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Sen. Lara Pulls Tiered Registry Bill (SB 695)

Senator Ricardo Lara, the primary author of the Tiered Registry Bill (SB 695), has pulled that bill from further consideration. The bill had been scheduled to be heard by the Senate Public Safety Committee on April 18. The bill could continue if either co-author Holly Mitchell agrees to serve as the bill’s sole author or a new author is identified.

In order to remain viable, the bill must be heard by the Senate Public Safety Committee during its hearing on April 25.


California state Sen. Ricardo Lara announces he’s running for state insurance commissioner in 2018

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Does anyone know if Lara gave a reason for this?

I think this is pretty simple. Lara decided to run for Insurance Commissioner. He hired a political consultant who did some polling and focus groups. The consultant came back and said that if he doesn’t pull SB 695 there will be no point in running.

It wouldn’t have helped that 60,000 or so registrants would get off the registry was broadcast as a benefit of this bill. Sometimes it is better to be silent. I think the statement is untrue, but our opponents would use it to scare politicians into opposing this bill. I think COSOMB should have left that assessment out if it wanted this to pass, and our opposition to this bill may have possibly helped it. The politicians want to be seen as “fighting” crime as apposed to “reducing” crime. Saying thousands of registrants are negatively affected by a lifetime registry will give three cheers from the general public. Leave the harm to registrants line to the courtroom. It won’t work in the legislature.
I commend those who have gone to the legislators and humanized the registrant image. That’s going to take hold some day.

It’s all about perception than it is about reality.

I know of one registrant who was killed due to the registry. A non-registrant was killed due to the registry, but it was because that non-registrant was mistaken for a registrant. Yet, there is no media outrage when that occurs b/c registrants aren’t humans.

We’ve had non-registrants be harassed b/c his name was similar to another on the registry or a home address was not updated to reflect a registrant no longer lived there. There are articles written about it and the harassment they endure. Yet, there is no media outrage about it, but pity for the non-registrants. Again, registrants are not identifiable as humans.

This is all stemmed from the SCOTUS condemning registrants as one group due to 80% recidivism rates. This decision created the perception all registrants are monsters who cannot be rehabilitated. Only the SCOTUS can undo this lie that they perpetuated purposely (as they never utilized any other forms of research nor corroborated the used statistic for their premise).

It’s sad, but we do have to play the media shell game. It’s as if we’re dealing with children – where you’re giving them options to choose… but those options all benefit the parent. ha ha ha Remember, we’re not media darlings like illegal immigrants. That state doesn’t care to protect registrants (who are supposed to be and of equal standing with their free neighbors), but it will be a sanctuary state for people who are not citizens.

Even with immigrants, or rather imigrants who are refugees, like those in Syria, there is disjointed concern for them and their children. Take those children who drowned when their parents tried to flee the violence in Syria. Then the establishment line was we can’t interfer. Fast forward to that country’s children “drowning” because of chemical weapons. That was truly terrible enough to bomb The Syrian administration, I suppose. It all hinges on context and belief. What makes being touched in the private parts equivalent to being beaten or strangled to near death? Aparently, the advocates for getting rid of the so called “loopholes” in Megan’s Law internet disclosure see the former as more lifelong damage to the victim than the latter. Nonetheless, the offender in the former has to register, in the latter, probably does not — unless one can find that magical motive that makes one offender irredeemable and the other not, sexual motive. Go figure.

Two convincing arguments I believe can be made to Lara & Mitchell their Assistants, Managers, & Office Staff!

1. To Lara it can be put forth of his lose of opportunity to demonstrate his courage and leadership to follow true justice in seeking the Wholeness of the Community at large.

2. To Mitchell it can be shown to her that In picking up the Torch of True Justice she would Doubly benefit in demonstrating her Advanced Thinking Skills & a Mastership of Foresight which will yield great returns in the Steps into the Future, by Loyal & Appreciation of Skilled & Experienced fighters of the Trenches of Death.

