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ACSOL 2018 Conference Videos Now Available

Videos from ACSOL’s 2018 conference held on June 15 and June 16 in Los Angeles are now available for viewing. The videos include three plenary speakers as well as five workshops.

“We are pleased to share with the public most of the information shared during the 2018 conference,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “In order to help the maximum number of people, there is no cost to access the videos.”

Plans have begun for the next ACSOL conference to be held in June 2019 at the same location. Details regarding the 2019 conference will be provided on this website as they become available.

2018 Conference Videos 


ACSOL Conference Attracts More than 170 People from 14 States, Identifies Future Opportunities in 2019

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Just got done reading powerpoint handout on tiered registry. This might be beating a dead horse , but humor me.
I have reduced charge for CP possession. Does that put my in Tier 1? Or do they go by original charge of felony before reduction and put me in higher tier. At my age, Tier 2 would amount to a lifetime.

I think that’s the question that everyone is asking and it isn’t clear. My personal guess is that it would go to level 1. That is how everyone else would see it. Remember, you get all gun rights back as well. So with that being said, you should have the same “status” as well. I am working on getting a 311.11(a) reduced and just got a hold of recordgone so I am wondering the same.

They did mine. Cheaper, but they DDDDDRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGG it out. Took 8 months to finish mine. I did the M.L. myself. That takes a while, too. Sure a $2500 lawyer could get it all done quicker, but are any of us in a rush to go anywhere ?

I can’t see giving all your citizen’s rights back, but also requiring lifetime registration. But then, I couldn’t see a person with a 153 I.Q. doing something so stupid, or the legal system acting so arbitrarily.So I guess anything is possible.

Thanks for giving me that info! I’m not too worried about how long it takes as long as it’s granted. Did you have to go to court? Or did they do it all?

I was just wondering when your conviction was? Mine was in August of 2012. I am hoping it can be reduced or expunged because I know laws changed after.

They do everything through a local attorney affiliated with them. You only provide them with your information concerning case. They will ask for an impact letter as well. You can google this for a template.

Thank you for the heads up!
I greatly appreciate it. Keep your fingers crossed for me if you will, even if its for 8 months 😛

First off, thank you for posting these videos. I really enjoyed the speakers.
Second, it sounds like its a bummer that Kennedy left since he was slowly converting his stance.

If I read the powerpoint correctly on tiered registry., a CP offense is a “3” wethet felony or misdomeanor? If reduced by court, dies it stay felony for tier purposes?
One page underlines FELONY CP, whike another page says CP offenses are a “3”. Again, confusing.

As it stands today CP possession is tier 3..lifetime

I think they are talking about once the tier system goes into place. Tier 3 says FELONY not all Cp charges.

Interesting presentation by Ira Ellman. Professor Ellman notes that about eight percent of California’s sex offenders are “high” risk. If there are about 105,000 sex offenders in California: Eight percent is still about 12,000 sex offenders (which is larger than the SO population in most states). If 25% of “high risk sex offenders” reoffend, about 9,000 are *incorrectly* flagged by the Static-99R. So, the “static” is less accurate than accurate because 25% is, quite literally, less than 50% chance.

Further, the re-offense figures do not take severity of offense into consideration — as all crimes (as well as people) are lumped together. Even a six-point gap — from scores “6” to “12” — are lumped together! Finally, the Static-99R figures are estimates from when a person is released from incarceration or sentenced to probation. The Static-99R’s flaw is literally in its name (“static”). THE STATIC-99R IS *NOT* *NOT* *NOT* DYNAMIC.

If applied on an individualized basis, many could be shocked to discover that the Static-99R’s ten “risk factors” may have absolutely nothing to do with the underlying cause to why a person offended in the first place. Human free will is completely ignored, replaced with Minority Report “science,” and watered down to a dumbed-down number.

What does severity of the index crime have to do with anything? The two crime categories perceived as the most severe, murder and sex crimes have the lowest re-offense of all crimes. Within sex crimes, crimes such as insect have a lower reoffense than say less perpetually sever indecent exposure. Severity does not indicate risk. Risk itself is a subjective measure. Is there a scientific measure of what constitutes level of harm? So the only objective measure of risk is reoffense rates.

Why are incest and indecent exposure mixed into the same Static-99R sample? Why are repeat violent rapists mixed with peeping toms? The Static-99R assumes that all sex crimes are the same. The Static-99R also assumes that all people are the same. The whole Static-99R scheme is disingenuous because the government sells it as an indicator of dangerousness — when, as you say, the Static-99R claims to measures risk of reoffense. The Static-99R doesn’t say what offense a person will commit *if* he re-offends. What the Static-99R does do is that it punishes people for behavior they MIGHT commit in the future.

Professor Ellman notes that non-contact people have low offense rates, which seems like common sense, but then Prof. Ellman hyped the same Static 99R that actually scores non-contact offenses higher. Where is the logic?? Also, Ellman talks about “mister risk assessment” Karl Hanson authoring every “good” risk assessment study. At the 24 minute mark, someone may have picked up the crazy conflict of interest and let go a burst of laughter. But seeing as how many are actually FOR the Static 99R’s utterly insane use… it shouldn’t be surprising if the laughter was actually in agreement. Either way, it doesn’t seem like truth has much weight these days. Personally, I hope Janice and Chance are able to see through Karl Hanson and his Static 99R b.s. before it destroys some our lives in 2021. Until then, I suppose the most we can do is pray.

Catherine Carpenter, as always, was great! It’s too bad that the battery in her mic went dead. Note to videographer: Always have a dual-audio system going because you can count on a battery dying. Use a standalone audio recorder on the podium and worry about sync later.

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