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FL: No Voting for Sex Offenders or Murderers Says Florida

Florida’s state Supreme Court on Thursday approved language for a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would restore voting rights to felons after they complete their sentences.

If the measure makes it on the ballot and receives a 60% favorable vote, the voting rights of Felons in Florida could be restored upon completion of their sentence.

Unfortunately, the rights would not be returned to murders or the very broad category of “sex offenders”. It’s not right! Source

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Discrimination at it’s finest.
Florida makes me nauseous.
I can’t imagine so many terrible ppl living in one place that still consider themselves Americans….seriously….fall off in the sea.

These justices of State’s supreme court should be a shame of themselves. Approving a ban that is clearly unconstitutional. discriminating and singling out a group and taking away their rights.

Florida really just needs to be removed from the United States as it does not follow the US Constitution. You can’t take away a fundamental right, like voting, from a group without it being narrowly tailored AND can be unquestionably shown to further a legitimate state’s interest. It was questionable whether it should be even done to all felons and absolutely can’t be done by excluding just an obvious hated segment of that population without just cause. Even those that committed murder may have a case for being allowed the right to vote if they completed their time. Bill of… Read more »

so that means no taxation right? taxation without representation is exactly why our forefathers waged war and created our own country right?

Exactly my thoughts. I’d refuse to pay taxes again if I were unfortunate enough to be a resident of Floriduh. No taxation without representation. Make ’em take me to court. F them.

Talk about unconstitutional, I see a lawsuit coming very soon.

The sad fact is…. no one is going to have any sympathy for RSO’s of any kind. And to fight it in court… good luck. I have read a lot about Bills or Attainder but the one thing I haven’t seen… not one lawyer willing to step up to the plate with that argument. While there aren’t many case laws out there in support of the Bill of Attainder or Bill of Pains and Penalties claim there are enough to put up one hell of an argument. And they wonder why so many RSO’s give up, become homeless, assume fake… Read more »

The lawyers just don’t want to go down in history as setting a case precedent that will ultimately lead to the demise of the AWA! Imagine the death threats they would receive!

By extension, they are in on it by indirectly circling the wagon around this boondoggle.

Good Lord, what exactly could be a justifiable reason for such a ban on registered offenders?? And aside from being publicly reviled, how exactly is a registered sex offender more of a threat to democracy that a drug dealer, or a spouse abuser, or a corporate insider trading convict, or a violent protester?? Seriously, Florida, do you all have heat stroke, lead-poisoning, Mad Cow disease???

don’t ever give up civil rights….the end is coming either for this country or the world if people don’t change and stop causing suffering of the fellow man..collective karma man thats why the regime and the country of floriduh will be the first to suffer…this taxation without representation is a serious issue that is impossibly to uphold in a democracy. Taxation without representation is tyranny definition A slogan of the Revolutionary War and the years before. The colonists were not allowed to choose representatives to parliament in London, which passed the laws under which they were taxed. To be taxed… Read more »

Just to keep things in perspective…. Here is the actual Florida amendment : b) No person convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense shall be qualified to vote until restoration of civil rights. How do Florida felons get their civil rights restored ? According to the Rules of Executive Clemency: Felons who have been arrest-free for 5 years can obtain restoration of civil rights without a hearing, unless convicted of certain violent crimes, or if they owe restitution. Anyone arrest-free for 15 years or more can have their rights restored automatically regardless of the nature of the crime unless… Read more »

you are incorrect

The amendment would not apply to those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, who would continue to be permanently barred from voting unless the Governor and Cabinet vote to restore their voting rights on a case by case basis.

thus they still must appear before the panel only to be denied i think there is like a 15 year or more back up to appear only to be denied

And to continue, here are the enumerated offenses for which rights are not restored in Florida: 4. The person has never been convicted of one of the following crimes: a. murder, attempted murder, attempted felony murder, manslaughter; b. DUI manslaughter; c. sexual battery, attempted sexual battery; d. lewd or lascivious battery, attempted lewd or lascivious battery, lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious conduct, or lewd or lascivious exhibition; e. lewd or lascivious offense upon or in the presence of an elderly or disabled person, attempted lewd or lascivious offense upon or in the presence of an elderly or disabled… Read more »

God has issued a surprising verdict on the self-righteous “Christians-in name-only” in Florida and many of the so-called “Bible Belt” states. See: Matthew 25. The way things are going, that day is sooner than we expect.

To accept passively an unjust system is to co-operate with that system.

-Martin Luther King

Maybe the whole state can just burn down so they can start over. As seen on the news tonight they have a good start right now.

+1 for you.

The reason Florida is so bad is because of the whole Adam Walsh thing the police botched; Now the lawmakers are still politicizing this hyper-rare abduction 36 years on just to save face. This is why you see the unrelenting, overzealous “do it for Adam” to “honor” his memory nonsense.

All these sex offender laws are nothing but retaliatory vengeance – NOT justice.

Florida is the wellspring for fear, ignorance and hate!

But I’m confused. One the one hand, all of Florida’s punitive sex offender legislation would motivate convicted offenders to exitbtge State as soon as possible (a motivation for such laws). On the other, they keep everyone on their SOR forever even if they have long since moved away. I suppose it’s so they can point to their SOR and sqwuak that they need more funding b/c the have so many registered offenders they have to monitor.

Well as for the above stated offenses, that pretty much covers the nearly two million
Floridians who still cannot vote.
As they if they could vote would nearly all vote Democrat.
So there you have it .. no voting rights guarantees that only Republicans
would as incumbents never have to worry about a serious run, for their political office.

is it poetry

Google it

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