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Janice’s Journal: It’s a Setback But It’s Not Over

The U.S. District Court judge presiding over our challenge to the International Megan’s Law (IML) has dismissed that case with prejudice. As a result of her decision, the case is over and the complaint cannot be amended as we had requested.

The judge’s decision is a setback, but our challenge to the IML is not over.

The fact is we are currently reviewing our options which include, but are not limited to, whether to appeal the judge’s decision or to file a new lawsuit in a different jurisdiction. We have up to 60 days to decide whether or not to appeal and we have an unlimited amount of time to decide whether to file a new lawsuit.

There is no doubt. The judge’s decision is a setback. For in her decision, the judge not only determined that the lawsuit was premature and that our plaintiffs lacked standing, she also determined that our claims were not valid. That is one judge’s opinion and there are many more judges who may have a different opinion.

As we weigh our options, the most important thing to remember is that every civil rights movement has its setbacks. In fact, there is no civil rights movement that has ultimately crossed the finish line and declared victory without first suffering a series of defeats.

For example, the civil rights activists advocating in support of same-sex marriage won an important court victory in Hawaii in 1993 only to have constitutional amendments passed in more than 30 states that outlawed those marriages. That movement struggled for more than 20 years before it declared victory when the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2015 that same-sex marriages are valid.

As we move toward our finish line, we need to remember that it is the power of citizen activists, such as those involved in our civil rights movement, that ultimately change constitutional law. As author and law professor David Cole stated in his book, “Engines of Liberty”, sustained advocacy by groups of citizens usually over many years and in a wide array of venues is required to make those changes to the constitution.

Be an engine of liberty. Attend a monthly meeting. Write letters and make phone calls. Join us when we lobby in Sacramento early next year. Make a donation to our worthy cause.

And when you are ready, Show up – Stand up – Speak up.

— by Janice Bellucci

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The judge also pointed out the weak spots in the case, so hopefully there are ways to shore that up for the next time.

The biggest hole, is where it was pointed out that notices have been sent for years and would still be sent even if the identifier were not on the passport. The greatest effort needs to be in finding a way to challenge notices being sent without the offenders awareness or ability to be heard until after it is too late.

The next judge needs to be made aware of the fact that it’s a big contradiction when previous notices were claimed to only target countries where child sex tourism was a high risk and only go to that countries border enforcement, VS the identifier that embarrases and risks the lives at every border, bank, hotel, rental car, and even restaurants.

Go team Janice!

Janise Speaks Truth!

As she walks on paths once traveled on by a Hebrew fellow named Salvation aka Yeshua aka Jesus two millennium ago.

In fact he crossed the whole Mediterranean Sea to deliver Salvation to the Iberian people aka Ibrim, as His name sake bears. We can correctly infer these facts by noting in the accounts of Matthew, Mark, & Luke. that the Gadarenes ate pigs and we know that pigs are not herded or consumed in the Holy Land, that being said the Gadarenes would not believe in Salvation and sent Him away on his Ship.

It is a SetBack, a StepBack, a SailBack for Yeshua and The Hebrew Gadarenes which was glossed over in the Gospels hidden lightly if one fails to practice Patience and Discipline as a good Disciple should when he studies His Cause.

I call Heaven and Earth to bear witness today in The Court of The Eternal Most High in Heaven Creator of all to incline His ear to Janice and hear how she was treated with Twisted Words Unjustly by a Poisoned Heart a Barrier that can’t forget or forgive her Fellow Countrymen even as she was shown compassion by The Father in Heaven.

Let us pray together a “Yom Teruah” to The Most High Father in Heaven help Janice on her path on her voyage to deliver His Salvation, His Forgivness to the unforgiven for His glory, His High Honor, Blessed Be Him Forever. All say amen!

I posit the account mentioned above.

