Over 23 years later, Megan’s Law is still expanding, this time worldwide (Opinion)

It’s hard to believe it’s been 23 years since the death of Megan Kanka, the Hamilton 7-year-old who was raped and murdered by a twice-convicted sex offender. It is, without question, the most heinous and brutal crime in modern Mercer County history. It’s something no one who lives around here will ever forget. Full Article

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He is clearly one of the people who hasn’t read any factual information. He even used the same bunk number that Smith has been spouting. Saying that all of the ones who had been denied entry into a country were pedophiles.

Welcome to a New World Order

Disgusting. The Kankas always struck me as the worst kind of reactionaries. We’ll make Chris Smith pay for this at the ballot box.

I would recommend that everyone flood his e mail with facts and push back against idiots like this. He is one of the reasons why sheeple exist. I have and hope all follow this lead. He needs to be educated.

“Must register with the State Department”?

Every single time a story regarding the registry is posted, there are glaring factual errors. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a registry story that was 100% factually correct.

In this case, there is no State Department registry, or any requirement that any RC register with the State Department prior to traveling.

Don’t forget, Jessica Lunsfords dad was caught with child pornography and his son was caught with an underage girl. It was all swept under the rug because of the Jessica Lunsfords Act. This jerk is no better, definitely by putting everyone in the same category with the sicko that killed his daughter.

“We got our foot in the door in New Jersey, and now we’re worldwide,” said Richard Kanka, Megan’s father, a statehouse news conference Friday. “This is a very important day, and I’m excited we’re taking another step forward. It took nine years, and it’s something that’s long overdue.”

I can’t believe this is man is so proud of his daughter’s legacy that now stands for unwarranted fear, blind ignorance, vitriolic hatred, paranoia, mass-hysteria, disenfranchisement and reckless endangerment.

Your daughter’s memory is built upon the foundation of a statistical fallacy, an exercise in futility and wishful thinking.

Yeah, brilliant.

I emailed him about his article. I pointed out the errors in his article and donated my story as an example.
He responded and acknowledged that he was misled and is writing a follow up soon.
I have volunteered myself to him if he needs a story to use. I hope this helps.

This author freely acknowledges his bias and his desire for retribution. Retribution is the underlying motive behind Megan’s Law and the electronic lists commonly known as the sex offender registration schemes. Peradventure complete!

Yes a society may not call itself a society if it cannot protect it’s PEOPLE Period. There is no real need to compartmentalize using children as emphasized by the author. Megan Lanka was murdered. Many many killers reside in America, but then again Americans follow our leadership.

Our Federal government was not established to delve into the day to day lives of individuals and have no business feinting interest. Ask yourself this Mr, did the Federal government care about the children of native Americans children when they introduced small pox into their blankets?Similarly was our FED interested in children when they nuked Nagasaki & Hiroshima? IF our fed were factually interested in children, how would you justify the use of napalm upon Vietnamese villages? How about abortion? Like I stated previously many many killers reside in America! We follow on leadership!

Submitted the following:
Mr. Edelstein,
Your subject article is not journalism. It is simply a one sided, poorly informed piece of propaganda that merely parrots a couple of your hometown heroes – Chris Smith and the Kanka family – both of which have made a career of out of making political hay out of the unfortunate death of this child.

My family and I are, and have been, at the tip of the spear of this so-called legislation. I am married to a foreign national of the Philippines, I must travel to be with my family abroad. This policy criminalizes innocent travel of people like myself and unnecessarily punishes the very people it claims to protect – vulnerable people abroad like my wife and her family. What this policy has done is stopped me from being with my wife and family for Christmas. Then again stopped me from attending my wife’s college graduation ceremony and her birthday, deporting me and shaming her in front of 20+ members of her family. I have a single conviction of a non-contact, non-violent charge. I certainly pose no risk to any child or any other vulnerable person – I do have evidence to this effect.

This policy of the US government does not to stop the exploitation of children abroad. Please do your research, sir. Read the statistics that show DHS ICE reports about 8-10 child sex tourism cases a year. Read the statistics that show what crimes people are actually convicted of that caused them to be categorized in this category by Rep. Smith. Most are not pedophiles, which is not actually a criminal category at all.

Above all, consult the experts: https://www.unodc.org/documents/data-and-analysis/glotip/2016_Global_Report_on_Trafficking_in_Persons.pdf

If you educate yourself in this matter, you will learn something significant: The majority of children trafficked abroad are done so by domestic offenders who either know or are related to them. While the focus has long been on foreign tourists, male nationals account for the vast majority of offenders, this is found to be no longer true. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith and the Kankas are still peddling the old myth that “demand for sex tourism and child sex tourism comes mainly from male customers, especially from wealthy, industrialized nations such as the US.” This myth is 25+ years old and based only on a handful of high profile cases.
Contact Professor Chrysanthi Leon who has studied this topic specifically, I attached a paper she wrote on the subject: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/opinion/contributors/2015/02/26/misguided-legislation-protect-children/24083027/

If you are ever interested in reporting the truth in the topic you reported on, I would be more than eager to share the facts of my case and the impact of this poorly implemented law – you can interview my wife and others like her in her country to learn the real consequence of what Mr. Smith has done to innocent people abroad, more specifically innocent poor women and children abroad.

I have attached an earlier article form the WSJ that covered this topic much better last year.

Contrary to what you have stated, Megan’s Law is not still expanding. I believe ML is teetering on collapse. Likewise IML will soon have its day in court. If the truth can prevail, I feel strongly that the IML will be held unconstitutional.

Domestic Megan’s law is now in the process of being scaled back due to recent court decisions. This will only increase in momentum throughout the country as dozens of new lawsuits are being filed and courts begin to see the truth. The truth is now known about the dangerous of sex offenders as a criminal class and the rate at which they reoffend. Your article and your coverage of the issue is from another time – pre 2003/ 2006 timeframe – when the frightening and high myth prevailed. Please educate yourself. As a journalist, you appear to be living under a rock.

What’s annoying about all these laws named after the kids, is that there isn’t a registry for murderers, since all these kids have in one thing in common: it’s being murdered!

But they choose to ignore that and say that it’s the people who did the sexual stuff are the problem