I speak Truth,

as Yehovah Lives, so should we

Ricardo Lara: 3 offices to contact. / Holly J. Mitchell: 2 offices to contact – Making contact with Senators, their personal Assistance, Office Managers, & Staff would create opportunities for Present & Future Clarifications of the Serious Issues at Hand. It’s a win win win opera unity!

Ricardo Lara:
Democratic — Senator — District 33 Available Terms:
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Ricardo Lara represents Senate District 33 in the California Senate, is a member of nine committees, and is the primary sponsor.

State Capitol, Room 5050, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900
Phone: 916-651-4033

3939 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 107, Long Beach, CA 90807 (562) 256-7921

6550 Miles Avenue, Room 214, Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 277-4560


Holly J. Mitchell
Democratic — Senator — District 30 Available Terms:
2015 2016 2017 2018

Holly J. Mitchell represents Senate District 30 in the California Senate, is a member of seven committees.

State Capitol, Room 5080, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900
Phone: 916-651-4030

700 State Drive, Suite 113, Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: 213-745-6656
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More yet–where does that leave us? Now that we have the CASOMB’s video.

1) Should we be in a wait and see mode?

2) Should we just sit and follow the progress on any of these new pieces of legislation to get a sense of what these fools are really doing.

3) Are they simply waiting to see what happens in the 6th circuit case that will give meaning to ex-post facto laws and registries ( I put my money here). They have us here it would make no sense to begin a lawsuit challenging any part of SO management until the SCOTUS has had its say.

Until the SCOTUS decides if they wish to review the case and decides the matter if they do–looks like 2017 is dead for these type challenges

At this current point all we really have is conjecture. We can merely make intelligent guesses as to what’s going on but that’s still all they’ll be – guesses.

A certain take-away to all this is, at least, there seems to be SOME awareness growing in the upper echelons about how the public perception of these ridiculously misguided SO laws have been starting to change. As more attention is brought, and more study is put in, more successful lawsuits are made (thanks to amazing organizations like CA RSOL), the more the “low-hanging fruit” that is the political cap-feather of SO legislation starts to become gradually less enticing.

The SCOTUS review, of course, will have large ranging implications at the idea of a Registry at all… but it’s still very important not to lose focus and heart in these smaller battles and victories that are started to add up in a way that is showing the cracks of this horrific system.


Of course all you mention is conjecture, correct?

Of course, no author is pulling SB-26, are they?? 😡
I pray that SCOTUS will ultimately defeat ALL this crap by declaring it illegal & unconstitutional Ex Post Facto punishment!

Lara is running for State Insurance Commissioner in 2018. He probably doesn’t want to hurt his chances.

Frankly, I didn’t have much hope for this bill.

Two senators who have endorsed Lara for the office – Scott Wiener and Holly Mitchell – sit on the Senate Public Safety Committee. Asm. Blanca Rubio, on the Assembly Public Safety Committee – also has endorsed him for State Insurance Committee.

This all seems very ominous.

I find that assumption a bit unlikely – if Sen. Lara had that fear it wouldn’t make much sense for him to have authored this bill in such close proximity.
If that was a fear it would make sense that either he or his advisors would have considered that well before even starting this bill.

Maybe you’re right, but SB 695 was introduced in mid-February, and Lara announced his run on March 21. He picked up those endorsements I mentioned through March and into April and Bam! he kills the bill today.

It’s not much, but you should all call Lara’s office at 916-651-4033 to ask him to bring the bill back.

This is a big disappointment to me. After 20 years, I was hoping to be done with registration. Hopefully it will come back with some of the improvements we wanted. At least those of you that thought the tiered registry might make your life worse will now not have to worry about it. We can all just stay stuck registering for life together.

33 yrs…back to the drawing board, bummer

I really believe Janice and chance have someone in mind to author share this bill , as there is momentum, they can co- share the bill so lets not panic here……… is way to early.

