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Teacher convicted of having sex with her student suing teenage boy for defamation

A 36-year-old teacher convicted of having sex with a person under the legal age of consent in California is suing the student she slept with for defamation. Tara Stumph, who is currently serving a 180 day sentence for having sex with a 16-year-old student, says that statements made by the young man

Source: Teacher convicted of having sex with her student suing teenage boy for defamation

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  1. AlexO

    “Her victim defamed her “to various classmates, family and other members of the community,” Stumph alleges in her lawsuit, local media reports say.”

    I think it was more the fact that you slept with at least one student who was under age.

    I’m also not surprised she didn’t have to register. 16-year-old+ victims seems to be the threshold for not having to register. I personally know of at least 2 men who also had victims of the same age and didn’t have to register. It still grinds at me though, that they all went “all the way” and didn’t have to register, while my far seemingly lesser crime resulted in being a Price Club member.

    • NoFear


      Crazy right, she sleeps with a sixteen year old on registration, yet i had four picture files of a sixteen old on a computer and I have to register for life. Why? might it be am male?

      • mot

        I chatted on the Internet with a cop pretending to be a 14 year old girl and I got 22 months and have to register FAIR???????

  2. ReadyToFight

    Wtf??? She was a Teacher in California and she will NOT have to Register as a SO after release?
    More proof our “Justice” System is B.S and the Registry is nothing more than a tool to inflict more Punishment.
    Guess it pays to be a Female.

    • NPS

      No it doesn’t. I’m a female and on the registry. I was convicted in OC even though factually I was the victim.

      • Nicholas Maietta

        Interesting. We don’t normally see equal treatment between men and woman. I’m very upset that she doesn’t have to register. If the registry isn’t punishment, then what’s the big deal? I don’t want anyone on the registry, but the law needs to be applied equally.

        • Joe

          “the law needs to be applied equally.” But it be. She was not convicted of an offense that requires mandatory registration, and the court did not order it under their discretion. Where is the problem?

          And just to relieve your anger, here are two (male) teachers who also did not have to register.

          Oh, and here, the poor 17 year old “child” victim is suing me, the tax payer. For, at 17, not sleeping with one, but two teachers.

          I hope this restores your sense of balance and fairness.

        • ThanksJoeDPH

          Thanks Joe for the Fresno Bee article…missed seeing this. Interesting. Two. Hmmm. Especially if the student was male, not female with them being both male. Here’s to reading Fresno Bee unlike the SAC Bee- Janice.

        • .Timmr

          Nope, the men got their very stern faced mug shots in the paper, neither of them smiling or looking friendly. I want a picture of one of them smiling and holding a puppy to be the equivalent of miss girl next door photo.

      • kind of living

        NPS ,,, don’t you know if you have to register your not aloud to be a victim of any kind , no really I here what your saying , and I am sorry that you or anyone else has to live this registry , because it forces everyone to be some kind of a victim ,good luck

        • NPS

          No. I was the victim. It was already acknowledged on record as well as on the lie detector test. In fact, when I transferred my case to San Francisco, the registering officer was surprised and stated, “if this happened in SF, we would have gone after him.” But it happened in Orange County and the DA said that juveniles cannot rape adult women.

          And yes, I have to register even though my case is now expunged.

        • New Person


          Ever heard of a judge who struck out a line in the court recording from the investigative team:

          “The victim was a willing participant and provoker of the incident.”

          Ummm… that’s important information if someone were to get that supposed required two-step process for employing registration. I can understand if the judge crossed out willing participant, but to also cross out provoker of the incident paints a different notion to the situation. Removal of “provoker of the incident” skews the case because it is hiding evidence for the discretion of registration. Provoke implies pre-meditative planning and execution. That would exclude the description of being predatory, which is a huge distinction.

          That removal (striking out) of evidence could be helpful in a CoR. But the vitriol of the judge and system is clear to omit evidence from their investigative team that plays importance to judgement for registration. This is akin to having CASOMB finding low recidivism rates, but still claim registrants are a threat to public safety due to high recidivism rates.

