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NC: Should sex offenders pay to be on registry?

Sex offenders would have to pay an annual fine to be listed on the state’s sex offender registry under a bill proposed by N.C. Rep. Ted Davis, R-New Hanover.

“There is a cost to continuing to have them on that registry,” Davis said. “The point of this is to get revenue to keep these people on the sex offender registry.” Full Article

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“Sex offenders would have to pay an annual fine to be listed on the state’s sex offender registry under a bill proposed by N.C. Rep. Ted Davis, R-New Hanover”.

You pay a fine as punishment for crime, but the registry is not punishment WTF, Later they say it is a fee will you pay a fee for something you want (ie, driving, fishing,) if you do not want it how can they force you to pay for it. I say if they want the registry they the government needs to foot the bill. Is that not why they get the federal grant money?

In Michigan it started off as a $50 one time fee. Now it’s $50 a month and they are talking about raising it to a hundred dollars. Plus they say it’s doing us a favor by helping us by monitoring us so we don’t commit another crime. Meanwhile adding more and more things with the ultimate goal of getting us back in jail, jobless and homeless. Michigan is one of the most messed up states in America and I’m not at all certain many registered citizens realize it.

I am constantly complaining to Michigan ACLU about these segregation and discrimination laws. Make NO mistake all the sex offender laws are absolutely punitive measures to make reintragating back into society as hard as possible. I never would have accepted my plea if they told me it would have included all this nonsense decades later designed solely to make and keep me destabilized.

Kind of ironic isn’t it. In therapy they try to instill empathy for the victims or if not that at least respect for the law and a sense of self preservation, reintegration, development of strong social bonds and gainful employment. These are the things that will keep us from reoffending. Then the legislation tries its best to reverse engineer everything we were conditioned to accept. And we can’t but help but see the lie of public safety and the truth of naked, organized hatred. Who would feel empathy for the anonymous children in whose name endless punishment is inflicted without justification, especially when one’s own offspring must share in the punishment for the sins of the father? Who would respect the laws that serve only to make reintegration into the community daily less of a possibility, edging towards an improbability, ending up as an impossibity? Employment? Try getting that with your face pinned on the internet as an offender of moral turpitude. Who would be able to find decent shelter next to support services if one is red lined out of the city? Maybe not intentionally, but still effectively, the therapist/legislator/cop operate in conjunction to confuse reason and crush the soul of the registrant.

So, is this in addition to the standard monetary charge the registrant has to pay on their particular pay schedule?! This is not a Price Club membership, a membership to Angie’s List or anything that you want to pay a fee to belong to! These departments have people on the payroll already doing work so what is the extra cost? Surely not for them or the ability to gather info to make publically available! Why are they wanted extra money to pay people to do their jobs?! Do a cost based analysis and it will prove this is merely a money making effort to supplement the department’s budget shortfall in their communities, not for any other reason than that. This would be much like property seizure without charges being filed during an investigation and only a portion being returned instead of the entire amount!

Someone in that elected official’s district needs some money and figured this would be the way to get it! Ain’t that right Rosco?! Sure is Boss!!

Does anyone know if NC has a administrative fee to register already in place on the books or is this their attempt to get one? They need to add an indigent line for those who are homeless and cannot pay.

The article says this is a fine in the first sentence then a fee in the rest of the article while the bill says fee. The article beat writer is an idiot for not getting it correct.

There is no fee for the registry, but if you are on paper its $40/month.

Thank you for that. So NC is just trying to catch up with the rest of the modern ugly infested American society of charging people so other insecure people can allegedly feel safe.

They’re funding their department off the fees of the disposed, people not in a position to defend themselves and who lack representation. It’s the fuse that ignited Ferguson.