Yes, it is time for panic if you support this Bill. There is very little time left to resubmit this bill. Otherwise it will have to be submitted again in the next legislative session. And unfortunately ACSOL has no real influence to get anyone else to author this Bill. If the original author of a bill withdraws it, don’t expect anyone else to jump in and save it. Politicians submit their own bills, not someone elses.

In other news, we’re screwed…false hope once again. Carry on nothing to see here

This is not a bad thing. Everybody was excited to have just something better than life. But the truth is that many people will have twenty years and ten years and some still have life and that is a pretty dismal prospect, especially when registration laws imposed on an individual after probation is complete are inherently unconstitutional; when Gang members, drug dealers, murderers, arsonists, gun sellers, drunk drivers, domestic abusers, et al don’t have to register, but an entire class, regardless of severity do, then it is unjust and hysterical. Why is addicting a teenager to meth less serious than what 50% of SO’s did? I’ve seen teenage meth addicts, and I’ve seen the devastation it does to the parents, but no registration for the dealers. I’ve been to funerals caused by drunk drivers, but no registration. No, keep up the faith and the fight. A real bill is in the making. One that is fair and not exclusive and punitive to a stigmatized group.

Arsonists have to register in my state.

If you take a look at Senator Lara’s twitter feed, he has made numerous tweets about all the bills he has sponsored or supported this year going back to February. Several mentions of sb31 which bans a Muslim Registry, and bills that aim to reform the criminal justice system for juveniles and adults ( with a video of him giving a speech talking about the actual bills) but absolutely no mention of sb695 .

Why would he make enthusiastic public statements about these bills and not even mention the one he “authored”?

Just shooting spitballs here, but I think it is called “politics “?

Two phrases explain that, Muslim advocacy and mass incarceration. He’ll get the most positive tweets for these popular causes, hense, more popularity, hense, more power. In case you haven’t figured it out, more power means more ability to get things done.
No need for him to draw thunder by championing a dispised group of untouchables. If he is actually trying to help us, the best tack may be silence. At times like this I look more kindly to the fact we have a respresentative government.

If I was Senator Lara, I would not attract any publicity to this Bill. Publicity would only attract media coverage that would spin this as a soft on sex offenders law. The media (using fear and false data) could easily cause CA voters to campaign against this Bill and also cause Senator Lara to loose political support.

It’s all about money and reelections. If this bill let 1 person off the registry it was doomed from the start.
We must protect the Children for the Drunk drivers to harvest.

So is there a plan of action? What can we do to help make sure this bill gets picked back up?

There are an awful lot of people who should register for their misdeeds but probably an equal number who should not have to meet that humiliating and embarrassing task.
I’m just sayin’

sorry you thinks so , I think if you did your time and paper any RC should be free , just like any other crime , I have 35 years clean , and I don’t need a bunch of up tight witch hunters screwing with me and my family in this crime infested crap hole we have to live in because of some covert agenda typical of our Gov , and people easy led by fear , those of us that took a plea and did real time and jumped through all the hoops and have been able to live by the skin of our teeth feel our familys fear , we did our time and life has been hard for those that are trying to live right , those that have not tried are not likely to have much clean time , and you know what I miss the most? having real friends , and my family being truly happy , we never get to stand back and say look at what we over came and put it behind us instead we are forced to live under this hypocrisy , much like a hemmoroid under a rump that has sat to long , saying that some of us should have to Reg just flat out is absurd , for how long ? what about due process ? how many years is enough ? its like saying REX 84 or HR 645 was a good plan , after this many years it seems to me it makes a lie out of so many people , yet there I am on the witch hunter page with a bunch of know life witch hunters seeking me out still to this dat , hell that have an App on there phone LOL the very same people don’t even know what REX 84 Or HR 645 is lol , nope they to Biz looking at there phone and wondering why that roid is bugging them ,

Millie ur comment sounds pretty judgemental, ignorant/uninformed… who r u to decide that anyone should have to register?

