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ACSOL Monthly Meetings 2018

ACSOL holds monthly meetings in various locations on a monthly basis throughout most of the year. Meetings are held on Saturdays – starting at 10 am and lasting about 2 hours.

Meetings are open and free to registrants, family members and those who support them. Government officials, the media and all others are not allowed to attend the meetings. Meetings will focus on general issues facing registrants and families, as well as current topics at the time of meeting.

Click here for a schedule of emotional support group meetings in 2018 (usually the fourth Saturday of each month).

Meeting Dates:

January 20 – Los Angeles
February 10 – San Diego
March 10 – Berkeley
April 7 – Los Angeles (date change)
May 12 – San Diego
June 15/16 – ACSOL Conference in Los Angeles–“Together we Can! Show up, Stand up, Speak up!
July 14 – Phone Meeting
August 11 – San Diego
September 15 – Berkeley
October 13 – West Sacramento
October 20 – Los Angeles
November 17 – Phone conference
December 8 – San Diego

Meeting Locations:

Phone conference:
Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459
To ask a question, press “5,” followed by “*”.

Los Angeles:
ACLU Building
1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles
(free parking below building)

San Diego:
350 Cedar Street
Lecture Hall #2
San Diego, CA 92101

Finnish Hall (upstairs meeting room)
1970 Chestnut Street

West Sacramento:
1275 Starboard Drive



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To all, if you have not attended I recommend you do so, first you get the first hand info on current developments and not hearsay from third parties, also, it is very comforting to be in a room full of so many people supporting you and who understand what you are dealing with. I highly recommend you attend if you can, besides, we must all support each other and be vocal and visible. What is happening in the country is so wrong concerning the registration, it survives because of ignorance and fear. Speak up and stay connected.

How does one join in on the telephone conference, 11/17/2018?

Are there any groups in Tennessee or the 6th circuit that are doing anything to correct these laws? I have good standing and have laid the groundwork for several claims

I’m dad of an offender in Bay Area, CA and desperately need to talk to people who feel my pain. Meetings, phone calls…anything. Prefer mtgs if available. Call Shelton, 510-491-5236
Thank you for being here. Support not popular with this subject. I’ve lost a brother and two sisters over this, and the offense was way on the lower end of the scale. Not at all excusing what he did, but damn this seems all punitive, dirty, throw-away mentality.
WTF. I’m a tough dude, but this is kickin my ass. Mind-warped. Help.

I’m sorry to hear the pains and troubles you’re suffering for supporting and loving your child. As tough as it is on you, it’s that and more on the offender. Yes, many will shun anyone associated with a RC. Do what you know and feel to be right for you and for your child. Period. If others think you’re less for doing that, it says more about them than you or your kid.
For meetings, you could maybe try one of the sexual 12-step programs (SA, SAA, SLAA), but be sure to find one that is an “open” meeting (meaning one for anyone with an interest in the topic, versus suffering it directly). You may also want to try COSA, which is a similar program for those situated as you are. There’s also Celebrate Recovery, which is a Christ-based program for *any* life issue affecting a person. I think one, some or all of these would be helpful for you. They all provide confidential, compassionate people.


Thank you for your story. This is the kind of thing I so deeply wish that more people saw. They’re not just enacting vengeance on someone they think deserves it; they’re taking down everyone in their world with them.

You will find support and strength among this community.

Hi Shelton, I am in the Bay Area. The next ACSOL meeting is in March. I have been to many of them, and let me assure you that you will find a very warm and supportive community. No one judges. I strongly encourage you to attend. There is also an emotional support group for RCs and their families. We had one in December in Berkeley (most meetings are here), and I’m quite sure there will be another one soon enough. Please check back for those dates. Sign up for email alerts; you will receive future meeting dates.

Hi, I am planning to move to California from Indiana. Most likely the Bay Area. My boyfriend is a registered sex offender in Indiana. I’m a lawyer but not a criminal lawyer. I will be looking for support—Legal, emotional and otherwise before and after we make the move. I may even attend the June conference in LA. Does anyone have lawyer referrals or other suggestions?
Thanks, Ellen

I am sorry Shelton that you are dealing with this. Having a loved one on the registry causes a lot of people to abandon us, especially when support is the thing we need the most. Please make sure that you attend The Berkeley meeting. I also know that Root and Rebound has had a support group offered at their location. That way you can meet face to face with others so also face the same issues.

@Sheldon. I’m sorry you are going through this I am also I have a son who is in jail and it is killing me my day to day sucks I am having a lot of problems working through this. I am in sacramento if you still need someone to talk to i would like to.

I just read your posting from July in regard to your son being in jail and I already have deja-vu from the time when i was in jail and i know exactly how your son is feeling and the dangers what he it’s going thru every day. He needs a lot of support from you and the rest of the family to be able to to survive physically and mentally. If you want to talk about more you can call me at 760-322-7039 and live a message and i will call you back. Thanks KRISS

I was turned away at the Manila Airport 01/23/2018.

I was not able to attend the Last meeting in San Diego and I heard that Janice handed out a paper listing the tier levels. Could someone send me a electronic copy of this document. I give the moderator permission to give out my email address. Thanks in advance.

I wish there’s an advocacy group available in Washington state.

Great meeting on May 12th in San Diego, the lecture hall was packed. This movement is growing. We are gaining support. Continue to do your part in any small way possible. The registry is wrong and it is illegal and it is going to fall.

The June 15 & 16, 2018 LA conference exceeded my expectations thanks to the energy of all the volunteers and participants. I find it hard to believe that someone is truly offering to mitigate the media-fueled hysteria against registrants. Thx, Janice for your kindness to the Quasimodos. Remember how the old movie ends?

Will there be an emotional support group this Saturday? 6/23/18

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