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CA: Child molester slain by fellow inmate at California prison

[ – 7/11/18]

Authorities say a convicted child molester was beaten to death by another inmate just days after arriving at a California prison.

Wasco State Prison officials said Wednesday that 19-year-old Andres Ayon began striking 66-year-old Agustin Duran in the face and chest with his fists Saturday night.

Guards broke up the assault with a pepper spray grenade.

Duran was airlifted to an outside hospital, where he died Sunday afternoon. He arrived in prison July 2 to serve a life sentence after he was convicted in Los Angeles County of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old.

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“Ayon, who was treated for minor injuries, arrived at the prison north of Bakersfield last month…”

Did they charge this man with murder, did they arrest him for committing a crime? Did they give him a lolly pop? The reporter did not give a story at all. The story is only a PR spot to tell the public that another one of us was a victim of a hate crime. And yes, I know we are not a protected class, but let’s call a spade a spade!!

And California CDCR has said that it will afford FEWER opportunities for vulnerable inmates to live in protective custody from now on. Perhaps it already has. This is worth us holding a demonstration and will draw attention to the open season on sex offenders in prison.

These murders have got to stop!

What was Ayon’s motive? Was it over a TV etc or did he murder Duran BECAUSE of him being a RC? WE know the reason but can it be proven? Will anyone outside of us even care?

Last time my DCS officer was here he mentioned that I’m building a fortress around my house. I just said to my DCS officer, yup.

I have a 4′ fence around the front yard with a lockable gate and beware of dog and no trespassing signs; I have a 6′ privacy fence around the back yard; I have a big dog who barks anytime someone other than me or a select few approach the yard; I have 8 security cameras, and I’m in the process of building a fully enclosed back deck which contains the back door. I just said to my DCS officer, yup.

I’m still paranoid though. We need to feel safe in our dwellings and prisoners need to fell safe in their temporary or not “homes” (prison/jail).

RM – No one can blame you for building your fortress. Maybe it would help if you educate your DCS officer by stating. “Indeed and it is for my own safety.” “People such as myself are being murdered by society who do not want to believe those such as myself have changed.” Not that he would care but it would help him to understand why and maybe worth a try.

@Laura, I have talked to the officers. They listen, they agree, but will do nothing. I, as we all are, are trying to take their jobs away.

I think this kid did this to protect himself. He thinks that preying on a weaker person will gain him points in a primitive environment. At 19, the path he has chosen assures that his life is pretty much over anyway. A sad end to two lives.

The strong always dominate over the weak, but the smart always dominate over the strong.

lewd and lascivious act with a child under 14, was that (a) (d) what was the code? was it aggravated? forced? was there a deal? story says he’s a child molester, im not saying hes innocent but just another case of the media using strong inexcusable language, he could of rubbef himself, he could of touched, he could of kissed, yes all is very wrong but theres many pieces left out, theres many individuals with the lewd and lascivious act but there was no xxx involved,

And a life Sentence… something smells.

So when did the guards come in with pepper spray? After this poor man was beaten to pulp. Every guard on duty that night should be charged for murder.

Would it be possible for a lawsuit against Wasco and/OR CDCR for placing 66 year old Agustin Duran in this situation to begin with?

Last year when my loved one was in WASCO it was the guards calling him names out in the yard and being sure others heard. But they had protective custody a year ago. Will this be enough for a lawsuit on behalf for 66 year old Agustin Duran against WASCO/CDCR for placing him in this situation which caused him to be murdered? May he rest in peace.

I was in Wasco myself a few years back and I can tell you with no uncertainty, this could have just as easily happened in their so-called protective custody, or Special Needs Yard(SNY). Both there and in county lockup, I heard guards say things that practically encouraged others(including guards who were being trained) to target offenders who were in for sex crimes.

I bet you the murderer won’t even get 10 years for this. America’s politics and naive public openly accepts violence and thinks it’s a ‘normal way of life’. However, you touch someone the wrong way and you get LIFE in prison, because we all know touching is worse than murder! Talk about royally screwed-up priorities. Go ‘Murica!

Sadly, this is true. You need to look no further than our TV and other entertainment media. The Walking Dead has an incredible amount of violence. But they still can’t show a nipple. Because, you know, the general audience if totally fine seeing seeing point-blank the lead character tear our another characters throat with his bear teeth, or point-blank reduce a characters face and head into a puddle with a barbwire covered baseball bat, but a nipple will surely corrupt the younglings.

