read “… Flaw Passes Congress”

Could someone enlighten me as to where the Supreme Court is on our rights or is that old news I’m not aware of. I can’t believe if was ever to reach that level these laws could stand. O r am I just naive and ill informed……ANYONE?????

scotus has been silent because they like punishment and this is their dream – punishment without end – with every flavor from each state all applicable without constitutional muster…

ignorance (of human rights) is bliss…

Even though all these countries hate, really HATE the United States of Amerika, the really lover, love, love our dollars! Seems the good ole USA can bribe any country into agreement/compliance. What is interesting about the Philippines rolling over for the US is that the US is heading back to inhabit some or one of the previously abandoned military bases. More money for the Philippine gov’t and a shot in the arm for the local prostitutes too! I’m guessing, but I believe that the US is supplying all sorts of spy and intrusive crap to the Philippine gov’t so it… Read more »

This paper was written about the International Megan’s Law of 2010 and it points out faults in that law:

I wonder how different this bill is from what was proposed in 2010?

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