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Overseas Registrant Wins Battle with Angel Watch Center

A registrant who has lived overseas for more than two years recently won a battle with the Angel Watch Center after the Center falsely notified the State Department that he was currently required to register as a sex offender. As a result of that notification, the registrant’s U.S. passport was revoked because it lacked a “unique identifier”.

The registrant, who was traveling on business, learned that his passport had been revoked after a letter was sent to the home of a relative where he had previously resided prior to departing the U.S. Because his passport was revoked, the registrant could not return home from the country where he was conducting business.

The Angel Watch Center’s determination was based upon an incorrect interpretation of a state’s registration laws. In order to correct that determination, a letter was obtained from the state police which clarified that the registrant is not required to register in that state because he had properly notified the state of his move overseas and that he is not a current resident of that state.

After receipt of the state police letter, the Angel Watch Center notified the State Department of its error and the State Department eventually issued the registrant a new passport without the “unique identifier” at no cost. This process took about six weeks and resulted in the registrant’s inability to return to his family as well as significant hotel and other related costs. The registrant is now reviewing his legal options due to harm caused by the Angel Watch Center’s errors.

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F the Satan Watch Center. This guy should sue them of course.

Could this go to Federal court, so this could help everybody out? I would hate to see this as a one off thing, “settled” and private. Small wins for the individual only don’t fix the problems that caused it, thus allowing further harm to fellow registrants and their families.

Angel Watch made an error that had profound effects on the former registrant, and he should sue them for damages if he can. But when confronted with confirmation from the state that the former registrant was no longer required to register there, they reported their error to the State Department. That suggests that their policy is to report to the State Department only those who are currently required to register. Apart from a possible suit by the former registrant for damages, what is left to take to court?

As someone else on here said, I think it ought to be branded “Satan Watch”. If those scum bags are angels then I’m a freaking unicorn.

I always thought the “angel” in Angel Watch was a euphemism for the innocent children they claim to protect by their unflagging persecution of us. They would see us as the “satan”. So instead of watching out for the angels, they could just as well be watching the satans. Either way works, I guess.

CR (October 17, 2018 at 11:00 am): Yep. I wondered the same thing and briefly tried to figure that out. Don’t have the time or inclination for that right now. I was taking “Angel Watch” to mean that they are angels watching out for the innocent children (as actual angels would do!). Which is enough to make any informed person laugh and then puke, of course. Even if “Angel Watch” is supposed to mean that they are angels watching out, I do think plenty of people would not interpret “Satan Watch” correctly. So if I feel motivated some day, I’ll… Read more »

I think I will refer to them as “Satan Watch (often incorrectly referred to as ‘Angel Watch’)”. Then if people search for “Angel Watch”, they can get “Satan Watch”.

Branding and PR are important, just ask our lying Nanny Big Governments.

I think I prefer “Axis of Evil”

I’m still wondering how the hell this works for those of us stuck on NYs shit but don’t live in the US since under jurisdiction nothing is listed and on the national registry it’s shows a bunch of blanks that say out of country

…and in the infamous quote by chief justice Roberts that led to this disaster, “Registering as a SO isn’t any more inconvenient than getting a Price Club card. Uh, yeah, I think the SCOTUS needs to revisit this, and maybe let Roberts go shopping that day.

But will Tort law prevent a suit against the USG and AWC? I hope not.

I am in the same boat. – I have been an expat for 10 years now. – I have been wondering if my passport will be revoked as I am on the Florida list, but I am not required to register. Mail can take up to 6 months to get to me, if it does. I have no way of knowing if my passport is good or not, unless I ask. But, I thought it better not to ask.

