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State Sen. Leyva will introduce legislation regarding sex offenders on campuses in California

Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) announced on Nov. 16 that — when the California State Senate convenes in early December — she will introduce legislation to prohibit any registered sex offender from being present on a school campus in California for any reason. Full Article


Leyva: Keep School Kids Safe From Sex Offenders – Press Release

State Sen. Connie Levya intends to file legislation to keep sex offenders from entering California schools – LA Times

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THIS is THE latest Janice.

Can we BLOCK this and stop it before they take a Vote in SAC and Educate them as an opposition with enough time to show our CSOMB recidivism rate and the CDC findings?

Thanks for the link to this article. People should post comments there.

She need to be careful, by walking in Ms. Runner’s shoes. Ms. Runner is now “asking Lazarus for a drop of water”.

SOmeone better inform State Senator Connie Leyva that CASOMB has the accurate facts that RC’s return is LESS THAN < 5.5% for repeat offenders after some many years to decades, she wants to pin us ALL up
against the wall. Sorry for the Fathers of kids in school, you'll NEVER be legally able to attend ANY School
Function even with the Principal's permission, written. She will see her bill passes the Senate in SAC in 2017-2018.

We need to step up or we'll be locked out, even for voting on property after campus hours.

This must be in response to a spate of incidents on campuses involving RCs, right? Strange, since I haven’t heard of any. Once again, a solution to a nonexistent problem, an imagined threat. I’m sure it’ll further her political career, though.

More nonsense from our legislators. Is she channeling the ghost of Sharon Runner?

@ PGM111: My thoughts exactly! Another crazy pandering politician….. and saddest of all, I foresee her having a long, successful career for taking such a zero-tolerance approaxh to Registered Citizens.

Well obviously leyva is to stubborn or plain out to lazy to read the FACTS on these issues from our WEBSITE and NUMEROUS STUDIES…She is far behind times and outdated on these issues……Read up leyva and get your head out of the sand! These issues have been around along time and you are looking very stupid!

Already thinking ahead for her reelection, must have had a poor campaign. She’s a loser with no other ideas for government!

As much as I dont have faith in our government–I dont think this will get any traction

To: Connie Leyva
Let us know how this works out for you. Bet it ultimately gets shot down in flames.

There goes that word loophole again, meaning some registrant somewhere is living a productive life. Going to school. Improving the economy and herself. Got to stop that. Punishment needs to be supreme and unending. I remember a story on registrants working for SDSU. Probably many more are students. Didn’t hear any problems with that. Many problems with students and drinking, but they are not afraid of what that causes — rape, traffic deaths, sclerosis of the liver. Maybe it would be better to close the loophole that lets alcoholics on campus. Fear, though, creates its own reality, it appears.

If Ms. Levya’s pandering piece of legislative garbage successfully moves forward, it certainly appears that it can be challenged based on the arguments provided in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent decision regardong presence restrictions and California’s own People v. Nguyen.
It would seem to me, this would provide a win-win situation for Registered Citizens: if such a challenge is successful, it’s successful; and if such a challenge is unsuccessful, it could lead to an appeal supported by the Fourth Circuit Court’s decision.

Now all she needs to do is add a stoplight in the middle of nowhere and her legacy will be complete.

I heard Joshua Tree needs a stoplight tree to help prevent deaths among the horned tortoise who are crossing the roads…..maybe she could start there?

another dummy warming a chair in sacramento. the fontana school board must have gone crying to her so she is doing her part to keep fear mongering and ignorance at the forefront of useless legislation that
has virtually no relevance on crime fighting. just window dressing for her resume and to feed
the “braying hordes” .

such a pity but timely with the ghastly results of recent elections.

It would protect the children more, if teachers were not allowed on school grounds. They have a higher rate of abusing kids.

Simple solution – pass a law mandating homeschooling and proficiency exams at testing centers. No more worries about RCs on campus, teacher incidents, bullying or other educational arena problems. Shut down the entire educational system and see how much money is saved annually that can be budgeted elsewhere for state needs.

it would protect the country and the constitution (and the children) to ban connie leyva from being near schools where students are indoctrinated in ignorance and mob rule by her type of thinking and draconian legislative efforts.

if legislators concerned themselves with truth more often, we’d all be in a much better place. some choose to pander to these fear and emotion based situations, then try to craft laws around them. this is a classic example.

would someone please issue her a constitutional competency test and quickly escort her out of public service until she has had suitable time to study the laws and the cdc test results, then put them into practice. never mind. it may take years or eternity for that matter.

just sayin’

I support Harry’s idea: for too long now, teachers have had easy access to vulnerable children. Teaching could be done through video link to classrooms and classroom order could be maintained by armed security personnel….. who would then have easy access to vulnerable children…. Dammit, that won’t work either! Are their no logical, common sense solutions to these vexing problems! 😁😃😆 LOL!
But wait, I see that “Mandate Homeschooling” offers a solution ….. allowing family members ….. easy access to vulnerable children!!!
😁😃😆 LOL again!

Go ahead pass this… another stupid LAME assed law… and there will be MORE $$$$ for Janice when she files SUIT against them like what was it Fontana school district !!!!



“I have to be a DEMOCRAT in this out-of-whack state to get elected, so the ONLY way I can get noticed in front of other democrats is to come up with the most ABSURD, IMPOSSIBLE law to make the news. How do you think Sharon Runner, a REPUBLICAN, was even noticed when she was alive???”

…or something to that effect.

So this ban can extend itself to college campuses? Which means no registrant is allowed to find a new way of living?

Anyhow, with all this “Protect the Community” rhetoric, I want the CASOMB officials – all of them – to formally announce the re-offense rate to contrast the “Protect the Community” rhetoric. I want all the DA’s, judges, etc… on record, stating the re-offense rate. Then I want the public to know about the re-offense rates of other crimes to show contrast.

How can under 1% be more dangerous than… That should be the PR movement.

I would be curious to know the numbers of registrants permitted on campuses, as she states in her proposal . Personally, I do not know of any registrant volunteering on school grounds – with permission… especially those with children as victims. I would also like to know the statistics of registrants with adult victims, who swung the pendulum over to “attacking” children. In my opinion (I still have the right to my own opinion – right?) This is merely a propaganda move on her part. If she genuinely cared about kids, she would have proposed this legislation long ago… I think she’s an undereducated idiot! Perhaps she doesn’t have a clue as to the real concerns regarding children.

Just finished writing and submitting an ‘Eye opening’ online letter to this Senator. I made them aware that their own state’s Department of Justice reported a 4.8% recidivism rate for offenders. I also added a few extra words to express the anger from myself and the nearly million people on the registry, so that she can stop wasting California citizens’ tax dollars on asinine bills that don’t address any Existing Problem. Hopefully that will get her to reconsider, otherwise she’ll have to deal with lawsuits.

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