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ACSOL 2021 Monthly Phone Conference Meetings

ACSOL holds monthly phone conference meetings, usually the third Saturday of each month at 10 am Pacific Time. They last 2 to 3 hours. They are recorded and posted here within 24 hours so you can listen to them again.

Meetings are open and free to registrants, family members and those who support them. Government officials, the media and all others are not allowed to attend the meetings. Meetings will focus on general issues facing registrants and families, as well as current topics at the time of meeting.

How to call in:
Phone number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459
To ask a question, press 5*

How to listen to recordings of past phone meetings:
Click here to see the list of recordings

2021 Phone Conference Meeting Dates (usually the third Saturday):

January 16
February 20
March 20
April 17
May 15
June 12
July 10
August – No monthly meeting in August.
September – No monthly meeting in September. Join us at the online conference Sept 17-18 instead!
Oct 16
Nov 20
Dec 18


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See you in February….and maybe in May if I’m not too lazy to make the drive up I-80.

Good thing Janice is not “too lazy” to drive all over the state…. once a month for over five or six years now.

@Joe, got that right Joe, I don’t think other than most board members realize how much her (& Chance) spend on Transpo & Hotel stays & Food away from home!!! $$$ Add’s up and I will donate again! Wow
thanks for reminding all of us. Amazing, she is NOT given a Salary either. BIG HEART.

How come all the meetings are nowhere near me? Are there and places to help in Kansas?
I am currently trying to fight lifetime ankle monitoring for various reasons. I am trying to find some people to back me


Look at the NARSOL website for help.

Oh knock it off, Joe! I do my part in our efforts to fight this thing. I show up to regional meetings. I donate. I write letters. I make phone calls. Heck, I even talk to lay people in my community about the negative impact of the registry. If you can make the trek up and down the state, more power to you. But I have enough on my plate than to please the likes of you.

Help – what time zone? I’d like to join phone meeting from Pennsylvania

Tara this is a CALIFORNIA GROUP…NARSOL IS Your answer. Right on TS.
So many call in from other States who gives them or refers to this site and group? NARSOzl. Then th hey ask questions about laws in there respective State. How is Janice and Chance supposed to respond when they are CA?
It also takes time up when the Penn and FL guys call every time we gave phone call ins and they are back east and get on the w/e to talk and take up CALI TIme (PST). Its getting Old.
Janice what dont we advise th them to go to their respective group for them or Narsol? It just takes away from paying members here. Confused. I know they need assistance too. But I know the Orehon guy also always calls in but he was from here convicted
So th those questions somewhat relate. Others midwest and far back east were’nt arrested nor convicted nor did county nor State time here.

That does not mean Tara cannot ask questions about how to get some assistance. Everyone is welcome here, and no one pays to join these discussions, therefor, no one is a paying member.
She asked a simple question so maybe someone here has an answer or can point her out to an organization who can.
Don’t be so hard on her or try to have her excluded.
Tara, I’ll do a little research and see if I can find something for you.

@dph who said “Tara this is a CALIFORNIA GROUP…”: I agree ACSOL is mostly about California laws as Janice, Chance, and their team is based there. ACSOL, the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offender Laws, also has many articles on other States. Janice has also been involved in many of NARSOL’s and others discussions as she is a well sought after reference.

There are many articles on ACSOL related to other States.

We all are in this together, it’s a national issue, not just a Ca issue. Sure, one States laws may not affect another, but they are all related. Janice personally has talked to me on the phone and in several emails about issues NOT in Ca.

@dph’s post was in reply to @Tara’s question of why there aren’t any meetings nearby. To that end, the statement of it being a “CA group” is right. As a CA-centric group, the ACSOL meetings will almost assuredly be only in CA. So if @Tara is not in CA, and perhaps even not near Sacramento or the LA area, meetings probably will never be nearby.

To the larger issue of this online group being CA-only, absolutely not. But in the off-chance that it is, perhaps we non-CA RCs should stop sending money to help “your” cause, and quit posting about court cases in other States that may help “your” cause.