I agree, it is better not to ask. That said, this case suggests to me that you are probably not subject to the unique identifier since you are not “required to register in any jurisdiction” currently. It implies that anyone who is able to eliminate their requirement to register by any legal means, whether by completing their registration term, utilizing their state’s process for being removed from the registry, or by moving someplace that doesn’t require them to register, would not be subject to the unique identifier. Even if listed on a state’s registry because of former residence, they no… Read more »

That’s what I gleaned from this too. Of course, offer void in WI and NY…

It’s nice to feel loved

That just made me laugh out loud. EXACTLY… for those of us caught and flopping in WI’s net

@ron: Even if you did ask, you probably won’t get an answer. As far as I know, the only to know if a passport is revoked is when it is used or after it is used.

We all know he can sue, lucky him though. So he was able to escape the registry by moving to another country. Hmm, wonder how thst works when he returns. Does he have the typical 5or 3 days or whatever in the US before he must once again register? is his obligations now null and void? this is interesting. Since he is no longer required to register in any state than it seems as though no registry laws could apply and he is free to move about the US with no obligations. This is real interesting as it maybe a… Read more »

Each state has their own requirement about how long you can be in their state before registering.

If he returns to the US, he has to register if he is in a state for a certain period of time. Theoretically, as long as he keeps moving before the minimum time periods kick in, no registration is required.

I believe that’s when federal Sorna would kick in, don’t you?

Moving to a different country does not erase a US conviction. Which is the basis for the registration requirement (at least California and Federal, and most likely all other states (I got tired after checking AL and AK)), triggered by physical presence in a state, territory or tribal area. “Move to another country, get relieved of your duty to register, then return anytime for any amount of time and be free of obligations to register.” Leaving the country does not relieve you from registering in the US upon return. That is crazy talk, I’ll say. From the great legal mind… Read more »


“Move to another country, get relieved of your duty to register, then return anytime for any amount of time and be free of obligations to register. Think about it, you are only required to register if you are on a states registry. Probably crazy talk” Yes that is definitely crazy thinking there. Even if one were to mange to get removed from the registry where they previously resided, because of the fact that they went to a different country, they would still need to re-register and probably start all over again upon their return to the United States. Moral of… Read more »

Interesting topic. The only way to really know would be to: get de-registered by moving overseas for a period of time. Then when you come back to the states, see if you get pulled aside for a ‘secondary inspection’, if not then that’s already a good sign. Then after that, get pulled over for some minor traffic violation and see what happens. This is all theoretical. I think this could possibly work if you’re a low-level offender to begin with. I don’t think any lawyer out there will honestly tell you the answer to this because nobody wants to be… Read more »

I believe courts would rule on the INTENT of the legislature when passing the law: which is that anyone with a conviction (phrasing in many states) who’s a resident is required to register.

My guess is that most or all states base the requirement to register on a violation of their own laws or the laws of another state that are substantially similar to one of their own laws for which registration would be required. It may not matter whether or not a person moving to that state is registered wherever they are coming from. That is how it works Texas. Anyone anywhere who manages to get relieved of the requirement to register by moving out of the country or by moving to a state that does not require them to register would… Read more »

CR (October 18, 2018):

That is how some other states work for sure. In fact, you could be relieved of having to Register in any state you live in, move to any other state, and many years later that state can simply decide that you must Register there. Because it’s all “civil”, you know.

The way to get a magic “get your life back” card is to get out of the control of any oppressive, criminal regime. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave Amerika though.

Sorry Jon, but we do not know all that for a fact. This man is no longer required to register in any state, that may very well change the game. I know for a fact that there are many states that do not require individuals not subject to another states registry to register when they enter their state. Many of the laws state specifically that “if” you have to register in “any” other state then you must register in their state. The fact of the matter then is how this man not being required to register in any state effects… Read more »

actually let me restate this since I am going to be accused of being some lame. I do not know for a fact what states require for out of state individuals that are no longer under their home state’s registration requirements. I just assume that like IML if you are not required to register in any state then you are not subject to IML. This in no way makes my inquiries any less relevant. There is much more to this case than just what is mentioned in the post. Just as Robert states, what about the push notifications? And if… Read more »

“In order to correct that determination, a letter was obtained from the state police which clarified that the registrant is not required to register in that state because he had properly notified the state of his move overseas and that he is not a current resident of that state.”

