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IL: Woman broke sex offender law after registering children at daycare

A Joliet woman was apparently registering her children at a daycare when she violated the requirements of her sex offender status, according to court transcripts. Full Article

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  1. Ron S

    Reading articles like this one make me so sad. My wife and I had to make the very hard decision to not have children basically to avoid being put in situations like this. Greedy, pandering politicians can keep making draconian laws all day under the guise of protecting the innocent children while ignoring the innocent children of registered people. Not to mention the massive collateral damage caused to spouses and other members of a household. We would never bomb an entire city to kill one guy yet our lawmakers are willing to use the same tactic on the registered community. And all in the name of a failed system that protects no one. The arrogance of the registry and the people who support it is a literal wiping of the ass with the constitution. Shame on everyone for letting it come to this.

    • Gralphr

      I have kids and I think you guys should have them. I’ve rarely encountered a problem when it comes to my kids, and the registration office has told me in the past to dont worry, just take my kids, conduct the necessary business, then leave. I’ve always been quick to give them a call in crazy circumstances and they were actually helpful. I’ve also lived in more than one state.

  2. Tim

    Illinois is experiencing a population drop as folks head to other states not so dominated by high taxing, union socialists. Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, and East St Louis are all high crime cities with lots of murder and gun violence. Illinois unions have been at odds with Governor Bruce Rauner(R) about state budgets and union pension funds, each vastly underfunded over the last few years. I believe Illinois will be the first state to collapse under the pressure of the next economic downturn as they are bankrupt both financially and morally speaking as this case proves.

    It is amazing to me that Oprah and President Obama each call Chicago home yet it is the most violent considering black on black crime city in the nation. Observe their work lately for the Democratic capitalists in their objection the the Don.

  3. James

    Yeah, seeing this kind of stuff makes me crazy too (and despair for humanity in general).

    How this case got through general prosecutorial discretion is amazing, or, more properly said, a real failure of the system….I also note the $150K bail that a judge refused to reduce.

    So real evil is all over this thing.

    I am heartened that Ms. Mitchell has fought this thing for many years and apparently though many courts.

    The fact that she is black certainly wasn’t helpful to her.


    PS this is certainly more the result of right wing fascism than leftist thought (in response to Tm’s comment)

    • Tim

      I tend to agree given the placement of the Saratoga Springs facility concerning IML & ANGEL WATCH. We all expect big data firms to misuse data, so that we’ve grown accustomed to their electronic intrusions into the day to day lives of the folks. Still the general our population’s understanding of the scope of gov’t electronic activity is purposefully limited but the first justification for domestic electronic mnitoring came via the child sexual assaulter. We also have the other parties move to utilize the databases operated by the FBI, for private use by firms developing facial recognition hardware. Mr. Schumer announced that policy this past year.

      I think it very important to acknowledge the difference between them who own the plantation versus them that run the plantation. Each corrupted by their own selfishness.

  4. Rom

    These laws and requirements have been designed to keep people in jail. Why brag about being tough on sex offenders just once when you can through them in jail multiple times, and crow about how you tough you are multiple times.

  5. Kerry

    Not only is the registry immoral, it appears to be racist as well. I hope the anti racist groups will get a hold of this information and see how it is being used against minorities. What a shame, pray for this woman.

  6. Dustin

    Yet another infuriating comment-by-Facebook-only article.

    Assuming she’s a single parent (as the article seems to try to avoid suggesting) and being a convicted felon precludes any state or federal aid, what exactly would they have this woman do? She obviously has to work and can’t take her kids with her. Certainly too broke to hire someone to chauffeur her kids around. Yet if she doesn’t, wouldn’t that be considered child endangerment if she can’t feed or house them?

    It’s long been the law that when laws directly conflict or under circumstances that put two laws in conflict, the conflict is resolved against the government. On paper at least, it should be a winning strategy if an accused registrant can show where compliance with registry, parole, or probation mandates can only be accomplished by breaking another law or rule. Sadly, that always seems to get overlooked in cases involving registrants.

  7. Facts should matter

    “I’m barred from the school, and now there is this cloud hanging over me.”


    Don’t worry.. you’ll get use to it.

  8. USA

    Wow! I can see both sides to this! Do you want a kidnapper near your kids? We really don’t know the details. Yet, come on. She is now a mother trying to do the right thing!

    • Dustin

      @ USA:

      Being previously convicted for kidnapping doesn’t make her a “kidnapper” in the present tense. I admit I probably wouldn’t be comfortable if my kids were alone with her, but out in public or where there were other adults around, I wouldn’t consider her a threat. Simply existing doesn’t make a person dangerous.

  9. Tony

    This article Infuriates me! This woman shouldn’t even be on this stupid list! The fact that illinois has not made the registration a tier system baffles me. Makes everyone seem the same and that couldn’t be further from the truth!! Will county is THE WORST!! They don’t care who They screw over or why they just want convictions and doesn’t matter what’s right and wrong. I’m so glad I only have 6 months left of this crap.

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