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Recidivism (Re-Offense) Rates for Registered Sex Offenders

[ – no publishing date]

National U.S. Recidivism (Re-Offense) Rates for Criminal Offenses, 3 years After Release

1. Vehicle Thefts, 78.8%*
2. Selling stolen property, 77.4%*
3. Burglary, 74%*
4. Larceny, 74.6%*
5. Possessing stolen weapons, 70.2%*
6. Robbery, 70.2%*
7. Domestic Battery, 41%**
8. Drugs, 27%*
9. Rape 2.5%* / Sexual Assault or Rape 5.3%**
10. Murder 1.2%*

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I went to the site to read more. It has a link to BJS 2002, but the link itself doesn’t take you directly to those stats. It’s 2005 plus years of info.

I guess this site compiled the list, but the reference can’t easily be founded by me. = /

Wish this list could be easily cited from a BJS page. Then we all can point to this page for reference.

Not all “sex offenders” have committed rape. Many of us have a non-contact/non-violent offense.

I would also put “rape” in quotes, as in: Not all “sex offenders” have committed “rape.” Or, for that matter, “sexual assault” or “sexual violence.” I think that we need to forcefully take back the English language and restore to it its integrity by re-claiming its true meanings. We’ve all been living in George Orwell’s “1984” for a long time and need to actively confront the execrable “Ministry of Truth” (“Minitruth”) which has served to brainwash without challenge.

I see no recidivism rate for DRUNK DRIVING which is a real problem here in Wisconsin. The authorities have implemented a site like SOR posting photos of them online. BTW I make side cash driving folks to and from their watering hole of choice. It is a real business opportunity for SOs, if you don’t mind the hours….bar time. Tavern owners chip in too cause it is a service that puts butts in seats. Keep it cash tho!

@Tim L:
I make side cash driving folks to and from their watering hole of choice.
A new ride service: Ubeer.

Each of us need to share these articles with our reps, D.A.s, activists, and EVERY person in Florida. Let’s flood these people with facts, repost the articles on blogs, and create another narrative. The most nieve are the ones the politicians target, so fight fire with fire!

I have an email list of friends, politicians, and the “other side” that I forward this stuff to. Each person knows there are others getting this info. Remember……sharing is caring! (Mushy!)

Honestly I think our reps don’t care about SO’s, I mean look at when the General Assembly votes on an SO law, it’s always for (Example), say 100 thumbs up to pass the law and there are 100 of them and you never see one thumbs down and it’s that way every single time an SO law is invented. It may very well make a change of some kind by contacting our rep, who knows, right? My offense was in no way by force or violent in nature, I was in a consensual relationship with someone, I’m tired of typing… Read more »

Why does everyone use these weak academia articles? The only ones that really matter are any report with “gov” in the url. At least that is my take, acedemia is always has questionable methodologies while gov docs are hard numbers. My opinion.


Do you realize that Smith v. Doe relied on a government article? It is those “weak academia articles” that have disproved government claims regarding sex crime recidivism statistics. We are all required to register because of a bogus government statistic.

I’d take an academia article over a .gov article. Government is corrupt. With government, there is always a conflict of interest and/or political motive hidden from the public.

Mike, I must disagree with you on articles from academia being weak. Some of the best articles and studies in our favor have come from academia, yet there is a marked disregard by politicians to accept these studies as valid. I speak from five years experience at a major university where I focused on reviewing prison research projects (as well as others) for conformity to human research safety requirements.

Don’t get me wrong, “any” educating or awareness sharing is great.

This post is really good though. We need exactly this post to remain at the top of the list forever or on a side link or something so that anyone with stats, including the citations for those stats, can post them until we have a list a mile long that anyone can use for both legal and educational purposes. That would be awesome.

Here is a great start to that list.
So we need to somehow be able to have anyone add to the list.

I have noticed a difference on how other than white society views RSOs. Oddly as a white guy I have experienced more compassion from the black community at large than from my own demographic.

