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Janice’s Journal: Freedom from Tyranny of the Registry

Today we sit on top of a mountain.  We take a short rest after an arduous journey up a steep path.  We gather strength.  We gather numbers.  We prepare for what we believe will be the final legs of a journey for many who will reach freedom…..freedom from the tyranny of the sex offender registry.

Our journey began six years ago when a brave elected official, Tom Ammiano, introduced the first tiered registry bill.  He saw the truth, that the requirement to register is not a mere administrative requirement, but instead is punishment.

Despite the efforts of that brave leader and our lobbying, the state legislature refused to see the truth and defeated the first tiered registry bill in 2012.  The members of the state legislature continued to refuse to see the truth and did not allow a vote on the second tiered registry bill in 2013.

Not only did members of the state legislature defeat the first two tiered registry bills, they also introduced legislation during a six-year period that significantly harmed registrants and their families.  Those bills were based upon the myth that registrants have a high rate of re-offense which has been discredited by empirical evidence.

The state legislature has an opportunity this year to correct its mistakes of the past by passing a new tiered registry bill (SB 421).  This tiered registry bill is similar to past tiered registry bills because it would end the requirement for many registrants to register for a lifetime.

This tiered registry bill is different than past tiered registry bills because it has bipartisan authors (Democratic Senator Scott Wiener and Republican Senator Joel Anderson) and is supported by law enforcement and district attorneys.  The bill is also supported by victims’ rights groups, the ACLU, Equality California and ACSOL.

Together, our coalition of supporters has succeeded in passage of the tiered registry bill in the Senate.  However, our coalition of supporters now faces a great challenge in the Assembly where the bill will be considered by two committees and then face a floor vote.

The first of those hearings will be before the Public Safety Committee on July 11 at 9 a.m. in Room 126 of the State Capitol.  It is the final opportunity we will have to publicly state our support for the tiered registry bill.

Therefore, it is time for us to move from the top of the mountain to the State Capitol for one of the final legs of the journey.   It is time for your voice to be heard!  For when you speak, you will help yourself and/or others to reach freedom…..freedom from the tyranny of the sex offender registry.

— by Janice Bellucci

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Let;s not sit on the top of a mountain too long. We still have another mountain to climb which is getting rid of the registry

Also the IML we should get rid of too.

God I love that woman.


We’ll be there! Thank you Janice, Chance, Frank and team for your tireless efforts!

I sent my letters to the Assembly Public Safety Committee this morning.

Who and what do i write to? I would like to become more involved.?

I’ll be there too! 👍

Very well said, Janice. Thanks to everyone who is putting their efforts and energy to reverse all the wrongs of the past and maybe in the near future undo the “PUBLIC” registry, which is the real destroyer of lives!
Thank you again for your hard work, everyone.


If the Tiered Registry bill passes the Assembly floor vote will Governor Brown sign the bill into law?

We have been working with the Governor’s office for some time in order to ensure he is aware of this bill. A final decision by the Governor will be made regarding the bill if and only if it is passed by the Assembly.

Hopefully the Governor’s office will look at the long term savings rather than the initial cost.

Thank you and everyone else that’s fighting for us!

Janice, can the Senate overturn if the Governor vetoes with a 2/3 vote?


WE made Front page of the San Luis Obispo Tribrune today !
” The court of public Opinion ” is in session !

Should lifetime registry for low-risk sex offenders end? Some California officials think so

Read more here:

I have asked Judge Manly of the Superior Court who I have delt with before and met him again at the U.S. Veteran Administration stand down to read SB 421 and asked him to support the bill and to voice his opinions to other Judges in the state.
One must remember that The U.S. Government, 47 Other states, the CSOMB

I have asked Judge Manly of the Superior Court who I have delt with before and met him again at the U.S. Veteran Administration stand down to read SB 421 and asked him to support the bill and to voice his opinions to other Judges in the state.
One must remember that The U.S. Government, 47 Other states, the CSOMB , The American Police Chief Association along with the majority of law enforcement officers , some DA(s) and Senators throughout the state also support a Tier system.
Once all the true facts as per all the myths and propaganda is brought to light I do hope that the fact that not all these major influences can not be all wrong. And it must be brought to the surface that the individual must go before the court and petition the court and if the court does not feel the individual deserves to be relieved of their requirements to register it won’t allow the individual this releaf.
It also must be remembered that a persons Finger prints and DNA and their history will always be there.
And once the majority of low threat, low level and low to non dangerous offenders are removed from the same basket so to speak what’s left? The high threat, high level and highly dangerous offenders that’s who , the ones who need to be watched and monitored bringing down the number to that where that can be accomplished with releasing law enforcement 60 percent of its resourcess and saving the California Tax payer millions. To put it simply not only does Tier system work it works good and makes the registration at last work and o what it was ment to do in the first place and until a better system is put in place it is the very best system and All those in favour can not all be wrong
Thank you and everyone have a great and wonderful day.
Neil B Fisher

Mr. Fisher I hope your loved ones are the ones to suffer under your wonderful tiered system !!!! WHILE THE “LAW” takes years to work out the KINKS!!!!!! and VIOLATE PEOPLES RIGHTS IN THE PROCESS!!

Ur right trish- u should go file a law suit and get the registry changed to law enforcement only or thrown out all together. I wish everyone had great ideas like that with no legal education, experience or follow through. Way to add value to the discussion

Small minds think small ! Let’s not be morons! The law is the problem! Having a law degree does not mean you know what the he// your doing! Being in a position of power does not equate to the best interests of the people! The solution is when good people take a stand evil does not rule! Allowing a bill tier bill will stretch/ allow the law to impose impeach and restrict our rights! This does not help our cause but punishes us more! Giving others so called peace at our expense is not acceptable! Because the sex offender laws will change over time anyway/ regardless of this bill! The law will go through is usual citizens abuse “us the ex offenders” just as the civil rights era did! So don’t give any phony bullis/$ credit to some amazing person/s ? We the ex offenders are/will be the true heros! Not pencil pushers or politicians etc… or compromising — Janice’s along the way! Look for more to come! I will explain!!! Later!!!

