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Sex offender fails to meet registration requirements

An Austin County jury convicted ___ ___, 43, of failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements May 3 in Judge Jeff Steinhauser’s 155thJudicial District Court. Evidence concluded May 2, around 2:30 p.m., and the jury delivered the guilty verdict the next day after more than eight hours of deliberation.

After punishment evidence was presented, the jury deliberated about 25 minutes before sentencing Ward to 99 years in prison.  Full Article

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  1. Chris F

    My state sucks. I wish I could leave Texas, but I’d be registered longer in another state.

    I didn’t even know they could do more than the 2-10 years for registration violation just because they had other previous crimes.

    Essentially a lifetime sentence for someone that did their time just because they may not have updated the address? Have we ever even seen a case where the cops actually used all that registration information to prevent or catch a real crime being committed like it was supposedly intended for? Any??? All I see is 1000’s of people doing jail time for essentially procedural mistakes.


    😂🤣😅😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂🎭🎭🍕🍺. Look!!!!! Dinner and a show!!!!! Oh the humanity. I bet you get 10 years in the pokey for spitting on the sidewalk.

  3. mike r

    my god 99 years in prison without any crimes being committed…so i guess if you plan on not registering you might as well go on a crime spree since you’re going to prison for ever anyways. this is completely unprecedented where a person can be imprisoned for violating a so called regulatory law. what next you go to prison for not paying your car registration or because you don’t have health insurance. what about if you don’t register your dog or cat or how about if you run a red light or caught speeding. everything I just named are public safety issues so lets see harsher punishment that includes jail or prison and see how much pushback you get from that…this is crazy 99 years for failing to provide personal information to the king and his regime…what’s it going to take to bring sanity and American values back to OUR COUNTRY? revolutionary war, civil war, are we going to have to rise up and bear arms against this tyrannical government??? this government is heading towards a huge conflict and showdown with its own people…just like CA just enacted a law demanding gun owners to turn in large capacity magazines or you’re in violation of the law. HA!!!! I got buddies that have stockpiles of that shi….with fully auto machine guns and hundred round drum clips and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.. good luck on getting them to give that shi..up. aint gunna happen. guaranteed it aint gunna happen..these people WILL go militia on there dumb assssses if they attempt to force them to give up any of their armory…so now we have thousands and thousands of people in CA that are not complying so are therefore are considered criminals in the eyes of the law. yep it states you must dispose any high capacity magazines or you can go to jail for a year and getting fined a hundred bucks for the first offense and punishments increase after that of course….there is an exception ” law enforcement or retired law enforcement are exempted from this bill ” imagine that. good luck CA… will be war….watch and see…

  4. Harry

    It will not be long we will read or hear about some live-in boy friend and mother will grossly kill a kid and get 10 years or less.

  5. David

    So he gets the same sentence as that barbarian who abused and killed his own eight-year-old son and fed his body to the family pigs!
    That’s f××king insane! Not registering your address is the equivalent of killing an 8 year old child and feeding his body to the pigs!!?? 😠😠😠

  6. Robert Curtis

    The real intent of the registry is tyranny and fear. The Sex Offender Registry by design creates a climate of intimidation that leaves in it’s wake laws so intrusive that it is impossible to live and yet be at all times in compliance. It’s like passing laws stating you (as a registrant) are disallowed to stand in the rain yet disallows any form of cover or shelter to get out of the rain. The question isn’t should we stay in compliance? It’s how can we stay in compliance?

    • New Person


      You’re right. The registry was designed to control Monsters who always re-offend and re-offend at a high rate. That’s what the SCOTUS told us in the 2003 Smith v Doe decision – which is why we’re treated as one class and not individuals.

      But therein lies the crux of the registry. It was created based off of a “high and frightening” lie of recidivism rate based upon a non-expert whose stats were never corroborated to be true, factual, or substantiated. Also, notice there were no other sources of cross-references to such an extremely high rate.

      The registry was meant to be mean as it curtailed Constitutional rights. Involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime. They’re forcing a free person to continue to serve the state by registering… for free! This is not supposed to happen in the USA b/c it is tyrannical to compel a free person to serve the state still after he/she has already served the state in jail or probation. Registering is a service. Megan’s law states it’s a duty to register.

      If this isn’t punishment, then no law can compel a free person to do any service. This is the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. Regulatory scheme or not, it is a service forced upon a free person who has already served his/her punishment service to the state. Once a person has served their punishment duties/service, then they are no longer compelled to serve the state. So what is this regulatory scheme? It appears to be a service to the state to me, which carries penalties for not serving.

      I truthfully don’t know how blind judges are to this fact:
      13th Amendment
      1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
      2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

      Megan’s law states it is a “duty to register”. Sounds like you’re compelling a free person to service by domination using the law. Judges have to favor the layman’s interpretation. It can’t get any more lay than “duty to register” translates as service to the state that is not punishment.

  7. AJ

    If this doesn’t show the truth behind registry laws, then I don’t know what does. It was used simply as a method to catch this guy and put him away. But I have to ask, if he has such an extensive prior CRIMINAL record, what were those judges and/or juries thinking? They only enabled his behavior, then tripped him up on a technical violation of a “regulatory scheme”? B.S.

    Hopefully this guy, regardless his many past acts, is able to appeal and at least get a reasonable result. The punishment far, far outweighs the crime.


    • New Person

      the levying of the punishment for the regulatory scheme penalty can be appealed, I hope. b/c now, the lawyer can contest the cruel and unusual punishment aspect of the punishment judgement. Is the punishment for failing to register corresponding to the crime? Does failing to register constitute 99 years in prison? Can you compare this act with another crime that requires 99 years? Remember, it’s simply failing to register… similar to like failing to register your car with the DMV. Does failing to register your car with the DMV constitute 99 years in prison? When did failing to register become a heinous crime like… murder?

  8. stephen

    Someone must be planning to run for Office. Until people Organize this crap will continue.

  9. Eric

    “Bellville attorney John Harle represented Ward and presented witnesses who stated Ward had never left the Bellville address. “

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