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ACSOL Conference to Identify Solutions to Daily Challenges Faced by Registrants

ACSOL will host a conference on June 16 and 17 in Los Angeles focused upon solutions to daily challenges faced by U.S. registrants, family members, and those who support them. The conference will address topics of interest to registrants and family members throughout the nation such as housing, employment, domestic and international travel, parole and probation conditions, as well as post-conviction relief.

“This conference was created for you, the registrant and your family members. It was not created for professionals in this field. You will be immersed in a supportive environment full of others who experience similar challenges,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

The conference will include four national speakers and 24 workshops. Keynote speakers include sociologist Emily Horowitz, law professors Catherine Carpenter and Ira Ellman, as well as attorney Larry Dubin. Emily will share the exciting results of her recent research that reveals the truth and debunks the myths regarding registrants. Catherine will discuss the unconstitutionality of registration systems throughout the nation. Ira will discuss past mistakes of the U.S. Supreme Court, including its decision that registration is not punishment, as well as pending opportunities the Court has to correct them. Larry will share what he has learned as the father of a son who is both autistic and a registrant.

The conference workshops will provide information regarding housing and employment opportunities, family issues, emotional support groups, immigration, advocacy, LGBTQ rights, as well as parole and probation conditions. Workshops will be led by Chance Oberstein, Pamela George, Alex Gittinger, JoEllen Wiggington, Janice Bellucci, and others. Panelists include criminal defense attorneys Alex Landon, Dylan Ford, and Laura Arnold, who litigated the landmark Taylor decision in the California Supreme Court regarding residency restrictions.

It’s easy to sign up for the conference online by clicking on the conference banner at the top of every page on our website or at The early-bird rate of $95 is only available until April 30. The cost of the conference includes morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunch on Saturday. Scholarships are available for those who serve as volunteers. Please send inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities to

Housing opportunities are also available for conference attendees. Anyone interested in sharing housing should send inquiries to Roger at

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I’m excited to attend this years conference. I learned a lot when I was able to attend a NRSOL conference, and this years ACSOL conference has a good list of speakers and topics I am looking forward in hearing.

Also I love to get to know other families and registrants, as well as hear their experiences.

Don’t be idiots you don’t need to hear problems of unjust registry laws! And the horrible effects it has on ex offender! And families friends etc. employers society ! Etc. etc. it is a given and more than obvious and proven long ago to be a civil, constitutional, human and god given violation! We need registry abolishment! And courage to stop the law before any more lives are destroyed! Hello! You Janice or any so called intelligent credit building people have nothing to do with the sex offender issue! Life will take its toll and when enough human lives have been destroyed! Then time will be the true victor in this story! Not some punitive governing force or brilliant mind with amazing skillfull psychosocial heroism that saved mankind during this sexual corrective time with the human race!

I’ve already signed up for the conference.
I would like to encourage anyone who is not sure about coming that these conferences are not only informative because of the great speakers, they are also a wonderful way to help with the feelings of isolation that come with our situation. You will have an opportunity to meet and talk with other wonderful people who will understand exactly where you are coming from and know that you are a “normal” person who has been catapulted into a catastrophic place. I hope I see lots of you there.

Thanks Ms. Moon, YOU NAILED IT!

I wish I could go to this event but I am currently on parole and wearing an ankle monitor. I’m free without freedom. Will this event be recorded for those of us that can’t go? I would be willing to pay for it. Thank you. I have so many questions.

For those on parole or probation, please ask your parole/probation officer for permission to attend the conference. We believe the some, but perhaps not all, parole/probation officers will allow the registrants they supervise to join us.

Hope! That is the #1 thing I received when I attended NRSOL conference.

I felt hope because I found that I wasn’t alone. I found that trying to hide in my “rabbit hole” and avoiding making waves DIDN’T WORK because the legislative “foxes” kept dragging me out of my hole with their never-ending new punitive laws. I learned then that what DOES WORK is to be united in fighting for justice. I met people who I could relate to and who shared a common dream: swinging the pendulum back in registrant’s favor. And I heard speakers describe how I could do my part in helping to push that pendulum back toward sanity.

