Living with 290: Annual update question

I did my annual update today in San Bernardino County. I have owned the same home for 3 years. Unfortunately the utility bills are all in my wife’s name. I have been following these posts and receive email updates but this is my first post.

The last 2 years the Victorville Police Dept has required a utility bill and a letter from my wife stating I live with her. I have read the PC 290.015 code and presented them today with one of my bank statements. After asking them to pull up the code or if they would allow me to read it to them, they said they would not accept it. I told them I am not on probation or parole and therefore their piece of paper stating what “THEY” need means nothing to me. I asked them to show me a municipal or County code which overrides or amends the state’s penal code. They said that the state lets the registering agency decide what documentation they wish to accept. I asked “so the law means nothing then?” Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The one thing for sure, cops do think they are above the law. The second thing, if you wish pursue the subject matter consult a qualified PC 290 lawyer. If, he/she has information that support you understanding of PC290 a letter by the lawyer on your behalf to the police chief or equivalent brass would be the best procedure, IMO. I would not mess around with the bullies on the ground.

California PC290.015-

[Copies of adequate proof of residence, which shall be limited to a California driver’s license, California identification card, recent rent or utility receipt, printed personalized checks or other recent banking documents showing that person’s name and address, OR any other information that the registering official believes is reliable.]

Yes, they are 1/2 correct- that the State allows each registering agency to decide which documentation to accept if NOT listed above. Meaning, if they feel that some other document ( real estate, certain mailings etc) that shows your name and address on it is reliable, they can accept that in lieu of the ones listed. They must, however, accept the ones described in the actual code.

If you don’t have a Calif drivers license you should get a Calif ID- just to avoid this kind of stress.

I would have to agree to “not rock the boat”. its generally very easy to give them what they ask for. It’s usually best to do so. That can be taken as being subjected to laws that they “make up” but its easier than getting yourself arrested/charged and returned to prison.

That said, If you are sure you are in the right and they cant bring any charges vs you then do as you please. But don’t let them get anything on you, if you piss them off, as they will not hesitate to arrest.

many would say I’m being to submissive, but 25 years of registration, I’ve learned it’s easiest to “go along to get along”. I don’t have full knowledge of the laws nor a high power attorney behind me.

Quick side bar… the U.S. has over 10,000 federal laws. do you know them all? Don’t talk to LEA and don’t piss them off. It’s just a general thing that when i deal with them, i pay very close attention to. It’s not a perfect fit for your exact situation but just a general thought.

Can you put a utility bill in your name? No vehicle registration to satisfy them?
I concur with the crowd above: just give them what they want and don’t ruffle any feathers. Ticking them off will only draw more heat your way and make it harder on the next guy in line when he/she registers.
On the outside all Yes sir/No sir on Price Club Day, but on the inside well, that’s another story.
If you’re itchin’ for a fight, don’t pick it with the line level grunts who have a ton of responsibility and no authority. Pick it with those who can actually make an adjustment.
Otherwise, get in and get out so you can live your life.
My .02.

You need to remember that these are not normal people but people who were probably bullies in high school and now that they are in the real work the only way for them to continue to bully others is to become pigs.

Remember that just like the impotent bullies they were in high school the only way these pathetic individuals can feel like they are anything is to bully those least able to fight back…YOU!

Do not feed into their petty torment. Do not give them what they crave. The only thing these people have in their empty lives is the ability to scare you. Do not argue with them and watch all their power fade away when they see you are unaffected by them.

If all they are asking for is a utility bill then get one! Have your wife transfer the water bill into your name!

@ the writer of the post.

Nondescript speaks Truth at the Micro level with a correct understanding of yours and many others present Position at this moment in time.

Tired Of Hiding speaks Truth at the Marco level with a correct understand for all practical purposes in that you now have a clear path to follow.

I suggest making a business decision by focusing on ROI* that is to say where are your energies best allocate for a better future for you & yours.


I speak a True Song

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

I’m sure that everyone has different experiences with law enforcement but I’ve never viewed them as bullies or anything of the sort. for all my time (roughly 25 yrs) they have always been at the very least professional, if not down right friendly and helpful. I simply bring them what they ask for on my annual registration – I’m in and out with no hassles. That goes so far as this last year (I live in Sacramento) that they don’t even begin registration until 7 am but started taking people at 6:30 am, just so us early birds could get on with our day. I was the 3rd person in line and was out by 7:15. Ive had police contact at my home 1 time since off parole and that was just them seeing if i lived where i said I do – that was 8 years ago. I did not let them inside and kept my answers short and without any attitude. side thought – i work full time and am not home during the day.

perhaps i have simply been very fortunate. Seems to me, from my experience, they (registering officers) are just doing their jobs. If i have my ducks in a row (so to speak) they have so many people to deal with every day that i pass them by without incident, they just don’t have the time to bother with me. Hmm maybe score plus one for a bloated registry? I dunno. but it works for me.

I would love to drive the point home with people entering the registry that if you are just easy to get along with, then they are also, and they wont bother you much as they have so many “problem children” to deal with, it will make your own life easier.

i would create a topic on this alone but i can’t seem to find how to do that.

Best of luck to us all. (sb 421)

I’m a bit disheartened, frankly, at the level of constitutional capitulation going on in this thread.

