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While the ruling is completely irrelevant to us, I found this quote to be absolutely pertinent to registered citizens:

In a ruling issued today by James E. Boasberg, United States District Judge in Washington D.C., Boasberg writes on page 37, “Incantation of the magic words ‘national security’ without further substantiation is simply not enough to justify significant deprivations of liberty.”

Replace the words “national security”, with “to protect the children”, or “even if it saves just one child”, or “one is too many”; you get the idea.

Either way, I thought it was worthy of sharing.

I spent the morning reading this article and found it very, very interesting. Those with a better understanding of “legalese” could surely apply some of the cases cited in the past to those many face today. If you have a lot of time, read this, certainly the history is beneficial to us understanding how California has enacted the harsh laws that plague us today. After reading the article, I feel that little has changed in California since the early 1900’s.


Timmr, thanks for the compliment. I didn’t touch on a few things. I didn’t touch on 9/11’s effect as well as not touching on wage decrease and then blaming this on despised groups to divert attention from those causing the economic insecurity.

The Nixon shock is why wages went down. It caused inflation, which is the reason wages went down. The Nixon shick was basically caused by massive spending in Vietnam and all the tough on crime progams Nixon came up with. Nixon did the Controlled Substance Act, Safe Streets Act, various anti-gun laws, the RICO Act which was intended for organized crime but vague enough to be applied to a lot more, In the 80’s, RICO was applied to Huntington Beach cops for writing tickets to a bunch of people who didn’t break the law, for instance. Nixon asnd his Treasury Secretary Connelly got rid of Breton Woods, a quasi-gold standard, similar to a true gold standard. So banking and financial institutions ran wild, even though Glass-Steagall and other regulations were not yet repealed.

The political distraction of tough on crime to divert attention away from the wage decrease has worked quite so far in the 21st century and also for the last quarter of the 20th century. It got Pete Wilson, in California, elected and re-elected, like it helped his mentior, Richard Nixon. Wilson got into politics working for Nixon and was Nixon’s campaign manager in Nixon’s 1962 run for Governor. Tough in crime got Nixon elected, but not in his failed run for Gov in 1962, which he lost as well as losing a run for President in 1960 to Kennedy. Luckily, ‘tough on crime’ scapegoating doesn’t always work.

I see this haven’t been post yet but it will so I m going to post my comment here and repost it later when this show up..

What happen if we 50 RC the more the better.. in LA or any country walk in and say..

“We don’t have to register ”

That alone will tied up everything and possibility bankruptcy a small county or city.

For example, Stayner trail cost taxpayers $3 million.

So I went in today for my yearly as a walk-in as I have done for 20 years. After waiting over an hour I was told they are too busy call and make an appointment for thursday. So I call to make an appointment for thursday and they are booked solid. I am told they can take me tuesday the 3rd. So my birthday was monday and I will be past the 5 days after my required time to register. I was told I would be fine but who the hell knows? I also had a colonoscopy scheduled for the 3rd which I will now have to cancel. More time more hassle.
I would recommend anyone going to Van Nuys call and make an appt. 818 374-9675

I did my annual at VN this a.m., scheduling in advance for 5:30 a.m. in order to get in and out as quickly as possible. So much for that. Two female detectives opened the door and one asked why I was back when I was just there a few days ago. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the longest registration session in 21 years: confusion.

They were not rude at all. One was training the other, but the trainee I remember from last year. She registered me, or at least participated. The other girl kept dumping on all the previous people doing the registration – they did a shoddy job and did not get all the necessary info. The trainee – the one from last year – just nodded in agreement.

I was not a happy camper going in. I used to be proud of my post-prison accomplishments having built a successful life by any standard and did not mind the process so much. But since the Megan’s Law site went up I have been increasingly bitter every year and quite resentful toward the cops and the system. I used to be friendly, but now remain completely aloof and don’t say anything beyond what is asked of me.

Today was a challenge – they wanted me to provide details of the night of my crime 28 years ago and re-live the experience because they “need to complete the MO section of the form.” This was in a room with two other registrants who were not asked these details. It took at least 20 minutes longer than necessary. I tried to impress upon her the awkwardness of questions and she offered to go in the hall or “an interview room upstairs.” Yea, right.

It seems a bit unfair when people convicted of far worse are not forced to register and relive their lowest moments annually. “So, walk me through your thought process. What was going though your mind when you pulled the trigger?”