The registry is punitive. It’s like having two people in an elevator one farts then blames the other guy for the smell. They both know who did it as we all know the registry is punitive…The blatant issue is those in power simply don’t care. We can make them care if we as soldiers organize and mobilize. I hit salons and barbershops to kick people out of office (NOTE: it works!!) and train others to do the same and also make money along the way. Call me (949) 872-8768. The better question could be asked why do registrants pay taxes? Taxation without representation started the Revolutionary war,right? So, I’m of the opinion: violate my rights/freedoms then we loose the requirement of paying taxes. Comes down to another question: 47% of our population does not pay taxes anyway and most of them have no just cause or loss of rights as does a RC…so what do we stand to loose NOT to pay taxes? Property? Really, do you have use of said property and can you resource it in a different way to gain benefit? We must fight back and we are in this together. list your talents and use them. Resources are more than just property and talents it is also influences you have within your life. leverage them. Our greatest challenge is convincing those on the registry and their family members that they are no longer civilians but soldiers. Why would you pay money to an enemy state determined to do any kind of popular harm against you and your family? Do as Janice and team suggest Show up, Stand up and speak up! Oh, and help yourself by putting a few bucks of your coffee money on the donate tab via this website…

Does NC have a state organization? Are they doing anything? They should fight it in the legislature then pool resources and file a suit. This is punishment. To force you to pay for something that is a detriment to your life is punishment. It takes some convoluted reasoning to conclude that the is not punishment.

NC does have its own rsol chapter, and its very active. NCRSOL already has a lawsuit similar to the Michigan one awaiting its first step in district federal court. As for this new law being proposed, if it doesnt get shot down it will almost certainly be vehemently challenged in court.

David M. is correct, except it is $50 dollars a year not a month, and I believe there is a cut of $580 once you reach that your done paying. I have not heard anything about raising the amount though, I just don’t get it my self since tax payers pay for the registry as well as us, so basically I am paying twice one as a tax payer and again as a registrant. It’s just a good thing that Doe v Snyder has also brought up the annual fee as unconstitutional, and it is all becuase of this idiot Rick Jones a Michigan Legislator who is a former Sheriff who thinks he knows the law and what he is talking about. I have also spoke with Ms Aukerman about all this crap and she continues to say have patients. I really hope all you in N.C. fight this unconstitutional law.

That’s what I meant is $50 a year. I can’t stand Rick Jones. My birthday is in a week and boy it’s beyond irritating paying $50 for the privilege of being harassed decades after the fact.

When I read about fees I can’t even think straight. Lol. This crap is beyond punitive it’s actually a form of modern day torture.

And why not also pay for residency checks? But why stop there? If any person (not just RSOs) is arrested for any crime, he/she must pay the officers to be arrested, transport to the jail, an admin. fee for booking and for writing the arrest report, rental fee for jail space, charge for food service, clothes and bedding, laundry fee, medical services, prosecution fee from the District Attorney’s office, Judge’s pension fund, etc. Oh, and can we bring back Debtors’ Prison, too??

In Michigan one of the largest counties in Michigan charges $60 a day. Unless you work while in jail. My payment was no bill and a extra tray of food. If you didn’t work they sent you a huge bill and would send you to a collection agency. The people couldn’t find jobs then had huge jail bills then paid thousands in court costs and fines. They called that the penalty.

The registry is just BEGGING to be sued over being unconstitutional. If you are forced to do ANYTHING beyond your initial probation and jail sentence, then then is continued PUNISHMENT. If you risk going to jail for failure to register, that is PUNISHMENT. If you have to PAY any fee for anything beyond your original sentence, that is PUNISHMENT. It would not take a whole team of lawyers to sue the government for basic Common Sense points like this. Why is a class action lawsuit not possible? We can’t get a thousand registrants to pay $50 each and file a lawsuit against the United States Supreme Court seeking damages as well? This is just RIPE for a lawsuit, in light of all the facts proving how SCOTUS made a grave error in their entire foundation of the registry. If a MUSLIM registry is not allowed in the USA, neither should ANY registry. PERIOD.

You are correct my friend. If they can protect a group based on religious affiliation then they can not single us out because of an artificially imposed designation as a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER!

This is more piled on abuse and breach of contract to the conditions that were originally presented to the court and that accepted (with adjudication withheld) 20 years ago!

I would think that more of us feel like this and something besides talk would take place. Are there no lawyers with balls besides Janice in the United States of America?

Don’t look like it…unless they are representing Muslims that is!

This is beyond asinine. Let’s create a mandatory, flawed, bloated, overburdened, useless process, and then force the “user” to foot the bill. A user fee with no opt-out for the user.