This conference was created for US REGISTRANTS and OUR SUPPORTERS, NOT for specialists in the field of registrants. It is a practical way to learn what we can do to make a difference, and when we take action, we feel HOPE! It’s incredibly low cost. It’s near tens of thousands of registrants and their supporters in Southern California. What’s not to like?

It took Janice and others a lot of work to put together this great conference. Let’s support it, especially those living near the conference.

Okay, I just bought tickets for two (I’m going even though you once told me I am not welcome. Hee, hee).

I read @Roger’s comments here, and I watched his testimony in opposition to SB 26(?). He was much more eloquent than the State Senator. I doubt he would say such a thing…. heee.

That said, I attended the RSOL conference in LA, organized by CA RSOL, a few years back. Worth every penny. I doubt you will be disappointed come June.

Thank you, I look forward to it.
Happy ressurection day to all RC’s.

Don’t abscond when you do go to the conference! Someone in the big bad nanny government might get worried you are trying to leave without telling anyone even when it is not done clandestinely!

I say ask an LEO to spell abscond and then use it in a sentence to see if they know what it truly means…..

WOW, Don’t Absond (Abscond) you are SO CORRECT if RC’s attend and also attend the WED affair with Root & Rebound’s program off the premises of their OWN in northeast L.A., the RC visiting from outside L.A> County should highly think about poss. Reg. with L.A. Co. covering both places as an post 72 hr. out of your own RC Reg. area within the state. Especially with any OUTSIDE visitors attending either location Wed for R&R program for job finding and other. AND attending the two day Conf. THIS IS BECAUSE the Wed to Sat. some checking out of their motels/hotels or relatives housing visiting, it is well past 72hr.s for the most for outside of your home area. Check with your attorney and maybe this was even addressed on Fri or today’s Conf. combined with both puts RC’s / RSO’s out of the vacation time away, educational or not.
BE CAREFUL COVER YOURSELF, as Janice & Chance has stated in the Conf. Calls, give a paper doc to your Reg. local LE a copy for yourself TIME/DATE Stamped (both) and have them sign as recieved (if they would even comply) and sign in L.A. if going to both programs. CYA!

Right On The Ticket Roger, we all need to attend that can.

Some don’t know what NRSOL is though from the National Level on this blog.

Awesome points, kudos to Roger.

My parole supervisor won’t let me go to a movie theater, to church, (without a letter from the church taking full responsibility for my presence) or to the gym, since gyms have daycare. He’s not going to let me go to LA. He doesn’t seem to be a big fan of anyone who must register.

If you are trying to go to a gym with a daycare, you are obviously going to the wrong gym. Go to a gym where there is enough room for exercising and locker rooms only where exercise is taken seriously, not the family fun pack. The manicured gyms are overrated and overpriced. If you cannot find a gym that takes exercise seriously, start your own workout then outside the gym and screw the Parole Sup who wants to track your movements.

Those whom are on the 290 wall of shame, especially those with the child offense marks, need to pay attention to perception. I for one, avoid anything that get me close to kids. I avoid people with kids and places with kids. I purposely choose a church that has little or no children to minimize wrongful perceptions. If, this church get a bunch kids, I will leave.

“Challenges?!” It’s more like a life-ending impediment for me. No one should have to live in survival mode forever while walking on eggshells and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I feel as though my life under siege and attack 24/7. I’m a prisoner of my own life because I’m forced to live a lie. Megan’s law exploits unwarranted fear and the presumption of risk.

well said friend ! and calling it a challenge makes it sound like slow race .

If there is but one resounding lesson life has taught me, it is to fight for that which is important and if you fail, get you back up and fight some more. Those who think they can – will. Those that think they can’t – won’t.

I read Emily’s book and I am so looking forward to hear her latest findings. I urge everyone to read it. The title is “PROTECTING OUR KIDS- How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us”

I looked up Catherine Carpenter on YouTube. She is amazing. After watching her talk on the constitutionality of the registry, there is no doubt in my mind that it is wrong. The registry is punishment. And children on the registry goes directly against juvenile justice system.

I strongly admonish everyone to attend. These kind people are taking time out of their lives to help us.

Hi Everyone. I’m hoping someone can provide a full account of this meeting as it will be important to share with others whom cannot attend. I personally cannot attend due to cost, but am willing to support in other ways. I’m up in Berkeley and the cost would exceed my budget: travel, food, registration etc. I sold my car last month to go to Europe as a graduation gift to myself. Now I’m on a tight budget.

