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New Zealand: Child sex offender register legislation passed

Legislation passed to establish first child sex offender register – Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says New Zealand’s first child sex offender register will soon get under way, following the passing of enabling legislation. Full Article

Child Protection Bill

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” Only authorised Police and Corrections staff involved in monitoring child sex offenders will have direct access to information on the register. There are clear operational policies and directives regarding the use and confidentiality of information. Anyone who makes an unauthorised disclosure of information held on the register may be charged with an offence.”

While any direction that causes more resources to be foolishly wasted in the state’s zeal to restrict people’s rights, consider the fact that this level of “registration” is not even in the same ballpark as that of the states. They know if they have to make the information public, it will increase the likelihood of putting up residency restrictions and causing a 5-fold increase in their monitoring of people who don’t, statistically, have any realistic chance of recidivitating.

Frankly, this level of “registration” that NZ is going to start using is nothing more than what US and Interpol already have for ANY felon, not just registrants.

“consider the fact that this level of “registration” is not even in the same ballpark as that of the states.”

Ours started the same way.

Yeah… people forget how this all began.

You’re right, because people will start to think the government isn’t doing enough and demand to know the information themselves. I think they are a little more trusting of the government there, but the hype and fear generated by sx offender media coverage will, I believe make people push their government to go further.

You can bet the US is doing what it can to cause as many countries as possible to develop these laws so as to make it appear they are not the lone wolf in stripping its citizens of basic human rights! in fact, the IML lawsuit calls for the Secretary of State to do so…

I have a question doesn’t this violate some sort of international law to strips some ones civil rights away like that just because of some ones criminal past like being on the “registry”?

Just another slippery slope , do they not see the problems in our system?

“The safety of children comes before everything else, and we now have another tool to make sure they aren’t harmed.”


It’s just a matter of time before the child safety advocates there whine until the registry is made public.

“Children deserve to be kept safe from harm, which is why we are going to be more proactive in managing the risk of reoffending from child sex offenders,” says Mrs Tolley. Okay, Mrs. Tolley, lets ban children from riding in all motor vehicles and ban parents, which, harm many, many, many more children.

Parents and boyfriends of mothers and girlfriends of fathers and step-parents kill around 600 children a year.

I have found that the number of kids abducted and killed by sex offenders in the U.S. is somewhere around one to three each year.

I don’t see the purpose of these foreign articles
Any other country treats their registered & non registered sex offenders 100 times better than the United States. So what’s the point of looking at other countries. The fight is here

You are right. The once Land of the Free and home of the Brave is where the real battle field is… but to note via updates on other countries is also important… We in California are in the forefront … ever notice how most things seem to start in California and move eastward? So rest assured all that Janice and team are doing does have it’s affects across this nation and the world.

Nation, I might agree limitedly but the world? That’s reaching bud.

I will say this, worldwide news is probably important to those of us that travel or that may want to switch country’s but anything past that is probably grandiose thinking.

Whether you might agree – limitedly or any other way – is entirely immaterial bud.

If you wish to inflict your will of what you deem important or not, and impose your interests on others, kindly run your own web site. If something on this site – that someone found of enough importance to take the time to post – is not of interest to you, kindly ignore certain news articles with a specific heading. Like I do with comments from certain authors (well, I try – I am weak, afterall…)

Personally I enjoy news from all over the globe and would like to thank the entire team once again for their efforts and dedication. Please keep it coming.

I give the same weight to your comments. I’ll probably do both, start my own site and continue to post my opinions and insight since I see that lacking here. It’s not my fault you’re too weak to ignore things you find immaterial. I however find them relevant from a reasoned approach. I’m appreciative for what all lawyers have done to right the wrongs but I have my suspicions based on inaction of a few.

Then let me be the first to wish you good luck. It is my sincerest hope that your site will be wildly successful and leave you with neither the time nor the inclination to continue to provide your ‘insight’ here. Or offending those who spend their time and stick out their necks. I guess you say tomato, I say tomatoe.

In the meantime, from this point going forward again, I will ignore your ‘insights’, while pondering the irony of someone who wishes to impose their will on someone else’s blog based on what they find to be geographically suitable… all this from a person from presumably Alaska who inundated this forum with rude and condescending comments – when it was called “California RSOL” until a few weeks ago.

Or we could read them and still disagree with your opinion, which is what Doc was saying. For the record, a continent is just a really big island.

If the U.S. government is so morally right, why do we still do business and have diplomatic relations with countries that don’t have our same laws. Many countries allow relationships with people below 14 yrs. Our legislators travel to these places to indulge in activities they themselves make illegal domestically. Isn’t child labor child abuse? Shouldn’t these company’s C.E.O.s be registered?

It all is keeping up appearances. Somehow we became the nanny to the world, spend more than all the other nations on defense, imprison more people per capita, and have this public surveillance system called registration. We want all the other nations to go along with the plan. Put them on time out if they protest. They don’t protest because America is paying for their defense. What are we hiding, that we have to appear so righteous? What is in it for the American people? Ego? That seems to be about it.

I have been listening to KPFI Public Radio and holy s**t. You hear the real news, not that corporate crap. Our Government is really a piece of work. I recommend. Listening to everyone.

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