Actually, first things first, could please someone explain what “pulling the bill” means? Does it mean the author will have nothing further to do with it? Is it just pulled from this subcommittee meeting, and the author could repost it later? Did Lara take his name off as sponsor? Quirk-Silva, as it was mentioned, pulled her AB558 bill, then she “unpulled” it, apparently. You who wrote the main post or the people who follow this legislative stuff, could you explain a little better what “pulling the bill” means?

Pulling the Bill, Withdrawing the Bill, hearing canceled all are just generic terms meaning the bill is on hold for a number of reasons. The only way to know the reason is to contact the author. If the author is unable to fix the bill within the limited amount of time available, then the Bill will likely be shelved until the next years session. Generally when a bill is withdrawn, there is a good chance of it not coming back again unless only minor changes are desired by supporters. About 2200-2500 Bills are submitted each year with about 800 Bills becoming law.

wait… so each year we have an additional 800 new laws?

seems very cumbersome to its citizens

Questions to be considered: Where does churches stand on getting rid of the sex offender registry? We are told to obey the laws of the land but after someone has paid their debt is it not evil to keep adding punitive measures after the fact? If so then shouldn’t the church stand against such evil? Anointing comes not just from doing good for others but standing against evil Prv. 16:25 (…ways that seems right but are evil). If the Church refuses to stand against these fundamental wrongs how can they expect anointing and growth to take place? The Lord’s view on who’s a sex offender is anyone that looks upon a woman in lust has committed adultery already in their hearts. With that standard in mind how many sex offenders attend your church? Your argument might be well we are under Grace and forgiven those transgressions. Really? Then doesn’t His Grace reach as far as those being wrongfully punished after they have paid their debt to society? You might also say well those are consequences of their sin/crimes. What are the consequences to the church for not Abiding in Christ and walking as he did in the Earth? Lost anointing and spiritual growth perhaps? How did God’s Grace (through Jesus) handle the adulteress (Sex Offender) that was sentenced (by law) to death? Are you refusing Christ and His example by not showing equal compassion for those that have paid their debt to society? Where does this kind of harm stop? Shouldn’t we exercise Christ like compassion and stand against this LIVING DEATH called the sex offender registry? There have been children listed as young as 9 years old on that evil draconian thing. The church needs to stop following the popular dictates of the world and society. While we were yet sinners God sent His only son to die for us. Given the Lord’s example in this regard who are we NOT to stand against the sex offender registry?

Christianity is about forgiveness. Forgiveness is a part of love. Love grows.

21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times?”
22 Jesus answered,”I tell you, not just seven times, but seventy-seven times!”
-Matthew 18:21-22

Registration isn’t about forgiveness. Because it doesn’t forgive, it does not permit growth. People manipulated the law to call the act of registration not punishment – and yet you are compelled (forced) to still serve the state. By Constitutional law, no one can force (compel) a free person into service unless to punish a crime. Slavery is prohibited. Involuntary servitude (compelled service) is prohibited unless to punish a crime.

The Constitution is supposed to prevent this type of tyranny against a certain group of people, it is after all, Christian based.

Janice and Chase,

Will you please opine? Thanks.

Many people are working diligently to find out whether Sen. Holly Mitchell or another member of the state legislature is willing to step in as author of the Tiered Registry Bill (SB 695). It is our understanding that the sponsor of the bill, LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey, is leading this efforts. There is nothing more to report at this time and when there is something to report, it will be posted on this website.

Do we have time to get this bill in this year ? or will we have to wait till 2018 or 2019 ?

Wouldnt we still need the support of Lara and Mitchell to vote as well on our behalf to get this bill passed. Im quite sure that Lara might have asked Mitchell to carry the torch, but she refused.

Wait a minute, what is Ca rsol stance on this. Janice or Chance can you please help us out here before we jump to conclusions. I’m sure there is some positivity to this.

I am so sad. This was our last chance.

