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Feds tell Supreme Court that mug shots should stay secret

The Justice Department won’t budge from its position that federal mug shots of criminals should be kept secret, arguing in a U.S. Supreme Court brief that jailhouse photos are “embarrassing, nonpublic” moments that add to defendants’ grief. Full Article

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And what do registration photos, address information, and other personal details on Megan’s law do? Oh that’s right, the same thing….good job federal government!

Great argument…the fed’s arguments should be used in a lawsuit back against them for using the same such photos published on their sex offender registry.

Quotes from the article:

In July, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals found the promotion of mug shots on the internet and social media have made booking photos more “embarrassing and humiliating” than before.

The Justice Department, in its latest response, played to the demeaning nature of the photos.

“The adage that one picture is worth a thousand words is apt in this context,” the response said. “The visual depiction of the individual’s appearance at booking in a law-enforcement facility reflects a uniquely powerful and lasting image of what can be one of the most difficult episodes in an individual’s life.”

Really? It seems as though registrants aren’t on the same level as any other convict then. This totally contradicts what the SCOTUS said about mug shots or any pictures taken in any LE facility due to any infraction.

Bill of Attainder, please. Also, maybe a discrimination law suit for the mistreatment of US citizens.

Thankfully, I don’t have to register in a jail, yet, whenever they tell me to go into the room for the photo, place your feet there, look there, turn your face to the wall, I feel I am being booked all over again.
It is a senseless use of public resources. It’s like those ancient ignorant priests who believed the sun would not rise but for their intricate rituals and sacrifices of human life. Every year the people who run this sham look stupider and stupider and civilization looks closer to the edge. There is a place on barren Mars for them all, logging the movements and photographing little green bogiemen.

This is RIPE for a lawsuit now against publishing photos on the registry. The exact same argument and ruling by the 6th Circuit could be used to push back on public release of photos on the registry.

Once again, the entire premise of the registry is that offenders have a high rate. This is clearly 100% incorrect. We can chip away at the registry through lawsuits location restrictions, and even public publishing of photos, which is all great, but at some point a lawyer or group of lawyers with ‘cahonas’ will have to step up and challenge the entire registry with facts and evidence. If there is any registry, it should END when probation ends. End of Story.

Good, because i just received word that I am the subject of malicious attempts to get an FBI investigation on me by mugshot extortionist Charles Rodrick of,,,, Just because i helped expose him and recently his lawsuit against me was dismissed, he feels the need to continue to harm and harass me.

My life was someone okay until he started doing what he did to me. The mugshot websites have really only hurt themselves and feel they have a right to republish the information.

That’s okay, because the idiot along with his business partner in crime Brent Oesterblad are making attempts to intimidate and go after one of the FBI agents that has been investigating him. Soon, this mugshot extortion business of theirs will be OVER. Sadly, i don’t know about the other mugshot businesses, but i’m working on it.

My team is launching a new website in the coming weeks over at We will be addressing this topic head-on.

Is ol Chuckie still running sorarchives? I haven’t dared Google myself lately, but last I checked, my name came up there as one of the top results. I’m no longer in a state where I’m publicly listed, so I’ve been able to dramatically clean up my online footprint but sorarchives is one of the last holdouts.

His websites and scattered posts on other websites he does not own are being specifically addressed. The FBI knows exactly what they are doing. I have full faith in them and their abilities.

Long time ago, about a decade, I had a fellow RSO told me that I shouldn’t constantly type in my name on any search engine or else that search engine company thinks its a hot topic and moves it up on the search list.. once a year on my yearly registery I just check… from page 6 to page 15.. at least I know I’m not a hot topic.. That said.. wish me luck, my 12th yearly is tomarrow

It depends on how unique your name is. If your name is rare, it wont matter, your name will always come up high on the search results since there aren’t others with that name to jump ahead of you. If your name is common, the more people that pick that link will show Google that it is a popular link and the higher you will go up their list. Google always puts the most clicked on links at the top of their list (after the paid links). Now an average popular name should drop down over time as more people with the same name join the internet and become part of the search results. That is likely why you have dropped down over the last 10 years. If there are only a few people with the same name, then you searching your name could drive your name up the list. For most people there shouldn’t be any harm in searching your name once and a while. If you need to drive bad info about you down the list, then you need to create web pages with good or neutral mentions of your name and click on those links often to drive the bad pages town. Those people with money can hire companies that do this for you.

My hat goes off to you for your integrity and efforts in standing up to the bully. That’s really all they are, trying to extort one’s lunch money…and then coming back the next day to do it all over again.


Could this be a first step toward finally taking down mugshot sites and Sorarchives?

I have a gut feeling that the FBI has some serious weight in this issue and has probably said something. The Chuckles certainly had something to do with getting the whole mugshot business placed on the path to complete dismantling. All those millionaires who profited from mugshot rackets should be very, very upset with Rodrick and Oesterblad right about now. If not, they will be very, very soon when they realize their businesses were shut down because of the actions of two idiots who’s ruining their income streams. I’m so glad i’m not Mr Chuckles.

At the very least, Roderick and Oesterblad are using our likenesses and information to harass and intimidate, which is expressly prohibited, last I checked. Chucky’s well-documented behavior clearly demonstrates malicious intent. He is a virtual terrorist, in my estimation.

They have profited from using my name and likeness– something our civil court system allows us to sue to recoup damage and to put a stop to it with the courts’ order. However, until these wisecracks pay monies owed to other victims in other cases they lost, i see absolutely no benefit in suing them because winning means not getting compensated and they will continue to ignore court orders. They feel completely untouchable, but they’ll learn soon enough that they are not.

Isn’t it amazing how important it is to avoid “shaming” the police officers by having their images on the Internet for all to see? I guess it only matters when it’s someone the State likes.

That said, yea for the Sessions DoJ on this one! He may be shooting himself in his jackboot on this one.


“The visual depiction of the individual’s appearance at booking in a law-enforcement facility reflects a uniquely powerful and lasting image of what can be one of the most difficult episodes in an individual’s life.”

Yet, we have to endure this open-ended harassment with a NEW photo taken every 6 months !!! Hello?

24/7 – 365 !!! Everyday is Groundhog Day us!

But… but, but they’re (wait for it) “THEY’RE SEX OFFENDERS!!! THEY SHOULD BE GLAD WE LET THEM LIVE!” *death glare*

So it follows that the DOJ will support legislation that removes all mugshots from the Internet & makes it illegal to post such images, is that right??
Oh, my apologies – I’m asking for consistency in the law, arent I? 😠

The 6th Circuit opinion, et al, should be used to keep photos from being published on the CA public tiered registry as the bill is still pliable to be molded. Great time to use this info in the discussion with elected officials. The court’s logic is great to use in addition to potential lawsuit material.

with this info “embarrassing and humiliating” being seen as a form of shaming, this contradicts what the 2003 Smith SCOTUS said about being posted on the internet. If a picture has long lasting effects, then the picture of your living location does also as it stigmatizes what you have previously done – but you’ve already paid your dues to society. Being on the registry also stigmatizes one b/c there are also other penalties and disabilities that remind you of your past offense every day of your life, with some of those on the registry having those convictions dismissed.

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