          It doesn’t matter now, does it?

        • Timmr

          Hmm, I wonder if Orange County will press charges against a 16 year old that robs an adult at gun point. If it is impossible for a 16 year old to rape, it follows it is impossible for a 16 year old to knowingly shoot an adult to kill. Ridiculous.

        • Lake County

          wow, I never knew that juveniles cannot rape adult women. That’s just crazy. Just curious if you don’t mind telling, was race a factor?

    • C

      That’s what they call a p**** pass.
      So much for equality, eh?

  3. David

    But wait…. explain again why she won’t have to register?? (It sounds like one of those “Consent Decrees” that corporations get to do in lieu of admitting guilt or facing punishment for criminal wrongdoing. Why aren’t those sweetheart deals offered to individuals? Only corporations get special treatment? […and maybe school teachers?]) [Our unjust criminal system is so f*ked.]

  4. NPS

    She doesn’t have to register because she is NOT from Orange County. OC always requires registration under 290.006 even when the offense is among those not requiring registration. But no one should have to register for it nor even be charged with a crime. 16 should be the threshold for consent in CA since 40 other states and all of the civilized world has an age of consent at 16 years of age.

    • Then charge her this way

      Then she would be charged with violation by a person in a position of trust at a minimum, which is what a teacher is at a school. Sen. Connie Leyva in Fontana should be looking here at this case instead of banging drums like she has been…not on the registry and inside the sacred school circle of trust.

      • Zippee

        No such thing in California. Why??? Because we are talking about a person old enough to be charged as an adult for any number of offenses, and a person certainly old enough to be charged (as and adult) for anything remotely close to this sort of conduct (as an adult, mind you). NEXT!!!

      • DPH

        Man of man, I hear that, Senator Leyva better read that article, it’s not all men either, she doesn’t want on campus without police escorts according to her constituents and board. she should read into that!
        Wow. 180 days in no fun but sue the student? He is not of legal age, no matter how much he talks it up on FB, Twit., or anyother social media besides all over town, (Where in Cali was this?)? and parents alike.

  5. It doesn't work.

    She doesn’t have to register as a sex offende because there is no victim.

    • Zippee

      Indeed. Let’s not kid ourselves. A 16 year old can drive, work, and get married with one parent’s permission. Even to this teacher. And then be REQUIRED to engage in this terrible conduct. To make the union legally acceptable. Is this conduct cool for a teacher (or some such?) No! But let’s get grip here, lets!!!

      • DPH

        Good point Zippeee…when he turns of legal age, i hope they get married. not ensue and not sue

    • David

      “There was no victim” doesn’t hold water. People charged with CP have no victims but still must register, right?

      • Joe

        It is assumed that the person depicted in the offending photograph was, and somehow continues to be, a victim of a violent sex crime. You know, ‘real’ CP.

        Not when, in many states, you can get decades in prison for photographing perfectly legal activity. Or possess a nude photo of your wife 🙂

        No one has ever been able to explain to me why there is no crime and registry for possessing a photo of a murder victim under 18.

        • Registry Rage

          “It is assumed that the person depicted in the offending photograph was, and somehow continues to be, a victim of a violent sex crime. You know, ‘real’ CP.”

          Possession alone is not offending, exploitation or re-victimization. When they say “CP is not a victim-less crime, they are talking about the photographer.. you know, the one that is actually doing the deed? Possession of illegal images does not make you a so-called Child Pornographer any more than possession of images depicting trees makes you a lumberjack.

      • Marry the boy!!

        Wow! Have to say first, it is UA (Upper Alabama) and with recent AL discussions here, this is weird. Second, she is 19, so unless it is a really long gestation period, she shouldn’t get it because 18 is an adult, even in AL, so her action was while she was an adult. Third, she should marry the boy as soon as it is legal for him to do so. That should be in the sentencing along with the standard punishment for the crime.

