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Survey – International Travel after IML

If you have traveled to a foreign country after President Obama signed HR 515 / International Megan’s Law into law on February 8, 2016, please complete this survey to help gather details about the effects of this legislation. We will also share this data with the RTAG group for incorporation into their travel matrix. Thank you.

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  1. Major Henderson

    Question for anyone who knows the answer: Concerning the travel form we are required to fill out for international trips, is the form the same at all police stations throughout the US, or does each police station make its own?
    And, if standard, what information is required? Cities or countries or also hotels?

  2. Travel Update

    It’s been 24 days since I returned from Europe trip and still no revocation letter. Will be traveling for work within next month or so, so hopefully no issues with passport. So still hard to figure out what government is doing (or not doing). I did give the 21-day notice. Slipped through the cracks with this trip? Targeting only certain tiers or crimes? Who knows…

    On another note, looks like government did charge someone for failing to notify in July 2018. Clearly this guy was asking for trouble…

    • jo

      It’s coming. Sadly, it’s coming.

      It’s been over 30 days for me and yep, the lovely yellow envelope arrived yesterday. Consider me revoked.

    • AD from MN

      I returned from Europe on June 18. Received my letter last Monday, it was dated July 30th. (6 weeks from my return). I would be careful.

  3. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    “Clearly this guy was asking for trouble.” Well, perhaps he simply didn’t know. Ignorance of the law? Does that even matter for us? Thanks for your travel reports. I’m afraid that my career has already ended because of the travel notifications and I’m unwilling to renew my now-expired passport for one with the government’s crimson letter upon it. I just assume that my once-fabulous days of foreign travel are behind me.

    • Travel Update

      Did you read the article? States he was told numerous times (he probably even had to sign a form stating his knowledge). That said, wish you wouldn’t give up…

      • David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

        Yes, I see that the government says that he was notified “numerous times” by them. And the “article” is, of course, written by that government. From experience, I’m not willing to believe anything they say, however. I haven’t given up on fighting IML but I’m not, at this moment, terribly hopeful or as hopeful as I once was, that IML is going away anytime soon. In part, this is due to lawyers on our side who have expressed pessimism that it can be defeated on a constitutional basis. I think that this makes its successful challenge contingent upon a much longer term project, the challenge of the Registry, itself. I also think that an IML challenge should include a group formed specifically to fight it and which represents the interests of all who are affected by it and not one willing to accommodate the interests of the government.

    • PK

      @David you should have split when you had the opportunity.

    • Forever marked

      I hear you and feel you! Travelling was my true joy. It is how I found real friends and realized how completely messed up this country is. Now I have to live here until I can afford to leave. I literally am at war with the U.S. I cheer for all the crap that is happening because it will help bring down this place. I am willing to go down too if it helps end this farse.

  4. Steveo


    Per your refusing to travel with the crimson letter… I’d rethink it.

    • Matt

      David …. over the years I have appreciated your comments … thank you. I would be interested to see the statement placed in our passports. Would anyone who has it be willing to post it for everyone to view? Thanks

  5. David

    @ David K: Stop traveling? Not at all! If anything, I would take every opportunity I could to travel internationally, because as soon as I arrive at another Countries port of entry and I get harassed, refused entry,et etc, that will form the basis for the next lawsuit against IML!

    • PK

      I wonder if the previous 2 IML Lawsuit dismissals will set a negative precedent and make it even harder to challenge IML in the future.

  6. David

    @ PK: I don’t believe the two previous lawsuit’ outcomes will set a precedent for future lawsuits. The first lawsuit was dismissed because the judge felt that because IML had not yet been implemented, no parties had yet been injured. I suppose that’s a reasonable argument. As for the second lawsuit, it was very specific, regarding the failure of the State Department to follow administrative protocol that is required of them. However it was the judge’s belief that the protocol was not sidestepped or was not relevant.