Let’s see, a fee is incurred when one *voluntarily* engages in commerce or some sort of business transaction, i.e. license plates, vehicle registration, fishing license, etc.

A fine is imposed as a means to compel one to somehow atone for (read: retribution/punishment) or to change some sort of (in)action ir behavior. The process is compulsory.

Any questions which this one is?

Maybe they should call it a tax, and thus make SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts all for it (think Obamacare ruling).

If you’re not already praying for SCOTUS to have wisdom regarding Packingham and Snyder, please please start! I continue to believe SCOTUS clearly sees how the State has gone well beyond what was held as minor inconveniences in the Smith decision.


P.S. Let me guess, there will be a felony and up to 10 years in prison for failing to pay. Anyone wanna take a bet?

Does anyone know if there are other registries in NC on the books, e.g. DUI, felony, etc? If so, are they charging an admin fee to register? If not, then they are discriminating against a class of people and not sharing the pain as required with the concept. Hey, not saying I like registries (they need to be abolished), but if you have them, then the concept needs to be similar for all or you face a lawsuit, eh Jethro?

I would say the salaries of those who run registry and the HW/SW related to it need to be broken out for all to see what is needed and then what is leftover for the pot to use as they see fit.

I have never heard of or seen any registry other than the so registry in NC.

Talk about additional punishment and adding insult to injury. There is no way in hell I would pay them to abuse me. Period – and yes, arrest me for it. Maybe I will finally grow a pair and call a local news reporter to discuss the reality of the situation and bring the torture (isn’t the US official policy against that) of American citizens on American soil by American law enforcement to light.

I would fight that with my last breath before I would give 1 cent. I would not rest until I could find a recently graduated law student who would work pro bono and file every lawsuit possible to point out every absurdity associated with it. I would refuse a number of grounds. I have NEVER started I was guilty and I maintain that I am innocent. Paying would simply confirm that I am guilty and since I am not I would refuse and fight it on those grounds.

It clearly is simply more public shaming and abuse by an evil and sadistic christian based government of bible thumpers. F-them!

I live in NC and I will tell you proudly that I will NEVER pay this fine and rot in jail to defend my rights.
It is beyond me why anyone in any state would pay this fine.
The local sheriffs Office tried to impose extra conditions on me and I plainly told them if its a law i will follow it and the last time I checked they were to enforce laws and not make them. They have decided to leave me alone and focus on the ones that will cower to them and their abuse of power.They only get away with these abuses because most are afraid to stand their ground and defend their rights. Only when we ALL decide to stand against them and their abuse will we win.

I spoke to someone who went downtown to speak to some legislatures and to the aclu. He said that the bill is currently before the commitee, but he fully expects it to move through the house/senate very quickly. He said the main reason the bill will not incur any hiccups is that the repercussions would not be punitive. In its current state the bill calls for $90 dollars a year to register and failure to pay gives the governor the option to file a civil suit to claim the fee. The sheriff can not refuse to register you because you dont pay. It seems this bill was made to target indigent registrants in NC by using failure to pay as a way to deny removal from the registry.

It seems this bill was made to target indigent registrants in NC by using failure to pay as a way to deny removal from the registry.

Seems quite tyrannical. This service to the state, if not complied with, ends with punishment. Seems quite odd for a free person to be compelled to do a service, let alone be dominated to said service with the threat of the legal system. Last time I check, this was called involuntary servitude, and it is prohibited unless to punish a crime.

I love the idea of having to pay to be in a super awesome, super restrictive club that grants you the wonderful benefit of losing most of your liberties!

One more way for the Land of the Free to be anything but. I can just see the wheels turning in their heads: “Let’s see, what two groups of people do we most hate? I know, homeless and RCs! So let’s find a way to put the screws to them without their being able to do anything about it.”

I wonder if they would actually be able to keep you on the list as some sort of “lien” on the fine? That sounds a bit fishy, I must say. And if it’s a civil law, then not paying is merely civil disobedience! 🙂 By definition, that’s not a crime.


Any news on this? I have searched and haven’t been able to find out anything else.

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