  6. Arax

    All the cases of consensual sex between 16+ and adults should not even be an issue. We live in a country where our elementary schools teach sex education. Please! Who are we kidding! Why teach them about sex when they are merely kids. I’m a woman and I know that most under age teenagers are having sex. I can’t believe those parents who go to the authorities with their idiotic complaints…..did they think that their son is hurt by all this or their daughter didn’t know what she was doing!?

    We are a punishment-loving country….nothing is going to change until people change their attitudes towards one another. Compassion and kindness and resources to help those who need them will go a long way to having a better, kinder world

    • kind of living

      Arax ,, you may be on to something , please keep your positive view and keep fighting for these things , plenty of room for more kindness in this world

      • DPH

        Go kind of living! Support positive people on here. Thanks for your support. Arax just might be. This article really makes you think and wonder. I am glad we can go to the article inside where this site gets its’ facts and read the rest. I makes for more understanding. Thank YOU ! Keeps the Spririts up and even more so looking forward…to life.

    • DPH

      I agree, but we are still in the dark ages here and not like the four states that are out and Europe nation that allows for that, but CALIF Law is still the same decades ago. But, we are almost in 2018 and gays just got marriage almost a decade ago but this is still way behind in Society and what protects ? The Children, the coax and taunt teachers too for what they want with them. Most are minded decades ago to go die and fight in the war, but can’t rent a car, legally go into a Cali Bar, and die for their country but not allowed an adult relationship let alone buy lol, lottery tickets. But…Calif Law States they have limited rights as a minor. Not even a Minor under 21 but under 18 as they cannot make adult decisions. But we need to follow the Law.

      • kind of living

        DPH,,, good points , here we are in this so called advanced years ,lol but it looks more like we as a people are going back word when it comes to freedom , the agenda has changed , and now witch hunting has become all the rage once again , but if we really show that its ok that we are different as a people on earth it could go a long way to peace rather than guilt sin and blame , spirit is about responsible , and the world need to be more responsible about the treatment of others even if not fond ,so when Arax was talking about punishment loving country and go’s on to say that things will not change tell our attitudes towards each other ,,,,, that was really good stuff and things to think about , as well other things in the end of that comment

  7. Q

    Rather than wonder why me and not her, I view this as a good sign. I also hope that more prosecutors follow this example and weigh the charges on their merit instead of destroying people by way of the registry simply because they made what is today considered a mistake.

    It didn’t used to be this way.

    • Timmr

      Hello Q. Yes I quite agree. We should turn this to advantage for everyone. There was also a teacher in Chula Vista, 16 year old, male victim, did not have to register, blamed the victim. Next time these victim’s advocates claim we all need to register for the safety of that one child, let’s ask them where they when these women were sentenced. If the courts can find mitigating circumstances for one offender, they have a duty to overcome their biases of males vs females and sex and discover these circumstances in all cases.

      • Q

        Hi timmr, I can’t help but remember when a teacher having sex with a student was simply viewed as something that just happened; a fact of life. People would just wink and smile and say things like “I wish I was that kid” or “lucky bastard.” Of course this society wants to criminalize more and more things every year. Are you aware that in AZ you (a parent) can be convicted of child molestation for changing their baby’s diaper? Google it; it’s true.

        Things are upside down!

        • Joe

          I can’t help but remember – nostalgically – a time in this country when people got more upset about thousands of children half way across the world being killed by American wars of aggression based on lies (and being called “collateral damage”), than a 16 year old having a willing and voluntary relationship with a teacher.

          …no wait, that was a dream, that never happened.

          ps. I am pretty sure that Arizona diaper thing was repealed. But yes, it DID exist for a while?!?!

        • Q

          I hope the Arizona diaper law was repealed. That was the epitome of ridiculous. But still; their kind will go after a 5yo for wuppin out his stuff on the playground. The depths to which the advocates of registry laws will go is still nothing short of moral turpitude.

        • AZ diaper law was ruled unconstitutional

          Federal Judge Rules Arizona’s Diaper Changing Child Molestation Law Is Unconstitutional

          Now, let’s get back to discussing white female teacher in CA having sex with students and not being a RC…..