@fisher ,,, the fact is that its the courts and law the so called code of law is what can not be trusted , there word means nothing , a person sits in the court of lies and is left with little other choice but to cop a plea because of the unbalanced state of the court of lies , a plea with the court years later is not worth the paper it is printed on because here we are still being punished long after our time is up , by dolt witch hunters , and one day you along with your criminal pals will be judged , I only hope that its in your own stinking court so we can all see it , so reap the fear you have been selling , its always the same with finger pointers like your self we all know what you are hiding in your closet , how is that tiered system working out in the state of MO , only way that state is saving money is keeping the prisons full like some kind of a corn crop , and stealing peoples rights with selling fear too witch hunters to stupid to hold on to there money , and not telling the GOV its not right to kill kids in SMALL country’s with our bombs at the cost of trillions

As I have said, this piece of crap bill does not do the wonders you say, Janice, since no one gets out simply by doing the minimum time, they instead must apply and potentially have a fight the same as for a COR — and many are going to have that fight, and lose, just not in the first year because of the flood.

But here even you say this is the “FINAL leg” of the fight for tiers. It seems this group is NOT going to do what it has said all along it would, take incremental steps. This tier proposal was presented here as a mere incremental step to a better plan that would be acceptable, unlike this one.

But it is now pronounced to be final.

As I said. It is not a step, it is the end game. And it is crap, and as unacceptable as can be. Loads of people aren’t even allowed under this bill to apply, even for misdemeanors, to stop registering — no one now out of state can do so. Many other i-state are in any number of circumstances that also will block them from even applying, much less getting the relief. Gee, the people who now cold stop registering after 7 years by getting a COR will have a mini mum of 10 years before they can seek relief. And those who got the relief vis a COR at 7 years will now have to register for three more years and then apply for the tier relic, as having a COR will no longer allow you not to register, just as those who lost their relic from registration previously when the law was changed so that 1203.4 PC did not receive you of registration.

And this is FINAL, end of game, we are done — so we now pronounce.

Yes, in the first year, because of the flood, many will get out of registration. But after that, registrants are going to very often face the same losing fight as for a COR, as the COR standards were written into this law.

I note, the Los Angele Times two weeks ago wrote an editorial about registration generally and talked about this tier proposal. They said it was good to finally do something, but even they expressed real dissatisfaction with this bill, saying it should have gone a lot further, and a lot of offenses that are required to register should have been dropped from 290 altogether. Gee, I wish I had thought of saying such things all these years. I wish I had thought of suggesting that eliminating all misdemeanors and plenty of lower level felonies from 290 would be a very sellable thing to do, as the public has no idea those even are caught upon in it and wouldn’t support it for those offenses, as the Times has now editorialized it does not. In fact, it is so smooth to eliminate all offenses that the feds do not require to register, the public could see sense in that. But here you’ve got the biggest newspaper in the state expressing disappointment in this bill, calling for a lot more on this, do not think what WE are touting as great is very great at all.

But we won’t push for that, instead we tout the devious plan of the enemy, the prosecutors, as our plan and say how wonderful it is tone undermined. That is loaded with the details of the dvil, to undermine us at every turn.

But we now call this FINAL, fight is over. Never mind that stuff about incremental steps, never mind that even the biggest newspaper is the state is disappointed about how little this bill provides. We’re done, this is CONSTITUTIONAL.

There is a lot not to like about the tiered proposal and it probably wasn’t sold succinctly to the author.

To petition off the registry, then all of your previous actions will count against you. That’s double jeopardy. And why do we have to pay for get removed off the tiered proposal? It’s really not a tier then b/c it’s not a set tier where you meet conditions and then released. It’s another court date. That’s what abysmal about this.

Well, that and lifetime registration exists despite scientific research by Dr Hanson stating that 17 years is max. Nothing in this tiered proposal was based upon scientific social science. That’s the most disheartening part.

10,000 get off the registry without petitioning. The rest do. Doesn’t sound equal to me.

I’m so happy so many victims of this vigilante registration will automatically be allowed off. I wish it would be most of us, but I can be happy that 10,000 will be relieved immediately since they have suffered the longest. I remain hopeful this tiered registry will allow me off the registry since a COR is too hard for most of us to get due to the requirement to prove you are rehabilitated. With this tiered system we just need to prove we have received treatment and have not committed another crime.

You should read that bill. NO ONE will get off AUTOMATICALLY. EVERYONE must meet conditions in addition to the time factor and must prove it, even those lower level offenses from 30 or more years ago that they are throwing around the word “automatic.” That even applies to MISDEMEANORS — rather than putting misdemeanors in a “tier” where they are never subjected to registration (in other words, drop them from 290), they are in a tier for 10 years of registration IN CALIFORNIA and must provide they have done at least that many years of registration here — mind you, even if they didn’t even know they are now subject to registration since the previous relief they got from it under 1203.4 was taken away by law in the mid 1990s.

Even the Los Angeles Times two weeks ago editorialized that this bill is in adequate, it should have done a lot more, and it should have eliminated a lot of offenses from 290. But we have not pushed for that.

For example, gee, the language for them says they must not have had a second offense, it does not measure their time from their LAST offense! So, if they had a misdemeanor in 1957, and did that misdemeanor one last time in 1960, that is a second offense. Will the state want to overlook that second time and measure form it? Don’t count on that for a felony — don’t count on that in in places like Orange County, since this bill makes the local DAs (up for reelection) the decision-makers.

This was written as a very devious smoke and mirrors bill.

Would hate to live in your head

When she said “final leg” she was only speaking of the final leg to get this bill through legislation. Not our final leg on registration reforms or future adjustments to how the tiered system will work if we get this tiered bill to pass.

Ohhhh that’s what he was referring to? Okay, yes, the final leg for this tiered process. Janice will continue to fight the fight still.