Luke 8:22-39 KJVS
[22] Now it came to pass on a certain day, that he went into a ship with his disciples: and he said unto them, Let us go over unto the other side of the lake. And they launched forth.
[23] But as they sailed he fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water , and were in jeopardy.
[24] And they came to him, and awoke him, saying, Master, master, we perish. Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm. [25] And he said unto them, Where is your faith? And they being afraid wondered, saying one to another, What manner of man is this! for he commandeth even the winds and water, and they obey him.
[26] And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes, which is over against Galilee.
[27] And when he went forth to land, there met him out of the city a certain man, which had devils long time, and ware no clothes, neither abode in any house, but in the tombs.
[28] When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.
[29] (For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness.)
[30] And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.
[31] And they besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep.
[32] And there was there an herd of many swine feeding on the mountain: and they besought him that he would suffer them to enter into them. And he suffered them.
[33] Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked.
[34] When they that fed them saw what was done, they fled, and went and told it in the city and in the country.
[35] Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.
[36] They also which saw it told them by what means he that was possessed of the devils was healed.
[37] Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about besought him to depart from them; for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship, and returned back again.
[38] Now the man out of whom the devils were departed besought him that he might be with him: but Jesus sent him away, saying,
[39] Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him.

As Yehovah lives so should we!
I speak Truth

I’ll give you credit…unlike the government, at least you provide footnotes to back everything up instead of just making it up. Amen brother!

As I think about it, I am hoping Janice doesn’t appeal since we should be close to the identifier being revealed and it being quite “RIPE”.

A new filing would also allow cleaning up the original filing to address holes and allow extra plaintiffs.

Obviously, the judges in this circuit are the least likely to see our side, so if it is possible to file somewhere more friendly that would be best. Is Janice able to practice anywhere else or would she just be consulting with other attorneys in another circuit? I am interested how that works.

It would be interesting to see the effect of piling on in the 6th circuit court here in Michigan. With the recent ruling pertaining to ex post facto and the statement from the federal judge that the registry is in fact harsh punishment and unconstitutional, I would love to see IML challenged here.

Definately! The 6th has proven it actually follows the Constitution.

If only a case in the 6th abolishing the entire public registry scheme as well as the punishments on any remaining private registry could succeed, then the state should sue other states for illegally affecting its citizens that try to travel or move. That’s the only guaranteed way to get something to SCOTUS if I am not mistaken. I believe they have to hear issues between two or more states and can’t be denied a hearing like 69 out of every 70 cases are.

I disagree–there needs to be an appeal because what’s missed here is that IML and Angel Watch are linked. In fact IML now funds Angel Watch of $60M a year. The plaintiffs were ripe due to the damage being caused by Angel Watch–the identifier was merely icing on the cake!

Remember they augmented Angel Watch with IML simply because they believed people were re-routing their destinations.

The problem is Angel Watch!!! shoot that and you shoot IML!!!

If we are able to kill “Angel Watch” then the green notices would stop, but I still fear the “Identifier” would still be a problem if it is determined that the “Scarlet Letter” is somehow Constitutional.
You might get into the country, but try to rent a car, stay at a hotel or do anything that requires international Identification. IMO, one win will not necessarily kill the other. We need to take on both either together or independently.

If they appeal, then they don’t get to modify the case. Correct me if I am wrong, but Janice’s case doesn’t mention any challenge to Angel Watch and its practices over the last few years.

If they appeal, then the appeals court will still say that IML is not relevant to the situations these plaintiff’s face because with or without the passport identifier the Angel Watch stuff will still keep them from traveling.

I’m no lawyer, but I really think they can’t do much on appeal without re-filing and attacking both Angel Watch and IML.

If you are able to show damage via the Angel Watch notifications to foreign destinations, then you probably have solid footing. However, what damage? By the notifications, they are sending a fact of an RC is traveling to their country, but with the implied idea (or opinion) for nefarious reasons only based upon their own thinking/reasoning, not other reasons, e.g. travel with family or for family, see the country, do business there, etc. If it can be shown there is family damage (trauma) due to this notification (government inflicted damage), such as the gentleman showed in the Philippines (under the IML article posting), or the business is suffering because of the notifications being sent prevent commerce (government inflicted damage), then you can probably show the notifications are unconstitutional.

Using these example damages possibly against the identifier too, you may have solid ground again to challenge it in court……maybe even Angel Watch and IML Identifier together in the same filing, but probably better separately.

The idea or intent of the identifier is what possibly needs to be attacked under government implied speech either via defamation, libel or false light pretense in addition to established damages, e.g. cannot rent a car or stay in a hotel for commerce purposes; company revenues are down this quarter or year, by putting it physically on the passport without any background evidence to substantiate the implied nefarious claims.

