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The Sex Offender: the 21st Century Witch

At the end of May, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed H.R.1761, the “Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act of 2017.”  It is intended “to criminalize the knowing consent of the visual depiction, or live transmission, of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”  Going further, those convicted of such a practice would “be fined and imprisoned not less than 15 years nor more than 30 years, 25 years nor more than 50 if two or more prior offenses and would get 35 years to life, and 30 years to life if a death occurred.”  While broadly targeted at child pornography, it seeks to expand current legislation and make “sexting” — teens texting each other explicit images and words – a federal criminal offense. Full Editorial

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Another useless law being passed, just because people want more protection and safety of their family and children, and because people are brainwashed by the myth that registrants reoffend at a high rate. This will not protect families and children, it will destroy them, and people have got to wake up.

As soon as our law writers start reciting religious anything everyone is in trouble. Law needs to be measured and justified.

Here is my only rebuttal:

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times?” 22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not just seven times, but seventy-seven times!

-Matthew 18:21-22

That would more likely refer to the person transgressed forgiving the transgressor, but also by brother it means fellow believer not actual siblings

to fedup,

It could be a brother (or sister) in Christ, in blood or just overall because the concept is forgiveness seventy-seven times of the transgressor by the transgressed.

I would like to add to New Person’s post:

Luke 23:34

34Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up His garments by casting lots.

I will admit, some days, it is easier said than done….

God’s law IS the law. Anyone in authority is there because of God. So when you look at Romans 13, its accurate

That’s sort of a tough one to get my head around. Makes it sound like everything is preordained and cannot be stopped or changed. Might as well give up, because if God decides to put the next hitler into office, there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. If indeed that is the case, I’d think that advocacy groups such as this one is completely a waste of time. I more subscribe to the notion that we get bad politicians like chris smith because ego, hubris, and greed are their drivers – not God.

It’s good to see yet another editorial out there for our cause and for rational thinking. And don’t forget, the more we click on these stories and editorials, the higher they move in search results. 😉

I found one paragraph in there comical, in a sad way, and decided to edit it in the interest of satire:

Sessions pointed an accusing finger at “the [horseless carriage] revolution” as the prime cause of the new sex crisis. “It has given pedophiles new ways to find and exploit children,” he insisted. Going further, he asserted, “Because of [the horseless carriage], no place is safe for our kids — not even our homes or schools. Any child with access to a [bicycle] is vulnerable to predators.” He added, “the [invention of talking pictures] has made it easier than ever for pedophiles to produce child pornography and share this filth with countless others.”

I’m sure this could even be pushed back to Roman times, when Sessions was just a lad, to make a similar example. The more things change,… (though one would hope we’d at some point learn from history).


It really started with papyrus.

Anyone who has watched the old “I Claudius” series might remember Emperor Tiberius receiving a gift of lewd images from his nephew Caligula drawn on papyrus.

I don’t remember that part, but what a great show that was so long ago. It was a different time when that tv series was aired. I don’t think PBS could show something like that today. Pun intended, it bared the corruption of the first Roman emperors. Today they would have to have a disclaimer that the content would upset a viewer, the references to incest, beastiality and pedophilia be redacted, and the breasts blurred out. If they didn’t clean up their shows, extreme social conservatives like Sessions would be cutting what little funding for public television there is left or maybe prosecuting the producers. Just realised that is what happened. Next will they clean up Shakespeare? Defund those dirty old humanities, Jeff’s eyes and ears are hurting. Oh my!

Classical studies are entirely at odds with prevailing notions of “decency.” The Greeks and the Romans left a great deal of pottery, sculpture and mosaics to jar the sensibilities of the thoroughly modern neo-puritan and which attest to their discordance with a contemporary cast of mind. The evidence can be found in abundance in the world’s greatest museums for all to see. A stroll through Herculaneum or Pompeii is enough to bring confident notions of the universalism of our moral standards crashing down amongst the ruins, themselves. It is a very great irony that laws now in force proscribe many of these pieces although there has not yet been an attempt to enforce them in this domain. This would be to bring those laws into the starkest of relief and would, therefore, challenge their legitimacy. Censorship is forever the need for silence in the face of the manifestly obvious.

HR 1761 is headed to the Senate for consideration.

There is still time to reach out to the Senate to Stop it from becoming the Law of the Land.

I speak Truth

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

So shall I contact my senator. Thank you.

Call your senators, please.
I called Kamala Harris, but the line was busy. Sent her a tweet.
Probably all their phones are now going off the hook due to the health care bill, lot of lives on the line there, but this bill also can ruin a lot of lives, must try to get some words in against it.

Got to like Timmr,

The fellow is always Action Pack Front & Center.

I speak a true song

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

Meh, thanks, I guess, but title doesn’t fit. As someone said, armchair general and comfortable there. I feel very uncomfortable contacting representatives. Even here in the choir I feel a little stupid sometimes. I suffer from “please retract that last statement” remorse often and social anxiety. Reality is, noone’s going to change the conversation just commenting on this site, perfect as the statement may be. Imagine if all these statements posted here ended up on a representative’s twitter feed, facebook page, email and voicemail/phone/meeting log. We could get before the next wave of laws, instead of being drowned in their wake. This column has turned into somewhat a form of prayer, or less religious sounding but still the same, contemplative exercise for me, serving to get thoughts and actions straight.

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