I think it would be helpful to know which state he is no longer required to register?

I live outside of the United States also, but I’m still required to register in my state of conviction NY.
Haven’t been there in 8 years.

I’ve never researched it, but I believe I’ve only seen NY and WI mentioned as states that require non-residents to continue to register. I’m not saying that’s all, just none others that I recall reading about. Certainly there are a lot of states (22, I think) that do not remove people from the registry after they move out of state or out of the country, or even after they die. But that’s a different matter.

Yup. I think you’re right.

This is exactly the thing I’m afraid of because I don’t live in the US either but NY still has me on their registry also.

Luckily I had my trip and got to and from without issue. But this still haunts what might happen

If you are living outside the country do not come back. They will revoke your passport when you get here. Then they will add the unique identifier to your new passport and add you to Interpol. Dont risk losing the life you are living outside the US. If your family wants to see you again have them visit.

@Just Beachy

If that doesn’t just spew undeeded hysteria with potentially false facts for those who live outside the country, I don’t know what does. Is there a ransom too if your family wants to see you with all of your fingers, ears, and toes in another country? Too much sun it sounds like, Just Beachy. – Keen

@beachy @keen nice play on words 😂 no intention of returning to thw US ever. My family knows the deal and tbey would rather visit me here as its a lot cheaper to go out and eat. For a big dinner for a group of 7 people it cost around $50 USD. 😂😂 Been looking into changing my name, but thr US says i habe to do it locally and here you can only change it if youre a citizen. So thats out of the question for now. Reserving the pages in my passport for now. From the news here… Read more »

“This process took about six weeks and resulted in the registrant’s inability to return to his family as well as significant hotel and other related costs.”
What happened during this six weeks? Did he have to re-register? Does not sound like it. I am sure we would of heard about that with the story.

It sounds like he wasn’t in the US, mike r, so of course he did not have to register during that six weeks.

“… the registrant could not return home from the country where he was conducting business.”

He lives outside of the US. He was conducting business in yet another country.

The last time I was in the states, I had a few days before I was told I must register (county sheriff’s office) of course I did not want to risk this so, I made sure I didn’t stay that long. If I overstay my welcome I may never be able to return to my home in my new country.

Ron, in what state? This is helpful to hear you’re actually doing this (coming back to US but not staying longer than registration required). Must be a reasonable state like CA or CO where you can be 14 days in a row or 30 days cumulative??

That’s the harm from the passport……they will still send a notification alert to the country and try to to get the country to blacklist him from entering.

Here we go again with the personal attacks. Joe you have some serious issues. Why are you so quick to attack one of the only individuals willing to step up and fight? Whatever dude, you are not even worth defending myself against as I did very well last time, and proved my skills. You and NPS need to go file since you are some great legal minds and want to sit on some high horse when it comes to anything I state. If you spent as much time researching and drafting a complaint as you do researching and trying to… Read more »

Personal attacks? What personal attacks. You continually dismiss lawyers as stupid and lazy. On this, lawyer owned and operated web site, no less. You consider yourself better than those lawyers. True or false? If I were to attack you (who has time for that), it would not be “great legal mind” – believe me. I am not worth your time but you go on ranting and raving about your political views (could not care less, tbh) and “claim racist and misogynistic” and other crap? Lost me, sorry. “You absolutely do not know for a fact how the states treats a… Read more »

Well said Joe 👍🏽

Mike try and stop taking everything so personally. Just because you have taken steps to help yourself (and maybe orhers) doesn’t mean people can’t disagree with you. Let it go dude.
You don’t have to answer to anybody here.

I know man, I hear ya and I will try to hold back.