There should not be a lifetime registration, or rather a lifetime dissemination of your private information, in California b/c it runs contrary to the state’s Constitution – inalienable right… to pursue and obtain privacy.

Anonymous nobody- ur totally right. Why dont u do better than Janice and save us all (heavy sarcasm)? This is the only game going right now to make our lives better, so I would appreciate it if negative whiners like u would either put up or shut up. Once the tiered bill is law Janice can file suits to get precedence set and affect the way it’s implemented. People that don’t like it can do their own thing to kill the registry

Actually, Peckingham and Snyder are the two other items going for the us. We already discovered that Peckingham helped us right away. And there’s an allusion to what might be brought up in Snyder. Snyder carries more bite.

In California judicial system, they really don’t care about statistics or how the registration has run amok. They continue to push harsh legislation. We have CASOMB informing the state of under 1% recidivism rates for a consecutive years – and that’s because they stopped including failure to register as a re-offense. For Snyder, Michigan courts asked if the state did its research to see if what they’re implementing is supports their claim. The state did no research.

So in that context for California, getting this tiered proposal is a step in the right direction. It’s still a far cry from a scientific based approach, but at least the state is finally changing its tune. But Snyder needs to win to bring the registration scheme down! And it should as nowadays we have regulations that are beyond the scope of regulatory.

I think many of the negative whiners on this site would refuse a life vest if it was the wrong size and they were about to drown. Try grabbing the life vest first and see if it can save your life. Or you can chose to wait for another life vest or drown. I’ll take my chances on the first life vest thrown to me.

@Hopeful ,,, who are you to tell anyone to shut up ? not everyone is going to see eye to eye on this matter , Janice is doing a good job trying to get on top of this mountain REG , all of us have felt the pain for a good many years , and for many of us any bill like this is just more than we can take because we have been looked over as well as our familys , at what point is it that people stop telling us to shut up , it’s funny that not one money order that my family has ever sent been sent back saying they don’t need it , many of us are doing what we can , at the same time we want someone to here our out rage , if you don’t want to here it don’t read it , I make it a point to not say anything that I would not say to some ones face , and shut up is one of things face to face could end really bad , because most of us are sick of being pushed around , and really sick of being told to shut up , i have looked at many of your comments and enjoyed your insight , that don’t even mean that i agreed with all of them , or how you say them , in the end we are RC’s ,

I agree. Let’s stick to questioning the merits of the argument and not attack the character of the opponent or fall into calling for his or her banishment from the “club”. We all know how that feels.

@ kind of living- this entire situation absolutely sucks… I get that. But all bs aside don’t U get tired of listening to people whine and complain about how things should be and what should happen? I mean seriously- I’m no keyboard warrior- I am just a regular guy living with a broken system. I have wife and kids, job, and friends who know my situation. The fact is 90 percent of people don’t care about 290. I want it gone too, but until that option is before us let’s do the best we can with what’s available. My overarching point is u can be part of the problem or be part of the solution, but just stop bitching

@Hopeful ,,, of course I am sick of hearing it ! , because its me doing a lot of it in my head for years , so if I hear some one else doing it I don’t feel alone or crazy , I have been kicking my self in the butt over 30 years and I am sick of being kicked when I am already down , all of us want to be part of solution , but I am not seeing a solution , all I see is people making money and living off of our pain , really most of the time I do try to be positive so I can at least bring that to the table , but when I hear people bitching I feel there pain and understand , I am pretty thick skinned so if I feel it then I know the people I love the most feel it , so when I look at that I can see how anyone can become more negative , its not like we are sitting around a table as friends , friends are hard for me to come by for most of us they are , telling all RC’s to stop bitching is not a good plan because if they were not mad before they will be , and I am one of those , a lot of us are stuffing things down in our life everyday , we all need to try to understand each other much better as all kinds of RC’s [people] good to meet you Peace!

I have put up plenty — I have put of plenty of information over the years on this, and a lot of solid legal and political avenues. You might not know anything, but plenty of other people here do and have all kinds of background experience and knowledge on the matters and just happen to know what they are talking about.

Just because you don’t know anything doesn’t mean you should call for squelching others who do. As I have pointed out, even the Los Angeles Times has editorialized that this bill should have done a lot more, a number of things I have called for and have insisted for years the public would support, as the Los Angeles Times editorial shows. But we have not done that. Instead, we let the prosecutors write a bill laden with devious details that completely undermines the entire idea — and cheer it on.

@Hopefull People are entitled to their opinion. I personally live in a state that has a tiered registry…
According to their system to assign level I am a level 2. But…. when I was released in 2003, yes 2003 the county sheriff raised my level to a level 3 the most likely to reoffend because I was releasing to a county of non-conviction and didn’t have local family. Here I am 14.5 years later and still classified level 3. I completed my bachelor’s of science degree, have remained gainfully employed the whole time, always maintained an apartment stayed out of trouble (not 1 violation) and passed every polygraph for the 10 years I was on probation… But they will not lower my level… good luck ever getting any judge to put his signature on a piece of paper recommending a lower level let alone release from the requirements to resister. What judge is going to jeopardise his career on the “What if” chance someone he releases from the requirement to register commits a new offence? Snowball chance in hell!
To support this tired registry is the same as saying it’s ok to have any registry.
If you have been reading other articles and paying attention to anything recently in MI (Snyder) the court basically said a public tied registry based on offence and not current situation and it being public is PUNISHMENT!!!
so instead of bashing people about their opinion how about you look the big picture stop supporting a registry of any kind…. oh and as you said to trish… I obviously have experience with a tiered registry.
How about everyone read up on what constitutes a “Bill of Attainder”.
To support any form of registry is crazy… but that’s just my opinion
Good luck Cali….. you’re going to need it

You’re wrong about the out of state thing. Most would be on tier two, unless their offense would place them in tier three

If they are not registering in California, they can’t get into a tier, the only process for that in the bill is registration in California. You are reading things into the bill that are not there. There is nothing surprising about this, it is the same way the prosecutors got 290 changed to deal with a COR. You can’t get a COR either unless you have done your registration time for a COR in California.