        • Q

          Thanks for the link/update.

        • Lake County

          Wow, thanks for posting. I had wondered what the outcome of this law was. So I guess the state can appeal? It would be so funny to see SCOTUS give their opinion on this. How can AZ not be embarrassed over this? The 2 dissenters in this case must be gloating in front of the majority opinions in this court. Anyone with an average IQ would surely see that this law was poorly written. And how can touching a female baby’s breast be wrong, but okay to touch a male baby’s breast? It’s amazing humans still exist with all this stupidity. Hopefully humans won’t kill themselves off in our lifetime…..not so sure of that.

        • Lake County

          I know we’ve gotten off topic now (diaper changing), but I like this statement:

          “Fordham law professor John Pfaff explains, the majority’s logic has one final defect: It utterly ignores the reality of plea bargaining, which is how more than 90 percent of criminal cases in America are resolved. Given the immense expense and hassle of a trial, many defendants are pressured into striking a deal with a prosecutor, trading a lighter sentence for an admission of guilt. Arizona prosecutors can now dangle the threat of a probable child molestation conviction to coerce any parent of a young child into taking a plea deal on unrelated charges”.

          And most of the public claim they would always take the moral high ground and never admit to something they did not do. I did not admit guilt or no-contest because I wanted to be able to appeal my case (I did loose my appeals because of an inept attorney). But I did agree to allow the judge to find me guilty with only a preliminary trial. (I didn’t know that was possible). I could accept the deal for 4 months at an un-fenced farm and be allowed to appeal or risk 26 years in prison. Only a fool would not do a deal.

  8. Nicholas Maietta

    This case makes me very angry and many levels. She is pretty, white and female. This is the ONLY reason she was treated so nicely. And now she’s suing the “victim”? WTF. She even has gone as far as seeking financial and asset protection in case she’s forced to pay anything from losing the lawsuit.

    I would no longer be surprised if our civil court system is also so messed up that they’d make the victim’s life a living hell by allowing this woman to win.

    • Paco

      In other articles I surmise that this woman is suing this “child victim” because he (the “child victim”) is claiming that he is the victim of “child molestation” when I surmise that this teacher – all she is plead guilty to “Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor”, which, like it, or not, according to CA Law, meaning he (the “child victim” was a willing participant), as most CA High School Seniors would be guilty of. THAT is what she plead guilty to. No more, no less, not what this “child Victim” is claiming.

      Face it. According to CA law, all of those self-righteous people clamoring for harsh punishments, and the SO Registry, are likely guilty of the very crimes that they think people like this teacher should be guilty of.

    • C

      Personally I hope she wins. Maybe it will teach these young men to stop bragging and sharing every conquest on social media. In high school I knew of at least two younger female teachers that slept with some of seniors (sadly, I never had that “problem”). Never went beyond the rumor mill.

    • DPH

      How she escaped the ML Registry I will never understand (Paco, you need to go to Law School of SF), what happened here willingly or not. The Calif. Statues are the same. Where was the Love (Law)?

  9. Registry Rage

    When this woman who feels “defamed” is released from incarceration.. she can live wherever she wants, be in the presence of minors and travel abroad without scrutiny..

    You damn right I’m pissed off I didn’t get this kinda of deal!

    • DPH

      Let alone a Misdemeanor, how about NO Registry? How, Why? When does the world wake up and realize this?

    • G

      I agree with Registry Rage. I don’t agree with the current laws whatsoever and I’m not out to Judge anyone here nor advocate more punishment. I will say this, this woman was a teacher, a married woman with three children. Under the law she committed the same crime that has landed countless people on Megan’s Law for life. Her jail time is nothing. It will pass. But to sue for defamation? She made the decision to have an ongoing relationship with this boy. She needs to realize how lucky she is that she won’t have to accept the worst punishment of all, lifetime registration. Personally, I would drop the lawsuit, accept my mistake, do my time and cherish the freedom of not having to walk into a police station everytime I move, and every year on my birthday no less, for the rest of my life. Talk about defamation of character. She got lucky for sure.

