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AUS: Australia to strip convicted paedophiles of passports

Convicted paedophiles will have their passports cancelled to prevent them travelling overseas to offend again under tough new laws which Australia Tuesday (May 30) hailed as a “world first”.

Legislation will be introduced to parliament this month making it illegal for registered offenders to leave or attempt to leave the country as part of a crackdown on child-sex tourism. Full Article


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  1. T

    That’s not a very good reason for the government to be doing that. Stripping registrants of their passports so that can’t travel to reoffend is just fallacious and doesn’t make any sense at all. Those that are involve in sex trafficking, and sex tourism that involve minors are mostly non registrants that have never been caught, and if they do get caught or compromised it’s usually their first time and hardly more than once. This has to be stopped and these lawmakers that are pushing for more laws and ordinances should be held accountable and they must be challenged and investigated.

  2. Janice Bellucci

    Australia’s decision to prohibit registrants convicted of offenses involving a minor from traveling overseas is abominable! I have traveled to Australia and don’t believe this decision is supported by their citizens. Because Australia has made this decision, I hereby call for a boycott of Australia and everything Australian. Please join me!

    • PK

      This kind of raises the question about the status of IML here in the United States?

      Is the challenge to all or parts of IML still on your agenda?

    • David Kennerly's Spectral Evidence

      Australia is, once again, an island prison! They need, at a minimum, their own ACSOL to challenge this gratuitous aggression against their own citizens!

    • steve

      Really what is the difference between our government and Australia. They let us have passports knowing we can’t use them anywhere. My family is leaving to Europe Thursday while I’m staying home because I don’t want my family to be embarrassed if I’m sent back.

      • David Kennerly's Spectral Evidence

        If their itinerary doesn’t include the U.K. or Russia then there seems to be an excellent chance that you would be allowed in.

        • Michael

          Some countries, like Canada, require felons get prior approval before entering the country.

          Almost positive felons and sex offenders still have to register with the police when traveling to Las Vegas.

        • AJ

          re LV (NV, really): You have to register within 48 hours. So if you stay less than that, you can come and go w/o registering. Note that it’s 48 hours, not 2 days–big, big difference in legalese!


      • Concerned Registrant

        Oh, come on, Steve! You can go to Europe alone and meet them as a surprise. If you get turned back, which is not likely if you are going to the continental Schengen countries, your family would not know about it. Think outside the box.

      • AlexO

        If you’re traveling to the current EU nations (UK excluded), you shouldn’t have an issue. Germany and friends currently do not have any restrictions on registered citizens on traveling into their countries.

      • AJ

        +1 to what David Kennerly, Concerned Registrant and AlexO all said: book your trip solo through a country with freedoms and that isn’t licking the US’s boot heel (yeah, I mean you, UK).


    • 1984

      I will follow suit. I am surprised Australia has put themselves in such a position. I can only think there is a small group behind such Nazi tactics. I am sure they would have arm bands too. This activity comes right out of a book I read, “Less Than Human” By Davis Alexander Smith. If not corrected it will get worse and spread into other areas of their population.

  3. David

    I’ll certainly join that boycott. (I wonder how long until one of our bonehead legislators wants to push the same thing here. And the very notion of rescinding passports will, I suspect, lead to legislators “poking the bears” at State Department to start “uniquely identifying” our U.S. passports.)

  4. anonymouse

    Out of those 800 registrants who traveled internationally – exactly how many were convicted of child sex crimes during those travels? Anyone know? I found one, on Bali.

    You want to help children in those poor countries? Stop importing and buying cr@p made by children who toil in abject poverty under the most despicable, life threatening conditions. But that means you’ll have to pay more for a pair of Jeans than $8.99 at WalMart.

    Naah….. so much easier to trample people’s rights.

    ps. IF those paedophiles are guaranteed to re-offend, and IF they cannot leave the country…. where are they going to do what they inevitably will? Yeah….. this is a great idea.

  5. David

    Despite this, apparently Australia has a tiered registry. But California still doesn’t. 🤔

  6. AJ

    Wow, and I thought *our* “leaders” were fear-mongering, rabid morons. Yes, Australia, it’s a world’s first…though hardly a badge of honor. Way to turn yourself back into the penal colony you started as.

    20,000 losing the right to travel, and 2,500 added each year. Their banned-citizen group will grow exponentially faster than their population, that’s for sure!


  7. Jack

    This just proves that conservatives, in whatever guise they don I.E liberals in Australia, anywhere in the world are all equally dangerous. They need to be wiped out worldwide.

