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NJ: Tracking Sex Offender With GPS Bracelet Violates Constitution (Supreme Court)

Approximately two-thirds of all ex-prisoners are arrested within three years of their release.

With a statistic like that, the risk of sexual predators reoffending is particularly concerning. However, strapping criminals who have served their time with a GPS is not a solution, according to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Full Article

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Now they are using other offenders statistics to try and justify their actions and invoke the hyperbole associated with the “frightening and high” recidivism rate that doesn’t exist…Point noted, ain’t gunna happen in my case without an robust rebuttal….Oh, also “emailed my facts doc” !!!!

I was just going to say!!

Nearly 2/3’s of ex-prisoners includes drug dealers, car thieves, burglars, and drunk drivers, all of whom rotate in and out fast enough to make our heads spin!

We absolutely cannot allow hacks to lump all the stats together to target a single group. PISS OFF!

“…the court found that the constant electronic monitoring imposed on Riley by SOMA, and the laws similarity to parole supervision for life, constitutes a punishment. “Parole is a form of punishment under the Constitution,”

So wouldn’t tagging a passport, which is scanned electronically, be a form of supervision? Isn’t being on an Internet website accessible only thru electronic devices a form electronic monitoring?

Good point If all RC s pooled their money we could fight this stuff one step at a time. We need to do more to focus our efforts. If someone created a page with a list of the current issues and put a board of RC s together to vote on priority then we could bring all the organizations and attorneys together and funnel recourses Even RC s could join and vote. Instead all the resources are spread thin and their is a problem with prose petitions also. We could call it REG-WARS

@Paul 2 I agree…
The Registry is bigger than us, than our suffering. It has crushed our souls and it will spread to the homes of every American.
We should be fighting for every single person this thing infects.
Our children do not deserve to inherit a country governed by hate and ruled by greed.

We have this already, its this site.

@Paul2, that’s exactly what this website is, minus all of us getting a direct vote on how Janice and her team spend our donations and which cases they take.

Vast majority of us, myself included, shouldn’t really be involved in choosing what cases to proceed with and how. Janice has much closer beat on the system. What seems like a great case to us could actually be a poor one and hurt our cause when it fails.

“Approximately two-thirds of all ex-prisoners are arrested within three years of their release.
With a statistic like that, the risk of sexual predators reoffending is particularly concerning.”

This is usually due to another crime, different from the crime before. Especially in the case of sexual offenses. Someone being re-arrested because they stole something (probably due to the fact that being an ex-con, especially if you are an RC, getting employment and housing is incredibly difficult), is not the same thing as them having raped someone again.

People really need to question these broad statistics. More often than not, they’re very misleading.

I agree. It just shows how these journalists no matter how educated they are are so stupid despite clear and convincing evidence which should be widely known by now that RCs have the lowest reoffense rate out of all recidivists and that sex offense convictions are by and large by those people not on the SOR! In those countries ruled by a dictator or group of dictators using the tool of fear where the media is controlled by the state to spread state sponsored propanganda, it’s a given that their media reports fake news. Just comes to show that the media in our country which purports to hold the 1st Amendment freedom of the press as its core pillar of democracy is no different than state sponsored propaganda.

That quote sounds like an Alito saying.

A) 2/3rd of ex-prisoners are arrested within 3 years of release. Please note there is no term for re-offending for the same crime.

B) With a stat like that, re-offense rates of registrants are concerning. Wait. Why is it concerning? last time I checked, the re-offense rates for registrants is the second lowest of all re-offense rates.

The two sentences have no direct relationship at all and they’re comparing all arrests to re-offense arrests. But they don’t show the re-offense rates that are readily available at hand. Instead, it’s fear mongering for purposely negating the 2nd lowest recidivism rates.

This is how people manipulate things to their advantage and how the Constitution doesn’t. That’s how justice Robert was able to manipulate things using false evidence without ever substantiating the sources or credibility.

Call out that nonsensical relationship that has no relationship to one another, save fear mongering!

Far more likely is the fact that registrants will be arrested for registry-related offenses that non-registrants would be subject to than for a recidivist sex crime itself, so barring those crimes lowers the recidivism level even more. And the conditions of registry compliance, particularly with residency and employment restrictions, further create more of an incentive for crime.

And yet, with all that, registrants (who have not committed any previous crime) still have the lowest level of recidivism.

more then misleading, they’re outright lies. Whoever tries to use this misinformation in a court of law needs to be disciplined by the court or state bar association, or show cause why they are trying to deceive the courts in order to obstruct and subvert justice….that’s a fact…..No one has ever called them out on it, but I will….As potus would say..”Believe me”….lmao…

I wonder how all these politicians and media giants like Bill Oriely are enjoying the sexually motivated hyperbole, whether it’s true ir not, witch hunt now that it’s directed at them and ruining there lives and carreers? Sweet revenge and karma….Love it…

|”…now that it’s directed at them and ruining there lives and carreers…”

YEP! It’s like they fanned the flames of the wildfire, and now it just burned down their homes. Karma is a good thing. Bring it on!!!

Unfortunately, the justice alluded to the fact that if they are on parole, they can be tagged. NJ has lifetime parole for most offenses that require registration nowadays, so only those convicted prior to 2007 have any standing.

Lifetime parole is a lifetime sentence. To me that seems excessive (cruel and unusual) for the vast majority of sexual offenses that don’t involve murder or attempted murder.

At least parole somewhat suggests more serious crime (sort of, maybe, prison usually means more serious than probation). One of the men in our rehab group had an internet chat room sting conviction which happened to cross state line into Arizona (he lives in CA). He didn’t serve any time but Arizona placed him on lifetime probation, transferring supervision of the case to our local department.

I fully expect in the next several years, as the registry is being hit more and more with lawsuits, more and more states either greatly expanding probation/parole or making it lifetime just so they can keep the registry going. I know some politicians like to claim that every legal victory in our favor is a “loophole”, but it will be this life supervision that will be the real loophole.

If only judges here were as honest like the judges in the NJ court and not motivated by fear.

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