@ John in PA: The Meetings – including telephone meetings – are California time (PCT?). I hope you can join us for a meeting. A lot of topics are covered and many of them are nationwide issues (not exclusively California issues). Also, ACSOL is now taking legal action in Georgia, Florida, and other States.

@NPS, hope you will find that extra effort NPS, we all need you to attend, even via Helicopter if too lazy for the drive up I-80, lol. Please Attend, ALL of Us, need to band tighter than EVER for adding more on The List that have not yet attended or threw away the ACSOL Invite not knowing, were NOT another Atty seeking out false claims to Fix Them and off the Reg. This IS THE REAL WAY! Go All4ConSoLaws and ACSOL!

I would like to talk to families of wrongly accused sex offender to give support and share experiences online.

@jennnette there are a lot of them out there . You must note it’s not only a so called victim lying about an allegation it’s also the law enforcement officer/agency involved that also plays a huge role in any conviction of a falsely accused person .

The power of the Cross-Over. We all have our tribes separate from the registry. Some are big into playing chess and chess tournaments…some our parents with sports activities….shit, some are into knitting…whatever you are into you can shine the light on those that play with you that you are on the sex offender registry. I invented a machine that sharpens scissor for hairdressers. I exposed my status to the whole industry! My machine can revolutionize and change so many lives for good within that industry. Did I hit resistance? Yes but somehow $$$ seems to over-ride my conviction in the eyes of many bc it has changed their lives exponentially for good. So we registrants can make a difference! FYI be involved but DON’T hind your status as a registrant bc you had already paid ur debt to society!

Congratulations on your successes, sir. I see your postings all over the place. I do agree that people should not hide. However, I don’t tell people about being Registered. I’m going to live like anyone else does and that does not include talking about being harassed by criminal regimes. If a person asks me about it, I will tell them and I’m not ashamed, but I won’t discuss any details of anything I did or didn’t do. All irrelevant and none of their business anyway. Talking about the Registries or telling people that you are Registered gives legitimacy to the Registries and they deserve less than none.

So I don’t talk about myself and the Registry but I do find out what people think about Registries before I get very involved with them personally or professionally. I don’t want anything to do with people who think Registries are okay. I’m not going to help them in any way and I’ll go to their competitors instead.

Hello, I attended the telephone conference last Saturday. But unfortunately I could not submit my question which has me a little confused.
The question is,
Can a registered citizen have a Facebook account, Instagram account or any other social media account? I’ve looked up the subject and what I found was a supreme court decision favoring the RC‘s. But on Facebook for example their policy for beds or sees to have a Facebook account.
Anyone please, can you help to clarify this?

AI, let me give you an honest answer…(to the limits I am able);

It is not actionably illegal to have an Instagram of Facebook account, unless you are under some kind of prohibition through probation or what not…but if you are free of formal legal restraints concern the internet:

1. I suppose it would be okay to open an account under a false email address, and therefore false identity…not to do any scams or anything…I am certainly not recommending that!

2. While it would be against the TOS (Terms of Service), I do not believe that any criminal liability would attach for violating the TOS of Facebook…(providing of course you are doing nothing illegal…at ALL! See recent matter of young teen boasting (very privately, but untrue), that he had slept with his English teacher…Yikes! Illegal and convicted of criminal libel…there are many ways to trace you to a false account!…if they want, if you draw attention).

3. If you need a Facebook account for whatever legitimate reason and your friends and acquaintances don’t mind answering this new name for you on that platform, then fine…

4. though maybe a business front would be best…(eg Mr. Finest Break Shop and people refer to you as Jim, or Mr. Finest)

5. You are ALWAYS subject to being found out, kicked off, DOXX’ed…

Dem’s the Rules, Dem’s de` Risks.

Best Wishes, James I

PS if anyone wishes to disagree with the above in any way, wail away at me, my feelings will not be hurt…I Just want to see Al get the best, though never guaranteed, advice possible.

