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NY: Couple raises concerns about 5 sex offenders living in nearby home

[ – 8/4/18]


A Shirley couple says five sex offenders are living together in their community nearly 80 feet from their home.

Jennifer and Thomas Gritz, who have lived in their home for the past 14 years, say they no longer allow their 10-year-old son to play outside.

“I want my son to go outside and be a kid – play in the backyard, ride his bike up and down the street. He doesn’t even do that unless one of us is with him,” says Jennifer Gritz.

Laura Ahearn, from Parents for Megan’s Law, says the problem exists because the state Court of Appeals in 2015 shot down all laws restricting where sex offenders could live.

Since then, she and others have been advocating to give individual counties the power to make those decisions.

“It’s the Assembly [Democrats] that will not allow suburban counties to have the power to be able to restrict where a sex offender can or cannot reside,” said Ahern. “Now, there could be 25 in one dwelling. It’s an outrage.”

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  1. Two States East

    What entertainment ! I’ll bet most of the people see through this ploy of Ahearn making more money through her PFML Gov contracts, and the Republicans using political football to take control of the Democrat-controlled House. But that ain’t likely…

  2. totally against public registry

    “It’s the Assembly [Democrats] that will not allow suburban counties to have the power to be able to restrict where a sex offender can or cannot reside,” said Ahern. “Now, there could be 25 in one dwelling. It’s an outrage.”

    Really? If the registry was abolished, these people would be able to work and have a place of their own to live in and not be huddled in one place……….as if these citizens on the registry really want to live in squalor and shame for the rest of their lives : (

  3. Harry

    These parents should investigated for abusing their son, for not letting outside. Generally when parents do not let kids outside are child abusers. 5 RC’s living the same house is about the best checks and balance one can get for re-offense prevention.

  4. cool RC

    Laura Ahearn, from Parents for Megan’s Law, says the problem exists because the state Court of Appeals in 2015 shot down all laws restricting where sex offenders could live.

    It seems like YOU Laura Ahearn, IS the problem not the court.

  5. Laura

    This is why (if there has to be a registry) it should only be available to law enforcement. What if these registrants are living with a family or friend who isn’t on the registry. Or perhaps a family or friend stops to visit one of these registrants. Now if any of the above comes to light then those people (if any) I have just listed will become a target of hate, solely by the ignorance of this reporter and couple.

    • AnotherAnon

      Exactly, if I rent a room in a house, do I tell the renter that I’m registered? If so, doesn’t that imply I agree with the public registry as a matter of politics? Maybe not wanting to inform the renter is a free speech statement. On the other hand, if I rent a room, aren’t I putting the renter at risk of vigilantism? Does the renter have the right to know of that risk? Again, if I inform the renter for his own safety, isn’t that implying I support the public registry? *

      I just read a California court ruling dealing with failure to notify the current jurisdiction and failure to register at the new jurisdiction. The court found the reason was to avoid monitoring by police at both jurisdictions. Bullshit. The above reasons are a more likely factors for wanting to escape the registry. The police have never knocked on my door because of a current crime like what happens in the movies when they round up the usual suspects (RCs).

      * I would not rent a room if minors were in the house. I mean, doh.

  6. Scotus Save Us Now

    The best part is the “overturned law” didn’t limit the # of people who lived together, just how far from schools they could live once they finished parole or probation. If they are still on parole or probation there is still a limit. Also for you all you know this house is beyond that limit. The day Laura Ahern meets her maker cannot come soon enough

  7. Anonymous

    The neighborhood of Shirley has a very, very high violent crime rate. Knife stabbing, heavy drug sales & use, DWI’s with children involved, very dangerous armed robberies. children with extremely disfunctional parent. It’s a friggin nightmare. But Ahearn can’t make money off of that. Maybe she doesn’t have the time. While the safety of their children is paramount, and they should take precautions, the neighbors in this story are extremely misguided. They’ll be sorry when they end up on the wrong side of a criminal and I would bet it won’t be by a guy previously convicted of a sex crime.

  8. R M

    It’s so ironic how people live in fear of people previously convicted of a sex offense as 95+% of new sex crimes are NOT committed by people convicted of a sex offense.
    This family (and many others) is in fear only because they’ve become brainwashed by gov’t and media with their lies and unwillingness to open their eyes to the truth. Gorilla on the basketball court syndrome.

    • Sunny

      R M, you are correct. The vast majority of new sex crimes are committed by people with no criminal record. It’s my understanding that even the pseudoscientific Static-99 predicts that, after a period of 10 years or so, a registrant is actually at a statistically lower risk of reoffense than a general member of the public.

  9. nylevel1

    Whenever I see Laura Ahearn from Parents for Megan’s Law protesting I always think the ‘Lady doth protest too much’ although she is not a lady why is she always protesting? Does she have a guilty conscience? Is she trying to hide something? Does she have children or perhaps a Girlfriend? Is she a victim and has not sought treatment? She’s a Republican platforming an agenda that is attractive in Suffolk County (more blue collar and right wing than you’d think) and earns her CRIME VICTIMS CENTER cash. She publishes the names of donors so those not on the list get scorned at the A&P and the Rotary Club.
    She undermines the legal law and authority concerns, hires off-duty police and offers employment to retired police officers.
    Where else does this happen in the US?

  10. Jack

    Parents for megan’s law is a fascist organization and should be considered a hate group.

  11. Hysteria

    While I dispise her retoric and public shaming of S.O.s for abvious personal gain. Slansering her puts us all on the same level. I choose to contact these individuals whenever possible and point out other opinions. I can only hope that if enough people do this, there might be an “awakening” of sorts. The people that follow them blindly aren’t worth the time it takes to expain how blind they actually are. Narrow your focus to the cause of the public’s viewpoint.

