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TN: White County Inmates Given Reduced Jail Time If They Get Vasectomy

Inmates in White County, Tennessee have been given credit for their jail time if they voluntarily agree to have a vasectomy or birth control implant, a popular new program that is being called “unconstitutional” by the ACLU.


On May 15, 2017 General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield signed a standing order that allows inmates to receive 30 days credit toward jail time if they undergo a birth control procedure. Full Article

Women who volunteer to participate in the program are given a free Nexplanon implant in their arm, the implant helps prevent pregnancies for up to four years. Men who volunteer to participate are given a vasectomy, free of charge, by the Tennessee Department of Health. 

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  1. AlexO

    I’m not sure what this has to do with RC’s, but it seems kinda weird but also maybe good? It’s on voluntary bases and some of these people may genuinely want such a procedure but can’t afford it on their own. My wife got an implant in her arm and it was expensive. It’s certainly better than having an unwanted (planned) child or making the difficult and also costly decision to abort.

    • TG

      I don’t know… It sounds a but like eugenics to me.

      • NPS

        My thoughts exactly. I don’t see how this could even be legal.

    • Nondescript

      In another article, it quotes the judge as saying “to break a cycle continually replayed my courtroom involving drug offenses and child support.”

      How exactly does this reduce criminal recidivism? Does voluntary sterilization reduce drug crimes?

    • kind of living

      whats next? maybe cut our nuts off for 60 days off ? just get on the bus so they can take us to death camps , we may not be able make a child but we can still be good slaves , and oh yes take this chip ! 1940’s out in the open , ring a bell CA ? prisons and mental hospital’s and the did it on the sly up in to what 60’s or something like that ?, oh yes lets just sign up , this is a procedure that in most states you can have done for free , using this kind of thing for people locked up in jail is wrong , how bout 30 days off just because they know you have better things to do like work and raise your family

  2. Lake County

    I can’t imagine anyone getting a vasectomy just because they want to reduce their sentence by 30 days. But this idea just seems wrong. It reminds me of Hitler’s genetic cleansing. But, if it just saves one child from being born from a criminal that might be on drugs……

    Lets hope this judge retires soon. (Forced retirement).

    • Harry

      Force vasectomy would be better. The USA has too many from this type of gene pool.

    • C

      Ethics aside, it works for me, but should be applied to repeat offenders. What are the life chances for a kid born to parents who are unavailable because they are in and out of the joint? Not to mention the drain on resources that could be better spent on kids already in the system.
      Can’t stay free and productive? Then what business does one have bringing children into harmful environments so that they, too, can fall into the vicious circle of dysfunction?
      Snips and tied tubes for career criminals. Both reversible, I believe.

      • kind of living

        wow man , there are countless people that have come from broken homes as well as homes where one of the parents was in and out of prison and those children became famous or at least were just fine and became great people , I just don’t feel we should open the door for cops courts or system to be involved in this kind of thing , who even said any thing about “life” of crime any way? , this is some county bull crap , who is to say that they will be involved in crime the rest of there life or there children ? this is a problem in peoples worried about someone else Gene Pool , opening this can of worms is FU**** up , like we are being trained to think this should be the norm , look at all the crap prisons mental hospitals have been able to get away with , and no one was even jailed for those crimes . sure voluntary now , but who knows with a bogus study saying how well this worked out then the state says forced ! , and no it cant always be reversed or corrected , maybe the states should not be able to take people kids away so easy , then the system that we are suppose to beleave is so stressed out and cost so much money can so called brake even , yet the states are making a boat load of money off of our kids , besides the worst crimes ever done on the face of the earth were done by leaders Hitler being just one of many, we are still finding mass graves of the native here in the good old US of A , how bout offering jobs with a good strong support group , education/ job ? rather than sending them a signal to them any thing / child they father / mother would be worthless . how much money was it that the fed said they just don’t know where it went ? “big a$$ bucks” and what is it that the people that seem so small on paper ? We get bigger prisons , more brutality , we have the largest prison pop in the world , and some pointed hat judge is giving 30 days off for this crap wow mighty white of him . what I don’t understand is how can anyone on this site that is looking at the constitution to maybe save there butt looks at this most generous offer offered by this county and say with a strait face that this is ok , lol man that’s cold , hell yes let the dog catchers come after us and put us in a cage , and the ones that no one claims they get killed , its cheaper than doing the right thing ,

  3. David

    Is this same “get out early” deal offered to LGBT inmates? Or are only heterosexual inmates eligible for early release? Just sayin’.