There we go, now we are getting somewhere. So Ron, it appears you stated the sheriff told you that you must register? Did they send you a letter? Did they come to your location? Did they tell you while entering the country? And most importantly, did they CITE a statue with the exact language addressing this exact issue? Unlike others on here who seem to be experts and know everything, I am in no way stating I know anything about this, what I am saying is that something went down where this individual did not have to have the badge… Read more »

Hell, I am not even sure if this guy was stuck in the US or somewhere else while all this went down. There is ambiguity to that question to me when all it states is, “The registrant, who was traveling on business, learned that his passport had been revoked after a letter was sent to the home of a relative where he had previously resided prior to departing the U.S. Because his passport was revoked, the registrant could not return home from the country where he was conducting business.” It sounded to me like he was stuck in the US… Read more »

And yes it is crazy talk, but I am sure this guy heard it was crazy talk that he would not be subject to the IML passport from the enemy. Just as it was crazy talk that I was entitled to half time while every CO, sargent, captain, and even my own attorney was telling me I was crazy and that I was subject to 85%. So I like when someone states something like that or proves me wrong, it is the personal attacks that is unwarranted and just plain sad…. You know I would really like to see if… Read more »

Is there anyone on here that likes hearing what I have to say? If not, maybe I will not even bother anymore, as it seems that every time I open my mouth I get crapped on by this Joe character or a few others…. No I have had my dissenters before on here and will continue to have them I am sure. I bet I could say that water runs downhill and these guys would try and tell me that I am wrong because it goes both ways under pressure or some crap. You just build my ego because I… Read more »

So damn smart there are you Joe. Damn and I thought i had an ego. That was my exact point, no one knows if he was stuck in the good O’l US of AAAAa. Was he required to register if he was? You do not know and are talking out your A%$% like I stated. And furthermore I am not saying that you can terminate by moving out of the country I am merely asking questions because I like to here from others. Furthermore, “unless the duty to register is terminated pursuant to Section 290.5 >>>>>>or as otherwise provided by… Read more »

I am in no way stating that leaving the country relinquishes your duty to register as I would not know without specific research on the subject, and I am in fact sure they have some kind of mechanism in place for just a case. I was clear on my point and wanted some collaboration and some productive intelligent conversation, not some insulting %^#$% laying into me every time I post. Whatever, by your other post I see, without me even in the conversation, you make people know what is up. Man your ego is almost as bad as mine, not.… Read more »

And as a matter of fact, i do not believe by the language of the statute that you are required to register in CA if you have been lawfully relieved of your duty to register in any state or sense. I would not bet my ass on it but It could very well be the case with the language of the statute,
“unless the duty to register is terminated pursuant to Section 290.5 >>>or as otherwise provided by law.”
That “or otherwise as provided by law” seems pretty straight forward actually…

Furthermore, no where in that cited statute does it actually state “in any other state” if you want to get particular (which is exactly what attorneys do). Actually, this language could be used to challenge out of state convictions all together. Really doubt if you would prevail on that exact issue, but being relieved of the duty to register in another state is a whole different story. Like I stated though, I am sure they have something in place for individuals that move out of the country, but I am not going to search for it right now as that… Read more »

I take this as a jab at me personally, whether you are smart enough to see it or not. “From the great legal mind who thinks all lawyers are inept”…. If not then I do not know what to tell you. I never stated all lawyers either, another fallacy. I stated “most” lawyers are inept, which is a fact. And I guarantee you I am not the only one on here that thinks like that….I would bet that almost everyone on here thinks most of them are worthless and will sell their first born if it benefited them.

@ mike r I agree that your ego makes for fine fodder for some. For me most discussions provide color to arguments. On the topic of attorneys; some cases have been presented badly and have taken our cause backwards. Obviously the frightening and high from Alaska has been quoted all over the US. Attacking us with new rules, regulations and laws. Bad cases and bad lawyers make bad case law. I recall Mike r asking for legal help over the years. Lawyers are prohibitively expensive for most registrants. Had Mike r had hired an attorney to put together his case,… Read more »

Well said, JM. Mike r… we’re rooting for your case.

