WY: Sex offenders now pay the cost of supervision

Previous source of cash has run dry, so the state charges registrants for every change of status.

A new Wyoming law means sex offenders must now pay to register or make changes to their registration. If they ignore the new law, they’re subject to criminal charges.

It’s a big change for both offenders and law enforcement. In Teton County, where many residents are transient, the law was already tough to enforce.

“Say we get a tourist come in from out of town who isn’t currently registered in Wyoming,” Teton County Sheriff’s Sgt. Todd Stanyon said. “It’s going to cost them $150 bucks to register with us for initial registration. Say they stay for two weeks. Then when they deregister to tell us they’re leaving, they’re going to have to pay the $31.25.” Full Article

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Once again, registrants are the CASH COW for government.

This is ridiculous. And they say RCs are predators? What about the State, with free will to take as much money as they wish from people who have no escape from paying? What’s to stop them from making it $1000? This points even stronger towards the registry being like supervision. Plus, there wouldn’t be the need for all these fees if they didn’t make so many stupid hoops for RCs to jump through!

Once again we witness that the federal government is behind all this outrage; a legal war needs to be declared on the feral government!

I wish the state a nice and swift crumbling of its infrastructure.

Why is the grant money dwindling? What is the calculus behind such a weird amount for initial and recurring fees? This isn’t unheard of, but aren’t you paying the staff already anyway to be at work? Makes no sense…..

The word “deregister” is so dumb, overwrought and self-serving. The cops might as well be saying “deJewing..”

It’s a good way to encourage RC tourists to simply fly under the radar there, and a good way to encourage homeless and indigent RCs to abscond. After all, many or most of us Price Club members aren’t very well off financially to begin with, for obvious reasons. I wonder if those peabrains ever considered this.

And I wonder how constitutional it could possibly be to force people to pay for a product or service they don’t want under penalty of law.

So Anyone coming into Wyoming to Campaign for someone must pay to do it.

Wow! “Price Club” memberships are pretty damned expensive!! 😠 I guess we can’t travel freely if we can’t afford to pay these fees. I hope someone sues the sh#t out of Wyoming!

I believe this approach is crossing the line from Administrative to Punitive.

In Utah, they have fees, but you cannot be in a FTR for failing to pay the fees. $125 goes to the state, and the local PD gets $25 annually. If you fail to pay the state, they take your tax return and send you to collections (credit report). However, it is easy to challenge it because they go through a third party collection agency, and they are horrible at responding to investigations from the Credit Reporting Agencies. If you refuse to pay the local PD the process it much the same, but by law they still have to register you.

One city here tried to make a Misdemeanor for FTR, which included failure to pay the fee, and tried to refuse registering you if you didn’t pay. That was quickly resolved prior to having to sue.

IMO, the fee are FINES! Whether failure to pay includes jail or not. However, it makes it VERY VERY similar to probation/parole if you have to pay fees and can have your freedom taken it you fail to pay. It operates in the same manner as a parole revocation for failure to pay supervision fees, but is worse because it is a crime to not pay instead of just a parole violation. So, I would surmise that it is both punitive in intent and effect.

We have had courts say that the fees are not punishment, but that law centered around that case did not include jail time for failure to pay. Indigence aside, it again operates like parole. You are paying for your freedom.

they need to stick this law where the sun don’t shine , Jacksons hole Wyoming

Since apparently the State is free to replace “dried up” funding by increasing the burden on those obligated to abide by the program, what’s to stop the State from completely de-funding it and making the RCs pay for 100% of it? From their actions, there would seem to be no difference, yet I’m guessing a Court may think otherwise. Would SCOTUS find that to be rational and public-safety related? Perhaps, given Roberts’ twisted logic in making the Obamacare mandate a tax. (Some of the worst jurisprudence in recent memory.)

Interesting, too, that the article calls it supervision. Hmm, what else associated with the law enforcement and criminal justice is called supervision…..it’s on the tip of my tongue. Starts with p, I think…

The Director of the department “creates” an $87k year “title” for his political donors son. The secretary asks if her daughter can “apply” for a job. They department needs office supplies so they overpay because the field supervisors uncle owns a business. The lead I.T. guy is sleeping with a female officer and prodctivity is way down because the office flirting and kissing is getting worse. Been there, Done that. Seen it all in local government. Oh, and people start getting “official” cars to take home. Yep, seen it.

Sounds more like a scam than anything else.

How can this be legal/constitutional????????

This is a FINE! It’s not a fee! A fee is what you pay for something that is optional. If you decided against the product or service, you don’t pay the fee. But, you don’t go to jail.

THIS IS A FINE and it is retroactive!!! Why do I keep reading about this happening in more and more places???

Will CA be next????

Where are you WY-ACLU?

There are a lot of good comments here. It is a shame that they are not also posted at the actual source article. That is where people would see them. I think it would be quite good if every single time a “s*x offender” BS article is posted that 1,000+ comments would be posted very quickly opposing it. The un-American scum bags that support the SORs need to see that they are in a war that they are losing.

I posted the comment after this paragraph at the source article. But it is not there now. I guess the crybabies removed it. They don’t care for facts and reality, they love their Registry Fantasyland.


The criminal regime of Wyoming should be sued for this ASAP. And for that matter, they should be sued for anything possible. Simply because they are a criminal regime.

Today, there are no informed, intelligent, moral, un-biased Americans who support the S*x Offender Registries (SORs). Experts never did. There are no people who are serious about public safety or protecting people who support the SORs. Therefore, we should pull ALL support from any organizations, governments, or people who do support the SORs. The support should be given to the informed and moral.

We all have to ask these big government criminal regimes – where are the rest of your Registries? If the SORs are so glorious, where are the rest of them? There are no legitimate excuses to not have millions of Americans listed on a big government Registry. And no American will support that.

The good news is that the SORs are negligibly beneficial and if we get rid of them, all U.S. citizens will be safer and better off.

Given that the SORs are immoral and un-American, any family that is listed on one should do everything that is legally possible to ensure the SORs are neutralized and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. They should also do anything legally, every single day, to retaliate for the mere existence of the SORs. Every single day.

These SORs “fees” are nothing but pure theft. People who are stolen from should retaliate by any legal means that costs the criminal regime an amount that is 12 times what was stolen. If the initial “fee” is $150, then the criminal regime should be cost $1,800. It is much, much easier to do than a normal American would think. Think about it. Treat it as work that must be done. Put effort into it. Break no laws, but do it. Every time.

Do not support the criminal regimes. Do not support their law enforcement criminals. Time to run them out of America.

One of the Supreme Court Judges once said that the states can probably Charge a small fee.
This was back in the 2003 ruling. I don’t think the fee will be thrown out, just maybe cut back.
Their thinking will be we caused the problem, and Dogs and cars pay Reg fees.

Read that anyone who travels with an RC to and through WY must know the laws too or they can be brought to justice with charges if the RC fails the law. Just like that wife in PA the cops said had to know the laws pertaining to her almost married to RC husband.

You might as well make everyone who rides with someone that’s speeding culpable too for not having them slow down by using any force necessary.

In Wyoming, Sex offenders helping pay for record keeping


They want their money and want it from everything!