So again, …

***Are you talking about this comment from yesterday?
Was there. Is there. Always has been.

Any issues with moderation please address directly to us, at the email provided in the discussion guidelines, as opposed to the comments section. Moderator***

This smells of quid pro quo for support for his upcoming run for Commissioner. But it is surprising he didn’t line up another author/sponsor. Since he introduced it in the first place he must not be too scared politically of the “consequences” of supporting registered citizens but the establishment must have convinced him to withdraw his name so he couldn’t be tagged with it in the future.

Keep in mind that the California Senate is currently on Spring Recess []
Which means they are all back in their home districts and not conducting official Senate Business, which is why there isn’t much change since the pulling of this Bill was announced.

Now is the time to contact the senators at their home offices and ask that they resubmit this bill.

I would like to know if the leaders of this organization(ACSOL) are doing anything on behalf of its members to try and get this bill picked back up, or if they know of any other organization really pushing on this, while the Spring Recess is going on?

Hi, I think I understand this post as the Senators are on spring break right now, its the time to ask them to re-write the Bill, and from what I understand it will be brought up on April 18th or the 25th?
I am currently a Paralegal student and writing an argumentative Thesis on the Tiered Registry. I have a lot to say, especially on behalf of Women Offenders.
I will do and go anywhere to speak if needed, or wanted from me. Just let me know the and I will do whatever I can.
I am turning 50 this month, and an offender now for 25 years and it was when I was 26 and I had sexual relation with a 14 yr old neighbor. I am a woman. This has been horrible and unnecessary and it’s got to stop. The laws are not aimed at putting those who are truly pedophiles and getting them the help they need, nor are they aimed at those covering up behind relatives and priests. I could go on and on. Please clarify when it is being introduced, where and if there’s anything besides writing letters I can do.
…in Los Angeles County


My understanding is that Sen. Lara pulled the bill entirely, so it is now dead. If we can convince someone to pick it back up again, that would be wonderful.

If you want to do something, you could come to the hearing on Assembly Bill 558 on April 18 at 8:30 a.m. in the State Capitol, Room 126 You can stand up against this awful bill. It would probably be helpful to have a woman there.

That bill would eliminate most exclusions from the Megan’s Law website, a terrible thought.

Also, Senate Bill 26 is being heard on April 25 – by the Senate Public Safety Committee at 8:30 a.m. in in the State Capitol, Room 3191. That bill would ban most registrants from school campuses.

wow this really sucks if what im reading is correct , lara pulled the bill entirely. lets hope not ,,,,, any updatedted info miss janiceb or chad o, where do we stand 290 registrants ???


You could be an inspiration to thousands of registrants! Please do come on board. We need as many people as we can to fight all the injustices against this group. I have a son who will be on the registry when he comes home from prison. I will be at the Capitol on the 18th.

I have been in contact with several state legislators and other government offices regarding SB695. The word is that several people are moving to find a replacement author and we should know more early next week.

That would be great news as casomb is behind the bill and the tiered registry ……we will see after easter break.

Thanks for doing the legwork, KM. A bit of good news is always welcome

All states have not catagorized this manner in a appropriate way. Some circumstances do need to be addressed since the intentions are devastating. However, on the contrary of some situations a individual was never close to the accusations that have occur and having to be placed in a catagory of hardship and uncertain circumstances the law has violated the Constitutional rights of some individuals. Having to be told that they need to follow rules to gain respect back into the community, they are forced with double jeporpy and unusual cruelty​ punishment, and the law attends to feels to justify their actions.

There is not much time left. The last Public Safety Committee meeting is on April 25th. I imaging that time will run out for this session. We will likely have to wait until the next session starts in January, 2018. Maybe with the extra time we will be able to lobby for changes that will make the bill better.

This fake and incredibly dishonest tier proposal is a fraud on registrants. This is designed to give us nearly nothing, while thwarting any possibility of getting something real going forward. This is a very deviously drafted bill — and the leaders here seem to be blind to that, which scares me. This is just giving us the COR we already have, and merely extending relief from registration for that to those in tier 2 who can’t now stop registering with a COR — if they can get the relief, which is doubtful. Those in tier 1 already can stop with a COR.