  4. Eric Knight

    I cannot imagine this practice can withstand a legal challenge. Implicit in this practice is that the REFUSAL of medically altering oneself is the basis for a LENGTHENED sentence, which is definitely unconstitutional. How does this lengthened sentence happen? Because prosecutors and judges will now have the impetus to lengthen sentences of new convicts.

    • What am I missing?

      Perhaps I’m missing something in this article, but nothing I read mentions anything about a lengthened sentence. I think it’s a bogus program, but how are you concluding that if you opt not to participate, that your sentence is lengthened? Their sentences will remain the same as what they were originally given, while participants in the program will receive the benefit. An analogy could be: one may receive early release for good behavior, but for the person who didnt, you can’t say their sentence was lengthened.

      • kind of living

        well for sure it wont get any shorter if you don’t take them up on there offer , and what a deal that is , who put this together for the good folks of this county , a used car dealer ? lol

  5. It is voluntary, but....

    It is voluntary, but….

    How does getting a vasectomy impact you getting a job? He implied it would help you get a job if you had one done.

    Since vasectomies are not 100% effective, can the judge, medical professional(s) and county be sued if a child is born after this particular procedure is done? Sounds like a liability to me.

    Does the country have the funds to do this? Are they that flush with tax dollars? What do the taxpayers say about this?

    Should go back to the trade of either jail or the military, which do you want?

  6. Ron

    It is voluntary, but if men have to get a vasectomy, women should have to get something on an equal plane. Getting their tubes tied. They are both reversible, but without a guarantee it will be successful. If women are given implants, men should get free condoms. – but, I am sure this isn’t done due to cost differences of operating on a male and a female.

    • Good point @Ron

      Good point. One for one you say with the external birth control analogy and the medical processes. Judge should consider that.

  7. kat

    At first glance I thought “WHAT THE F___!”
    But then I saw it was TN.
    What more is there to say?

  8. kind of living

    it don’t look like it would take much of a push before not only us but our kids could be forced into this eugenics crap since Buck v Bell was never really over turned

  9. kind of living

    oh yes I forgot , what it don’t say on wiki is that because of that ruling 60,ooo or 70k were put in institutions with orders for sterilization ! while what this county is doing is voluntary its still looks like the elites are fishing , just my 2 cents

  10. kind of living

    It would be a good idea to read ( Buck v Bell ) not only how it began, but notice it was never over turned , as well as how the wording changed over the years , and how they went about getting all of the so called undesirable people , and over 50 hospitals kept them in the US was these ideals , Hitler got the idea from the USA , that piece of dung killed millions , anyway in the long run since 1907 it was blacks , natives , poor whites , and what they call “morons” that being a child age 10to12 years of age that seemed back word to any stupid a$$ a power position , what a bunch of phony cowards putting on this dog and pony show , and people that truly don’t care how many is stepped on to get what they want ,psychopaths loving every moment they have controlling a giant mass of people that have very little voice in this would , the psychopaths taking all of the credit for the truly good things, on this planet , while in the back ground they murder people in a clean and well swept under the carpet way , and sit in there little circle jerk and pathetic dysfunctional manner and dictate the direction of our very lives , the fact is elites were truly nothing but a figure head of stupidity , setting the rules of there own games , while the poor did the labors and fought for the freedom that only the elites truly enjoy , now with robotics and computer age , they need less of us so we are all expendable , now elites pushing for more elbow room and not wanting to care for those that need services to help them get through life , while at the same time bailing out banks and trading /selling lands that belong to the people , not bailing out the home owner , we pay the lame a$$ tax’s , loser CEO bankers get new jets to fly dictators around in comfort , while many of us that worked hard and run there bodys in the ground to make a living are doing good to own and maintain a cheap car or ride on a stinky bus cross county , eugenics ??? Dog and pony show at best . as far as race horses go I have seen mustangs run high dollar race horses in to the ground in training , or how about Joe louis v Mack schmeling fights , joe louis knocked out in the 12th round , and the second fight knocked schmeling out in the first round , eugenics lol , just another way of saying they are better because of bogus sick studys that came from other peoples suffering at the hands of tyrants

  11. DavidH

    It goes to show you how much of a fascist country we’ve become, again–democracy and higher values are certainly dead: the belief in a inferior gene pool. Eugenics: Germany and the US were both leaders in this field during 30’s & 40’s–remember in Germany the fate of the Jews, gypsies, mentally challenged, homosexuals; remember lobotomies and LSD in the US! There were many in power in the US who didn’t want to enter war in Europe to save Jews! and they weren’t pacifists!

    We’ve returned with vasectomies now!

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