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FL: Jackson County Proposes 2500 feet Sex Offender Residency Restriction


Jackson County, Florida is considering enacting a Sex Offender Residency Restriction (SORR). According to this article, the county currently has a 1000 foot ordinance, which they are looking to increase to 2500 feet.

“Our whole goal is not to punish anyone, it’s just to make our community safer,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Quinton Hollis said.

In fact, studies have shown that residency restrictions DO NOT make the communities safer and may even increase recidivism by destabilizing former offenders. SORRs were just declared to be punitive in the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

A meeting on the proposed change will be held on April 10, 2018 at 9:00 AM in the Jackson County Administration Building, 2864 Madison Street. Marianna, Florida 32448, Telephone: (850) 482- 9633

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  1. Paul

    “Our whole goal is not to punish anyone, it’s just to make our community safer,”

    Oh. Well in that case….

    What a jack ass!


      Ignorance is bliss.🤪

    • Robin


      It seems they all have blinders on and until such time it is proven that the original reasoning for putting fear into eveyone was not accurate infomation, they will continue to do so.
      I believe people that view posts on here don’t view posts that pertain to other states. I have posted this link elsewhere and believe it needs to get out to anyone and everyone that advocates for sex offenders so they can use it to put it under the law makers noses. It is something they can not ignore as it is a doj doc that is more recent than that of the one they keep using to state “frightning and high” recidivism. This proves that statement wrong and is a doj doc that took me a little to find.

      So hopefully this spark will spread, and have everyone, including legislators, talking about it. And stop creating new laws on that fear of “frightning and high”. Maybe even media that will report the true facts for a change.

      If we get them to stop passing new laws then be able to chip away at the existing one the entire registry will collapse on itself.

  2. Peter

    I’m from Florida and even I had to look up where the hell is Jackson county. lol.

    Either they have been under a rock not aware of the stats/studies and recent court rulings in regards to SORR or they are just another ” who ? ” county trying to make a name for themselves and finally follow the trails of the more known/popular counties.

    This is so stupid and I never understood this. Registrants already living there would be grandfathered in according to this Sheriff. So that means that even the most ” potentially ” dangerous people will still be there within a block from schools and children and they can’t do anything about it. So why even do this other than immobilizing citizens, creating homelessness and making a mess all together as it has been shown to do. e.i., Miami Dade.

    • Alex

      ” I’m from Florida and even I had to look up where the hell is Jackson county.”

      Jackson County = Farms, Swamps and a boat load of hicks. Their history with the KKK is well documented and some pretty scary stuff.

  3. Joe123

    This tells you how absolutely clueless the Politicians that people elect are. They carry ZERO knowledge about what the hell they are legislating. They’re children in suits pretending to be ‘holy adult civil servants’. Pathetic.

  4. TS

    Did they not see the other FLA case earlier this week on this topic and it’s outcome? Someone please inform them.

  5. Bobby

    I was grandfathered here in FL and have been in the same location for 30 years before and after my case. Been off probation for some time and nothing has happened from me or others(RC) like me nearby that would threatened the community. I’m near schools and parks and I don’t even pay attention to them or care for them. Everybody living normal lives.

  6. Lake County

    1000 ft, 2500 ft, why not just make it 10,000 ft? I’m really surprised no one has gone above 2500 ft since the more distance, the greater the child safety right? Should we be afraid if we are in a plane during take off or landing and the plain is flying too close to a school or park? Maybe we need to check the flight routes near airports we use? Parks are often near airports since that is better than flying over homes. Even though we will win at reversing many of these unconstitutional laws, it may take years to educate every politician in the United States to stop passing these useless laws.

    • Tim Moore

      To add, how would this have prevented Nasser? How would this have prevented Sandusky? How would this have prevented Elizabeth Smart from being abducted and imprisoned? How would it have kept Chelsea and Amber from being raped and murdered? Westerfield was a sadist not a pedophile and not on the list.
      Those who offer false solutions are imposters.

      • John

        Right. It doesn’t prevent a damn thing. Anyone who wants to do harm will do it. SORR will not keep anyone from doing harm like some sort of magic force field dome or wall. My probation officer one time argued that, yea it will keep you away from living near schools and children. I told her, at night time ? When they’re all home and sleeping ? lol . By day I can go anywhere, when they are actually out. lol. I can drive pass near a school or any other place and do 100 different things. I can visit my friends or family members who actually live next to a park and school and do something. Of course, I made it clear to her that I was speaking hypothetically for the sake of argument. She doubled my monitoring. I actually wasn’t upset. That only let me believe that she saw my point. lol

        • ml

          None of these laws surprise me and I do not think that the politicians are ignorant, I think they know that they can say and propose anything and no one will be upset if the targets are SO’s. It has been 15 years since the Alaska decision and we still are burdened by the “frightening and high” label. It blows my mind that our justice system is such horseshit that we are still living in the stone age. Is the total false basis for these laws not relevant at all? Is it not enough money or not enough attorney or does it just not matter that the premise for the registry is false? The world is still flat even if it is not! What kind of system do we have when this sort of total nonsense is the law of the land, and it gets worse every week, just look at the posts of new laws. I chuckle when I think of those black robed buffoons that bought into the frightening and high lie, with no verification. Kudos to Mike R for attempting to do something about this gross miscarriage of justice.

    • AJ

      @Lake County:
      1000 ft, 2500 ft, why not just make it 10,000 ft? I’m really surprised no one has gone above 2500 ft since the more distance, the greater the child safety right?
      I know MS has 3000′, and recall reading a proposal they had a few years back in a legislative session to make it 5 miles. I think that is when they came up with the 3000′, which I believe doubled what they had. (Were they having problems that the extra footage would solve?? Doubtful.)

      MS is also a state that keeps dead people on its registry, not to mention anyone who moves away.

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