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Transient sex offenders proving difficult to monitor

Law enforcement in Kern County is finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of registered sex offenders. A growing number of them are joining the ranks of the homeless and are listed as transients.

“When you have a sex offender who is a transient, you don’t know where they are,” said Kern County sheriff’s Detective Randall Meyer with the Sexual Abuse and Assault Investigative Unit. Full Article

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Made possible by George Runner and the scared sheeple of California!

Amen. He did the people a great disservice by riding his and others’ campaigns on the need to mistreat registrants and helping remove logic and reasoning from the process. Will he own up to it? Probably not.

It has been proven time and time again, this doesn’t help because I believe the tracking system only works on people that have a “home base”. Many times, I have seen people’s lives made a living Hell because they had to leave their base for an emergency and their PO was alerted. Why do we only track sex offenders!?!? Their TRUE reoffense rate is so minimal compared to hang members, murderers, robbers, etc…. good grief!!!!

It is unreal to me that the powers that be don’t realize they make it nearly impossible for us to survive. Sure I have Parkinson’s on top of being an RSO, bit even if I didn’t I couldn’t find a job. I am lucky to have good parents who took me in. They moved to my parole region and did all the hard work of finding a home to buy that would qualify under my living restrictions. If it hadn’t been for them I would be one of these homeless we’re talking about. If you can’t work and have no home, how then do you get from place to place to register? How do they expect you to register a bush behind a freeway overpass? It’s all absurd.

Duhhhh! These stupid lawmakers! What did they expect? You force someone out of their home or place of residence, take away their jobs, make it nearly impossible to make a living, strip what little dignity is left and then expect things to be easy for themselves? Calling the lawmakers idiots would be a compliment…

Just another self imposed crisis created by the government.

Their logic seems to be like the man with a headache who beats his self on the foot with a hammer so he won’t feel the headache.

Hey, hitting oneself with a hammer works! It makes me forget about being a RSO. Try it. I hate the bad Registered Citizens dreams I have. I LOVE YOU Janice for the hope you provide for us all. You are our only hope.

Rejection by it’s nature leads to chaos. We need to address the root cause of the motivation behind the existence of a registry…parents are out of control of their children and their own time is taken up by work and the world’s mary-go-round. The panacea they use as a fit-all is the sex offender registry. It is like putting a band-aid on a broken Dike/Dam! It actually makes the situation worst because the attention is taken off the real problem. TRUTH

Could not agree more. However the root cause of the movtivation behind the existence of the registry is not out of control parents. The root cause is our inability as a society to properly address the real problems. Think about it this way; if we put as much effort into preventing crimes as we do into catching people for breaking the law this would be a much different country. Instead we trust a small group of people (who were elected or promoted) to dictate reality and ask us (out of respect for authority, because you know “they know what they are doing”) to trust them in handling big problems. Let’s remove the filters and let everyone on all sides be aware of exactly what is going on around them. No BS opinions, no doctored statements, no twisted versions of truth, just pure raw facts and hard hitting reality.

On a lighter note was anyone mildy surprised by this story? I mean come on transients by their vary nature are more difficult to keep track of than someone living in a fixed location. Maybe I expectation of most people (including those in positions of authority) to have some level of common sense is misplaced. This is one question among a million that should have been addressed before the law ever went into affect. Example: Will this law still be effective enough if or when the day arrives where most of those forced to register under it are homeless? Of course asking that or related questions would have likely led to smarter policies and chances are things would be a little different today.

It’s the way they talk about us as if we all were a pack of wild coyotes that need monitoring. Keep them close by and tag them, no send them off into the wilderness and if they come back put them in a cage. The real issue hardly ever gets mentioned. How does society deal with someone who has been convicted of a crime and released and seriously wishes to enter back into society as a law abiding citizen? What do you do? Make it harder than it already is for him or her to find food and shelter, to make friends or develop rewarding social relationships? You get want you pay for and in so doing end up creating the criminal you have imagined. You want a former convict to learn empathy for others so that he can reform himself? You don’t throw him in the gutter and take away his means of support, or you don’t let him get a home and then notify all the neighbors that there is a dangerous beast living amongst them — and then expect him to love your brand of ad hoc justice.

Robert Curtis:

The root cause of the motivation behind the existence of a registry is fear borne of ignorance. Fear is borne from ignorance and ignorance breeds fear; it’s a vicious cycle. The sad thing about it is that ignorance is a choice. People make a conscious decision to not look at the facts; to not educate themselves. Knowledge dispels fear. Couple this ignorance and fear with people that use this fear and ignorance to advance their careers or ill conceived causes and you get the total mess we have now. These people are fooling themselves that they have a degree of control over the situation. The reality is they are powerless. Trying to control peoples sexual instinct, weather out of joint or in line with the eyes of society, is like trying to control the weather. Men have tried this for many years and are not any closer to controlling the weather now than they were when they first started trying. Education is the key. Unfortunately it’s next to impossible to try to educate people that for some reason or another think they are so smart that they don’t need to educate themselves, and it never occurs to them that if they looked at the fact’s they might find some answers.

It is sad but understandable when the general public don’t feel the need to understand the problem. They are not bound to truth, compassion, understanding etc.

BUT, When lawmakers act that same way, what does that say about their ignorance and faltering of knowledge and process for creating laws that are not vigilante devoid of facts and writhe with creation and abuse of a separate class of society. Hitler, Stalin, Mao are all laughing now that Lady Liberty is perfecting their art.


I would call that irresponsible; it’s not even close to crafting sane and moral laws.

It is good to read that there are others who have something to say about these draconian restrictions placed on registrants. Every politician should wear one of these GPS units for a month in order to truly understand the impact. Now, go try and find a shelter who can or will accept them, take public transportation to watch the looks on people’s faces when they see a GPS unit attached to their ankle, and then try and figure out what who or what company would even consider hiring an ex-felon with a GPS device attached. Sad part is, most politicians would probably be arrested within days if the public knew every move they made.

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