Anonymous, I want to point out that the mere fact that the registry being lifetime is not helping the cause at all. Besides the courts still seeing the big elephant in the room and not recognizing it (the reality of the recidivism numbers), the other problem is the perception that sex offenders are very bad people because they get lifetime registry. The very moment you move to a tiered system is when people eventually start realizing that wait a minute, only the worst ones stay on the registry. A much larger percetage of the population will realize the registry was never any good anyway.

The majority of people who would vote to continue lifetime registry are the ones who fail to understand that most registrants are not monsters. We have to change that mindset. We cannot easily change the mindset with mere words. We must do so with action. This tiered registry bill is one serious form of action to fixing this ongoing problem.

Florida is a good example of a state that doesn’t nor will they ever “get it”. Sex offenders are so horrible, they not only get lifetime, they NEVER get off the registry until, well, never. It’s the only registry I know of that continues to keep people on the registry after they move out of state and after they die. As a result, the people think the very worst of registered citizens– and it shows in the voting in of terrible laws that continue to hurt registrants and their families. Politicians like Ron Book get ultra powerful really quickly as a result. In states with tiering, this isn’t a problem.

Gee, so much skewed in what you said. Just a couple of the things:

So,only the really bad ones will be left on the registry? Like all the misdemeanants? Like the low low level felons? No offenses are being dropped from 290 under this bill, not even the most ridiculous for which to even consider imposing registration. And most or all of those in tier 1 can already stop registering by meeting the same standards for that in this bill by getting a COR. Except, of course, some of those in tier 1 can now get that COR in 7 years but this bill will LENGTHEN their time to 10 years. We are making some misdemeanants register for a LONGER period under this bill, rather than drop them from 290 altogether.

Florida won’t let peole stop registering if they move out of state? Hey, that’s not Florida, that is federal law now, you can’t stop when you move to another state no matter what state your offense was in.

Anonymous Nobody, I totally support your own right to stay on the registry forever if that’s what you want. To complain about the work of others to offer a chance to get off the registry is just wrong. If its not good enough for you then do something about it besides just bitching here. If you are all about 100% your way, or no way, then feel free to not apply when the time comes for yourself. Just wait until it is the way you want it. As for me i will apply when the time comes. I’ve been on the registry for 25 years almost and am happy to even have chance to be done with it.

I still don’t get why people think/say the system is trying to screw us with this. they already have us over a barrel and don’t need to do anything to keep it that way.

The work on this tier bill was by the prosecutors, not us.

Yes it was brought by the system. this should at least in some way tell you that they want us off the registry. To me, the reason does not matter. If its financial, fine – i don’t think it is. If it’s public safety, fine – again i don’t think it is. I personally believe they know they went to far with this “witch hunt” and are simply backing off. Our countries history has many “ideals” that went to far and “shamed” the country in future years. WW2 Japanese Americans for example. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but again it doesn’t matter. The system wants us off the registry. Not the people. Not trying to say the public or the individual people of the system but the system as a whole. If they didn’t, this bill would not have been written or ever considered. I don’t believe they care about our individual rights, our lives and how bad it is for us or how much money it costs them. I think they care more about how it will be viewed in the future.

Just my opinion.

look its great that some are going to get off this Reg and all , and I give big props to Janice and the rest of the team , But this bill sucks ! they still have to much power over people that did there time , this is still unconstitutional , my crap is over 30 years old , and it has been a night mere since they started the wall of shame , at least I could move around and not have to worry about someone stalking me a my family , messing with my ride , and fights with people to protect me and mine when I just had to go to the cop shop , of course I was the only one that the cops even looked at , never even looked at the people that jumped me , but no big deal I must have it coming I am a lev 3 RC right ? I am blessed that I have my wife , son and his wife , and of course my dog , but friends and freedom is like walking on thin ice , this is where I have a deal with this bill or what ever you want to call it , still a bunch of us being chucked under the bus as far as the bill go’s , but anyway your welcome for all my clean time and trying to put the good thing out there for not just me but all RC’s no matter what level they are , we have a right to bit#h that that this bill is lacking so much , like having a cap on how long we stay on the wall O shame , our rights are being stepped on every day , right along with our family , but still thank you to anyone that is trying to help its not like I cant see that the deck is stacked , I did time with men that killed people that have did there time and paper and can now go anywhere they want , as they should I might add , they did there time the judge gave them , now its way passed our time , I did not sign up for the whipping post duty

Actually, you did sign up for it. just like the rest of us. We should not have done what we did. They have gone way to far but unless you are innocent then you signed up for it. I don’t like it any better than you do and i agree with almost everything you say however, this bill is a step in the right direction. In the last 25 years or so they hammered us in the media and laws but this bill does not “suck”. it’s a step in the right direction. It’s not the end game. It’s not the final leg of the race. It’s a beginning. For those that think Megan’s law and registration should be done away with in one fell swoop – I’d love to see it but it’s simply not going to happen. It’s not realistic. Step by step is how it will happen. Honestly, This is coming sooner than i thought it would. I was thinking generations not just a couple of decades.

Maybe that’s the difference between us. you want it all now and anything less “sucks”, while I was thinking it will be generations to be undone and we are seeing some reprieve in just a couple decades.

I think it will all be undone in time and it should be. But it will take many years. Public opinion will have to be swayed and that means education and that takes time. More so when they don’t want it.

You forget that once this bill was considered by the board as “Sophie’s Choice”.
“Or do we oppose the tiered registry because those who remain on the registry could be viewed as posing a greater risk than they actually do? And if that latter choice is selected, all registrants will continue to suffer from the punishments inflicted by the registry for their lifetime.”
Kind of living has a valid claim. If he and others here are going to be on tier three, we must all worry about the increased surveillance, public notification and harassment he and his family will receive by the new focus. This is not just V day as in victory it is V day meaning increased vigilance by us as surely it will mean increased vigilantism by our enemies..

