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CA: We can’t afford showy but ineffective sex offender policies [commentary]



This was a recent headline in the Daily Democrat in Yolo, California, recently: ” ‘OperationVigilance’ targets Yolo County sex offenders.”

“Yolo County law enforcement conducted surprise compliance checks on over 300 sex offenders earlier this week…”

“While many of the sex offenders investigated were in compliance, two sex offenders contacted were arrested for a variety of weapons, pornography and other violations. An additional 18 of these offenders are the subject of further investigation to determine whether or not they are in compliance.”

“Over 60 law enforcement personnel from seven local, state, and federal agencies participated in this joint operation from 15 agencies…”

I suggest we look at this from a slightly different perspective.

An unknown number of law enforcement man hours and an unknown amount of taxpayer dollars were expended in Yolo County recently when more than 60 law enforcement officers from 15 local, state, and federal agencies visited over 300 persons on California’s sex offender registry who were all living exactly where they were registered as living. Two of the 300 + persons were arrested. One or both of the two were in possession of weapons, illegal for all felons, and one or both were in possession of pornography. Whether or not the pornography consisted of legal or illegal images is not stated, but if they were on parole or probation, viewing even legal pornography is forbidden.

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  1. ReadyToFight

    Lmao! This information is Nothing New.
    Like a dog chasing its tail.
    Enjoy the show…..? Idk (shrug)

  2. Matt

    “Targets…..” But it’s not punishment; just monitoring……Right? The entire registry is dripping with unconstitutional violations. Every single thing about the registry is unconstitutional. All of it. The whole thing. Entirely. Every time somebody who works for the government talks about the registry and the laws surrounding it, they get a little more complacent and say things like: Targets, punishes, etc……The registry is illegal. Any suggestion that amending or changing an unconstitutional law to make it more acceptable for some of the people that punished by it, while punishing others who are also on it a little bit less, is starting from a false premise. For example: Letting the 288’s off the registry, but doubling down on 311’s, to hammer on those “serious offenders” as hard as possible, is a ridiculous, absurd, and unacceptable argument. Until we join together to stop the entire ball of crap in its entirety, this is all an exercise in futility. The Nazi’s (And yes I can call them that thanks to the IML passport ID kill-shot) will continue to try to kill, imprison, and hurt every registrant, over and over again. Because it’s easy money for law enforcement, and it’s easy votes on election day. It’s all about money and power. Registrants are easy money. The cops LOVE easy money. But as long as we allow ourselves to be “targets”, this will continue. And the second part of the great two-part kill-shot of 2017, the famous “tiered registry” will continue to target, and hurt, and kill registrants. To say nothing of the fact that all of this nonsense does absolutely, positively, nothing, to protect society. It’s been a heck of a year. I just can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2018 and beyond. And the majority of us allowed ourselves to be led to slaughter. It’s time to fight back.

    • kind of living

      @ Matt ,,,,, ,, Your right , this needs to come to a screeching halt , you cant trust LE about anything anymore , they will always over step their power , this law don’t make anyone safe matter of fact it is the opposite , none of our family is ever safe not from these LE thugs , Gov Brown is phony and we cant even look to him , courts are slow when we want something and drag everything out , and when LE wants something they set president at the speed they pass things for them , its over due to end this ML , if they are not going to go by the constitution they should be viewed as the true enemy of the state , not RC’s

    • Nicholas Maietta

      And when it finally is declared unconstitutional will we ever see any financial compensation or being subjected to it? I bet on it 18 years almost. It’s still has destroyed any semblance of normalcy in my life. At least I got confirmation from the California Department of Justice that I will be off the registry January 1st of 2021. That is almost exactly three years from today. I plan on changing my name immediately. I have about one year left before I decide where I will live for 2 years solid so that I can make this happen. I suggest other people think about this as well.

      • Tim Moore

        Congratulations, but I am just wondering how you got confirmation from the DOJ when the tiered registry bill requires you petition the DA in your county first and that will not be possible until the law goes into effect in 2021?

      • dohow

        This year will be 20 years for me; before moving back to California I lived in Arizona. When I was there, I was subjected to a 3 tiered system that was still lifetime. Tier 1. is the category where I was placed, however, with the exception of tier 1. tiers 2 and 3 are posted on the internet as well as neighborhood notices. Under the tier 1 category, I was not posted on the website nor did I experience public door to door notices. However, Arizona has since amended the law and has decided to treat all tiers the same.