Thank you James,

Your reply helps a lot. I have in IG account, Twitter, TikTok (only to view as a form of entertainment) I had been off FB for over 9 years, since I was shut down. I hesitantly started a new account to get in touch with my family in Mexico and friends here. And a few weeks after someone started to spread my name around, stating that I’m a sex offender(my picture included) I felt horrible. And of course the last thing I wanted was any problems with the law or anyone. So I immediately shut the account down. Ever since, I’ve had that doubt in my mind; did I break the law???
Didn’t mean any harm, just to use that platform to reconnect with my family.

Dear Al:

I am sorry that this went down for you the way it did….this is just not right and the people attacking you were probably Professed Christians…well, I don’t want to get on a rant….but it is notable that you left these accounts not because of a violation of Terms of Service, rather because of bad people…bad people with malign hearts doing evil against you.

However, If you need these platforms for close family and friends…and if you are of Latino descent, I would imagine that there are hundreds of variations of your name that you could use in setting up new accounts with discrete names…though try to keep this in a tight circle of individuals…you just want to stay in touch with.

Good Luck and Best Wishes, James I

Janice might not let me post this put here goes.Al you bring up a good point. This actually happened to me in a bit of a differnet way. I wanted to know “Why” people wanted to vote for Trump back in 2016 so I knew I couldn’t vote but I would strive to campaign for Trump. Went to a meeting to do telephone campaiging and doing phone calls sounded good at least I would make some money as one know’s jobs are hard to come by.

The campaign lady at the headquarters said these will be phone surveys and you would have to go on face- book to get the script of how to conduct these and proceed with the survey. Well I knew I couldn’t go onto face book so I went to the front page to sign in and thought should I or shouldn’t I. I decided not to but I let my PO know that and he was a bit upset.

Well seems I was headed to court for violation when I never signed up in the first place.We get to court and my sister says “Why” is this a closed court. Guess government is secert and with Trump …… And don’t speak to me like that…. throws soap bars at Will Alan again…. it was a bit intense.

If actions speak louder than words than “Word” to ya. I believe it cost me a few days in jail and a fine and that was even on top of my registry ordeal so with much of this registry someone’s going banana’s .. … Starts throwing bananaa’s at Will Alan.

Yes my sister wanted to know “why” this was a private hearing…. and to beat it all I never tried “Trump Steakes”. Course myself I don’t even like face book but a lot of my business customers seem to have fb pages and even my high school people today when I graduated in 75, well I should of graduated earlier and to think I even lived in Souppy Sales town at the time.

Should of took a pie to court with that one. LOL Now I’m beginning to act like David… but it all comes out in the wash when one presses on for the truth.

Dude wtf is this nonsense SMH

When it comes to protecting sex offender’s civil rights no state compares to California’s ACSOL and what they have accomplished in the last 6-7 years.

Good luck 😬👌

I thank Janice for her fortitude & voice for us 299s being judged and being told mistruths and being put through misguided SOT ETC.

Big heart indeed a valuable asset to us all unfortunately I’m on a very limited income

I really like how this group is helping us on the registry, it is really unfair on how I made one mistake and I got to pay for it for the next 15 years than might get denied by the courts after I’m done to be taking of the registry list. I live in new jersey and I’m a current registered sex offender.

Just a piece of advice Daniel, don’t violate any of your conditions or any law for that matter in those 15 years (I assume you’re tier 1). If you do, kiss the 15 years goodbye and say hello to never being able to petition to get off the registry.

Yes, because that makes complete sense, doesn’t it? If you are convicted of stealing something then of course you should remain listed on the Hit Lists forever. F’ing morons.

I’ve really hit my limit with scumbags who think the Hit Lists are acceptable. They begged for war. I must deliver.

Been begging for some kind of trouble for years I think , thats why they keep turning the heat up , they know what they are doing is wrong , but they just keep pushing and trying to create more heat , hoping someone will jump real tough and they can plaster it all over the news , so yep they are begging for someone to fruit loop out , setting up the real thugs for more votes and money

Last edited 4 months ago by Outsider

But I could hold not blame anyone for flipping out , It is unreal many have not flipped out , it just shows how good and tough most of us truly are ,

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