Oh wow…

I didn’t realize for some it’s Victory day… and for others it’s still Vindictive day as nothing has changed in their stead. = /

Timmr ,,, thank you very much for listing to my what was and have been trying to say for some time now , and not just me but many others , we have years and years of clean time and go out of our way to not only to put a positive light for all RC’s only so we can be punished more yet , but thank you very much my friend

We both had clean time both before and after our convictions. The mass of sheeple see just that one small bit of time at our conviction and determine who we are by that . Thankfully, we have families and fellow RC’s who see the whole picture.

@my say ,,, I signed up for nothing , I was left with no choice but take a plea , the plea said nothing about being stuck on some dang web sight , you know nothing about my case or me for that matter , what really makes me mad is that that those of us that have maga clean time don’t get anything except more of what we have been getting , when I got my time it was quit the fad for judges to hand out time like candy for some kind of sex offence , but your more than welcome for the good light I shined on you , as well as the many others that went out of there way in public to show people the best we could showing that we are not all some monster as the courts would have them think, and it makes me sick that anyone would think that how great it is that it only took a couple of decades to fix something that is so clearly against the constitution , and the fix is this bill lol , that’s the difference between us ,

I wrote and mailed all the letters to your supplied list a week ago. Does it help to also call? or is it “one person, one vote”?

Yes. Please call. Every call is important!

Not being a CA resident, I don’t have a skin in the game as far as the law goes. But, I do still have perspective on how we must attempt to proceed to make change. Absent the courts (read: SCOTUS) deciding things, nothing will ever be a fast or complete change for us. NOTHING. There is too much fear, animus, and political risk for anyone to make sweeping changes. Whatever bill going the the CA legislature may indeed be less than desired, but, as I’ve said before, the old adage of “perfect is the enemy of good” applies here. To sit and wait and wait for a perfect law, instead of one that shows improvement and “teaches” the public and legislators that everything is still fine, is lunacy. Getting out of the “lifetime for everybody” posture is a HUGE step ahead, though not the final step. The further steps will come once tiers are considered normal. Is that right or the best? Heck no. But it’s the best achievable right now. Given a CA resident is holding a lifetime registration, any improvement is…improvement. What’s wrong with that? And after improvement comes…improvement. So life maybe becomes 25, maybe becomes only felonies, maybe becomes only risk-based. But to think it will go from “life” to “risk-based felonies only” (or the like) is beyond rational thought.

Just my $0.02 about how human nature and culture change work. That is, after all, what’s really going on here: easing fearful humans (public and legislators) into a new cultural state of being. That is NEVER achieved quickly, regardless the topic.

You realize the only reason why the Tiered Proposal is finally going further than before is b/c of the enormity of the scheme in CA.

The proposal isn’t done for the benefit of the registrants first. It’s being pushed through b/c the capacity is growing beyond what the state can handle and is still growing.

As I stated earlier, CA system could care less about scientific research and recidivism rates like Michigan’s system does. This is why 1203.4 doesn’t absolve you from the registry in CA and why the CA doesn’t see anything wrong with the IML. Michigan courts pushed Snyder to the forefront as well as questioned the integrity of the registry with scientific data.

Janice is doing all she can within the context of this state of CA. She’s trying to help others out despite the legislators continuing to add more hoops to the tiered proposal such as using all evidence to negate your petition. Thankfully, there is Snyder. That’s going to set the tone b/c CA (and other western states) view added punishments as regulatory penalties.

Now, as for the lifetime requirement of the registry, I don’t understand why the CA ACLU isn’t addressing this contrarian statute to that of the California Constitution, Article 1, Section 1:

SECTION 1. All people are by nature free and independent and have
inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and
liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing
and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.

“All people … have inalienable rights. Among these are… pursing and obtaining… privacy.”

Lifetime registration is a lifetime of dissemination of private information. According to the California Constitution, your privacy cannot be taken away as it is an inalienable right. Lifetime restriction dictates a negation of pursuing and obtaining privacy. Why can’t CA registrants hold CA system to this law? It’s in the Constitution.

In fact, using the 2003 Smith v Doe opinion, only convictions are disseminated to the public. That means everyone who has had their cases dismissed are no longer part of the public sphere. Yet, they must continue to register. Which makes no sense as the state of CA has negated that pursuit and obtaining of privacy that is granted in a 1203.4. Again, not following its own Constitution.

CA has an odd dichotomy on application of rules. It goes above and beyond for rules against registrants. It turns the other way to be a sanctuary city/state.

New person! You are absolutely correct! Politics based on hate and fear! rule over rational, logic and reasoning! The almighty dollar is at play! and Power over others also resides! Janice and others would do good to recruit all ex offenders, to march on capital hill and come together not for Janice’s approach or agenda or any other reasons that may be!!!!! I will be the first to volunteer!!!! We need people to fight for us in the most powerful and advanced way!!!!!!! playing political games will come at the highest cost to ex offenders and family etc. !!!! and will not resolve anything!!! we the people are the answer!!! “Time” always reveals the truth, even when good, bad or indifferent people do whatever!!!! I do not salute these efforts when Janice and others truly want and are ready to let the ex offenders take charge and solve the problems the right way and best way!!!!!!!!!! ” I WILL BE HERE WAITING FOR THEM TO STEP ASIDE” AND OR JOIN THE REAL SOLUTION”

It makes sense when you consider that many people writing these laws are under the assumption that there is something biologically wrong with us and that we not so much have lost or had our rights taken away, but never had them in the first place.
“Ferri’s work on penology was instrumental in developing the “social defense” justification for the detention of individuals convicted of crimes. Ferri argued that anyone convicted of a crime should be detained for as long as possible. According to Ferri’s line of thought, if individuals committed crimes because of their biological constitution, what was the point of deterrence or rehabilitation? For Ferri, none of these therapeutic interventions could change the offender’s biology, making them pointless. After an individual had been convicted of a crime, the state’s responsibility was to protect the community and prevent the criminal from doing more harm—as his biology determined he would do. Sound familiar? “
Criminologist Enrico Ferri developed the idea in the late nineteenth century/early twentienth century and to us now it sounds like an archaic justification used by the Nazi for isolation and extermination of criminals of all types but especially for sex criminals. I think that view of people who commit crimes is not very popular today — except when it comes to sex offenders. Why is that? People who have committed sex crimes have second to the lowest reoffense rate, but it is still thought they have this enduring propensity to repeat the crime, like it is in the genes or something. It is just really frustrating.

it is Nazi horse crap , the flaw is 2000 year old ideas that sets the bar to high for many to be able to get under with out any true understanding to live by ,

I spent a lot of time and money trying to thwart Proposition 83 in 2006. There were about 100 people trying to do this. Many appeals to the ACLU. No response from the ACLU. I think they want nothing to do with sex offenders.