Will this be streamed live? Or can someone stream it so I can tune in? email is reachconnectempower at gmail dot com 🙂

I will post details about my recent travels to Europe in another post.

Robert PLEASE! Let us know and where you went to know how each crossing at the borders went. Congrats on your Graduation, good for you- doing that for yourself. With IML abounding, go there or General with your travel feedback-so important. Thanks

As the date for the conference approaches, we are excited to announce that more than 150 people have signed up to attend! We look forward to the keynote presentations by Emily Horowitz, Larry Dubin, Catherine Carpenter and Ira Ellman as well as a variety of workshops. Hope to see you there!

Wow Janice! You’ve got the A-listers lined up. Congrats!

I read Emily Horowitz’s latest book, “Protecting our kids, how sex offender laws are failing us”, about a year ago and recommended it to many others. I hope everyone here has read the Ira Ellman report exposing the SCOTUS fiasco with McKune V Lile 2002 that infected Smith V Doe, Con DPS V Doe, and hundreds of lower cases and legislative acts against us. Also, Catherine Carpenter’s videos are amazing! I’ll have to look into Larry Dubin.

I wish I lived closer to California instead of out here in Texas…well, other than that California lifetime registration for all thing you, and others here, are working very hard to fix!

I would like to attend the conference, but I can only afford to attend one day. Is it still possible to sign up? If it is still possible to sign up I would like to attend the day when employment issues are discussed.

Can I still sign up? And which day will employment issues be discussed?

Thank you in advance.

There are tickets available for one day only. Housing & Employment issues are being discussed on both Friday & Saturday

Hope you did not leave Double A, some scholarships might STILL be available, check while you are there. Also you might contact the email of

The first day of the conference was a tremendous success! More than 160 registrants, family members and supporters listened to keynote speakers Emily Horowitz and Larry Dublin as well as attended workshops on employment, housing, travel, counseling and the tiered registry bill. The conference site is the beautiful and historic Southwestern Law School where there is plenty of parking and it’s free. One day passes are still available for Saturday. Join us if you can!

Janice, I know this is off topic, and it was not mention in the record of the conference call. When the Tier registry bill is passed what would be the start date for the 10, 20 year counter? I have seen day of conviction, day release from custody or prole or probation , and day of first registration. So what date do they use?

I monitored and noted prior to and Janice’s notes on here…2019 of the month on or after your registration to even apply with the D.A. office in which you currently reside, NOT the County the offense took place (if you are no longer there). Even if the bill will be signed, the bill if NOT changed or amended by the time if passing all phases and finally signed by the Governor, would be post 1-1-18 accordingly.

Not automated by any means even for those, to my understanding of 30+ or more years no longer, but will also need to follow the steps provided by the SIGNED into Law bill of how to apply and advance to have deletion of MGL website. Will still be on Law Enforcement’s listings not online for California.

The year the many can take advantage is the month of their birth post registry as 290 and THEN filing for removal by the steps in 2019, January on. Many look forward to this. Others may remove later on.

My Err, now after listening to Janice’s statement, of course, as Chance stated could still change with ammends up to the date before final passing of Assembly prior to Gov. Sig.
PLEASE LISTEN TO NEWLY ADDED JUNE 14 CONFERENCE CALL for your answers, I stand incorrect.
Looks like at this time, July 1st 2019 will be the first for applying in court for removal from ML site.
In Calif.
Good to listen the second time to June 14’s Conf. Call again. I missed parts earlier. Good points!

Hope all enjoyed and completed for those that got to attend one and two days of the 1st Conf. 17′

Release from custody date. It says that date on your online price club membership page.

I am SO glad the turnout is positive, maybe next year or even Saturday will be 200+!… Alot of folks prob. couldn’t get off of work for Friday for those who are lucky enough to be employed let alone w/e’s off.