“The only person who can be sent overseas to this country for the company is being prevented from doing commerce because of these notifications/identifier because a hotel room or rental car cannot be obtained through implied or opined nefarious trip reasons provided by government induced speech and thus the government is unconstitutionally stifling a constitutional right of commerce. ”

A physical label is much more than just the physical label taken at face value, but the implied opinion behind it. That is where I believe government forced speech (against the constitution by the way) comes into play even if the government did not physically say for nefarious trip reasons because it is the government providing the label to begin with via passport identifiers and notifications. (Same can be said for the drivers license RC identifier argument under “Janice’s Journal: It’s a Setback, but not over”.)

Angel Watch and IML is to help against trafficking, but they will never have statistics or metrics to back up the claim it is working without hard evidence trafficking was going to happen. This includes saying, “it stopped this # of people who were convicted of trafficking previously from traveling overseas”, where the real overseas trip reasoning will never be known to satisfy the metrics.

The government cannot exempt just those RCs who have business reasons to travel overseas from notifications or identifiers either if the government was found to be wrong because that would create government sanctioned discrimination which is also illegal.

Congress permitted Immigration and Customs Enforcement to create the Angel Watch Center. It makes sense that it’s being funded.

Related, what is happening with the petition that was filed regarding the bogus State Dept rule that was published?

I was curious about the same thing Tuna.

Did the Petition regarding the State Department Rule fall by the wayside since the Challenge to IML was dismissed?

Very intriguing. I would sit back and discuss this with peers. Sometimes reflection can help. I do have a few questions. I plead over 20 years ago to a misdemeanor now expunged/summary probation/massage parlor. Will this new law only affect those convicted of child related offenses? Also. Are those convicted of adult related offenses being prohibited from visiting Canada? Mexico? Philippines? Please don’t respond unless you really know. Thanks

You keep asking for advice but only if the person “really knows” which is what is impossible to tell you.

Ask 5 governmental agencies and get 5 different answers.

Ask 5 lawyers and get 5 different opinions.

Research it yourself online…again, you will find there are NO absolutes to this massive clusterf^k mess. The point is that we are in limbo and yet, it seems that is exactly where the government wants us to be!

Keep up the good fight, Janice. Thank you for all you’ve done.

Persistent water moves mountains, Thank you Janice and team.

Laws such as MLI force a “false perception” of registrants on the world. Every registrant is not involved in child sex-trafficking. Every registrant has not committed a contact offense.
We need to file and refile as many lawsuits as it takes to change the “thinking” of judges, to educate them regarding the false perception they’ve been fed all these years regarding registrants.
Keep fighting Janice, we all need you!

Kat, I agree 100%. This IML fight is one in the same fight against the registry. These legislative schemes are a house of cards, built on fear and myths. Not on facts and rational thinking. They will be toppled when we find the right court that can see these laws for what they are and the damage they do to people.

Regarding a link between IML and child sex tourism, we have also data on our side. Child sex tourism is rare crime as Janice has outlined in her compliant. These crimes are not likely at all to be committed by someone listed on the registry for an unrelated crime.

Also in Janice’s favor is data: the Global Study Report on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism published May 2016. This study validates that most demand for child sex tourism is domestic and regional: “The sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism (SECTT) is now mainly a domestic and intra-regional crime.” “Research shows that children are most likely to be exploited by someone they know and someone who has the opportunity within their own community rather than a stranger or tourist who travels for the purpose of child sex tourism.”

“Key finding: Twenty years ago, it might have been possible to sketch a rough global map showing where international travelling sex offenders were from, and where they were going. The sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism (SECTT) is now mainly a domestic and intra-regional crime, and can be found in both the world’s most developed and least developed countries. While the focus has long been on foreign tourists, male nationals account for the vast majority of offenders.”

This ECPAT study highlights the shift in the 20 year old belief that the demand for sex tourism and child sex tourism comes mainly from male tourists, especially from wealthy, industrialized nations seeking child sex opportunities. This is false. This is a busted myth.

Rep Chris Smith and US policy makers have based the IML and Angel Watch Program on the 20 year old busted myth, not on creditable data such as in this new report – that child sex tourism is a domestic crime where male nationals account for the vast majority of offenders (and not foreign tourists).