  3. Facts should matter

    More like Operation Enduring Stupidity!

    Seriously.. All this over-reactionary, all hands on deck, protect children at all costs, proactive hyper-vigilance will never, EVER do one ounce of good in thwarting, combating or curtailing ANYTHING. Also, these so-called “compliance checks” do not hold registrants responsible or accountable!

    It’s just a matter of time before someone snaps and sends a message. Maybe then we can have a national discussion about how ineffectual, inept, senseless and feckless Megan’s law is?

  4. Yeah Right..

    @*Matt* “The entire registry is dripping with unconstitutional violations.” It sure is.

  5. Yeah Right..

    BTW, I Think This May Be Why Laura Ahearn essentially “Bailed Out.”

  6. Sam

    I’m pretty sure unwarranted surprise searches aren’t legal. It says they searched their homes and electronic devices. Doesnt that violate all kinds of rights as it stated that they checked 100% of the offenders living in the area and not just the ones who were on probation or parole. This is an unreasonable search and seizure

    • Facts should matter

      Of course they’re illegal. Not only that, but they also maintain that Megan’s Law is not “custody” but here we see them going out on these dog and pony shows (sex offender “sweeps”) on what amounts to the equivalent of a prison shakedown (physically ransacking your personal and private property) in search of contraband or other illegal paraphernalia.

      They can’t have it both ways!! This artificial “public safety” showboating needs to STOP.

      If you’re not on probation or parole, do NOT let them come in. You’ve been warned.. this is how they catch people that don’t register emails and social media screen names.

  7. TS

    ‘Operation Vigilance’ targets Yolo County sex offenders

    Over 60 law enforcement personnel from seven local, state, and federal agencies participated in this joint operation from 15 agencies including: Yolo County District Attorney Investigations Bureau, Yolo County Probation, Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, Sacramento County Sheriff, West Sacramento Police Department, Davis Police Department, UC Davis Police Department, Woodland Police Department, Winters Police Department, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Parole Team, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation K-9 Teams, the FBI, Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, Sacramento Police Department and the California Highway Patrol.

    So, in Yolo “You only live once” County, CA, how many of these folks actually were needed as part of this exercise and how many were there to be trained? Someone needs to be doing a FOIA request on this exercise and all of its details since it is public info and public funds expended to complete it. How many of these folks are on/off paper? What is the break down?

  8. T

    The idea of constant compliance check of registrants is crap and unconstitutional.

  9. Will Allen

    The article said they checked 300 people and 60 devices. So I expect that they were only checking the devices of people on probation or parole.

    But of course, like nearly every media article about the “SEX offender” witch hunt, it is extremely poorly written and designed to make Nanny Big Government look less like the idiots that they are.

    Even though most of the people who support this idiocy are Nazis, I don’t think they would blatantly do something illegal, especially when they intend to brag about it in the media.

  10. Dustin

    Guessing the two that were arrested for porn and/or weapon possession were on paper. Weapons, OK. Felons generally aren’t allowed to have weapons unless their sentence is complete and they have had their weapons rights restored. Never been through that, but guessing it’s a years-long process, depending on the state. But porn possession? That’s a common PO violation based on the THEORY that viewing porn increases the likelihood of sexual re-offense. But once again, there is absolutely nothing to support it.

    When I asked the question in my court-ordered group, the provider couldn’t come up with any examples and challenged me to find one. I took her up and searched everything I could access, mainly Google searches. I’m sure it’s fairly accurate, as registrants being arrested for anything generally makes local news. In the relatively few cases of registered SOs being arrested for new crime (sexual or not) – as opposed to PO or registry violations – I have yet to find a single case where viewing pornography is even mentioned, let alone a factor in re-offense. If there is one, I’d like to see it.

    Also noteworthy is that in the few cases I have found of new RSO crime, the status of the accused as an RSO was never revealed until after he was arrested in yet another showing of how useless the registry is. I can say with certainty that the only crimes the registry has a role in are those created by the registry itself.

    I would also add the unfortunate reality that those arrested will be presumed guilty simply because they are registered, regardless of any other fact in their respective cases. It sucks, because while previous offenses or accusations may be a sentencing issue, they almost always have nothing to do with the case at hand and more often than not swing the innocent-or-guilty question to guilty. That’s why past convictions and acquitted accusations are among a prosecutor’s favorite evidence, particularly when the case is a pretty weak one.

