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International Megan’s Law Injunction – No decision yet

2:30pm -This if from FAC as Janice speaks with media and others: — We just heard from those in the courtroom that today’s hearing for an injunction temporarily preventing the implementation of the International Megan’s Law (IML) is complete. Janice did a stellar job.

The judge in the case did not make a decision at the end of the hearing. Presumably she will take some time, digest, investigate the law and then issue an order in the very near future. Can take days, can take weeks, unlikely more.

We will keep you apprised as soon as we hear of the outcome.

So what’s next?

Today wasn’t the actual fight. This is just one of the battles along the way. We were seeking preliminary and temporary relief that would be in effect until the full court proceedings can be decided on. The full court proceeding will still come.

— More soon.

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Thank you for the update. I’ve been waiting anxiously.

Me too, I’ve been thinking about this date ever since Janice filed the injunction. I’’m nervously waiting the outcome, I probably shouldn’t let hope creep into my mindset but losing hope is not something i’m wiling to do.
No matter the outcome today, thank you Janice and your team for all the hard work they have done. You guys have done your part and it’s now up to the judge too be able to look at the issue critically and past the data dump of false information the government submitted.
No matter what happens the fight is not over today.

So have i wish i knew where i could view the pres conferance

This is not unusual (waiting for a difficult ruling)…and this is a long fight; there may be many strange twists and turns along the way…but it is not a fight that we choose, this has been imposed on us…Registration was once simple, now it is cruel….and we have no choice except to actively and honestly take our just fight public.

And continue to contribute to CARSOL of course….lol

Be Good, James

Yes, you are correct… Great job, Janice!!!

Definitely got to get these Federal Screwballs off our case. This Senator has to go. I am, oh so very angry, with my government.

“U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton questioned who besides border agents would see the passport and whether the marker would imply the person had engaged in child sex trafficking or child sex tourism.”

In many countries, when you check into a hotel, or change money somewhere, or any number of other transactions, they ask for, and make, a copy of your passport photo page.

That’s especially true when you try to exchange money at a bank.

They ALWAYS ask to see your Passport.

I was just going to say the same thing. In a foreign country you have to use your passport for everything. Hotel, rental car, boarding a train or plane, age id for seniors, internet cafe in some countries, general identification. Try and show them your California Drivers License they will just laugh at you. Drivers licenses are for driving. Nothing else. Of course, several US States mark their registrants’ drivers licenses with big red letters “SEX OFFENDER”. Turns cashing a check, buying a six pack of beer or renting a video into a whole new adventure. Makes me wonder if… Read more »

After I posted the above, I was wondering if she possibly asked the question not because she was skeptical or didnt know the answer, but to elicit a response and get that into the record. Having said that, I thought Janice had covered these types of showing the passport issues in the actual lawsuit and motion itself already, and the judge would have supposedly read it already.

That’s what’s scary weight is given to questions asked and then answered; that’s where their focus will be in their ruling–on those questions and the judges interpretation. She is building her ruling

It was my understanding that the Preliminary Injunction part of this, was only executed with motions and briefs by the Attorneys.

If the Injunction was only based on those written arguments, all of that information was available weeks ago. However, I’m not sure if there was more information that was added today that needs to be considered prior to a decision.

Were there actual oral arguments as well?

I wish they would have printed Janice’s response to these questions. Would like to have seen questions to the other Attorney. “Hamilton also questioned whether the notification provision is new or something federal officials have already been doing. Kathryn Wyer, an attorney for the Department of Justice, said federal agencies notified other countries about registered sex offenders’ travels even before the new law.” “If it’s going to be the same, where’s the imminent harm to your clients if what they’re going to do is the same as what they have been doing,” U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton questioned who… Read more »

“I’m not sure how you make that leap, that that’s what the message is,” the judge said. “Where does that come from?”

What did she mean by that?

Was the Judge asking this question of Janice or the Government?

i gathered she meant making the leap from identifier to sex tourist–which is nonsense to even ask; well maybe she needs an answer for her conclusion instead of her making the inference she asks the question

“ where is the imminent harm if it’s something that has been going on” Is this a joke? This has been going on in secret and no one knows if they are going to be let into a country. The harm is my country telling the country i’m traveling to that i’m a child rapist looking to engage in child sex tourism. The harm is people are being denied entry into countries and me specifically I lost out on thousands for my my vacation and the emotional harm it caused me is hard to put a price tag on. This… Read more »

Which guy?

Steve, me too. Or at least someone who was at the hearing could say a few words, to let us other poor *********** know how things went down. You know, the same people who post on here 10 to 15 times a day, and are very opinionated. What happened??