If remember correctly Janice made a remark to be “watching out” for something as if she was implying some sort of litigation on the horizon in regards to harm and SOR issues. Curious if that’s coming soon???

Anybody who has been to prison knows that stories like this are a real threat, every single day. This is true from the moment an offender arrives in reception until the moment he walks out the door. It’s compounded during reception because there are so many inmates, from so many different places and backgrounds. It does ease up a little bit when an inmate reaches his mainline yard. But that’s only true if the inmate has handled himself well up to that point, and there are many in similar situations at the PC yard. And now, CDCR is apparently dissolving PC/SNY yards all together. They (CDCR) knows this will create an extremely dangerous environment for any inmate who is already in PC, and any future inmates who arrive in the future. This isn’t just for RSO’s. Gang member drop-outs are in this new danger zone too. And keep in mind that in many cases, the gang enforcement cops (Can’t remember their official name) who work within the prison system encourage many gang members to snitch on their cohorts, in exchange for the protection of CDCR and transport to a PC yard. Now, CDCR is jerking the rug out from underneath the same people they said they would protect. If this actually happens, there will be many, many dead inmates within the first few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are hundreds killed within the first six months. So far, CDCR’s only real official response to these concerns is: “The inmates will just have to learn how to get along with each other.” That statement is absolutely absurd. And they know it’s absurd. Anybody remember the “Gladiator Days” at Corcoran? CDCR knows exactly what they’re doing. They don’t care. In the near future, their official response will be something like this: “If you don’t like the conditions, don’t come to prison.” It’s coming folks. The lawsuit needs to be prepped and ready. The first inmate who gets killed after the transition (The guy in this story may have been the first one. We don’t know yet.) will be a sacrificial lamb. This policy at CDCR needs to be stopped. And it paints a bigger picture too. In prison, efficient weapons and freedom of movement are very limited. On the outside, ex-cons are sitting ducks. We are not allowed to defend ourselves with weapons. We can’t even have pepper spray. But those who wish to victimize people, and prey on certain groups, have unlimited access to weapons and total freedom of movement. As long as we continue to attack the registry on an incremental basis, the scumbags will continue to manipulate the laws to get what they want. The great bait-and-switch amendment to 290 PC is the most recent example. The whole scam needs to be abolished on Constitutional grounds. Everyone knows the scam is unconstitutional. Everyone. What we need is the right case(s) to push forward. We need to fight these people with the same vigor that they curb-stomp us with. And we need to do it right now.

Huh ? we cant have pepper spray ? what state is that in or what law ? im in CA the only thing I cant have is a gun …aka firearm…. Im getting pepper spray, a bow and arrow, and maybe even a few high powered lasers 🙂

Start with 22810PC in California-Stan. If you still have questions, get back to me.

the code you quoted is for tear gas and it only states that persons who have been convicted of misuse of tear gas can’t have it

California Penal Code Section 22810
22810. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person may purchase, possess, or use tear gas or any tear gas weapon for the projection or release of tear gas if the tear gas or tear gas weapon is used solely for self-defense purposes, subject to the following requirements:

(a) No person convicted of a felony or any crime involving an assault under the laws of the United States, the State of California, or any other state, government, or country, or convicted of misuse of tear gas under subdivision (g), shall purchase, possess, or use tear gas or any tear gas weapon.

(b) No person addicted to any narcotic drug shall purchase, possess, or use tear gas or any tear gas weapon.

(c) No person shall sell or furnish any tear gas or tear gas weapon to a minor.

(d) No minor shall purchase, possess, or use tear gas or any tear gas weapon.

(e) (1) No person shall purchase, possess, or use any tear gas weapon that expels a projectile, or that expels the tear gas by any method other than an aerosol spray, or that contains more than 2.5 ounces net weight of aerosol spray.

(2) Every tear gas container and tear gas weapon that may be lawfully purchased, possessed, and used pursuant to this section shall have a label that states: WARNING: The use of this substance or device for any purpose other than self-defense is a crime under the law. The contents are dangerous use with care.

(3) After January 1, 1984, every tear gas container and tear gas weapon that may be lawfully purchased, possessed, and used pursuant to this section shall have a label that discloses the date on which the useful life of the tear gas weapon expires.

(4) Every tear gas container and tear gas weapon that may be lawfully purchased pursuant to this section shall be accompanied at the time of purchase by printed instructions for use.

