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CA: Louis Theroux’s LA Stories: Among the Sex Offenders

[ – 2012]

In 2012 legendary British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux relocated his family to Los Angeles after deciding that he needed a break from London. choosing Los Angeles for the lifestyle and the generally good weather. The BBC rented him a small old office in Hollywood which was originally built by Charlie Chaplin. and Louis and a small team set about developing a mini-series set in Los Angeles. The result is the three part series Louis Theroux’s LA Stories.

Among the Sex Offenders is the third of the three episodes and sees Theroux spend time at a residential facility for sex offenders who have been released from prison on parole, most of the residents would not be able to survive in a normal community and would be at far greater risk of re-offending. Among the offenders to feature are Amy, a female former teacher who abused an underage boy, and Randy a prolific flasher. Louis also meets a former resident of the facility who had left to live in his van.

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  1. alienated

    I try not to judge but this was an eye opener for me and I am saddened for everyone including the victims.

  2. R M

    Great video but very sad. It’s unfortunate that the recidivism rate or sex offenders (registered citizens) isn’t mentioned.

  3. Follow The Money

    Is this worth my time watching? I’m not an SVP. But after watching Louis Theroux’s disaster out of Coalinga State “Hospital,” I don’t have a very kind and/or favorable impression of Theroux.

    • David

      No, Follow, I do not think it’s worth your time to watch the video. He had a very narrow set of people he chose to interview. Why couldn’t you have put in more effort to find individuals like myself – and many, many others – who have been on the Registry for decades for a single offense committed so long ago?? People who have been given the opportunities to rebuild their lives and are now active, productive, contributing members of society?? Instead, he chooses to focus on more challenged individuals such as the chronic flasher. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not tooting my own horn or claiming that I’m better than anyone else. I’m merely saying that many of us have been able to rebuild our lives but no one bothers looking at our stories. So, no, it’s not worth your time to watch because, ultimately, his documentary reflects badly on all of us.

      • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

        Some years ago, Louis Theroux did his BBC thing with Coalinga State Hospital and, of course, he interviewed unsympathetic or marginal people, which is his want. Added to that is the fact that CSH handpicked those people with whom he was allowed to converse. The only exception was Mike St. Martin, the defacto representative of Detainee rights but whose interview, of course, ended up on the cutting room floor. I have no respect for Louis or his fanbase who fancy themselves as liberal and open-minded. Louis is another hipster vigilante, much like Vice News here in the States or Anonymous who DDOS or DOX the altready marginalized with abandon. We really cannot trust anyone in the media, with very few exceptions. I don’t even need to watch his latest confabulation to know how it turns out.

        • Follow The Money

          I totally remember that BBC documentary. I don’t know how that passes as “journalism.” It was equally disgusting to learn that the main “doctor” featured in that BBC “documentary,” Deirdre D’Orazio, is on CASOMB.

          I was also perusing CASOMB’s website. Some troubling points. CASOMB posted its propaganda video that villainizes “high” risk offenders. No mention that they are using the Static-99R to label high risk offenders. Also, apparently, CASOMB is now issuing “treatment completion” certificates. How will that factor into the petitioning process for those who have completed mandated treatment… yet were not issued these papers (even though we’ve completed the process years many years ago)?

          propaganda video on CASOMB’s front page:

          “Treatment” certificate (how many of you got one?):

          new and more guidelines seems troubling:

        • Mike D.

          Yes, Static 99R is indeed dubious. I was reading an article, not related to the Static 99R, but it reminded me of the Static in a way.

          “Character is not static,” says Tarra Simmons — who recently was admitted as a lawyer after being sentenced to prison.

          As for the added burdens of successfully completing treatment… how many petitions will be denied based on not having said treatment certificates? I can imagine cases in which said certificates are not issued for reasons none other than pure retaliation for people speaking up and standing up for their rights. I never got a certificate—though I was completely compliant through supervision (no violations). Are these certificates a new thing?

          Another thing to worry about is with Judge Aaron Persky’s election recall, will people be denied petitions for the only reason of judges wanting to protect their lofty positions?

      • DS


    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      How do you know you’re not an SVP without going to CSH first and waiting for a commitment trial? I’m not joking because there are people in there who have only had CP convictions or had very old, decidedly non-violent convictions and were later arrested years later for something non-sex-related or completely spurious, had those charges dropped but not released because the D.A. wanted to pursue civil commitment and then were shipped off to CSH to await their commitment trials (perhaps two or three years later) and, almost always, found to be “Sexually Violent” (by a jury, not of your peers) which, you should all know by now, does not require actual violence as the term would be understood by reasonable people. “Sexual Violence” can simply mean that you had sex with someone under the age of fourteen at some point in your life, no matter how many years or decades that had been. No hitting, punching, drugging or dead bodies are required. It will also go worse for you if you are gay. You might be surprised at who California considers “the worst of the worst.” I could get pulled-over tomorrow, falsely arrested for a crime I hadn’t committed and be referred by the D.A. for civil commitment. So, we as a community need to seriously include “SVP’s” in our wishlist for justice.

      • Lance Sosa

        So long as the prisoner used force or violence or caused serious bodily injury, they can be committed to Coalinga with other conditions met. This is very scary indeed. I am happy that this one candidate for California AG didn’t make the top-2 runoff, Eric Early. He wanted permanent mental health facilities for the homeless. That sounds like Hotel California to me.

        • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

          “So long as the prisoner used force or violence or caused serious bodily injury, they can be committed to Coalinga with other conditions met. ”

          Provided that if, by “violence,” you acknowledge that its millennias-old definition has been expanded to include the “Social Reengineer’s Guide To Debasing the English Language”‘s tortured re-definition of “violence,” then that is correct. Which is to say if you redefine “violence” to include having sex with someone under fourteen (in California). However, “any other conditions which may have to be met” don’t include any other actual crimes. For example: “Had male victims,” had an adult relationship for more than two or three years,” “was unrelated to the victim” etc. This is just sheer, cynical misdirection on the part of our lawmakers to pull the wool over the eyes of the non-legal scholars in their constituency.

        • Lance Sosa

          Yes, I was referring to the states bogus definition of violence. I do not agree with this. I agree with you 100%.

      • Totally against public registry

        David, you are absolutely right and thank you for advocating for the ones in Coalinga 🙏

  4. Phil

    Louis Theroux asks a resident if he is aware people want to kill those like him for their crimes. I wish he would have gone a step further and talked about how the US registry enables these murders. In Louis home country, the registry is less harsh. Registrants are not being murdered there like in the US and it would be better if the US system would be like England’s system in that respect.

    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      Actually, they have been murdered in the U.K. and, I would say, vigilantism against “paedophiles” appears to be much more of a thing there if our media is no less likely to report such incidents than the British press.

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