From what I’ve seen, the entirety of the news coverage on this comes from Associated Press, and other outlets just picked it up and ran with it as written. Naturally, the story author used a not-so-subtle technique of quoting the judge asking a “hard question” to Plaintiff’s counsel, and then failing to write the RESPONSE. This has the neat effect of leaving the reader thinking the attorney was caught flummoxed, speechless, and without any semblance of an articulate answer. “Ah HAH!” screams hate-law proponents. “That judge really crushed that attorney!” Show of hands everyone: Anyone here really think Janice Bellucci… Read more »

Good catch Curioser! So what did she say?

Not exactly mainstream media, is it? Fairness doesn’t seem to make its way onto CNN or Fox when the subject is the horrific SO.

But GAWD, do Ms. Bellucci’s responses rock!

Does the judge not understand that our government is telling other countries, that travelling registrants are “likely to commit a crime” in their country? That this statement is speculation with no factual foundation?
It is indeed upsetting that the image of the Lady of Justice is balancing the scales of justice when in reality, judges move heaven and earth to reaffirm government action. Fairness and logic seem to be casualties of the current system.

When the Supreme Court made that ruling back in 2003, They ruled that the registry was not punishment. They did not rule that the States and Counties and cities could create new burdons,fees,living restrictions ect and it would not be punishment because they were doing it to persons who were on a registry. They never implied that the states could do what ever the Hell they wished to us to get their jollies and get their faces in the papers.

That is an excellent point. In spite of that ruling that the registries themselves are not punishment, it does not mean that any and all subsequent laws can be passed and flow under the guise of the registry. When is there an end to endless piling on. Roberts isn’t going to stop it.

I watched all the SF Bay Area TV News Stations at 5pm and the only interview I had seen was with Robert Curtis by KPIX channel 5. Robert, you did a great job speaking up for us with the 15 seconds or so of it that was shown. I was surprised they didn’t show any interviews with Janice.

He must have been too good because the station later excised his interview from subsequent broadcasts as well as from their web video. I watched their 11pm newscast and they didn’t include any video from the courthouse but relied upon the “journalist” in the studio to give a typically distorted account of the law and the court hearing.

I think you guys should also get Miles Feinstein esq in the battle. He has represented many Sex offenders, including me and his experience and knowledge in this area would be very helpful in this area. He is very unbiased and has the ability to augment this legal team.

The notices should have been challenged in the beginning as well. What is the harm? Well I had been living in Mexico and when I returned via plan last year, I was met at the airport and sent back even though I told them I had my vehicle, my equipment and a whole house full of furniture and appliances, plates, etc. It was worth maybe $15.000 to $17.000 that I had to walk away from. Is that not harm? I got my vehicle back and some of my equipment but that cost me about $2000. So what is the harm?… Read more »

US Customs actually sent a false notification about my conviction to Mexico.

They sent them a notification that I was convicted of “Sexual Assault” which is a complete and utter falsehood.

Luckily I was able to get the document that reflects that false notification from Migracion Nacional de Mexico.

You should have gotten married to a Mexican, that could have saved you.

Well my girlfriend and I talked about getting married, but she said there was no need. If I would have had any idea that being married to a Mexican national would have made a difference, I would have pushed the matter.
Did you hire an attorney in Mexico or in the USA? I have been in contact with Mexican attorneys but they do not seem to know what is going on and still expensive.

I found a good one who is dealing with this very issue.

An RSO who is married is being denied his Residente Temporal Visa.

He has 2 cases going on in the Federal Court of Mexico and Administratively through INM.

He told me to wait a few more months until these cases are resolved in Mexico.

I hope that if successful, you can share with me what route that you went. Good Luck

@Mike hit me up via email.

If you contact the Moderator via “Contact” and provide your email, I’m pretty sure they will pass it along.

Mike and PK, if you don’t mind my asking, did either of your convictions involve a minor? I ask because my wife and I are planning to travel to MX in May and I’m very concerned about being turned away at the border. My conviction was in 2000 in VA, but I live in CA and am required to register. There was no minor involved, but I am a ROS. Any idea whether I stand a chance of getting in okay? It looks to me like most of the people who have been turned away do have convictions with minors.… Read more »

For me it was someone was 16 just 2 months shy of 17 legal, and who lied about their age. So the answer is yes “it” was a minor.

It’s anyone who is on any type of “list” will be turned away, not just those with convictions against minors.

I would strongly advise you contact Paul Rigney of RTAG

After thinking about these questions the Judge asked for a few hours, unless she’s playing purposefully dumb, I think she either hasn’t read Janice’s submissions, or she is completely naive about international travel.