@ E “Must be a reasonable state like CA or CO where you can be 14 days in a row or 30 days cumulative??”
Is this in some statute somewhere? if so please cite. I know that out of state rules have been on here before, but I have never seen anything about how long someone from out of the country can be here. I did not see if out of state in CA has 14 or 30 days. Since we have been discussing this I would like to know the exact statutes and language if at all possible…

CA (I realize this is a sub statute UNDER the 5 day rule “after entering a jurisdiction” is stated but it’s certainly arguable; attorneys tell you to be “on the safe side” and use the 5 day rule) Statute: 290.002. Persons required to register in their state of residence who are out-of-state residents employed, or carrying on a vocation in California on a full-time or part-time basis, with or without compensation, for more than 14 days, or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year, shall register in accordance with the Act. Megan’s Law site: Registration of… Read more »

Just want to give you a thumbs up. (I miss those little thumbs up/down that this site used to have.)

Did the Nazis try to force Jewish people who fled to other countries to still wear their Stars of David patches?

Seems like Amerika would.

I wonder if a person couldn’t flee to some country and ask for asylum from Amerika there. You would think a benevolent country would let a person go there and renounce their U.S. citizenship.

It would be nice to live in a better country however I don’t like the idea of running from the anti-Americans. I more prefer to turn my country into something decent and force them to crawl under rocks or run. So I’ll do it like the Chinese and just keep buying this country up.

Thank you @ E. Yeah , I like this part that is repeated a couple of times.
“must register as sex offenders here >>>if they are required to register in their state of residence<<>>or as otherwise provided by law.”
It does not state “or as otherwise provided by CA law” either. Provided by law, I believe by the preponderance of the evidence and language, may also include any other state, or federal laws as well.

The language in the statutes seem unambiguous. The CA legislature has repeatably stated who is required to register and unlike some other statutes, CA specifically states several times, “(c) The following persons shall register: Any person who, since July 1, 1944, has been or is hereafter convicted in >>>”any court in this state”< or in any "federal or military court" and, "Persons required to register in their state of residence" Yeah unless someone can cite another section of CA code sections refuting this unambiguous language, I would fight like hell if they tried to make me register if I am… Read more »

I was a little unclear on this part as I broke it down and did not show the entire section language as one unit, which did not put the language in context.
“shall register thereafter in accordance with the Act, unless the duty to register is terminated pursuant to Section 290.5 or as otherwise provided by law.”

Im just gonna say this one thing and leave it at that….why are we arguing?! Why are there jabs being thrown?! Arent we all here for the same cause?! Who cares what mike r thinks about lawyers or doesnt think about them??? Who cares whos wrong or whos right?! Or whos misinformed?! Cant we inform people of things without being so negative?! Like i said were all here for the same thing…equal rights. So why shoot down other people?! I think Mike rs work is really something to be admired and rooted for. Anyones work on these subjects should be.… Read more »

After giving this further thought, this situation may apply in certain states: You were registered in state 1, you give notice that you’re living overseas and they de-register you because they have no authority to register you. You come back to state 2 now, and setup residency there via driver’s license change. The law states that if you were registered in another state then you need to register in the new state. However, you are NOT registered in state 1 anymore, thus you would not need to be registered in state #2. This would vary from state to state according… Read more »

If I’m not mistaken… Most of the States laws read… “If you’ve been convicted of…..” That is their catch all… And if you move, do business, go to school, etc…. And you get stopped by the police for even a minor reason and they run any kind of background check you’re screwed.