  8. Nondescript

    I’ve been watching all the new oppressive laws being passed in Australia for a few years now- not just sex offense laws, and that country is fast becoming the beta test for the globalists plans worldwide. So, this passport ban doesn’t surprise me at all. I wonder if their territories have different ages of consent, and if a “child rapist” is an umbrella term that includes lesser crimes. I guess it doesn’t really matter, as they will probably narrowly tailor the law to apply to the few, and eventually it will include everybody. People of Australia – this is your wake up call …..

    • Michael

      This may have changed since I last read it via a link on a law blog I frequent.

      The lowest Age of Consent in the world is 11, in Nigeria. The age of consent is 12 in the Philippines and Angola, and 13 in Burkina Faso, Comoros, Niger, and Japan.

      You might note that countries where child sex tourism is highest is where the age of consent is lowest. If Australia is anything like the United States, our age of consent laws apply everywhere. If you live in CA, where I believe the age of consent is 18, you’d be in violation of the law here if you had sex with a 17-year-old in Ireland.

      Afghanistan Asia Must be married
      Albania Europe 14
      Algeria Africa 16
      American Samoa Oceania 16
      Andorra Europe 16
      Angola Africa 12
      Antigua and Barbuda North America 16
      Argentina South America 18
      Armenia Europe 16
      Aruba North America 15
      Australia Oceania 16
      Austria Europe 14
      Azerbaijan Europe 16
      Bahamas North America 16
      Bahrain Asia 21
      Bangladesh Asia 14
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      It might help curb child sex tourism if there was a standardized age of consent law for all countries. Here in the United States that that age for the most part is 16. Any country that didn’t think that was adequate could raise it.

      • AJ

        Thanks for that list of countries. I find it interesting that most of Western Europe has a range of 14-16. Perhaps that factors into their not being so concerned about our traveling there? They are much more tolerant sexually.


  9. steve

    Someone needs to lobby Laura Ahearn for a DUI registry. She would love a another stream of income.

  10. Michael

    “Last year alone, almost 800 registered child sex offenders travelled overseas from Australia.”

    Conveniently, the article didn’t mention where they are traveling to. Most of the child sex tourism happens in third world or lesser industrialized countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, El Salvador and the Philippines, where kids engage men from other countries via the Internet, and sell them pornographic images of themselves. In a lot of these poorer countries, parents sell their own kids to support the family.

    Fact is, going after the “Johns” is akin to chasing the crack head as he crawls around the carpet looking for the rock he just dropped. Although the sex tourist is part of the problem, nothing will change the fact that money makes the world go round. In other words, it’s the economy, stupid.


  11. Joe123

    How on EARTH can a lawsuit not be brought up to their supreme court?? I mean this is beyond stupid and unconstitutional. These are just psychopaths coming up with laws that have no backing to them.

    • AlexO

      It’s Australia. Their laws and constitution work differently than ours. Hell, they were able to pass a complete ban on firearms.

  12. nylevel1

    I’m from the UK and have never had anything to do with Australians . Just check their history and bigoted behaviour. Banning refugees, mass deportation of Aborigines to various places, strict Trump immigration policies. Imagine a huge country at the bottom of the world like Florida, Alabama etc.

    What are we going to boycott? Their beer?

    • 9Robert

      What does Trump have to do with Austrailias immigration policies????

      • AlexO

        He means their policies are in line with what President Trump is trying and would like to do here. You know, the ones that the courts have shut down multiple times now?

  13. j

    Australia has a huge issue with there Passport and rights to travel but me being from California I think the focus should be and a priority about registrants here in the U.S travelling free with out that notification (or stamp) or whatever the government wants to throw at us! but the boycott does sound good, I have thought about visiting Australia (but) not possible.

  14. Tired Of Hiding

    I think if you are going to do it then do it right.

    In Australia they say that certain people just can’t leave so take their passports away – simple.

    In America you do things as everything is done here…with hypocrisy! Instead of taking passports away, they put special markers showing you are a second class citizen. On top of that, they have effectively already trapped RSO within the borders when they send out a notice to the destination country NOT to allow the RSO!

    So if you are going to be assholes about it I would rather have the in your face like Australia instead of the behind your back like in the United States.

    Clearly BOTH are wrong and if you have paid your time and are out of jail/prison then you should have full rights to your international travel documents AND the right to use those documents to actually…Travel!

    • AlexO

      Seriously. Don’t invite me to dinner if I have to climb through the window and fight the dog for the silverware.

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