(f) Effective March 1, 1994, every tear gas container and tear gas weapon that may be lawfully purchased, possessed, and used pursuant to this section shall be accompanied by an insert including directions for use, first aid information, safety and storage information, and explanation of the legal ramifications of improper use of the tear gas container or tear gas product.

(g) (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), any person who uses tear gas or any tear gas weapon except in self-defense is guilty of a public offense and is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for 16 months, or two or three years or in a county jail not to exceed one year or by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment.

(2) If the use is against a peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2, engaged in the performance of official duties and the person committing the offense knows or reasonably should know that the victim is a peace officer, the offense is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for 16 months or two or three years or by a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment.

(Amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 15, Sec. 538. Effective April 4, 2011. Amending action operative October 1, 2011, by Sec. 636 of Ch. 15, as amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 39, Sec. 68. Section operative January 1, 2012, pursuant to Stats. 2010, Ch. 711, Sec. 10.)

Section: 22810 22815 22820 22825 22830 22835 22840 Next
Last modified: September 9, 2016

You believe that. I hope you never have to use them because they will throw enhancements on you. Sounds like you’re atleast of parole. They will lock you up for a water gun or a knife being not in the kitchen the . Good luck

Matt wow man after that I feel like I know you Bro . yep I was in Corcoran , I was one of the first 26 people to go to C yard , and we helped set up tv’s even planted grass that would not be there long , everything was just prison for about the first year and the it hit ! they brought in every fool from all over the state RC’s were on the menu for entertainment for sure , the whole was over on B yard and I was in that hole 4 times in 2 months , right back out on the yard , and the hell yes the CO’s were putting your info out there right in front of your face , the hole was no safer , so it was on , this time I really got hurt I was stabbed in the back in the chow line right in front of the cops , I never seen it coming and I freaked out on the guy and well he was sent out to a head trama center and the tried to charge me even know this ass hole pulled a PC move right in front of the stinking CO,s they sent me to the 4 SHU unit I was in there for about a year after CO’s tried to set me up on the stupid little yard , and finely sent me out to Susanville , and I have to say this up their the CO’s treated me with respect , and its hard to say that but they were good to this ole RC I did my last 16 months their 5 years all together on a 9 , but in Corcoran it was a blood bath in there we were staying locked down so much eating crappy sandwich’s day in and day out just to get back on the yard for a few days tops , that the had CO’s standing on top of the building with video cameras and like on Q it would jump off , and everyone was game even if you had no dog in the fight , but when the shots were fired most of us would hit the ground someone always got killed or hurt bad ! it sucked !!! but it looks like what is coming our way Aint no dang joke , so everyone watch your step , inside or out , its looking stupid here in central CA , good luck to everyone and please try to pull (EVERYONE TOGTHER) people talk about me right out in the open most of the time just a few feet away , but I get by on just being the same all the time , I show respect regardless of how I know they feel about me , and at the same time I aint no punk , but I am not just old but I also showing signs of weakness so I worry about that as well as the new faces around its like the changing of the guard around this block and many are young and stupid looking to gain stripes , and hell I don’t want to end up in prison because I have to protect myself or my family , I am just like most of you I just want to move along and enjoy myself a bit with my wife and now grown kids , Cops are off the hook around here as well bunch of birds in the air at night and rollers thick , they just put in cams in this crappy old motel and they are on line so the cops have the code to view , hell the manger can watch from his phone across town , so can the cops , so now I cant walk out of my room with out being watched , prison with out bars . also the PD have been coming around not log before they put the cams in going door to door looking for bogus people going door to door asking if it was ok to look in their room , one room a man and his wife let them in and even allowed them self to be searched , they ran the women and found she had a ticket the cop wrote them some other shit telling her if she don’t go to court he will arrest her , bummer they are about my best people . but now they will know i am home . and even worse know when I leave . me and my landlord had words over “WORDS” over the cams and he called the cops , I have known this guy for 15 years , any way the sheriff’s cam by I was still out side , I just said I told the land lord that I was not happy with these cams because I dint need to be watch or baby sat and that’s my right , the sheriff even acted like my land lord was strange lol , I told the that they were on line cams and that the PD was in on him getting them , they ask me how I knew that , and I told them the land lord did , after he lied to me 3 times , the sheriff got a laugh at that lol and then just said have a nice day and left , you have to watch all cops in Kern County , but the PD can be crazy as hell , any way good night nice to have met you Matt

People are so deluded and brainwashed to believe that attacking someone for being a “sex offender” is an honorable thing, when there is nothing honorable about that at all. These victims of these vigilante attacks are victims and for these attackers they are nothing but dangerous criminals.