Or the drunk driver, “So, when you were driving with a suspended license and hit that minivan, what was going through your mind as it burst into flames and the family died?”

Or the repeat customer at the Family Planning clinic, “So, what’s going through your head as the tiny life is sucked from within you?”

OK, that last one is not a crime, but you get my point.

Yes, it was a long morning – the other cops processed two other people while I sat there listening to the one training the other. I finally told her that I don’t recall what happened – it was a long time ago, and finally she acquiesced and put “Doesn’t remember” in the form. It almost felt like she would get Brownie Points for having more info on the form and when she gave up I was reminded of the sales guy at Best Buy finally giving up on selling me that extended warranty. In all seriousness, for the first time I felt like I should have had a lawyer with me. Maybe I will next time. One thing is for sure, I’ll try and go in with a better attitude.

Thanks for letting me vent.

I moved a couple years ago and became friends with my neighbors. One day, my neighbor called me at work. They had never called me before, so I was surprised. She explained that there was a police officer there who wanted to speak to me. The inappropriately titled “detective” said she was trying to conduct a 290 residency check and did I actually live there because she had come by several times and never found me home.
Well, I drove home from work immediately to confirm to her that I did, in fact, live there.
But seriously, what a pathetic excuse for a “detective”! My file clearly indicates that I work a regular 9-5 job and am therefore not home during the day.
Are they too lazy to read the file that is right in their hands?? I’m surprised they can safely cross a street without supervision!
Thanks for allowing my rant.

As a dreamer of better things, I thought of this scenario. While challenging the punitive nature of current SO laws, I’d like to walk into court with a chicken on a leash. Of course, I’d be asked why I have a chicken on a leash, but I’d respond, that’s not a chicken, it’s my seeing eye dog. Their response would be further questions, but my answer is, it’s my seeing eye dog because I said it is. Kind of like the difference (or similarity) between penalty and punishment. I’ll keep dreaming on…

Doesn’t matter what you call it, if it looks like crap and smells like crap it’s not a rose!

Question. How can i find out what level SO iam? Trying to figure out how stuff will affect me. In ca convict 261.5d/c. Thanks

Question: Which are the four States with lifetime registration?
1. California. 2. Florida 3. ? 4. ?

I started reading this thread, even though it’s March 1 …and I was appalled at some of the comments. Those who do not read history, are doomed to repeat it. The amount of fractionalization, marginalization and downright elitism I see in this movement, makes me sad. E.g., “My dog is bigger than your dog” because it’s my husband who offended, versus your son. Because my case is Federal, and yours is State. Because yours was a hands-on offense, and mine was merely virtual. Because mine was juvenile, and yours was adult. Et cetera, ad nauseum. Do you think anyone really parses the registry, when they look at it with the intent to do harm, and do rational calculus on a person’s age, crime, or “risk of reoffending”? No – because those who intend to do harm to Registrants, are not rational. Please …read your history. Dividing and conquering a population ALWAYS enables the colonizers/oppressors to win. Think of India and the British — how did a small island population manage to control an entire subcontinent? What happened in 1947? Think of how people of color are treated in the USA – turned against each other rather than united against an oppressive and abusive government. And please children stop bickering.

My friend committed his crime over 30 years ago, and still no one will let him live near them. These laws treat people in a way that keeps them down for the rest of their lives….Oh, I see – let’s make laws that ruin people’s ability to live a decent place for the rest of their life even thogh they have served their sentence, and have never re-committed in 30 years time…Completely ridiculous. Can’t even buy a home because a home owner association won’t let you live there. Not letting people be successful and live a decent quality of life only pushes them down and criminalizes them….Keep criminalizing a person, and sooner or later you’ll get a criminal. It’s all a mind game to make crappy people feel better about themselves…Hello? A child molester can easily get in his car and steal your children away, or break into your home to get them…A rapist can follow you from work, he doesn’t need to live with 100 feet of you….Actually, the smart rapist will not target his neighbor…These lawmakers are sooooooo stupid…Total false safety the pitch to the public…These sex offender laws DO NOT keep you safe..A repeat offender will not be stopped by these frivilous laws…He will get in his car and find you…He Stalk through the malls and the public places, and follow you home, and snatch your wife or children away….Sorry, I hate to put it to you like that, but think about – these laws do nothing for any of the victims that have ever been, and will do nothing for the ones still to come…btw, sex offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism.

Stupid People!