I think she’s being willfully obtuse. Pretending to not understand and to finding our objections unfathomable. I don’t find this terribly encouraging on the injunction front but I hope to be proven wrong. Still, and regardless of the injunction, the bigger picture is overturning the law, itself. That judge won’t be able to so easily feign incredulity as this damned woman is doing.

Overturning the law itself could take years.

Could you cite an example of how she can’t fathom our objections?

Her querulousness in asking several of her questions in which she evinced an overall lack of concern for both the rights of Registrants and a lack of imagination in considering how this law could create for them hardships. She was ostentatiously puzzled that anyone would consider a designation on a passport as anything other than administrative expedience without unreasonable consequence for the bearer. “U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton questioned who besides border agents would see the passport and whether the marker would imply the person had engaged in child sex trafficking or child sex tourism.”I’m not sure how you… Read more »

“Hamilton also questioned whether the notification provision is new or something federal officials have already been doing.”

Did she even bother to read the complaint at all?

Man- I just don’t know what to say.

I guess that’s why everyone who attended the hearing yesterday has remained sort-of quiet.

So the Judge said she needed a few hours to consider her decision. It’s now been over 24 hours.

Great info, thanks. But what were Janice’s responses to the two questions the Judge asked that were cited in the press though. I think that is also what people would like to know.

I would agree with kennerly, she is being obtuse, judges are not well versed in international sex crime law nor sex offender so called international restrictions. She is not prepared and and will seek other counsel on this matter of legislation. The most important thing is they now know we are not laying down on these new added punishments. We need the FAMILIES to protest this. This really effects the American registered family in so many ways, and is not a singular punishment.”The pursuit of happiness” needs to be known to all news affiliates!!!

I hope everything goes well with the hearing afterwards. my cats turned 8 today.I hoping someday I can adopt kids of my kids of my own but my brother being a registrant is one of biggest hurdle.

Things have seemed to notabley changed in the last 1-2 years and are still changing as we speak, and more and more countries denying registrants entry with prison-like confinement deportation-style returns to the US. The situation is getting worse by the day. Not exactly an “in-place” system. The government claims the system has been in place for 5 years and I think I have seen a claim of 9 years. So they are saying the system is in place for that long, when only 1-2 years ago reported change have been made. But then , when speaking of adding the… Read more »

Maybe the judge after the hearing decided to actually go back home and read the case. Sounds likes she read Janice’s argument’s in the car on the way to work….

How was the turnout at the courthouse?

Is this a very long time to hear about an injunction?


I counted about 23 people in the courtroom apart from the judge, Janice and that horrid DOJ woman.

Not good enough. Not good enough to blame anyone, we all have our obligations, but if that courtroom were filled with 230 Registrants, their family and supporters, instead of 23, I am sure it would have made an impression in the judge’s mind in at least the seriousness of the harm the law would do to us. Next court case, whenever that is, let us try to swing getting more people to show up. I would have thought there would have been more people from the Bay area. Oh well, so it goes. Nonetheless, it was worth the 1300 mile… Read more »

I would love to have been there. But, being 3,000 miles away made it a bit difficult to make the trip. My donations will have to do for now.

I would love to read a transcript from the hearing…

Is it possible and advisable to submit statements to the judge? Or does any communication only go through Janice? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I am thinking of writing the judge a statement about the harm this will do to RSO.

Jakub, contacting the Judge probably wouldn’t be advisable.

Anyway this case and preliminary injunction only deal with the 7 Plaintiffs and you aren’t one of them.

I think Janice’s motions said everything that needed to be said.

From what I could understand, the judge is only going to consider the four original plaintiffs for the injunction since she seems to think that the chronology of filing the motion of injunction did not include the additional plaintiffs. It’s hard for me to say with any certainty as I had a really hard time hearing the proceeding. The audio system was turned down quite low and I was in the back row. I’m hoping more information about this hearing will become available.

Dont they usually post a transcript on PACER?

” U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton questioned who besides border agents would see the passport and whether the marker would imply the person had engaged in child sex trafficking or child sex tourism.

“I’m not sure how you make that leap, that that’s what the message is,” the judge said. “Where does that come from?'”

Hello!! the word sex offender seems to naturally conjure up all kinds of images to the public; this whole law itself is to notify of possible impending risk. The real question is how wouldn’t one make that leap!!