To me, attacking an old man with a offense that makes him low hanging fruit shouldn’t get him any points for anything but cowardice.

I went to Wasco for reception. My yard was split 3 buildings general population and 3 buildings special needs. I just remember being on high alert whenever I was going anywhere because anyone from the SNYs were green lit.

Wasco was very active. I was put with the level 3’s and 4’s. There were at least 3 fights a week. I remember one day when we were lucky enough to get time on the yard we were instructed “yard down”. Two guys in a GP building beat up a fellow inmate. That inmate died on the way to the hospital. That was the only day I ever saw the “goon squad” runnning toward a building or a forensic cart hauled to a building.

Fortunately, I had 10 months left on my one year sentence when I arrived at Wasco. AB 109 shortened my two year sentence to one year. It was crazy, my first cell mate was doing 49 to life. I was very worried we were going to get into it because he technically had nothing to lose. I was lucky he was a good guy. He wasn’t a registrant. He just was a gang banger who struck out and didn’t want to deal with prison politics.

Life was definitely easier in prison because you had more “freedom”, but I felt safer in county jail since you were housed with inmates who were convicted or charged with similar crimes.

I end up finishing my last 7 months at Golden State in MacFarland. During my time there, there were only 3 fights total in my dorm.

I was very lucky to have never been asked for paperwork. I was also fortunate that no one ever tried to put hands on me or disrespect me in any way.

CDCR doesn’t care about its inmates. CDCR creates crisis and hysteria to rationalize more funding to its bureaucracy. Have you heard the story of CDCR orchestrating a fictitious prison riot to intimidate then federal judge Thelton Henderson from alleviating prison overcrowding? Judge Henderson tells it in his documentary: Soul of Justice.

I remember when I was sentenced to prison, my first and only arrest. CDCR initially housed me in General Population (GP). Because I was sentenced under 290.006, and my crime was not a specified sex offense, CDCR claimed that it did not have record of my 290 status. For a few weeks, I was in GP. Ultimately, as my few months of incarceration was nearing an end, I was given a sheet of paper notifying me that I’d be placed under post-release community supervision (PRCS) and that my reporting location was my county’s probation office. From what I understand, the period of PRCS is usually only one year… even for “sex offenders.”

Here is where I was once again duped by the “system:” A few days before my actual release, the CDCR “counselor” called me into his office. The counselor told me to come back with my PRCS document under the guise of him needing to “make corrections.” When I returned to his office, the counselor quickly reread it, took it from me, then gave me a new sheet showing that I’d be placed under three years CDCR parole. I was just happy to be getting out in a few days, so I didn’t object (not that any objection would have mattered anyway). The counselor told me that CDCR parole would be “better,” and that I could discharge within one year for good behavior. Since I had no other criminal history and had no disciplinary history in prison, the CDCR counselor said that he saw “no reason” that I’d be discharged from parole within one year. LOL total bullshit!

I later learned that my change from community supervision to CDCR parole was for the only reason of being ONE POINT too high on the Static-99R. Had I scored only one point lower, then I would have remained on PRCS. How the hell can a static “test” have this much power?? This is also when I learned that the “high-risk sex offender” static designation is an absolute sham.

Ultimately, I was discharged exactly three years without any violation. But I would learn that what the counselor told me was absolute garbage. If placed on CDCR parole, rarely do “sex offenders” discharge at their minimum parole release date… not especially if one happens to score “high” on the Static-99R. If CDCR says three years, expect three years. If they say five, expect five years. But maybe don’t trust CDCR at all. During mandated “treatment,” I would learn that people with five-year parole were even being given 10-year parole amid their parole!! It was absolutely ludicrous — and it was infuriating to see the devastating look on those people’s faces. Imagine spending sometimes many years locked-up, promised a five-year parole, then be surprised with twice-long… 10-year parole! To those people, I’d try to help by telling them about what was then CARSOL. I gave the 800 number of Janice, gave the address of ACLU so that they can write.