Robert, I agree. Since African Americans and other minorities have been treated as sub-human, I believe they have much empathy for us, since registrants are treated as less than human.

That might be because most groups in America that are not white christian based have been oppressed, vilified, and targeted. These groups understand how the government ignores them and have empathy for other groups. The native americans saw this in the black slave population. I have found the gay community much more compassionate towards others.

All, In reality, any reputable source that is favorable to our cause is a good source, e.g. govt, academia, or industry. As someone who has seen the inside of the federal government, I know how the data is massaged (or manipulated if you prefer) to appear favorable for their cause and the opposition does the same with data that suits their cause. We have discussed the data massage here in-depth often to show one part of the story needed to be told, e.g much like a court case. So find the best data the rises to the top and use… Read more »

And yet even with one of the lowest recidivism rates when they take a plea or fail at trial they receive some of the harshest sentences from our criminal justice systems.

And yet even with one of the lowest recidivism rates when they are offered a plea or fail at trial they receive some of the harshest sentences. At least that is what happens in Orange County, CA.

Okay let me rephrase that. The Smith V Doe case is exactly my point. It was not a government report but was CDCR guide for a prison program which cited an article from academia and was presented by the solicitor general. My point was that in Court government reports from government websites or sources, i. e. gov in the URL is a sure bet it is government, will trump any academia and if the court in Smith would have been presented with a real government report such as, Patrick A. Langan et al., Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison… Read more »

look at this out of Taylor. just substitute the registry for the residential and see what a rational person must conclude. In this case, however, we need not decide whether rational basis or heightened strict scrutiny review should be invoked in scrutinizing petitioners‟ constitutional challenges to section 3003.5(b). As we next explain, we are persuaded that blanket enforcement of the mandatory residency restrictions of Jessica‟s Law, as applied to registered sex offenders on parole in San Diego County, cannot survive even the more deferential rational basis standard of constitutional review. Such enforcement has imposed harsh and severe restrictions and disabilities… Read more »

So check this out and see how it sounds: Blanket enforcement of the mandatory requirements of California’s SORA, as applied to first time offense registered sex offenders such as Plaintiff who pose no more of a cognizable threat to public safety then that of the general population, cannot survive even the more deferential rational basis standard of constitutional review. Such requirements and enforcement has imposed harsh and severe restrictions and disabilities on Plaintiff’s liberty and privacy rights, while producing conditions that hamper, rather than foster, efforts to monitor, supervise, and rehabilitate him. Accordingly, SORA bears no rational relationship to advancing… Read more »

“first time offense registered sex offenders” change to “registered, first-time sex offenders”
“public safety then that” change to “public safety than that”
“Such requirements and enforcement has” change to “Such requirements and enforcement have”
“than parolees whom retain only limited” change to “than parolees who retain only limited”
“sexual violent predators” change to “sexually violent predators”

Sounds good; good luck!

This is what I am talking about TS. Be it academic or governmental. Preferably for me Gov. reports.
However, there should be a consistent baseline of data to counter the bad narrative out there we know is used.


Exactly right, a consistent baseline of data that can be used to fight the negative narrative that is used against registered citizens.

I will say that your mountain of data continues to grow. I’m impressed. I hope it continues to grow for you and your bride. I look forward to reading it as you publish it.

This is also a very compelling statement that believe me I will exploit:
When considering a publicly accessible website “This pay-for-removal scheme attempts to profit off of someone else’s humiliation,” said Attorney General Becerra. “Those who can’t afford to pay into this scheme to have their information removed pay the price when they look for a job, housing, or try to build relationships with others. This is exploitation, plain and simple.”

Despite the truth of what Becerra said, you may not get a lot of mileage out of it in court. In Smith v Doe, SCOTUS said that damage to one’s reputation and other expressions of social opprobrium based on factual conviction information posted on a web site is a collateral consequence of the offense.

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