I’m lost here. Isn’t is it the government’s responsibility to provide a “clear and convincing evidence” for pushing this law? Everything about the IML is based upon assertions without empirical support. Now, the only empirical support that the IML can make would be to point to Smith vs Doe with the recidivism rate being “high and frightening” – to which we all know now was a farce of a statistic that had no reference nor support from a psychological journal. This is crazy b/c all these new rules and laws are expounded from that thought of “high and frightening” stat… Read more »

As Judge Alex Kozinsky and other civil libertarians, including George Will just the other day in a fabulous panel discussion with Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch of Reason Magazine have pointed out, growing, and extreme, judicial and Supreme Court deference to government authority and laws is deeply corrosive of liberty. [see the video here: ] We should be extremely disturbed by Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to The Supremes, by the way. Another former prosecutor with an abiding disdain for liberty and yet another reason to think of Obama as one of the worst fascists to occupy the White… Read more »

“I’m not sure how you make that leap, that that’s what the message is,” the judge said. “Where does that come from?” How would some Border Agent in a Foreign Country make the leap? It’s not that much of a stretch at all, when in fact the Customs and Border Patrol sends out factually incorrect and FALSE NOTICES about Registrants stating that those RSO’s are “likely to commit Child Sex Trafficking” Do you think that CBP WOULD NOT do something like that? I have the document right HERE which PROVES that they sent out a blatant lie about my conviction… Read more »

IML is Wrong Wrong Wrong! Never Quit the Fight for Justice! Around we go in circles repeating the obvious… in our own frustration and futility… as Janice Bellucci has gone to heroic lengths to bring the fight through a flawed justice system. According to legal definitions, a ‘sex offender’ is anyone who commits a criminal act that involves sex. The broad term varies by legal interpretation and jurisdiction. All labeled ‘sex offenders’ are presumed by the public to be guilty of the most extreme sex crimes, and are treated as such… whether it is for a first time possession of… Read more »

I found the judge’s comments indicative of a vast lack of understanding as to the danger that a mark on a passport could cause. I find the notifications with the green notices even more problematic and troubling. If is an extreme stretch to say to anyone without some evidence to the contrary that the person travelling is likely to commit a crime in your country. How can such speculation be legal? I am asking, how is a speculative statement like that legal?


Don’t expect a thoughtful answer.

I’ve been asking since yesterday, what the hell happened in court yesterday.

None of the regular blog contributors have much to say except that the judge was incredulous.

It is extremely frustrating. It looks like we got a bad judge, at least her words so far indicate so. It is as we have been sheep for so long. Of course most have no money and Federal court is expensive and most try to keep their head down. However, the level of ignoring facts and data is staggering. Has there been any Federal challenges to the notifications? The fact that our government can send out a notice that indicates that a traveler is likely to commit a crime, and a sex crime at that in a foreign country with… Read more »

Well, PK, for myself, I had trouble hearing the proceedings plus, I got there quite late and near its end and had to sit in the last row so as not to disrupt the hearing in progress. My car had DIED on the freeway just before crossing the Bay Bridge to Oakland. I managed to COAST off of the last exit before the bridge and into a gas station using only gravity. I got it running again but I don’t know what the problem was. I had to drive for more than a half-hour on SF streets to make sure… Read more »

Thank you Mr. Kennerly,

I would have been there as well, but I’m a little far.

I’m not sure if everyone else is keeping quiet because they’re too upset or angry to talk, or perhaps they have more patience than I.

“What can we do to bring clarity and balance to American justice???”

In general, whenever we have any opportunity to do so, always bring our A+ game of facts, context, and presentation….especially now in the federal court level.

I want the government to provide “clear and convincing evidence” of what the law is intending to do. Where is this empirical support? Also, the angel watch program… maybe it wasn’t brought to light before, but I thought someone said that it wasn’t a government faction – I could be mistake. The angel watch program itself could also be a violation, but was never brought to light. Isn’t that what happened to one of the John Doe’s? And this he was returned from the Philippines? But the judge looks at this request and thinks the worst – not thinking registrants… Read more »

man I really wish that janice would have challenged the justification for these laws since everyone one of them are stemming from the court being deceived by false statistics and unscrupulous legislators this would have been a perfect opportunity to force the Court to justify these laws in light of the overwhelming facts and statistical data.this is the core issue that could bring the entire reasoning to the forefront and create a record of the actual facts on the record.the Court would have a hard time justifying this entire area of law that has been implemented based on deception and… Read more »

“the Court would have a hard time justifying this entire area of law that has been implemented based on deception and false facts”

That’s not how cases are won. You are not supposed to bring on a case that is too broad.

In fact the Law Firm in DC that was thinking about enjoining in this case, only wanted to challenge the passport provision and nothing else.

