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NC: Sex offender registry notifies neighbors of criminal conviction

Including inmates, 616 registered sex offenders live in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties, but opinions vary among legal professionals about whether the registry protects the community or if the punishment goes too far. Full Article

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So so article, with the typical camps arguing for and against. The one statement that makes least sense to me is: “The only way to prevent sexual assault is to place responsibility on the perpetrator.” Umm, if someone is a perpetrator, it’s kind of late to try to prevent anything. And unless/until they become a perpetrator, they’re not on your wonderful registry.

Oehrlein said sexual crime is “one of the most underreported crimes” and that victims don’t come forward for a variety of reasons,…” If the crime is not reported how do they there was a crime? Is Oehrlein peeping through windows? If victims are not coming forward it could be because of the registry.

They likely look at records of what crimes are reported and when the victims states the crime took place. So if lets say they get 10 reports that within the last week there was an assault. And then they get 15 reports that state the person is finally reporting that occurred 10 years ago (sex victims often take decades to come forward for various reason, most of which are psychological). Then they can use years of such date to determine how many reports they had that were immediately or delayed. At least this is how I might come up with… Read more »

its wrong to even think how many went unreported , when it is imposable to prove . they cant even be trusted with the in your face facts , why would we play into what might be , they will make unreported number look as if fact , law is suppose to be based on fact not some guess, educated or not , the punishment go’s much to far , that’s the fact , if they cant even read the constitution and be brave enough to give a fair ruling based on that , then what are the chances of… Read more »

Unfortunately we live in an age when all you have to do is say something enough times for it to become “truth.” Look how many products have the word Truth or Honest in them. Let’s not forget Smart. TrueCar, Smart Car, Honest Kids juice, SimpleTruth. Keep repeating these magic words and it becomes the bleeping gospel. If you just say there are “unreported crimes” to a group of people who lack critical thinking skills, who actually enjoy having an enemy because they feel united and like they belong to a club of the “good guys,” they’ll believe it and anything… Read more »

AJ Your truthful statement shows just how stupid the people running this scheme are. Or is it these people are smart? Because this thing they created, while it does not do what it set out to do, it does pay thousands of civil servant workers very well. And they will fight to keep it going strong. What is in their closets?

Well pender and new hanover both have prisons. Pender is medium custody with about 800 inmates. I would guess roughly 300 or so are registered based on people I know who were there. An extreme lowball estimate would be 200, no less. New Hanover has a minimum custody prison of around 400 or 500. I would say no more than 100 are registered maybe less. Thst leaves about 200 and I imagine a good chunk of those (40 or 50) are probably in jail on various infractions likely registry related ftr etc across the 3 counties. That leaves about 150… Read more »

Turner from the rape crisis center stated…”the registry can be an effective way to hold these criminals accountable if they don’t receive much jail time”. There! that statement alone emphasizes the registry is indeed punitive!

Yup. Just like the comments from the CO DA in another recent story on here (I think it was the guy who moved to AL), where she said having to register was “punishment enough.” Obviously the registry scheme is punishment by community standards, or else the community wouldn’t call it punishment!

I didn’t realize you can ask for more jail time in lieu of having to register. That’s what he’s saying, right?

The article stated this: ============================ Emily Turner, supervisor of the Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons Center, said the requirement to register is not too strict. The registry can be an effective way to hold these criminals accountable if they don’t receive much jail time. ============================ Ummm… what? What the judge gives is what is called punishment. So this registration scheme is extra punishment b/c “you” don’t feel the person got punished enough?! Did she realize what she said?! Do the states and judiciary realize how people see the registry? It’s beyond the “regulatory purpose” as people refer to it… Read more »

Basically only the Supreme Court calls it civil regulation, and if you listen to the untertone when the justices talked about registrants, you see they too really to wanted to keep the extra punishment going. The people are more forthright, less deceitful in saying the registry is to make us pay for the crime.
This sort of thing is exactly what the Bill of Rights was supposed to prevent.

The 13th amendment was supposed to prevent this as well. ================================= Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. ================================= If this isn’t punishment, then no one can force one into service. Restrictions of any sort represents a person forced to follow rules set by the state similar to probation. That is a service to the state. Reporting to the state is similar to probation. That is a service to the state. No other set of… Read more »

I say let them do our work for us! Every time they open their victim-hood leaning mouths, they shoot themselves in the foot which ultimately a big win for us to use as future ammunition.

Let them continue to whine, grown and moan about “I want to know.” It makes our case for us!

This is punishment and the sex offender registry of notification has gone out of control due to vigilantism, and reactionists that are drawing attention to let the public know there’s a sex offender in their presence just to create confusion and fear. The public notification was never a good idea in the beginning because people will take and misuse the information for exploitation and harassment or use the system of notification as a target kill list and what these vigilantes, and reactionists are doing is no less evil than a registrant that already paid his/her due to society for the… Read more »

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