Are you saying you’re screwed even if you are following the 3 or 5 day regulation, depending on the state? Has this happened to you? I have not seen a case where someone traveling briefly for business was charged with FTR; but I’ve wondered what the questioning would be if I got pulled over on a business trip. That’s why I have their own laws in mind when traveling…

Yep, I will not argue on personal beliefs or attacks again. Like others have stated, I do not have to prove anything to anybody and I know I have people out there truly rooting for me. So Joe123, you are seeing this as well!! I know it is crazy but the law is the law and must be interpreted in the language of that law unless there is clear legislative intent that is contrary to what the language states. Like I stated, CA has had many chances to describe in more detail if they wanted to register out of state… Read more »

Exactly ^ that’s basically what we’ve deduced. At this point it would be more beneficial for a lawyer to chime in on this matter than average people who are going to take a ‘guess’ and claim that this is just ‘crazy talk’.

Unfortunately and sad to say, but “no” lawyers are going to chime in on this unless they are getting paid some way or some how !!!!!!!!!!!


I de registered. I left the US and returned using a passport from the country I visited under a new name! Fake passports are easily accessible in the country I visited! I’ve been living in (blank) for 2 years now without any issues! I’m presently in the process of writing a book on how to de register legally! Yes, there is a way! Good luck

This is probably the most fascinating comment I’ve seen in the past 6 months. However, if you come back into the US with a password from another country, they’ll obviously match up your face/fingerprints etc with their existing database, also would you be considered a foreign traveler in a Visa since you’re coming in as a new foreigner under a new name?

De registered that is awesome, better be careful about stating what you stated on a public forum though. This is not an anonymous site, none are unless you have special software I believe. You have an IP address that can be traced…. So, I guess this great legal mind was not all alone on his breaking and cutting edge deductions and the possibilities…:) Thank you Joe as this has opened up a entirely new discourse on these de-regerstartion processes and the possibilities out there. I am in no way encouraging unlawful solutions, I was merely pointing out the legal possibilities… Read more »

@ de registered, I am not exactly sure that getting a fake passport in another country with a new name, and then entering back into the states with that fake passport, would be considered legal. I may be wrong as I am no legal scholar, but that sounds pretty sketchy to me… But then again, technicalities win cases and can make illegal acts perfectly legal in certain instances, much harder now days, but still possible… It is a big gamble when you are talking about serious prison time though….Interesting though, to say the least.

What about your SS #? Were you able to get a drivers license-ID card with that passport? What happens if you happen to get recognized by someone, or someone that may have a beef with you sells you out? What about if some how some way you end up in a hospital, for instance, and you are out and they run your prints or check DNA to find out who you are? What if cops arrest you for mistaking identity and print you? There are many instances where your true identity could be exposed. Not sure if there is actually… Read more »

One other thing about de registered’s comment. WOW, what if you were some kind of terrorist, mass murderer wanted in another country, or just about anyone that was a real threat to our country? So much for any kind of border security, and so much for our vetting process. Scary shit right there…. Of course there must be thousands if not millions in this country if what you state in indeed fact, which I have reason to doubt you. Is it a US passport? Or from the country in which you came back from? Many questions on this….

I am looking at becoming an expat if anyone has some pointers? Graduating soon with an MBA and feeling desperate…

“Mike R”, are you on the public registry indefinitely? Yeah I would also be desperate for a way out of that slavery scheme if given that kind of punishment. Without Due Process given to each citizen before being placed on any registry, the current system should be Illegal. I don’t know if the member above, ‘Deregistered’, uses methods that work without starting over with a new identity (which is how his comment sounded), but at the very least, what happened with the guy in this article through Angel Watch and getting deregistered seems relatively achievable. I assume it can be… Read more »

@Joe123 — “The state you were convicted in requires you to register for X amount of time for your ‘heinous crime’ while you reside there. However, they also have a clause that if you’ve moved out of the country, you must notify them and they are *supposed to* remove you from the registry, based on their own wording of the law.” Not necessarily. There are at least 22 states that list you on the registry forever. Most do not require you to continue to register with them if you move out of state, but WI and NY do. @Joe123 —… Read more »

You’re right; it comes down to the language used in the individual state’s law regarding registration.


