Janice’s Journal: How Many Dead Registrants is Enough?

Today a registrant in Orange County, California, is dead. He may have died at the hands of another or he may have taken his own life. This brings the total number of known dead registrants, killed by the hands of another or themselves, in California to 18 since 2005.

How many dead registrants is enough?

How many dead registrants will it take to persuade the public, elected officials and even the U.S. Supreme Court that registration is punishment….and not the same as being a member of Price Club.

How dare they ignore the plight of almost 1 million individuals who are currently required to register as sex offenders? Who must constantly check the rearview mirrors of their cars and add multiple locks to their front door in order to feel safe if only for a minute.

Enough is enough! The laws of this nation must change. And the citizens of this nation must educate themselves regarding the real facts pertaining to individuals who have been convicted of a sex offense.
In order for these changes to come about, however, the voices of registered citizens and their loved ones must be heard – in letters, phone calls, as well as at legislative hearings. For if these voices are not heard, the number of dead registrants will continue to grow.

It’s your choice. You can sit in a dark room and wait for things to get better, hoping against hope that the legislature will stop passing laws that harm you. Or you can join the ACSOL “revolution” as we shine a spotlight on the many injustices and inhumanities faced daily by registrants and their loved ones.

There are many opportunities to be heard….at ACSOL’s face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles on October 20, during ACSOL’s phone meeting on November 17 or in the California State Capitol on February 5. There will be additional opportunities to be heard in an event in Washington, D.C., during September 2019 organized by Women Against Registry.

Can one person do everything that needs to be done? Perhaps not. But in the inspirational words of a wise man, please consider the following:

I am only one, but I am one.
I can’t do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
And what I ought to do,
By the grace of God I will do.

ACSOL looks forward to hearing your voice soon.

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18 dead in California alone. Another found dead today in Ohio. And these horrible facts are bad enough but in addition to these there is the constant harassment, being ostracized from society, people calling your employer, people telling your neighbors, people whispering when you are near, people vandalizing your property, people trying to scam you, threaten you, intimidate you, and violently assault you and usually they don’t even have the facts straight. They don’t know the details of your situation, but in mass hysteria that doesn’t factor in.

I really feared that registrants would perish in this hurricane. I hope each found legal & adequate shelter. Who would those deaths be at the hands of? I will never ignore all of those who did perish, our American brothers & sisters who were not on the registry, and peace for their families.

The one thing I am doing, at least, on quarterly basis is sending RC educational letters to the 2 CA. U.S. Senators, my US Congressman, my state senator and representatives and, since l live so close to the Oregon border, to an Oregon US Senator, who do received and respond to my letters

Macomb County fears ‘vigilante’ serial killer after third pedophile murdered in 1 week


“said one officer. “While we understand the community’s attitude to pedophiles, there is no way in a civilized society that we can accept this sort of vigilantism.” ”

Wonder if that statement would have been made for a wife beater, gang banger, school shooter, murderer, drug dealer who OD’d a kid, Dr who slipped with a scalpel.

You would think that a cop talking to a reporter concerning some crazy who would castrate someone and blend their genitals, would address this case differently. He sounds as f***** up as the crazy, and the perp.
I wonder if the crazy studied well his victim to make sure of the details.

Thank you Janice. Less we all sit at home scared and alone, we need to be brave and email, show up, contribute when we can, and join together. Alas, no group has ever made change by staying in the closet!

I don’t know how SCOTUS—with “Justice” Roberts—made the argument that the sex offender registry is not punishment. What a stupid loophole to call the registry scheme a “civil”—not criminal—obligation. Especially when the registry has the risks associated with the death penalty. Heck, as it is, we are already treated like the Walking Dead. I’ve gone to those meetings in which people are forced from their homes, jobs, and churches when their registration status are discovered. Just wait until “tiering” comes to California. Some will benefit, while some will also bear the increased burdens.

I plan to demand trial for FTR in 19!
Any questions?

We can’t hide like scared rabbits in the little holes we have made. Society will pull us out by our ears!

I challenge you — yes YOU — to
1) stand up from your comfortable computer,
2) move your feet to arrive at the next ACSOL meetings, and
3) speak up by taking part in the action alerts

You will feel less like a victim of vigilantism when you are taking positive action!

There is a site that lists the deaths of sex offenders. If there is enough deaths to literally keep a site up, then WTF is going on!

What site is that?

Tell me where would be a good place to stand with a sign saying “End the Registry, End the Violence” and I will protest it.

Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. The murderer may not even know. I sincerely doubt that it was no factor at all. It was something … unless no one knew anything about it.

Us- My life is over
Them- Hey, it’s better than being shot or stabbed 🤷🏼‍♂️
Us-💀 After being killed for being on a Registry.

If some one trys to kill you then you try and kill them right back lets be realistic here …People get killd or All most killd by crazy people everyday does it really matter what the motive is when someone’s trying to kill you I don’t think so and far as the tier registry goes 2021 those who qualify will be relieved of their duty to register and I’m going to go through all this trouble to pass a law and then not let everybody who qualifies off so just sit back and wait for the show to begin two years from now until then everybody has to stop worrying about things that we don’t have control over the politicians are going to do whatever they want and there’s nothing we can do about it look at our president for chrissakes

Because of you is what pulled me out of the dark and into the light to join this cause, my cause and our cause. I will never forget watching the, ” I Have a Dream” video and how much positive encouragement you gave me that I am not alone. Now, I am a Utah representative for NARSOL and currently sending letters to RC in hopes of empowering and enlightening them just as you have inspired me. Shame is what kills change, so when will the shaming end so the healing can begin?
Thank you Janice!

haha. the answer to the title question is simple. Dead registrants will never change the laws. our blood does not matter. Oppression only ever ends through war. actual war. not in the courts or legislature. No oppressive people or government has ever stopped oppression on their own. It takes war. Destruction, death, and fear on the oppressors side. Only way to change anything is to go to war. I can’t make heads nor tails if its a revolution or civil war – neither have clear definitions but it’s the only way. It would be best to make it resource based and not body count but in either case it has to cost them more than they are willing to pay for the ability to keep us oppressed.

I’m not trying to suggest that we do that and certainly not recruiting or anything but it’s just the way it is. We are nothing to the population and used as something to attack by lawmakers. I don’t think we even rate as high as pawns in a chess game. Even when the courts do something simple for our side nothing changes. lawmakers just reword things to make it okay or ignore the courts entirely. I honestly don’t think that lawyers and courtrooms will be able to fix or change anything meaningful. The entire system of registration has to go and it just is not going to.

This is not about protecting the public or children or anything. it is clear and simple hate, discrimination and oppression.

oppression only ever ends through war.

My Uncle was charged with
possession of child pornography, arrested, released the same day on bail.
He was found dead of an apparent suicide. Absolutely nothing is available online and I can’t get answers. I feel bad that my Uncle felt his only option was to die because he couldn’t handle the shame he was about to face.