Facts are important. The truth is important. We must do all we can to help Janice get the truth restored in the courts for these laws passed based only on fear, false data and political posturing.

Link to study:

I know that Janice poured so much effort and money into the IML Challenge, and I can’t stress enough about how disturbing it was to read that the Challenge was simply summarily rejected with prejudice. It would also appear that the Judge made the extra effort with her 45+ page Opinion to shut down any attempts to challenge IML in the future.

What I’m reading from Janice’s commentary is that this could take 20 years to successfully challenge IML, just like the Civil Rights Movement took more than 20 years to be successful. I’m not sure if I want to stick around that long to “see what happens”.

Instead of all of us spinning our wheels why don’t we all pitch in and buy a island somewhere… I vote for Hawaii…. Wish I would of got out of this country when the getting was good

We don’t need to buy an Island. We could just pick any pleasant small CA County to move to where our voting population is grater than the local population. We could then vote for our preferred Sheriff, DA, Mayor or Supervisors, Judges and local laws. Not the best solution, but better than the way things are now. Daily life would be much better. There is power in numbers.

Instead of Pervert Park they could call it Pervert Island! I’m sure a lot of businesses would be on board with that, and there would be good jobs for everyone!

That name already exists. Mr. Epstein , the famous billionaire convicted sex offender from Florida had his own Island outside U.S. jurisdiction. They nicknamed it and many public figures have taken trips there. Just shoes that money trumps morals( no pun intended) every time.

What county would that be? Most all the climates in California are amenable and most areas can be farmed for self sufficiency, except for limited water availability. There are still some homestead sites, although probably on a dry lake or atop a granite spire, still…Put together a community solar/wind grid and we are set for power. Power can pump water, create channels, power servers, till land. Plenty of smart people also. You attempt to damn up potential genius and it finds another way. Heck, the Romans and the Anasazi grew crops in the desert, so…I’m for it. Just need to reach out to those who can’t find a home. That would be hundreds of thousands now, I guess.

I fully agree. Like 1 of them 20 resident towns . used trailers are cheap. We can just vote them log heads out of office.

Has there been a successful legal challenge to the special identifier for RCs on the driver’s license showing it to be illegal? What about specific license plates? This could be a foothold on what it could take to do away with the passport identifier.

There are many states, e.g. DE, LA, FL, OK, TN & AL to name a few, where RCs have special driver licenses (DL) which are the same as a passport, used for identification. It looks like CA was considering to have a DL like this at one time.

I am not sure if there are any states with specific RC license plates, from what I can see at least, but it too would fall under the identifier issue. If no specific license plates, what is holding them back, e.g. harassment, etc? Could that be used a foothold of reasoning into why identifiers are not good?

If there has not been any successful challenges (yet), is there any knowledge of cases filed challenging the identifiers on the driver’s licenses?

Just thinking out loud for a possible success in a similar identification area.

This is a good question.

Here in Texas, they found a different way to do it.

Sex Offenders get issued a license that expires every year on your birthday.

Anyone that knows that secret can look at a driver’s license and know that you are a sex offender because they are the only ones with one year licenses. It sucks when you come across someone at a club, bank, or car rental place that immediately starts treating you differently after seeing your license.

I don’t know why this wouldn’t fall under a challenge to “Equal Protection” since other felons don’t suffer with this and it serves no purpose. It also affects rights to privacy and rights to reputation.

Same thing here in NV. And I directly depend on my license for a living (CDL). Only a matter of time until someone at work notices the one year expiration in my file and puts 2 and 2 together.

Yup Chris F,
Those of us in Nevada can relate. They pull the same bull crap here with our drivers licenses. Renew every year on your anniversary date of original registration. And it is a highly stressful situation every time we are asked to produce the drivers license for whatever reason. Then you begin to see the “wide-eyed stare”, from those who recognize the license belongs to a RSO.
The claim is that they can refuse to provide you with a drivers license if you fail to register? Whatever. Isn’t the promise to put you in jail for failure to register enough?
I have learned to do everything in my power to avoid producing my drivers license for any reason whenever possible.

Actually, I believe it is on our birthday here as well.

They do the same in Utah. My H.R. department hasn’t caught on but for me to remain on the authorized driver list at work for rentals, auto insurance, when I go to Engineering symposiums or to visit the odd ball vendors; I have to have to provide a copy of my driver’s license and provide an annual copy of my driving record (which luckily doesn’t say I’m registered).