  7. AD from MN

    GOT THE LETTER – if everyone remembers, I traveled to Europe (France, Germany, & Switzerland) in June without one issue. Didn’t even have a secondary upon return to ATLANTA.

    We returned on June 18th and I received the CERTIFIED LETTER from STATE DEPARTMENT on August 6th. The letter was dated July 30th (6 weeks after my return).

    Angry is not even remotely how I feel…especially given the media/government attention given to illegals…UGH!

    • E

      Sorry, but thanks for the confirmation. That one dude working on this at state must be getting backlogged now.

    • Bob N

      How come we stopped fighting against IML?Lets write petitions,go to DC, find competing lawyers for civil rights,and etc.Why we say Okay to have mark in the passport,coming back from foreign countries because government keeping sending letters that we are coming for the child sex tourism.Thats why which country will want these people.
      That’s do something,please

  8. Ron

    Have any expats had thier passport revoked after visiting the USA and returning to thier current country?

    • PK


      I think the question should be:

      Have any Expats had their Passport revoked after returning to the United States for a visit, and then not be able to return back to their new found Country?

  9. Alexander Rodrigues

    I would also like to have a compiled list of countries you can travel to with the new red identifiers

  10. Malibu

    I still don’t understand how are government ever did this, and how it isn’t a constitution issue?
    I was released from 1 year county jail in 1987. I was able to travel freely since then until IML passed. So almost 30 years. Then they get to add this? Plus AWA that I can no longer marry / sponsor a foreign national? New restrictions keep coming. I just want to retire and move out of the USA.
    I no longer feel free, or safe. Crime free for over 30 years, who cares….

    • Major Henderson

      Same here. Crime free for over 30 years, active in the community, philanthropist. Yet more restrictions on my life every year. Just cannot be constitutional, at least as it was originally conceived.

    • David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

      I had been off of government “supervision” for more than two decades when I found that I was no longer able to travel. I had traveled widely and frequently since getting off of parole (and even a bit while on parole), built a business that depended on my ability to travel abroad and on short notice (I once traveled to Taipei to deliver two electric generators to our production facility the day after a major earthquake knocked-out power to much of the island). Now I can’t even get into Taiwan nor, it would seem, any other country in Asia (with the exception of Hong Kong, apparently) where I could once visit with customers, tour their facilities and exhibit at trade exhibitions. I’ve gone from having my liberty largely restored immediately following parole, and for many years, to having it curtailed again two decades later as if I were suddenly back on parole. How is it that that has managed to become a manifestly unjust hardship that cannot be effectively challenged in court?

      • PK


        It could be challenged, but it would require a lot of resources.

        • Hysteria

          It won’t be challenged. We don’t have a voice in our corner. Oh sure, we might “win” a residency restriction every blue moon, but REAL progress? Come on…………….

      • J

        @David Unless you have actually been denied entry to Taiwan, why do you think you are unable to enter Taiwan? And why do you think you can only travel to Hong Kong? What makes Hong Kong different from anywhere else? If you can enter Hong Kong, you should be able to enter other countries too. If I were you, I would be persistent on meeting with your US Senators and Representative to ensure that you can lawfully travel with no problem, but I would also advise you to take your issue to court as your constitutional rights are being violated. It should be a no-brainer for the court to know that the federal government cannot control where you travel. In the event that you are not successful in court or with your congressmen, I would say run for the border even if it involves sneaking out of the country to protect your rights.

        • NY won't let go

          It could be that Taiwan has denied others from entering due to the green notices.
          But the thing is Taiwan is the major hub for sex workers and human trafficking over here already. So I’m not quite sure what they are trying to prevent by people just coming on holiday when you have body runners coming in and out every day.

  11. Major Henderson

    I went to the Houston police to fill out my travel itinerary today and was told by several people that I was way too early. They only want you to fill it out 5 days before your trip. I told them I had read that it was supposed to be done 21 days out, and they said that is when you are supposed to make an appointment with the agent. She is on vacation, so they said to call her in a week.
    This stuff just drives me up the wall.

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