Unfortunately these SO issues need to be taken on in small pieces.

Everyone needs to relax. This was only a hearing for an injunction. This was not the big stage that is coming. The only thing relevant were the facts to claim an injunction . Don’t worry…yet.

Can anyone tell me, is whats being fought “only the passport marker” or is it the whole IML thing.

I’m trying to understand if Janice is trying to stop the notification to other counties or just the marker on the passport… I’m finally in a position to be able and travel and not I have to assume I’ll waste all efforts.


I would pick my destinations with care…much of South America and Asia have been demonstrated to being more or less off limits. There is no report of anyone that is honestly on a list, an actual RSO, being granted permission to enter. (I would love to be proved wrong on this)

Most of Continental Europe seems Okay, and I personally had no trouble with England in 2014 either.


Best Wishes, James

The Government side is making some logical jumps. If Registrants have been denied entry for trhe last 1 to 2 years, which is the time that the defacto secretly-started implementation of the denials of entry for registrants to foreign countries, they have been admitted entry before that unrestricted and there was virtually no registrants convicted/arrested for the crimes of international child sex tourism and none arrested for international child sesx trafficking. If the goverenment is not implying that regsitrants have participated in these crimes, when they surely had the chance, then this law is not needed. ,To say this law… Read more »

To say that a program being in place is all thats needed for it to pass muster is so mean-spirited when peoples right are on the line. If the program was not contemptuously started with no warning to the registrant-targets of Chris Smith a year or so ago, it would then have given registrants a chance to know what is going on. Some unannounced secretly-initiated program being claimed to be in place for 5 years, when by all accounts it’s really been in p[lace around 1 year and constantly being expanded with new countries adding denials is not a pogram… Read more »

To say that a program being in place is all thats needed for it to pass muster is so mean-spirited when peoples rights are on the line. If the program was not contemptuously started with no warning to the registrant-targets of Chris Smith a year or so ago, it would then have given registrants a chance to know what is going on. Some unannounced secretly-initiated process being claimed to be in place for 5 years, when by all accounts it’s really been in place around 1 year and constantly being expanded with new countries adding denials is not a program… Read more »

Does everyone know Mike Tyson is a registered sex offender? Janice should reach out to Tyson. Tyson can use his Illuminati connections to change laws!! Like Obama said “Yes We Can!” Obama would not stand for IML because he believes in us and we need to write to him and tell him what Congress passed without him knowing!! Back to Tyson: He is a multi billionaire, so with his support he can use his billions of dollars to fund sex offender rights. Tyson made billions from boxing and invested it all into his Tyson Food Company! Tyson is the most… Read more »

I don’t believe Mike Tyson has anything to do with Tyson Foods Inc. Tyson Foods Inc was founded in 1935 by John W. Tyson…long before Mike Tyson was even born. Mike Tyson certainly made a lot of money in his hey day but my guess is he spent it all just as fast as he earned it. I would be surprised if his net worth is more than a million or two. He filed bankruptcy about a decade ago. Sadly…I’m guessing Mike Tyson couldn’t afford to donate a whole lot of money to CARSOL even if he wanted to. Do… Read more »

I think based on the name that the post above yours was a troll just trying to make fun of registered citizens.

good thinking out side the box! even if he most likely don’t really want his face in that light ,it would be great to see many people that are actors step up for not just our rights , but everyones rights , because what is happening to us will be used on everyone at some point , I don’t see how it would heart to see if some these actors even know about the RSOL , and how big the fight really is ,

judging by what Castro had to say about Obama and America’s government, I’d say it’s a safe bet we could live in Cuba.

i wounder how much the US gives in aid to other to support this BS

The famous line,” a government for the people, bye the people”, no longer has meaning. All branches act in their own best political interest with no regard for public views or public interest. We now officially have two Americas, one that we live in, one that they want to push on the rest of the world. I hope I see the day when we take this country back, but I don’t hold out much hope. The public is spineless and stupid, and our government knows and uses this. We are no longer the greatest nation. We are second rate and… Read more »

It’s kind of funny how Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep all immigrants out at the cost of Mexico, Obama was said to be a reasonable rational man with exceptional logical knowledge (no disrespect) but Obama commented on Trumps statement “this is just one more example of something that is not thought through and is a primary put forward for polotical consumption” in that case Mr Obama why was the (IML) signed sooooo quick? to me your signature was signed with very-very little knowledge and research of a hot topic that what seams to be a underground… Read more »

Keep and eye on the Panama Papers. That is where one will most likely find traffickers and tourists of ill repute, not in the registry.

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