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Mexico: Human trafficking survivor – I was raped 43,200 times

Mexico City (CNN)Karla Jacinto is sitting in a serene garden. She looks at the ordinary sights of flowers and can hear people beyond the garden walls, walking and talking in Mexico City. She looks straight into my eyes, her voice cracking slightly, as she tells me the number she wants me to remember — 43,200. …

Her testimony was used as evidence in support for H.R. 515 or Megan’s Law that mandates U.S. authorities share information pertaining to American child sex offenders when these convicts attempt to travel abroad. Full Article


Utah A.G. Sean Reyes urges Congress to pass international Megan’s Law

H.R.4573 – International Megan’s Law Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar (Updated – reintroduced as HB515)

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Anyone who reads the number 43,200 is going to freak out. However doing minimal research I uncovered the minimum age of consent for Mexico as 12. This is a Mexican federal minimum with each state varying from puberty to 15. Granted penalties do exist for non consensual sexual activity with someone under eighteen, but laws and prosecutions vary from state to state. Of course prostitution involving anyone under eighteen is illegal throughout Mexico. As horrible as her story is not enough details are provided to know all the circumstances and the exact degree of illegality of everything she claims. Moreover… Read more »

They will only freak out if they are really gullible. 43,200 is extraordinarily high and extremely not able to be proven to be accurate or true.

There is no doubt that this woman has been significantly harmed and those who forced her into prostitution should be punished. There is great doubt, however, that there is any link between what has happened to her and the proposed legislation. Instead, the legislation is yet another fear-based reaction that would not solve the problem that has been identified. For that reason, California RSOL opposes H.R. 515.

So…let me get this straight. This chick (obviously being used by so called “human rights advocates” and the US government; with a plea for $$$ at the end) are saying that somehow what happened to Karla can be prevented if (obviously the US government pushing this one) advanced notification of someone already being victimized by the state registry is reported to nations the person intends to travel to? Even though nobody or any agency has ever offered any concrete proof (or any proof) that US citizens travelling abroad do so for the sole purpose of “victimizing” young impressionable local girls?… Read more »

This sounds like a terrible story, but with all due sympathy, what does it have anything to do with HR 515? This was a Mexican victim and ALL Mexican participants IN Mexico. From the relative who abused her as a small child, to the man who preyed on her, the mother who turned her 12-year old(!) out on the street, to the men who used her for paid sex, to the corrupt police men who betrayed her and their position and further abused her. What on earth does any of this have to do with a guy with a criminal… Read more »

From what I see, rationality does not play well to the general public. These politicians are smart enough to know emotion and spectacle make laws. Facts? Ehh, they’re made up to fit the emotion that is driving the public. People connect on an emotional level to those who are suffering and offer help without even thinking if what they are doing is actually helping the situation. Brain science has show that that is how we are wired. Like it or not, I think we are going to have to find a way to tap into that emotional force. Facts tend… Read more »

Suspicious at best…just part of the ongoing scam and lie.


As of 11/12/2015 no amendment information has been received. Any idea what these amendments say? I tried to watch the meeting of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on 11/10 but there was no live audio or video stream available for that meeting. Our government does these things behind closed doors so it looks like we need to just “trust them”? I guess the bill now moves on to the Senate floor for a vote?

This is like blaming winding roads on airplanes crashes.

Assuming she was forced to “work” 12 hours per day (11 a.m. – 11 p.m.), she had 2 1/2 “Johns” every hour, EVERY DAY, for four years. Sorry, I doubt the veracity of that claim. But more to the point, she was obviously presented in order to shock panel members into advancing this bill without actual thoughtful consideration.

No kidding. Let’s show them ‘Escobar, Paradise Lost’ or ‘Narcos’ (Life and Death of Pablo Escobar) and DEMAND that everyone EVER caught with a baggie of weed be restricted in travel.

That is about the same relationship.

She needs to prove her claims. The panel members need to ask for proof.

The ends doesn’t justify the means. My crime was as closely related to this scenario as the bombings in Paris. But, tug at the heart strings and Americans will sacrifice all rights (of Others) for peace of mind. This article is merely a fund-raising effort for CNN’s “Paper Airplane” to help end slavery campaign. Do they target this law at people who’ve been convicted for soliciting prostitution that are NOT required to register? It seems like that would be a little more sensible to me. It’s just another poke at registrants who’ve been deemed re-punishable under the guise of regulatory… Read more »

“Do they target this law at people who’ve been convicted for soliciting prostitution that are NOT required to register?”
I had that same thought about the internet identifier requirement of Prop. 35, seeing that most registrants’ victims are acquaintances, not prostitutes. The fact one is on the registry just makes him an easy target for inclusion in these laws, call it legislative laziness.

My question is, are those convicted of offenses not related to children ect banned from traveling abroad?

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