  10. David

    LOL Sorry, I keep hearing lyrics from Fountains if Wayne “Stacy’s Mom”! 😄

  11. JoeHillsGhost

    It’s ironic that a 16-year-old in this situation is considered a child victim that needs to be protected from a sexual predator. But should the same teen have relations with a younger girl, he might be labeled a sexual predator who knows what he’s doing and should be registered for the rest of his life.

    • DPH

      Ah HAH JoeHillsGhost….no two sides of this coin!, both the same. What deal is that? DA’s think their is one good one evil, that they are opposite not equal in the case(s) especially here in Cali. Treated diff. Wow.

    • G

      Good point JoeHillsGhost. And your scenario happens much too often.

  12. Timmr

    Where is her male mug shot equivalent, hair disheveled, baggy eyes, evil stare? They always post those images to set the tone.
    In fact this can be observed as a general rule, white, pretty females are always deep in the American imagination the child in these matters, no matter how old, and the male delinquents the willful enemy of the state.

  13. anonymous in north CA

    A 33 yr old, pretty and very young looking lesbian friend of mine was recently charged and convicted as a sex offender. Her female victim was 16. She met her on the internet and met the girl at her house. Her charges were: 1) COMMITS BY USE OF FORCE, VIOLENCE, DURESS, MENACE, OR FEAR ON CHILD OR DEPENDENT ADULT – FELONY; 2) SEXUAL PENETRATION UNDER AGE 18 YRS – FELONY; 3) ORAL COPULATION WITH MINOR UNDER 18 YRS – FELONY; 4) CONTRIBUTING TO DELINQUENCY OF MINOR-ENCOURAGE ANY PERSON UNDER 18 YRS TO COME WITHIN 300, 602, OR 601 W&i – MISDEMEANOR.

    I told her what was likely going to happen to her. The DA was talking about giving her at lease 2 years prison with the tier III SVP designation. I was in fear for her with all the possible consequences. But to my surprise, they let her self surrender for booking and let out in about an hour with no bail required. They did not search her computers or phone for the evidence of grooming the victim and meeting her through the internet, she rarely had to actually go to court as her attorney appeared for her. In the end she plead to a misdemeanor, received 2 months house arrest with ankle monitor, informal probation with no search clause, no limit on computer use or smart phones and does not have to be listed on ML publicly.

    No man would of been let off so easy. I just don’t get it. She now thinks I’m an idiot since none of the things I said could happen to her actually did not happen. Glad it was easy for her, but I don’t understand why.

    • DPH

      YOU Are SO correct on that one anon in NorCal. MEN ARE DIRT to the courts eyes and def. the DA’s to make a case EVEN IF IT WAS A GAY (now RC).
      You got it. Right on the head of the Nail in our Coffins….imprisonment for life OUTSIDE those old walls. ML.

  14. DPH

    WOW, can’t believe their are More comments for the Arroyo Grande Paper (local news CLOSE to the CMC Calif. Prison for Gays and Offenders) SLO town closeness…OVER 2800 Comments on their site, more than ours to comment and stand up for UNFAIRNESS in this trial and as the GAYS Stand Up Speak Up, other relationships like this in The Classroom even with the school Educator being years younger than 36, THEY are still on the registar if it was a MALE< (Sorry RC's Female on here, but it's the majority in this case) I DARE you to go to this article's external page and read more than 100 of the 2,780+ Comments today. You might
    just be surprised others are out there that this was NOT FAIR Sentencing at all. Gendering as well. Who was the Judge? Unlike the Judge in the Stanford 261 case on another girl that was not a minor but trashed(can).
    Is their still justice here for all when RC's here have done <LESS (?)

  15. USA

    Terrible story! Double standard. This was an adult teacher (person of authority) who had sex with an underage child. You hear about this all the time. I believe she got 180 days in jail and isn’t required to register as a sex offended? Unreal! If I did this, I would go to prison and made to look like an evil animal!!!!

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