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FL: Registered sex offenders listing Walmart as their home address

Attention Walmart shoppers, pervs in aisle seven!

Customers at the retail giant’s store in Cocoa, Florida, were shocked to hear that at least 16 registered sex offenders have listed the place as their home address, WFTV reported.

State law permits homeless offenders to use the address of the closest physical address for their registration. Full Article

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good..they ought to find out their lawmakers addresses and use those too…

LOL, the actual TV report is hilarious!! What a bunch of morons! People who support the Registries and say “s*x offender” are idiots.

Those poor, poor people who just found out that “s*x offenders” live near a Walmart!! Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! I hope those poor, helpless people never find out that “s*x offenders” go into that Walmart, and every other one, probably every single day and NO ONE has the first clue about it.

Vapid people and media are why we have Registries. Perhaps those people should consider actually supervising their children.

I remember on “The Daily Show” John Stewart telling his guest that everyone probably meets people on the registry during everyday life. They are part of the community. I don’t remember the exact words, but close enough. It shows that not all people in the public sphere have bought into the fear and hysteria.

“We go there, like, 10 times a week,” Poole said. “We literally live right down the street. It’s pretty scary, you know? We have kids and, you know, you don’t want (the sex offenders) being around and you don’t know who it is.” So this lady has been going there, “like, 10 times a week” without knowing RCs were there, and what happened? Absolutely nothing. Does she think that just because she now *knows* they are there, something will happen? Think about it, lady. Just think about it. This proves that RCs are, for the most part, NOT a problem.… Read more »

I think people like this lead boring lives, I mean who else would spend so much time at Walmart unless they worked there. They always sound like they get off on making themselves scared, shocking the monkey to life.

“Walmart shopper Heather Poole was dismayed when she heard about the lowlifes lurking at the Clearlake Road store” The lowlifes? Holy dogsh*t. Top-notch journalism, NY Post. This article is a shining example of the continued blatant hate and fear mongering. As for registrants using Walmart as the nearest address, it’s almost as if they have few or no other options available to them because the police state of Florida makes it impossible for RCs to live anywhere or find stable housing and work to get on with their lives after having paid their debts. I gotta say, if I were… Read more »

@Tired of this
The NY Post has long been one step above the National Enquirer as far as its journalism. What’s sad, and perhaps a bit of irony for us, is that it was founded by Alexander Hamilton…the same guy who warned of the exact type of legislative overreach under which we RCs live.


Florida, and everyone who lives there is just begging to be destroyed.

Well, Florida is a w f u l l y l o w , sea level wise. I guess you just have to be patient.

Time to sell those Florida properties.

Yes, it is really just a big sand spit caused by the confluence of gulf stream and Caribbean currents and held in place by marsh grass and mangroves at its southern tip. You build your house and your laws on sand you know what to expect. Maybe that southern White house will also go and save the rest of the country some money to boot.
I would build an ark for the panthers and other unique creatures and leave the Books their ideology as a flotation device.

😂😂 The sex offender public notification “registry” is backfiring in soooo many ways on soooo many days just like I knew it would😂😂. Hey Laura Ahearn, Looks like sink or swim time for you😂😂.

So, then, there are sex offenders and perverts hanging around Wal-Mart? Yes, and also registered citizens…

The writing of this article is so bad. Who ever the author “Yaron Steinbuch” is please stop writing. Go to school, get educated in real life and English. Oh, yaa WalMart. Thanks for helping!

As always the wise Bugs Bunny has the correct idea:comment image

That GIF was priceless…with Presidunce Trumps environmental help, it may happen sooner now.

Every single big super Walmart center that I have been to in Florida has a county sheriff Police officer assigned to it. They are literally right at the entrance with a marked car and usually two officers. So what’s the problem? Anyhow, when I go to Walmart, the only thing I’m worried about ” crime wise ” is that they steal my car. Or if I walk back to my car and someone is waiting to rob me and my goods at gun point. That is the most common crime (robbery) and you even see it on the news more… Read more »

The “10 times a week customer at Walmart” wants to be a victim. “Poor me, there are sex offenders hanging around Walmart and I might not even know it.” Get real lady. Not every “registrant”, is bad. They are not all out to get you. There may be plenty of people in Walmart right this minute that aren’t registrants, but are bad people, meaning to do you harm. The fact that they aren’t on a registry makes no difference. Why aren’t you “so scared” of them? The registry will eventually collapse under it’s own weight from ridiculous laws and the… Read more »

“There may be plenty of people in Walmart right this minute that aren’t registrants, but are bad people, meaning to do you harm.”

So you mean the nice neighbor of Walmart-shopper Poole who is buying a plastic sheet, a saw, a Tyvek suit, and a lot of bleach might not be buying things for a “honey-do” list (cover a roof leak, trim trees, work with insulation, and get rid of mildew)?

Don’t forget the shovel.

“We have kids and, you know, you don’t want (the sex offenders) being around and you don’t know who it is.”

I love the ignorance. Only 10% of abusers are strangers. If she’s worried about her own kids then she needs to pay a lot more attention to the trusted members of her family.


7%, not 10% were strangers. Hate to be a harda$$ about the data, but don’t need any more percentage points than necessary.

The rest of your post, spot on totally…..

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