  11. Bill

    Election time is coming and someone needs to make as much brownie points as they can.

  12. David Kennerly, There But For the Grace Of Dog...

    Notice how, once again, the pseudo-journalist fails to make distinctions (or to even mention) if all of the subjects of these home-invasions were on probation or parole, on the one hand or no longer under any kind of supervision, on the other. The only clue is that they mention the participation of probation and parole agents in this multi-agency effort. Instead, they simply use the term “sex offender” to describe the subjects of this scrutiny. Readers invariably confuse the two states of being and believe that all sex offenders must be subject to official home invasions and consider that “their” own rights are being violated when they learn that there are legal distinctions that must be made and rights which are restored when an “offender” is off-paper. Still, could it be that these task forces do sometimes target off-paper individuals for these searches/compliance interviews? And how many individuals would willingly cooperate with them? I would love to know.

    • Tim Moore

      They sent a parole officer to do a compliance check on me once. I had been off probation for twelve years. I don’t answer anything but that I live here, so I don’t know how far they get with interrogation of those who don’t know their rights. These sweeps are regular operations in San Diego County. The difference is they don’t advertize them other than on their web site. Their web site though makes it sound like everyone’s on probation or having some reasonable suspicion against them, not that they regularly go to registrant houses just to see what they can shake up.

      • AJ

        How are compliance checks any different from NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy of recent years? It was ineffective (, and widely viewed as a 4th Amendment violation…and that was with them doing it on public streets and property! How much more of an infringement is it for LEOs to come knocking on the door of someone they claim is free of all supervision? Do they also go around to everyone who owns a gun or boat (i.e. registered citizens of another ilk) to see if they’re complying? Methinks not.

        • Tim Moore

          Yeah, it is not even on the level with “knock and talk”, when LE can knock on your door and ask questions if there is reasonable suspicion that a crime is taking place or has just taken place, say the police see someone break a store window, who then runs onto your property. How is there any reasonable suspicious that a registrant is going to suddenly go off the registry and face years in prison, just because twenty years ago he committed a sex crime and has been offense free since? There are no credible re-offense statistics that even back up such a suspicion. It is interesting that when stop and frisk was halted, crime did not go up. These types of practices often are shown to be not only unjust, but unnecessary, saving tax payers’ money. Be great if someone could research these compliance checks and see the results. That is what happened that brought down stop and frisk. You can’t just file lawsuits against one’s personal instances of perceived injustices. It is likely to get thrown out. One has to do good research to show a pattern among a broad population. I would not mind contributing financially to such an effort, if someone had a plan and was organized.

    • Trish

      Let’s say a person is on probation for working to close to whatever or housing or whatever or all the BS the restrictions have! Should a person really be imprisoned for long periods of time and given more felony charges based on a possibility one could re-offend? No! Helllll no! It is a constitutional and civil violations of all sorts! If a court has deemed a person unfit or dangerous to themselves and or society, Well what the heeeeeel! But most of the Megan’s law and sorna etc…….. is just outright BS ! How can a person be held in limitation mode, just in case this or that? How can the law do whatever after sentence complete? We have many cases and evidence and is spelled out in the constitution why it is wrong for authorities to overstep, conjure up and have perpetual punishment based on past offenses knowing that no facts proof or evidence exists to support these claims! A past conviction does not solidify a ex con as a threat or danger nor does this give any authority the right to do whatever! Acceptable Society behavior and morale apptitude or turpitude is screwed up in this country! Underage girls pop out a baby and are they in jail? Is there a significant difference in a 15 year olds man tool and a 22 year olds ! Heeeellllll no! States now want to change the legal age to marry from 15 with parental consent to who knows! But does this stop young, middle, or old from engaging! Hellllllll no! Justification is needed! So ex sex offenders can continue to pay! Adultery, fornication and sexual promiscuity as well as all forms of hypocrisy abound and are allowed! We see men castrated and women freed with little repercussions! We see big money walk away reputations un touched and lives go on! We see injustices in power and the common person, yet with all the advancements in our great nation we see no balance and protection for the defense of the people just prosecute, prosecution, prosecutors and more systems and more punishments and more prisons and On and On! Is there something wrong or is it just me people!

  13. rod

    So thrilled! Police have transferred my registry from a dirty bad neighborhood police station to a remodeled (no other sex offender was registering there) high tech with soft couches okay!!!

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