In Utah we have to pay for the renewal ($35.00 a year), and do it in person in our Birthday month. In order to renew in Utah you need a Birth Certificate and proof of address. I figured it was just another layer of registration because you actually don’t have to show law enforcement any proof of address, but to renew you license with a separate agency they require it. I could only imagine that people get arrested if both the addresses you gave LE and DMV were different.

You also can’t change your address online like everyone else, you have to go back to DMV and pay another $35.00. Not having an updated address on file at DMV in Utah is a crime for all citizens.

Having to do an annual renewal would suck given the norm is longer than that obviously and someone knowing the secret to the annual renewal is not any better either. Sounds like just another way to needle the person out of spite even with the thought of incarceration hanging around if the paper trip to the cop shop isn’t enough. Regardless, employers and others ought to understand when the license needs to be renewed, it needs to be renewed!

In Nevada normal citizens renew the drivers license online. RSO’s must appear at the DMV. That’s usually a 3 to 4 hour process each and every year. The punishment just goes on and on and on.

LA, GA, FL and OK have it brazenly written on the front of the license. (GA is a new add to that list above.)

in fl. your driving record is marked as well thus when you go looking for auto insurance they see that your an RSO from the call center as soon as the pull your DL ifo

If your RC status is noted on your driving record, does that mean the insurance agency sees it and adjusts your insurance accordingly (for more money) because of the RC identifiers for a non-driving offense? If that adjustment is done based upon the identifier, then they are damaging you by charging more for a non-driving offense using information that has no business being known to the insurance companies in the first place. There is no statistical correlation between the RC status and driving insurance rates. What would the insurance rates be without the RC marking on the driving record?

Thought process potentially is if you have higher priced insurance which you cannot afford, then you cannot drive (legally) because you need insurance to drive. Another underhanded way of using information that has no business being known by the insurance companies to keep the person down.

Are the insurance cards also marked with RC identifiers like the DLs?

Would be interesting to know answers to these questions.

Maybe ’cause they think we drive those old wondowless white vans and can’t see the blind spot, not to mention gluing our eyes on every school girl instead of the road — they will even use urban legends like these to raise the priciple. Genius! Who’s going to question? Profit, profit, profit. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It is about the kids and where RCs go that have the possible need to check DLs and IDs, e.g. county fairs, schools, libraries, etc….you know the list spouted commonly.

Read this GAO report on DL markings and their implementation….it is a 9 yr old report, but informative nonetheless:

Here is a CA Assy Trans Committee debate on CA’s version of this topic:

You will read CA Assy Trans Committee came to some of the same conclusions others have said for a long time, “Why not others also?”

Actually, insurance rates for RC’s can be investigated compared to non-RC’s with exact or near-exact driving records. If a significant disparity can be shown there is room for a civil lawsuit, especially if the rates are not justified in the terms.

Then the question becomes are they investigating the same across the others who have committed an infraction vs those who have not or even comparing infractions against each other?

What difference does it make whether the person is an RC or not when it comes to comparing driving habits for insurance rates? Being an RC by itself is a non-driving infraction anyway. If they do that, then they can start to compare ethnicities, etc for driving habits and rates. Insurance is all about statistics.

Agree, if the $$ disparity is significant, there is room for a suit.

If being an RC is a non-driving infraction, then how is being an RC potentially influential on vehicle insurance rates? That seems to be a comparison that has no rate relevance. If there is any increased financial difference where being an RC influences rates, then it needs to be clearly explained, regardless if it is significant or not.

As I read your statements about civil rights and social justice, I’m reminded of something that I’ve recently come to understand.

There are many people with which I do not agree when it comes to their causes. Nevertheless, their tactics and plans are no doubt effective. Things that we once thought of as illegal are now legal. I think it would behoove us all to take a look at the strategies used by these groups and copy them for our own uses since they have already proven effective. Simply because there is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House shouldn’t perplex us. There is always something that can be used to help propel and further our cause, regardless. It is up to us to find those “bits” that we can use to make our voices heard. Pay attention to the community planners, take note, and follow their examples.

I highly recommend that everyone read, “Engines of Liberty”, by David Cole which includes three case studies of successful campaigns such as same sex marriage.

