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Great information. I wish I had the money for Hong Kong. However I wonder what will happen once we have our passports marked.

This is great information!! Thanks, RTAG! Now I know that I can visit many of the places I’ve dreamed of seeing! (I’m surprised and thrilled about the Bahamas. I’ve long looked forward to returning there for a vacation, but assumed that I would be turned away.)

Good info but things won’t really matter until the state dept slaps the “unique identifier” across your passport. I predict that matrix filling up with a lot of no s including the tolerant European countries

I wonder how accurate that list is and like erwin says I’m sure it will grow with the no”s hate to be pessimistic but I live in the real world

what are the classification levels of the people commenting, i am a tier 1 and im sure not looked at as i would if i was tier 2 or 3. i report 1 time a year and if i dont get arrested no one would ever know i report or where i live. once i am removed from the registery after i do my 15 years incident free will this still apply to me??

That list is worthless. No real data or details. You travel at your own risk and if the country has proven to be turning away sex offenders then assume you will not get in. If you have the funds and time to waste have at it but don’t count on ANY list being accurate.

Have fun on your domestic vacations everyone and don’t forget that you probably will still be breaking some law no matter where you go or what state you visit.

Second class citizens do not deserve to enjoy any aspect of life…we all know that!

In addition to informing us that a country denied entry–it’d be helpful if people who had traveled and let us know if they were successful or not—that’s the other half of the data here. Then if they were allowed entry it then begs the question what type offense they have (is t child related), and are they currently on a registry, and if so how long on or off. Just bits of information that goes through my mind as I process these results. Thank you for your hard work and efforts…

So i just became a citizen of Mexico I now have dual citizenship I recently applied for and received my Mexican passport, what are the chances of me having any issues getting in? I was denied entry last year around this time. I became a Mexican citizen based on Mexican constitution which says anyone born to Mexican parents inside Mexican territory or abroad are considered Mexicans by birth, I had zero issues during the process just technicalities on my name but a smooth process overall.

Congratulations Stumped! I hope this works out well for you. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I hope that you have no problems now entering Mexico. Please let us know if you are able to enter without issues; it may be very important to some of us who have Mexican ancestry. Do you happen to know what percentage of one’s ancestry must be Mexican in order to apply for citizenship? I am 1/4 Mexican. My mother was half Mexican.

I have read different title sections on both Mexican constitution and Mexican migration
Law and they both state the same thing if you are a Mexican citizen by birth you cannot be deprived the right to enter Mexico period, so I feel good about my chances I have my Mexican passport which is my proof of Mexican citizenship I would not be surprised if they hassled me a little bit but I’m already use to that when coming back.

Does anyone have any information about registered citizens’ ability to visit Iceland and the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland? Any restrictions??

Secret — you can go to the Bahamas (Grand Bahama Island) without using a passport. Only need a certified birth certificate and drivers license on a ferry from Fort Lauderdale called Bahamas Ferry Express. Once you’re there, you can go to other islands within the Bahamas with no problem. I haven’t done this, but their website is very explicit about it. If anyone does accomplish this, please let the group know that it works. This is one of the only nations I have found where a US citizen can visit without a passport.

Just be careful not to stay in Florida so long before you leave that you have to register there. Read carefully the details on the CRSOL state-by-state US Sex Offender Registration Laws.

I’d still love to hear about any new cruise updates (denied/allowed boarding). From my experience with cruises in the past, you don’t need a passport for a closed-loop cruise (leave/return same US destination on a Caribbean itinerary) and you can leave the ship in any port with your ship ID and not have to go through customs with a passport. This sounds like a great work-around.

Royal Caribbean and Carnival have been mentioned as no-nos, but what about Holland American and Cunard, for example, which are owned by Carnival? There’s a subtle difference between Homeland Security sending a notice, which they can easily do in a 21-day advance state, but probably not in a non-SORNA-compliant three-day state (like Illinois). In that case, the cruise line would have to check all passengers with reservations against state registries — are they doing that?

The first time I had this experience was when I was flying to Mexico on 4/2016 which came as a surprise to me and then recently on 6/2016 when I flew to Lima, Peru, the same thing happened even after doing the notification with the Law enforcement. I guess I can’t go anywhere overseas because of the stigma I have to live for the rest of my life.

I have a question would it be a good idea to invite some immigration representatives of other countries who are reasonably curious to an RSOL conference discussion about the IML and let them know about what’s going on with the alert notices being sent out to them in claiming that registrants are traveling only to commit a future crime?

Lake Country, I disagree. The European countries don’t seem to care at all about America’s stupid IML, Angel Watch, or green notices. I have encountered ZERO problems so far when traveling in European countries.

We have travel planned to Europe with a group tour in March. Before we make the final tour payment, I am wondering if there have been any changes in Europe’s allowing us RCs in.
We are flying into Amsterdam, and will be visiting Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.
We are flying back from Paris, but change planes in London. Is that going to be a problem? Has anyone had a problem transiting through Heathrow?
Thank for any updates!