Its Animal Farm come to life, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

@New Person
“In fact, using the 2003 Smith v Doe opinion, only convictions are disseminated to the public. That means everyone who has had their cases dismissed are no longer part of the public sphere.”

Show me the citation in Smith that limited the type of data the State could disseminate. That AK was only releasing data based on public records doesn’t mean that was a limit imposed in any manner. To my knowledge, there is nothing in Smith, or any other decision, which prohibits the State from using protected/confidential (i.e. expunged) records in its pursuit of public safety via regulation. (Whether we like it or not, that is what SCOTUS decided registries were (back then)). As I’ve posted elsewhere, you seem to think an expungement means your conviction (and criminal record) is no more. That is false. Your conviction, once expunged, is changed from public to protected/confidential access, but the conviction remains as fact and “knowledge” to the State. Just as the State can use that protected information to prevent your getting a gun, they can use it for regulatory purposes as well.

How that interplays with the CA constitution, I have no idea. I would surmise that whatever legal process the State uses to prevent someone with an expunged felony from getting a gun (a 2nd Amendment right!) will likewise apply to a regulatory matter such as the registry. But, any opinion you get from the kaffeeklatsch on here (yours truly definitely included), is of little consequence and merely laic opinion. If you want some true legal advice and answers, seek it. Try Avvo, which is anonymous and free (, try a free 30-minute session with an attorney, try a pro bono clinic if you can find one, try the legal aid services that may be available (

I agree with what you said but will add an observation about needing to ease the fears of the public and politicians.

It’s not all about fear. That’s the stated concern and justification but there is far more to it. It’s also about hatred, resentment, sadism, mob thuggery and jealousy. Those very dark impulses animate the hysterics every bit as much as simple fear.

When you interact with, especially the most extreme and vitriolic actors, you quickly realize that much more primal and irrational motivations are in play. We have to be willing to identify those when we see them and not congratulate them, as has been our habit, for acting in entirely good faith but on bad information. Good information, alone will not be enough to stop them. We must be willing to identify them as pathological.

It is more a concern when registrants are fearful of standing up and calling out evils of the registry. No bill is going to do that for us.
“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.”
Those are Frederick Douglass’ words. I trust he knew hatred and fear and all the other stuff first hand and how to confront it. It is hard for some of us to confront our own fears, but that should be the goal that unites us.

timmr ,, we should already be in the practice of reacting , if we were feeling each others pain because we really knew each other , the playing field would change and so would the rules of dealing with day to day life , our enemy’s would be forced to deal in a much more careful manner as well , If we were in numbers rather than scattered , many of us are vets and able to train others for many things such as defense , and doing large safe march’s , it seems to me that the RC are the only ones going by rules , from what I have seen the witch hunter gets a free pass , no one is watching them . there kids that are being schooled to be witch hunters and miss treat our RC kids , if an RC was to drive by the same little place and cam the family there the cops would be there in a flash with claims of stocking , we get attacked and fight to protect our selfs we go to jail , not one person stands up and says we don’t like that sex offender BUT he was just trying to protect him self ,nope not ever , so we go to jail end up paying fines or worse , and when we are in jail our wifes and kids are left to the chicken crap people that never even had a dog in the fight , they are just plain old haters , the fact is that most of us have become victims that are never listen to , many cops know this is the truth , but the game still go’s on no matter what we try to do , this game belongs to the control freaks , even other RC’s say we should shut up and just be happy with what ever bone we are gave , hell I was even told that I signed up for this lol , Really ? I remember when singleton got out of prison and they could not find any where in CA that would take him , and some preacher in OR took him , you mean to tell me that there is no Diff between him and lev 3 or was he lev 3? his case makes my case look like I swiped a news paper from someone’s yard , he killed someone , as many others I did time with , so its better if you kill people , some times its just hard to get my mind around what we have become as a people so ready to point , even other RC,s that has had to live some of this crap look as if they cant wait run and kick it with witch hunters because at least they are not one of the worst of the worst LEV3 , like all of us even got a fair shake in court , and after you get a case its twice as easy to get charged with another case just because of your record or web page , its not just the laws , its these courts with all that state power , and us having dump trucks to defend us , the state has the whole body of the state to invest there powers in , and we have some over worked under paid person , and they try us in the news papers and they put there spin on it , so good luck finding a jury , so if they are not going to go by the constitution how are we to get fair treatment to begin with , let alone the Reg ,,, your buddy kind of living

Totally agree and well said.

Why do people who have successfully met all the requirements of the justice department, who have paid their debt to society, who have fulfilled all obligations for the error they made in the past have to register at all? This is all unconstitutional. Gang members, drug dealers, people who sell illegal guns, killers, embezzlers, extortionsts, arsonists, and other people much more dangerous to society do not have to register on a public registry. How is an arsonist less dangerous that someone who looked at images on the computer?

I don’t think they care about dangerousness. If someone’s looking at naughty pictures or sexting pictures, the danger is very, very small. Even someone who has physical contact, the danger of repeat is very small. The public criminal registry is for shaming. That’s all.

@Timmr ,, your right shaming and a watered down coliseum to keep witch hunters side tracked with hate and fear ,

California has a gang registry with over 150k people on it (50% more than SO registry), but its only accessible by “trained professionals”.