I can’t provide all of my details. I’m presently residing in LA! I’m in the process of writing my book which will and can provide every detail involved. It’s all rather simple.

This is so funny considering I was refered to as crazy when I even mentioned this and now de reg is saying he actually did it, and it was easy at that. Lmfao BIG time. This is to much, you would think this would have to be me using a different name to vindicate myself it is so classic….Its actually not though….;) 🤣😲… De reg sure you are not just trying to sell this book your talking about???

You guys are both right, each state has its own language in the statutes. Just as if I deregistered after moving out of the country I could not come back to CA without registering since CA states specifically that anyone ever convicted of such or such crime “in CA or a federal or military court must register” so I was convicted in CA court so it would apply still regardless. And as stated by CR, there are many states with different language stating if you have ever been convicted of an offense equivalent to one of their respective state statutes… Read more »

@Joe123, Yes i am on the CA registry which as of now is for life. The state is actually moving to a tiered sysytems in 2021, but if the language stays the same I will be in a tier three because of pc 288.2 for talking about sex with an underage girl on the internet, the court claimed that was “harmful material” for a violation of 288.2. It states as harmful matter as defined in pc 313, As used in this chapter: (a) “Harmful matter” means matter, taken as a whole, which to the average person, applying contemporary statewide standards,… Read more »

@mike r, I have trouble following this as to where it stands. The last entry seems to be a discovery conference on 5/16/2018 at 10:00 AM in Courtroom 26 (AC) Federal Rule of Civil Procedure rule 26(f) on or before 4/25/2018. (Kastilahn, A) That is to do this: (f) Conference of the Parties; Planning for Discovery. There doesn’t seem to be an entry under “opinions” after that, so I’m lost as to where it stands. Did that discovery conference happen? Also, on your website, does the timeline sequence go down the page? I have trouble following the sequence since… Read more »

Yes there has been 5 opinions which were all technical pretty much except the MFR. There is no scheduling order as of yet so therefore no discovery cuttoff dates. Discovery is ongoing with no discovery hearings or such since discovery is in it infancy still. Every doc filed is on Pacer in order, but unless you jave subscription all you can do is see what and when things have been filed, and they update every week day at 11:59 am. As far as my site, yes they are in order and I believe everything is there except a couple of… Read more »

@mike r,

I’m not sure I follow your last sentence there, but all I did was copy and google this line from the “Opinions” tab in Pacer:

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure rule 26(f)

I get it now. The current argument is over what can be admitted. Is there a ruling? Is that what is holding it up?

Your response to objections is very good and detailed.

Thank you all for most of the comments. To @Deregisterd, I applaud you. I am ready to leave. I currently live in CA and have tried really hard to live a good life. Went back to school, done a lot of great things at both schools I graduate from, endured some major media years after my case and still thrived. Got involved with a nonprofit building them up to the highest success they have ever seen and raised over $100k for them. Now I will be out of a job because one person wanted my job and is making it… Read more »


Sorry to hear such stories. I know the feeling. I’m still in the process of completing my memoir under an assumed name. I’m thinking I might simply take pre orders to cover the copyright info. I obviously don’t want any issues etc. Thereafter, I might simply send the memoir out via email to avoid all of the issues involved. It’s not as simple as 1, 2 3 to publish this. I’ll keep you posted

Yeah, and the Cornell does not have everything, you must go on actual Pacer for all filings..

@mike r. Help me understand this, for those of us who are legally challenged. Assume it is 2021. Assume under the new tiers in Calif, I am no longer required to register in Calif. Let’s say 6 years later, I visit a state, stay past the 3 day limit, and get arrested for failing to register because that state requires registration for anyone entering the state with a prior conviction, regardless of when or where it occurred. How would that work? How long would I be on their registry? If I had been required to register in California for 25… Read more »

Has anything happened since this?

And has anyone found out what state the person was originally from?

any follow up on this ?

Any details on this case? Court documents? Case #? Would love to know the facts of the case and the country he moved to.

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