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NH: New Hampshire sex offender fights registry rules

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the constitutionality of sex offender registry requirements for convicts whose crimes were committed before the legislature imposed more stringent rules.

Lawyers for “John Doe” contend the registry requirements — which have been overhauled numerous times since 1998 — amount to new layers of punishment that weren’t in place when he was convicted in 1987 of sexually assaulting his 14-year-old stepdaughter.

Lawyers for the state acknowledge the information required from sex offenders and frequency of their reports to police have increased, but they maintain the requirements are regulatory and not punitive. Full Article

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What a crock of you know what!!!!!!!

The people in power in NH are the same variety of liars, cheats & thief’s we have here in California. These people are in full flight from reality. If they don’t recognize this as a form of apartheid like oppression then they aren’t wise men and shouldn’t be in power. They obviously are incapable of recognizing the truth of what they stand for. The below examples of what they do to people that made a mistake, did their time and paid their “debt to society” is sickening. It’s really disturbing that these trash authority figures infect our society from the highest levels of power to the lowest city employee.

In 2002, the legislature authorized state police to post the identities and photographs of sex offenders on the Department of Safety’s website

Now, convicted sex offenders have to report to police every three months, face at least two surprise home visits a year, report any social media and email addresses they maintain and inform landlords and employers of their convicted status, among other things

Doe’s conviction predates the 1992 inception of the sex offender registry in New Hampshire.

He received a suspended sentence for his crimes and completed two years of sex offender treatment. In 1990, a judge deemed him rehabilitated and terminated his probation.

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 2003 ruling in a case from Alaska, said the state’s registry requirements were neither punitive nor akin to public shaming.

“He is as free to marry, move, work and travel as any other citizen is,”

“Any damage to his reputation occurred as a result of the conviction and the sexual assault on a child — not the inclusion in the registry,” BS! BS! BS!

There are many cases that people downloaded illegal pictures don’t molest children. The laws do more harm than good because if someone tries to get help they will get prison instead. And 80% of those families who have a loved one and know they need help, can’t get help. And they don’t get help. Ignorant people think that these laws work and every major study says other wise. All it does is make people go underground and dose not have one ounce of preventive measure. 95% are new offenders and 80%-90% of child molestations are from people that the child knows, like fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, coaches and religious figures. Stranger danger is a myth. Registries don’t work and puts focus in the wrong area. The only TRUE and preventive workings is rehabilitation with therapists and support groups. This way people who are sick can take responsibility. But to often there are far to many people on the registry who are not sick at all. I know of many cases where a person is talking to someone online. She said she was 24 years old. They meet and it was a 17 year old extorting money. The guy stood his ground and presented the evidence, but the judge didn’t care and thru him in to prison anyways. This is not justice this a judge protecting criminals and throwing innocent people in prison. We need to stand for what is right and registries are now stand for nothing but straw men to extort money out people so the rich can become super rich with the registries and prison system and fear mongers to coerce voters.

Hi none:

This video was posted a while back but clearly shows just how life threatening/destructive the registry is. Have you ever noticed nobody has Ever presented any kind of evidence/proof of anything good resulting from registries or any associated laws; either in the press, media or with empirical evidence? All I have ever seen are claims and inaccurate studies from years ago when not much was known about people on these registries; never undeniable proof of a crime being prevented or a child saved.

I’m at a loss and have been long past trying to reconcile this in my mind. The only conclusion I can draw is people are stupid. I hate to say it, but the fact’s speak for themselves. The only thing anyone can readily and undeniably identify is mass confusion, fear, lawsuits, destroyed lives, families broken apart and blameless children being traumatized by way of banishment from their peers and bullying, etc, etc, etc. Thankfully many people have reached out to this young man. I haven’t followed this story for a while; so I don’t know if he is still alive, doing OK or locked up because he acted out on his feelings of the futility of life or ran afoul of registration laws.

I for one have had thoughts of escape from the US (but where to go?) because it’s NOT the land of the free or the home of the brave anymore; that’s largely propaganda. It’s been getting closer to being a mirror image pre war Nazi Germany as time goes by. The press is so censored and controlled by those with less than honorable intentions that most of the population doesn’t have much if an idea what is going on in the rest of the world or here. They rely more and more on the government to tell them what is and what isn’t by way of the sell out press. I know progress has been made; but there is already talk of “post constitutional America.”

I agree with you – People ARE Stupid!

The vast majority of people are stupid sheep doing exactly what they are told and would rather die than think. That is what politicians count on and that is the fundamental flaw in democratic system we have here.

If the majority of the population is stupid then the minority are at their mercy since they will always be in the minority. The mass of the population can easily be controlled by politicians with simple sound bites such as “If one child is saved” or the ever popular “think of the children” BS!

Hi Tired Of Hiding:

Your right!!! People would rather let someone else do their thinking for them because it seems most are so preoccupied with their own little world that they shirk from having to think beyond their immediate sphere of life. They would rather just read what the sell out newspapers publish and they usually take what the papers say as gospel. I’ll bet most people aren’t aware that Russian war planes have been flying off of the coast of California and have been doing fly-overs of Guam in response to what the government in Washington is doing in the Ukraine. I know the lame stream media is under orders from Washington to keep quiet about this disturbing development!!!! Most people won’t even bother to check outside sources to see if what they are being told/not told is true.

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