With CDCR came the infamous ankle bracelet and weekly “treatment” (yes, Sharper Future). “Treatment” was pretty bad in that most of the “classes” consisted of a short lecture from an unlicensed intern, then we were usually made to watch Hollywood movies for the remaining two to three hours (stupid thing is that the unlicensed interns would fast-forward past any “sex” or make out scenes). The thing where they get you are the polygraph tests (given by used car salesmen polygraphers), containment meetings, and the report writing… in which the Sharper Future “doctors” seem to embellish their reporting. I guess whatever they say goes on your permanent record?? And with the “high” Static-99R score comes lots of rude treatment from the misinformed interns and “doctors” … all who seem absolutely oblivious to the Static-99R’s dumbness. Higher Static-99R scores get you more scrutiny than deserved.

In the last year of my CDCR parole, I had an absolute d*ckhead parole agent. He’d made random visits to my workplace, saying that I should be glad he was “low-key” about it (even though I was completely respectful to him), questioning me in the parking lot as co-workers wondered why a man with a badge around his neck, driving a black Chevy Impala with tinted windows, was questioning me. Only my boss and supervisor knew about my parole status. No other agents in the first two years parole ever visited my workplace or even questioned my boss or supervisor. But my last CDCR agent routinely questioned my boss and supervisor. I even feared that I’d be fired. This last CDCR parole agent, on two occasions, even sent massive squads of police officers to my house in the last year of my parole. Again, never happened the first two years. I think this was because parole agents, based on their law enforcement propaganda training, ignorantly assume that “high” Static-99R scores somehow equal greater “danger.”

I know I was an aberration to have a home and employment. Many registrants were homeless, and most were unemployed. But to me, it seemed that CDCR intentionally does things to sabotage progress so that maybe someone will lose their home, maybe someone will lose their job, and it increases the chances that a parolee will be reincarcerated and become another number to rationalize more funding to the CDCR bureaucracy (also, recidivism would boast the narrative that “bad people” are beyond repair).

Suffice to say that I’ve been off parole for over five years now, doing ok, still renting a studio apartment, still working at the same job (hey, it pays shit… but at least it’s enough to pay for home, food, utilities, transportation). I have a whole $400 TOTAL, aka my entire life savings, in my bank account lol. No contact with police other than the annual registration (hope it stays that way, knock-on-wood). I may be a poor ass man, but at least I’ve learned a lot about how dirty the system is. I was raised to believe that police and government are good and “here to help.” I also was taught to trust doctors. Through this experience, I learned that cops can be pretty bad, goverment is not here to help, and there are a lot of pretty bad “doctors” (particularly the psychologists employed by CDCR/Sharper Future).

Oh, and that Static-99R? It’s complete bullshit. F*ck the Static!

I was scared…and now I’m petrified after reading the comments. My son was incarcerated for three years, 10 years ago. I thought that life could not ever get any worse. He sailed through without any issues, as well as parole. He had a new life with a fiancé and a daughter. They were together for 7 years, until she threatened to take his daughter away. I won’t go into details here, because the situation is unreal, unfair, unjust. While he was in jail, she sold/stole every thing he had worked his whole life for. No one cared. She took his daughter to another state. No one cared. The only reason he sits in prison (RC) now as the prosecutor put it, is basely solely on his prior sex offense, saying he wouldn’t have been charged otherwise! Now, I feel that his life is in danger! And the stress is killing me. And no one cares.

I have been fortunate enough to be in federal military facility.. the dormitory housed nothing but sex offenders with it’s own yard. Strict rules and maximum supervision of the guards.. This action wouldn’t happen in the environment I was in. I often wonder why other facilities didn’t follow the federal setup

Simple: They want us dead

@Matt: “Simple: They want us dead”

I think it’s more complicated than that. They use a divide and conquer strategy. As long as the inmates are focused on the RCs they aren’t focused on the CO’s. Nice and safe. The CO’s instigate but when the stuff hits the fan they will throw the shot callers under the bus and then order the bus driver to keep driving back and forth over them.

Jail out of control, transcript shows
SANTA ANA Inmate’s slaying prompts probe by grand jury

I was given a sentence in California Women’s Correctional Facility, Chowchilla, for lewd and lascivious with victim, 14-15 years old. Due to a Court Clerk error, one of my counts was errantly listed as “under 14”. This wasn’t corrected until after my release. I always immediately stuffed any papers listing my convictions into stamped envelopes and mailed them home. After my initial housing in Reception, I was twice housed in the same cell with women who there due to allegedly killing a RC; one had killed a man who had molested her daughter, the other had killed a rapist from her own childhood. This wasn’t coincidental. By the way, I was told that the guards won’t open a cell after late night count, even if someone is getting beat up.

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