First, I absolutely understand the dilemma registered citizens face when approached with extra-constitutional law enforcement bullies: Appease to their demands, or risk arrest or, at the very least, future negative scrutiny for any little infraction that can trigger a felony arrest.

But understand that with every act of appeasement, justification is given for law enforcement to be emboldened to become more and more oppressive. This year, it’s asking about your extra vehicle. Next year, it’s about coming inside “to do the paperwork verification.” The year after that, “let’s check your computer or your phone.”

This is how rights are lost to the point where they will be impossible to return.

This is not a criticism of those undergoing compliance checks, and perhaps, this is where ACSOL may direct more direction to overall compliance policies our registered citizens should take, and how to deal with the inevitable fallout. It’s not an easy issue, but it must be noted that no matter our feelings, the state WILL get worse in its activities until they are effectively rebuffed.

This is a rather disturbing article! Tell them you and your wife are separated and you live in the backyard? It’s disturbing to see that someone comes in to register and they deny this? The officer clearly has an issue. I would never show these thugs my bank statements etc. I would imagine most people have ID’s. Very thoughtless on their part. Thugs!

I’d ask to speak with a supervisor, desk sergeant, or someone with some sort of authority. Another idea would be to have someone else go in and say they are trying to help out someone who is supposed to register, and would appreciate it if the LEOs could give him/her any sort of paper or photocopy of what’s needed to accomplish registration. I would also try contacting whatever State agency manages the registry and documents and see what they say. If no luck, I would use the good old thirty-minute consult with a decent attorney (or two or three) to see what your options are. If willing and able, it may even behoove you to have an attorney tag along. Their presence tends to make LEOs sit up straight and do their jobs. Lastly, if it’s legal in your state, I would “accidentally” have my voice recorder running on my phone while I talk to them. (In some states only one party needs to be aware of recording.) If nothing else, it would give you a wonderful way to recall things for notes. 😉 I can attest that phones record pretty well, even when not directly pointed at the speaker. And nobody thinks twice as you hang onto your phone and fidget with it, as long as the screen is dark.


For someone who also lives within the same county and vicinity, I think it’s a gawd damn joke how much they stress what they must have on file even though they will visit the house twice a year anyways. You’re branded a liar from the get-go. I had the same issue and had my name added to a utility bill, which was a big mess as bills are paid online and the billing address was a PO Box. I concur about following along as far as the annual goes but I have to honestly say, it’s difficult to bite my tongue when they get snippy, then follow it up with the ‘compliance checks’. I’m aware I don’t have to comply there but when they show up, sarcastic me says, “Why do I have to an annual when they will be out here anyways?”
Good luck!

Strange to me they require a utility bill instead of a required state ID or DL. A friend of mine had a “squatter” move in next door and the new tenants turned the utilities on to the home and they lived there rent free for quite a while. As I recall it was a bitch to get them evicted too. ‘Squatters Rights’ and all. But my point is, you don’t even have to be living in a home to have utilities turned on in it, so the bill doesn’t necessarily mean you live there.
I guess a “most rscent” utility bill is what they’d be looking for. I know that you don’t need to have your present address on your DL or state ID either, BUT you are at least required by law to have one.

Funny story—->

People should NEVER do something just because LE wants it to be done. It is not like they are going to be more fair to a person who caters to them or give that person a break. A person is always in danger from LE, regardless of how submissive you are to them. You are likely in more danger once they know that they can take advantage of you.

These criminal regimes made these laws so make them follow them. There is nothing worse than LE that does not follow or even know the law. Nothing worse. It is kind of the main point of their job and a bare minimum to not be incompetent. Especially for one who works at a desk and does the same work day after day.

If there is some dispute with LE, write them and their attorneys a courteous, brief letter containing nothing but facts and explain your position. Ask them what their position is. LE will lie to your face all day long but it is completely different to have it in writing. And the attorneys will make them stay accountable because they know they could easily wind up in court defending it. If they do not respond or you do not like their response, hire an attorney to perhaps send them a counter letter. If they still won’t do the right thing, sue them. That is how these criminal regimes and their LE criminals must be treated every single time.

As long as the Registries exist, it is a duty of all good Americans to make the job of LE as difficult as possible. Do only what is forced and not one single step further. Don’t help them.

wait wait wait. hold on a minute you just want to bend over and let them… you know where i’m going with that. You still have the most rights as any American about not being singled out due to prejudice. But here’s my alternative solution meets everyone halfway for the people who want to stand up and the people that just want to bend over. Scan the utility bill under the name of your wife. go to and upload the pdf file you just scanned, white out the name of your wife and enter your name. save and download the document then print it out and bam you got a utility bill under your name. I don’t know how many people are registered in your state.. wait i do because i live in it more than 100,000 people, so you think they are going to verify that its legit. Nope just like many other things they ask for they just want to see something and they are happy they don’t got the time or resources to answer every call they get or verify every piece of document, but they are good making you believe they have and use every trick in the book. Now for everyone thats going to cry thats illegal providing fake documents ugh i’m not going to say what i want but thanks for posting useless comments and celebrating victories when your safe at home. Utility bills are government issued so don’t believe the government is going to check private business records to see if its legit.