The gang registry (CalGang®) is completely different because no one has to register for it. Law enforcement places you on this list at their sole discretion. People with no convictions that have never joined a gang have been placed on this list sometimes only because they were found associating with a gang member (often a family member). Law enforcement is supposed to remove people off this list over time, but that does not happen, so the list keeps getting larger. No one is ever officially notified that they are on this list. We can assume they try to put as many people on this list as possible in order to track more Americans and to keep their gang task force budgets up.

So it is kind of like a terrorist watch list.

There IS an arson registry in California. In Florida, all felons have to register.

Great story on SB421 on front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today. The word is out!

Wow picked up a lot more support!

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (Co-sponsor)
California Sex Offender Management Board (Co-sponsor)
Equality California (Co-sponsor)
Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office (Co-sponsor)
A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project
Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Alameda County District Attorney
Alliance for Community Transformations
Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws
American Civil Liberties Union of California
California Civil Liberties Advocacy
California Coalition on Sexual Offending
California Coalition Welfare Rights Organizations, Inc.
California District Attorneys Association
California Police Chiefs Association
California Public Defenders Association
California State Association of Counties
Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organizations
Courage Campaign
Criminal Justice Clinic of UC Irvine School of Law
East Bay Community Law Center
Friends Committee on Legislation of California
Housing and Economic Rights Advocates
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area
League of California Cities
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Legal Services of Northern California
Life Support Alliance
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
National Employment Law Project
National Housing Law Project
R Street Institute
Reentry Council of the City and County of San Francisco
Returning Home Foundation
Root and Rebound
Rubicon Programs
Santa Cruz County Public Defender’s Office
Sure Helpline Crisis Center
Transgender, Gender-Variant, Intersex Justice Project
Voices for Progress Education Fund
YWCA Greater Los Angeles
7 Private Individuals
7 Law Professors
1 Professor, School of Social Work

10 Private Individuals

Wow, that’s a lot of support from people “in the business”. I’m glad to see that it seems like most of the opposition is from private individuals. Hopefully this will mean it’ll pass with flying colors without any severe amendments.

And one more supporter, I might add for depth and breath, the clerk where I registered today is in favor of this bill. Now there is always an opportunity to be surprised.

Watching live: new amendment: Tier 3 will not be able to petition to Tier 2

Also DA from Alameda says only way you will be denied is if you aren’t following the rules or haven’t followed them. That’s excellent!

Also DA Lacey confirms your time starts once released from jail or prison.

Is there a link to watch the vote

It passed this committee. Sounded like a 5 to 1 vote or so with few not voting

Well, that’s better.

Watching live: new amendment: Tier 3 will not be able to petition to Tier 2

So the state is telling a California citizen that he/she may not be able to pursue nor obtain privacy for the rest of their life. Remember, the registry is defined as the dissemination of information, your personal and private information.

California Constitution, Article 1, Section 1:

ARTICLE I DECLARATION OF RIGHTS [SECTION 1 – SEC. 32] ( Article 1 adopted 1879. )

All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.
(Sec. 1 added Nov. 5, 1974, by Proposition 7. Resolution Chapter 90, 1974.)

In short: “All people… have inalienable rights. Among these are… purusing and obtaining… privacy.”

Apparently, they’re trampling upon a citizen’s rights… inalienable rights. Too bad the ACLU isn’t protecting the rights and liberties of registrants.

In that case I hope its more than just your Static-99 score of 6+ that automatically lends you there. I hope they release the new version soon to compare. I wonder if any other changes were made?

Thank you

SB421 ??? I couldn’t hear the final vote. Did it pass & go forward to Appropriations?? (I watched in livestream. More than 100 people spoke in favor of the Bill; only about four people spoke against it.)

Not sure what happened. Did they have enough votes?

I heard “on call” and “recess until 12:45.” Sounds like there were not enough people to vote.

I am still watching @

I heard wrong then sorry. Webcast is a bit faint

Back in session, but moved on to the next bill. No idea what happened. ???

Im just as confused. Maybe they go back to it? Wish there was live reactions from those smarter than me haha

about vote again… already have an additional aye. they stopped for another bill.

reconveyne at 4:30 no vote yet.

Recess for 3 hours will continue vote then

Pins and needles

Thank you, Steve and Matthew. I will tune back in and await the reconvene and vote. So they pushed the actual vote back while they address other Bills on the agenda?? 👍

They were running out of time and then realized they had another bill that needed to be addressed. They started to vote on 421 and I think they realized they still didn’t have enough votes. Speaker made a comment about Skinner who supports the bill. Maybe trying to get her there at 4:30?

As I understood the bill, a tier 3 registrant could have petitioned down to tier 2 only if their static 99 ( or other fake scoring tool) resulted in bumping them up to a higher tier but would have otherwise been placed in tier 1 or 2 based solely on conviction alone. If they amend that, then gay men will be disproportionally punished. I haven’t watched the hearing, but I wonder if the opponents of this bill know anything about static 99 and how it will result in more people being placed in tier 3 which equals same bloat and irrelevance as the current registry.

Nondescript, I’m wondering if the overall tactic is to get this passed and then, bit by bit, over time, keep chipping more away at it.

I don’t think so. Weiner made it clear it was law enforcement that came up with which convictions fall into certain tiers and really argued it was law enforcement that chose them and it seemed he wasn’t wanting to really change anymore. What I feel is that MS. Runion and others are trying to eliminate 288 (a) from tier 2. I believe majority of people on the list are 288 (a)

To make it Tier 1 or 3? I’m also curious how people will actually be categorized due to the bit in the bill that judges (or whomever) can use data such as of your victims age, contact or not, stranger or not, and risk assessment (currently its mainly Static-99). That’s pretty open beyond what codes you were convicted of without a clear guideline. That’s very troubling since it still seems to be at the courts discretion than actual rules.

Since many people are 288(a)’s….are they trying to push this up to Tier 3?