That is something, Darrin, along the lines of Sun Tzu for the 21st Century America.

You must study your enemies to know their tactics regardless of who they are as an enemy. If the tactics work, you must understand how and why they do and then look at applying them if they are successful, even if you don’t agree with them as a friend or enemy (or the opposing political party in the USA).

What we need to find are successful prisoner rights campaigns, if indeed there are any, and transend the Constitution to get at the heart of justice. Like it or not we are all considered detainees or prisoners, and that is a difficult position to claim human rights from. Indeed, claims of personal preference and tolerance and general acceptence for certain sexaul acts are just not going to be in the equation for most of us as they can be for the LGBTQ community. For some acts, yes like teen age sex it is a matter of tolerant perceptions, but not for most of the acts that fall under registration. So what we are looking at is drawing some sort of rational line between the penalty for breaking the social contract and the right to have your citizenship given back at some point. Look, slavery is still active because of the hole in the 13th ammendment that allows involuntary servitude because of a crime, leaving something that in all but tge lable is modern slavery for certain classes. I like the angle Rick has suggested to focus on the contractual agreement. Our system was born long ago out of the contract, or so I believe, and the original bill of rights came about to balance the disparity in power between the citizen a sovereign . I think I will look at some of the criminal reform movements both past and present for instruction, because those seem most relevant to our stuation.

I concur with Timmr

The quanlifier to be pleaded is the State of Perpeual Slavehood into which forms a Concentration Camp of Want a Unjust Unequal treatment with no ability to Atone and be Reconciled with our Rights and Titles given by The Most High in Heaven Yehovah.

As Yehovah lives, so should we.

FYI for everyone as it relates to passport renewal – my passport just expired, sent in the renewal last week under the expedited function. Took our good old government three days to cash my check, but then again I have my new passport in my hands within eight days . No unique identifier at this time. I’m almost impressed on how quickly they issued it .

wow happy for you did you use online or physical please share many thanks!

Are you currently required to register? Felony or Misdemeanor? Are you a Level Designated RSO? How long ago was your conviction?

Unfortunately still have to register. Original case is approximately 17 years ago. Felony reduced to misdemeanor and ultimately dismissed per 1203.4

Traveled to Germany and Denmark and France in 2014 no issues when I went. Went to Canada a number of times last year and although had a few headaches managed to get in each time. Reside in California where I get to enjoy lifetime registration.

@Mr. D: Would love to know about your Canada headaches. Planning a trip there next summer.

Hi Quint – First time I flew into Toronto had no issues breezed right through customs

yes did you do it online or in person at the post office? i think we would all like to know, again many thanks Mr. D

Hi Robert – I filled out the renewal form that is online printed it out and mailed it off at the post office via priority USPS mail. Dropped it off at the post office on a Friday had the new passport back the following Saturday eight days later. No odd markings that I can tell anywhere on the passport, it matches exactly the same as what’s on the flier they sent back to me The details all the various usage options of a passport .

The State Department has not yet added “unique identifiers” to anyone’s passport. Before they do so, they will need to issue regulations. As far as we know, the regulations have not yet been issued however we are expecting the regulations, but not the identifiers, to show up by the end of this year. The regulations should tell us when they will start to add the identifiers.

Any news on the petition filed regarding the flawed State Dept rule published in the Federal Register?

Just a thought for discussion and review. Can the ACLU or NYCLU be approached to help? Any background?
I know the NYCLU are still interested in an offender being named and coming forward to challenge the E-stop law.

The ACLU was contacted before the first lawsuit was filed. We reconnected with them after the judge’s decision and so far they are not willing to help.

Hey, why don’t you demand equal justice by having them stamp the passports of all those businessmen, who have profited off the child sweat shops and factory fire traps, with a big red CHILD EXPLOITER. It is only fair to give other countries this information so they have the choice to deny these monsters entry. They can do that. It’s legal now if the intent is good, but selecting out just one despised group is not fair. No, no. And, if it saves just a few thousand extra children, well… more the better. Wouldn’t our government, hall monitor to the world, be remiss if they didn’t warn the world of our terrible citizenry. Oh yes, they can care less, it is the droans they fear.

By the way, we are now at stage 6, “Preparation,” in the 8 stages of genocide…

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