This is a great Summit and I SINCERELY have hopes that those that could NOT afford it, let alone get to L.A. within California south to SD (Calexico) or north of the Bay Area to top of the State (Central Valley too) to attend and utilize the Scholarships provided by those that could. What a great gathering and good to hear SO FAR Janice (Chance too (and all the speakers and Board Members in attendance)!!! I am sure it will and has been very educational as well as networking opportunities for those that can meet others with similar situation of disparity and positive growth. Happy Pride for the many of the LGBTPIA that attended their workshop and FOUND TO BE others suffering the same consequences of being punished for being LGBTQQ. Way to Go Janice!

THANKS SO MUCH Janice for all of your team putting on this wonderful conference and especially for taking time out of your schedule and coordination of this two day event. Thanks for the updates for all!

What a wonderful experience! Thank you Chance, Janice, Frank, ACSOL board members and volunteers for putting together such a wonderful experience! Words can’t express how grateful I am to all of you who put so much time and effort into it!
Thank you to all the families and registered citizens who were so courageous in sharing stories and experiences.
Thank you to all the speakers and academics who are willing to share your expertise and passion for our cause!
I am so grateful, humbled and renewed in spirit for having been able to attend!

Thank you so much to Janice and the board for giving me the opportunity to participate in the first ACSOL Conference! There are no words to describe how wonderful I feel after learning so much and meeting so many amazing people! Helping to moderate the LGBTQ panel with extraordinary new friends Bill and David opened my eyes to extensive, detailed information about our own community! I am eternally grateful to both of them for their guidance (and Pam’s advice) that boosted my confidence and helped me with a presentation I could feel proud of. So many incredible speakers shared a treasure trove of important information that will empower all of us to fight for our rights: Emily, Catherine, Ira, Janice and Chance, etc. I almost cannot wait for a 2018 ACSOL conference! The only question I will have as that one approaches: how can anyone improve on the flawless perfection of the inaugural event from June 2017?

Thanks Marty! You were awesome 🙂

The conference ended on a high note with keynote presentations from law professors Catherine Carpenter and Ira Ellman. We also listened to presentations from criminal appellate attorneys Laura Arnold and Dylan Ford as well as attorneys Chance Oberstein, Alex Landon and Jerome Mullins. Thank you so much to the 180+ registrants, family members and supporters who attended! See you next year!!

Well worth the time, money, and effort to attend. Learned a ton of stuff. Probably a little more optimism than current reality, but we can fight and hope!

An amazing two days! Thanks so much for all involved. There are so many kind people that helps us. Some would say their help and concern is beyond reason. Unconditional love and justice are the words that come to mind.

I ended up attending both days of the conference. I feel that I was very fortunate to attend. If I had to describe the conference with two words, the words would be: overwhelming and hope.

Just like someone said at the conference, it’s like drinking water from a fire hydrant. So much great information. I wish I had the capacity to remember it all.

The thing I’ll remember the most about the conference is the hope that continued to grow with each word said and each idea shared. Each speaker or presenter gave me more and more hope. At first I thought we only had Janice and Chance fighting for us, but in fact we have a growing army of attorneys, professors, and mental health experts who are all very intelligent and motivated supporting our cause.

My favorite speaker was Catherine Carpenter. I could have left after her presentation. She spoke so eloquently and the way she structured her presentation was incredible. The information and ideas she shared were eye opening and heart warming.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Janice and everyone involved for putting on such a wonderful conference. Even if they don’t take my suggestion of having the conference in Vegas next year, I’ll still attend it no matter where they decide to have it. Thanks again.

Catherine Carpenter is a great speaker, and I have followed her for years in both videos and written papers.

Here is one video:

How about next year it be held in San Diego. I would have loved to attend the conference this year, but being on SSI makes even a trip to Los Angeles is a challenge. Happy Father’s Day to all and hope you are enjoying your time.

Question for those that attended…

Has it been brought up by the speakers or in a Q & A about challenging the core registry as a Bill Of Attainder?

I’m not sure why this isn’t ripe to challenge since it’s been 15 years since McKune V Lile 2002 where SCOTUS didn’t fact check at all and took “80% recidivism” and “Frightening and High” recidivism as fact. Since then it’s infected hundreds of court cases and at least a thousand laws and local ordinances that have quoted SCOTUS. Nothing has been a more clear cut case of Bill of Attainder since the communism witch hunts and Japanese internment camps.

Since Ira Ellman was there, I am hoping the topic came up.


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