    • Sunny

      I suspect most of her neighbors likely view her as unstable or a local troublemaker. Usually people like this stir more than one pot. The best response we can hope for is that the public will regard her the way we view someone holding a sign on the street corner that says “The end is near!” We cannot silence such people, but presenting facts in a rational way can shift public opinion and render hysterics irrelevant.

    • Jack

      I disagree. Fascists never “wake up”. They just need to be stopped by any means necessary.

  12. Anonymous

    Ahearn thinks that we don’t reoffend because she exists? Bwahahahahaha. I think this lady may be mentally ill and possibly corrupt in bed with the local government.

  13. Eric

    Jennifer and Thomas Gritz spend their evenings fear and hate mongering scouring the internet to feed hysterical fears about assumptions over people they know nothing about. Do they realize they are just pawns of the media and scurrilous politicians who want people to react exactly as the Gritz family is doing?

  14. Hysteria

    Be glad we don’t live there and are not in the immediate sphere of this woman’s influence.

  15. Anonymous

    Don’t want 5 sex offenders living near you? Simple: Abolish the registry. There will immediately be zero sex offenders living near you.

    • Dustin

      Of course, they could move if they really felt they were in that much danger. “But why should they have to move?!” They don’t. But they still have the option.

      Wish I could arrange to have a handful of Crips move into one house next to them, a few Bloods in the other, and some MS-13 across the street. Would their son be safe to ride his bike outside then? Would Madam Ahearn be outraged? Would she be banging on their doors for compliance checks?

      Almost wish I lived there. If she came to my house to verify, I’d flat out tell her I live somewhere else secretly, go ahead and report me. Cough up proof of residence to LE later. Don’t know why SOs there don’t raise up and get restraining orders and such against her and her company for harassment. I don’t care who hired her or for what purpose- she’s not law enforcement and has no authority whatsoever.

  16. cool CA RC

    When people go to AA meeting what do they talk about?
    drinking of course.
    Do they talk about how to make a whiskey still?
    Do they talk about how to get around the breath test?
    Then what do they talk about ?
    How to avoid drinking!!!

    Why do people think RC will talk about how to kidnap a kid?

    • TS

      @cool CA RC

      Your closing statement is spot on, but these two parts here take away from the well intended effort of AA.

      “When people go to AA meeting what do they talk about? Drinking of course.”

      “Then what do they talk about? How to avoid drinking!!!”

      As someone who has worked with recovering addicts, including alcoholics, and been to AA meetings to support them, this is but only part of the process for an alcoholic in recovery that is discussed in AA meetings. They don’t talk solely about drinking but a multitude of topics during the meeting to meet the needs of those who are attending, e.g. drinking, triggers, life events, successes, failures, support for others, support by others, etc that surround the alcoholic. There is much more to the process which I will not expand upon here as this is not the forum, but would only ask that such minimizing not be made on such an widely known issue – addiction.

  17. Hysteria

    Follow up:
    I got a response from an email I sent to Ahearn. There was no profanity or accusations in my email, just concerns stated about the direction she takes towards registrants in general.
    I was told that,” This is a private practice and to refrain from contacting”.

    • Scotus Save Us Now

      Can I ask what you wrote? You should let her know that the courts in the Jones cases have declared her a government actor and therefore shes probably subject to foia…

      • Hysteria

        It was polite. I said I wasn’t going to repeat all of the verified studies showing low recidivism, and how the registry has not only failed in it’s purpose of safety, but caused the deaths of innocent mistaken identities. I said I was sure she already knew of these.
        I then asked why the sex offense group doesn’t deserve the same chances at Rehab and fixing their lives afforded to other penal populations. I finished by siting an anti hate qoute from Maya Angelou.

  18. Anonymous

    “. . the courts in the Jones cases have declared her a government actor and therefore shes probably subject to foia…“ Private she says? LOL. But she knows how to corrupt .err, play the system, so she won’t be required to comply with foia.

  19. Tax dollars

    Once you’ve done your time for the crime everyone gets a new lease on life. Somehow politicians were able to perpetuate a myth about recidivism all the way to the United States Supreme Court … and create further hysteria and retribution with a state’s website. What happens when a house is for sale in the neighborhood the article describes?

    • NYLevel1

      Just like Auntie Mame I’m planning on buying three houses next to Laura Ahearn and calling them
      ‘The Epstein Home for Sex Offenders’ or perhaps the ‘Laura Ahearn Home for Sex Offenders’.

      I just might start buying up houses in desirable areas in Suffolk and Nassau Counties to house the homeless and call them the ‘Laura Ahearn and Dean Skelos Homes for Reformed Sex Offenders and Rebublican Politicians’.

      Suggestions for names are welcome. I hope everyone will send a housewarming card to Dean Skelos when he gets sent down.

  20. AnotherAnon

    When did parenting become so fearful?
    ‘Small Animals: Parenthood in The Age of Fear’ is a new book that attempts to find an answer.

  21. Dustin

    Also, if the state’s Court of Appeals struck down state residency restrictions because they’re unconstitutional (and rightly so), they would strike down a county ordinance as well for the same reason. Duh.

    Wonder if Elvis talks to her? And wouldn’t he be an RSO by today’s laws?

    • Hysteria

      Elvis, Steven Tyler, All of Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, etc. Celebs and wealthy businessmen have people that can cover their ” Discrepancies”.

  22. Dustin

    Compelling argument, even though the registry is still useless. LE harassment would continue, though to a lesser degree; no need to to make a token showing of diligence.

    Come to think of it, does anyone know how many failure to register/update arrests were made from the days when the registry was LE only? Have a hunch back then, they probably just dragged him in, registered him, and kicked him out. Also willing to bet they weren’t too diligent on keeping it current because it really wasn’t all that useful for anything but the appearance of pro-activity.

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