That would be unhappy to be sure.

Best Wishes, James

Hi Steve,
I read that you feel Ms. Runnion is trying to get 288 (a) off tier 2, is she attempting to get them at tier 3? That would be insane!!

There is no question they aren’t happy about 288 (a) I feel that since most are 288 (a) they won’t change that since the purpose is to reduce the list. Just my opinion.

I have no doubt that will happen. If it passes ( which I suspect will happen) , they will likely modify it eventually to 15/25/life so they can get more Federal funds. I do believe that quite a few registrants will be removed from the registry, but only serendipitously . Sex offender registries suddenly gaining popularity in other countries is a clue as to what the true agenda is. I will never entertain the idea that these legislators have suddenly developed a conscience or moral compass- they are simply doing what they are told to do.

Just because they modify those years that will not change federal funds they would receive because to be AWA compliant you also have to include juvenile convictions which nobody wants to do. It’s well documented that CASOMB is totally against AWA as are 34 other states.


States don`t have to be 100 percent compliant with AWA to be awarded Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) money. Applicant jurisdictions that are working towards substantially implementing requirements of SORNA are eligible to apply for these grants. In the fiscal year 2016, California was awarded $792,619. These Federal funds were given “to ensure local law enforcement agencies have adequate resources to support registration and notification in their jurisdictions”

You can look it all up online, State by State, how much they get, and what they are doing with the money.


Thanks for the info.

$792,619, lol, that doesn’t make anyone in this state blink. This state (CA) spends 1 to 2 million on each round turn about or small/short retaining wall on our highways. They build lots of these every year. Most are not urgent projects, just build them because CalTrans must spend the money or risk loosing it in the next budget.

A link? Excuse me for being lazy.

Here is the link to Federal funds granted to California . Note the ones in 2015 and 2016 pertaining to SORNA

Does anyone have any idea on how we’ll be able to find out our tier when this finally goes into law? I imagine new cases will be told at time of conviction, or at least at some point during their supervision. But what about the tens of thousands of people who are now “free”? Will DoJ be sending out letters once everyone is tiered?

Hey Alexo,

I would honestly wait to see what the final bill is written as. This bill is going to be amended. The writing of the bill states that if the conviction wasn’t defined in a certain section, then you would be considered a tier. I would however wait until the final writing is made and all amendments are made otherwise we may be expecting something different than what the final bill says.

Just for example (no numbers are true, so don’t look them up) it states: Anyone not defined in section 123 is a tier 1. If you read section 123 it may say anyone who did this or that. If your crime does not fall under section 123 you would be tier 1. If your crime is stated in that section then you are in that tier and so on.

I read it that was in the bill as well, but then towards the end of it is the bit I was talking about in regards to the court being able to use the other information outside of your PC conviction codes. At least that’s how it sounds to me, a layman. I’m just anxious, as we all are.

Those types of very technical questions cannot be answered now and any answer might change if the bill is amended. Just wait until the bill is signed into law (hopefully).

You left coasters amuse me. All of you that believe that instituting a tiered registry is some how a win should experience what it is like to live on the registry in Michigan. We have a tiered registry. This whole thing is an illusion. Once instituted the idiot politicians will use it as a means of re-election by submitting bills that allow once minor crimes to qualify for ever increasing tier assignments. I was prosecuted for having 6 deleted thumbnails of suspected under 18 nudes. Plea agreement in place I was assured all would be well. The judge agreed with the prosecutor that because I used a file sharing program I qualified for distribution which automatically placed me tier 2 where only 3 weeks before would have been tier 1. Your energy is being wasted on getting a tiered registry in place. You should be focusing on ridding us of the registry. While some may benefit in Ca by getting off of the registry, it throws others under the bus. My opinion is there is a zero tolerance policy for violating our constitutional rights. We are legally allowed to pursue happiness once our debt to society has been paid. I digress…

@Thumbs Down,

I agree the tiered system is a JOKE, I am also from Michigan, but unlike you my conviction was way back in 1992 before Michigan even had a registry, and the fact I was was never told my a judge I had to register.

I got out in 94 and off parole in 96, yet I was forced to register for 25 yrs a( N0N-Violent) crime yet forced again to register for LIFE. So ya the tiered system is not all it’s cracked up to be, so hopefully SCOTUS denies Snyder and I am finally off the stupid thing, or they take it and they deem the entire thing unconstitutional and everyone is removed from the registry, by abolishing the registry altogether.

I am also from Michigan and the tiered registry is a huge pain. I have changed tiers twice in just over 15 years. It changes often and the will of the craziest politician in office. I hope I can get off this crazy train soon. I’m much older now and would like to get on with my life after almost two decades of being free.

Great!…….for California, but what about the rest of the country, what about us……? This organization is all about constitutional sex offender laws…..all being done in California. There are 49 other states, and some of them need far greater help than you folks down there, who speaks for us…… I have no doubt that you are very good at what you do, but no matter how many people you represent you are still just one voice, all alone with nothing but your knowledge and compassion to fight a system hell-bent on our destruction. What you are doing is good, it’s needed, but it is not near enough. We need more than just lawyers fighting for us, we need US, ALL OF US. Real change only begins when the people speak out against what is wrong and why, and we ARE the people. We need to speak as a group, organized and led by someone who has the knowledge, compassion, strength and courage to teach us all how to show the people what is really going on in this country. We are all being subjected to, and “punished” by laws that violate not only the constitution of the United States, but even our basic human rights. Our families have been torn apart. Our loved ones are punished and kept separate from us for what……because they dared to love a good person who has been branded a sex offender for life.
We need someone to step up, take charge and lead us as a national organization seeking rightful treatment for this group of American citizens and there families. We must stop living in fear with our heads down and our hearts broken. PLEASE, someone out there is just five words away from starting something that is long overdue. Whoever you are……say “yes……I can do this”. I promise you we will follow, peacefully and lawfully, but with determination and steadfast belief.
Real change only begins when the people speak out against what is wrong and why……and we are the people.

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