But it is nearly impossible to get a COR! And this bill is written to make that just a difficult for these fake tiers. There is no reason, with the way this bill is written, to think you will have any less of a fight from the prosecutors over relief when you reach your tier time than you do for a COR when you reach your COR time for that. They have written the COR review requirements into this bill for tiers, standards that have made it nearly impossible to get a COR — and that is because they intend to use them!

And once there are “tiers,” despite being fake, we will get no one, not a single legislator or anyone else, to listen to us to give us real tiers — that is clearly the reason the prosecutors have put forth this bill. They are giving us just about nothing, and will undermine any possibility of us even making an argument going forward.

We should be pushing to just conform to federal, meaning require registration only for those offenses the feds require it — many or most Calif. registrants would be able to stop the moment that took effect. And conform the tiers to the federal time frames for tiers, which is not 20 and 30 years or even lifetime! Tier 2 under federal would be 10 years — and you don’t have to get a review for it when you reach that time.

We can not get less than federal from the state, but once done, we can take our full fight to federal, all resources aimed at that.

To be pushing the idea that 90% of registrants will be able to stop registering under this bill — that is unconscionable to be telling people here. Any lawyer has to understand what this bill says and know that is a false statement. It scares me that we are promoting such assertions and so misleading people here about this bill.

I would recommend you get the facts on the feds AWA system. In Nevada for instance (right now the AWA is on hold and has been for many years) there are about 300 high risk offenders by Nevada’s current system. If AWA goes through more than 2500 low risk (tier 1) will be reclassified as high risk. Also, some people who have been relieved from registering will be reclassified and will have to start registering again.

I’m not saying anything is perfect but the AWA in my opinion is completely flawed.

This is the worst idea I have heard.

I know of a few people who stopped supporting Acsol/Carsol after it pushed so hard to pass this very flawed “tiered registry” bill. Some were automatically placed into T3 because of crime, others denoted as T3 solely because of high Static-99 score (even 1st timers), while others were placed into T2 when they already qualify for COR at 10 yrs (and would have to wait 20 yrs with this bill). Point is: This so called tiered registry found a way to screw many of the 290s I met at the meetings (at least those who took the time to study this bill). For those people who were/are very close to being harmed by this tiered registry, it might be near impossible to regain their trust.

if people don’t want to support ca rsol good luck finding another organization that will help them.

Janice and team has stated their position on the bill and it is NOT blind endorsement of it. Go back read their statement. I can not find at this point can someone point it out and embed it.

For Anon Nobody:
AWA Federal =
(a) FULL REGISTRATION PERIOD.—A sex offender shall keep the registration current for the full registration period (excluding any time the sex offender is in custody or civilly committed) unless the offender is allowed a reduction under subsection (b). The full registration period is—
(1) 15 years, if the offender is a tier I sex offender;
(2) 25 years, if the offender is a tier II sex offender; and (3) the life of the offender, if the offender is a tier III
sex offender.
(1) CLEAN RECORD.—The full registration period shall be reduced as described in paragraph (3) for a sex offender who maintains a clean record for the period described in paragraph (2) by—
(A) not being convicted of any offense for which impris­ onment for more than 1 year may be imposed;
(B) not being convicted of any sex offense;
(C) successfully completing any periods of supervised release, probation, and parole; and
(D) successfully completing of an appropriate sex offender treatment program certified by a jurisdiction or by the Attorney General.
(2) PERIOD.—In the case of—
(A) a tier I sex offender, the period during which the clean record shall be maintained is 10 years; and
(B) a tier III sex offender adjudicated delinquent for the offense which required registration in a sex registry under this title, the period during which the clean record shall be maintained is 25 years.
(3) REDUCTION.—In the case of—
(A) a tier I sex offender, the reduction is 5 years;
(B) a tier III sex offender adjudicated delinquent, the reduction is from life to that period for which the clean record under paragraph (2) is maintained.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x