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TX: Ex-Baylor frat president indicted on 4 counts of sex assault won’t go to prison

[ – 12/11/18]

Even though Jacob Walter Anderson was indicted on four counts of sexual assault, the ex-fraternity president won’t spend a single day in prison.

Instead, a plea agreement allowed the former Baylor University student to plead no contest to a lesser charge of unlawful restraint.

That means if the 24-year-old successfully completes three years of deferred probation and pays a $400 fine, his criminal record will be wiped clean of the charge, CNN affiliate KWKT said.

Anderson will have to complete alcohol, drug and psychological treatment plans. But he won’t have to register as a sex offender in Texas.

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“But he won’t have to register as a sex offender in Texas.” There is so much outrage over this I bet the ones who do have to register (especially in the state of texas) will suffer to make up for it.

The key word in this story is….Baylor…. Yes. The pinnacle of Christian education. It seems anything in this state that is tied to Baylor will get preferential treatment. I got life on the registry just for touching a body part. The good old boy network in action.

This sentence (or completely lake there off) makes me bitter as well. I currently have a life time registration for taking an upskirt picture. Maybe if I was a member of that school they wouldn’t even have filed charges.

Its interesting that the media and people commenting on are all focusing on how he doesn’t have to serve prison time. While I’m focusing on the fact that he doesn’t have to register. A prison sentence will eventually be over. But being registered makes your life hell forever. I don’t think people fully understand and appreciate this.

Of course the registry is the REAL prison sentence.. It’s a life sentence of shaming, shunning and marginalization. They are defeating the purpose of having a registry in the first place by not putting THIS individual on it. Just goes to show the selective outrage for enforcing Megan’s Law as they didn’t want to ruin his life.

Whoa – upskirt pictures! How dangerous and damaging!! Good thing that people know about you so they can “protect” themselves.

I mean, why Register people who stick a gun in someone’s face when you can go after people who take pictures? Gun Offenders would shoot them.

WTF?!! I am actually so friggin pissed about this because these GD criminal regimes can’t seem to get enough of stealing piles and piles of money from me to fund their stupidity. If I was at least allowed to only have to pay my fair share, some stupidity would be acceptable (not this still though!). I could pay 1/100,000,000 of the money needed by Nanny Big Government and maybe not complain about it. But not magnitudes more. I pay more taxes just for those scumbag public schools than most people do for their homes. F the people who support this, their spouses, and their children douche bags in training.

This is how dumb the Static-99R is, per Question 7 of Fake Doctor Karl Hanson’s “Coding Rules:”

Hypothetical Upskirt Picture: +1 point

Hypothetical Rape and Murder: 0 points

So all else equal, Karl Hanson’s Static-99R would make a person who is convicted of having taken an upskirt picture more of a “risk” than someone who is convicted of rape AND murder. To add to its Buffet of Flaws, the Static-99R does not even advertise to predict dangerousness specifically. The Static-99R vaguely predicts ‘risk.’

And this is just ONE of the MANY flaws to the Static-99R Scam, aka SARATSO tool.

The US justice system is so pathetically broken and corrupt. It is no different than in Mexico, just more sophisticated in its corruption. I never touched anyone nor had any contact with anyone and did five years in a concentration camp where people were beaten and murdered, now I have a lifetime on the registry, and this guy, after a period of “good” behavior will have his record wiped clean. Unbelievable.

It’a all about money and power- both of which this PRIVILEGED MAN has going for himself! It’s a shame that the rich have their own set of laws and the poor have to pay with life.

Had he been military, he would’ve possibly been prosecuted on top of this charge with conduct unbecoming against good order and discipline at least.

Come to think of it, because he dealed for a lesser charge, if he was military, then he’d be possibly charged with sexual assault among others where 2/3 guilty votes are only required (until 3/4 goes into effect Jan 1 ’19). Ten years and SO registry for life. Dual-sovereignty at work.

So, the Judge probably considered that putting this young man on the registry would severely limit his future endeavors and cause this young man a possible bleak future at best. The Judge would be hard pressed (and possibly not be able to live with himself if) to ruin this mans future. Nope, not ex post facto..

As I still wonder about this case, I wonder will the Judge be recalled ala Judge Persky was, the DA will be perhaps, or maybe both. Will the dander of the populace be raised to a call of recall or vote out of office action during the next election cycle?

I don’t know which is worse for feeding disinformation about former sexual offenders, some guy who rapes and murders a little blue eyed girl or some cute frat boy who gets less than the rest of us. They both produce the same knee jerk response and re-enliven myths like these:
“…jurors aren’t ready to blame rapists and not victims…” BS, Nassar
“…all rapists who get away with their crimes will never be cured, never change.” Wrong, re-offense rate is very low.
A bunch of hog wash! I don’t even trust CNN to get the story right and report from all angles. I am sick of the media’s passion play revolving around sex crimes. Everyone always looses when they play this, because we get more stupid responses. Another mandatory minimum or other draconian law comes out that punishes all but the offender, whose crime it is a reaction to.

Looks like a petition for recall has begun. Unlike the previous case, I can’t say I disagree here with the recall. The reasoning here for this basically non-sentencing seems incredibly privileged (it’s kinda amazing that the DA is on record with the reasoning).

One big difference is that this was a plea deal rubber stamped by the DA who agreed on this slap on the wrist.

Turner lost at trial and the prosecution asked for prison time, the judge went against all wisdom and decided to give him leniency that none of us would see.


Not true. Judge Persky followed the recommendation of the probation office’s report. Is that against all wisdom? Maybe in the minds of those who recalled him and those who thought otherwise while not being able to recall him. Is showing judicial thinking from the bench with all facts considered (including the prosecution’s jail term recommendation) against all wisdom? No, but society is getting to the point of finding a jail sentence in a guide, sentence someone using it, and close the case while going on to the next one like a machine making cookies in a factory.

I’d rather have a thinking Judge or Justice from the bench than a rubber stamp one or one who pontificates their dislike of the defendant like the Judge in MI or PA we have seen this year. Unfortunately, thinking itself is becoming a crime even if there is no criminal retribution to it, but there is societal retribution.

You may read more here and see the report itself: In Stanford sexual assault case, probation officer recommended ‘moderate’ jail term

In Turner’s case the judge followed the sentencing report recommendation. In my report they recommended 9 months plus 8 hours of community service (no idea on that randomness of community service compared to the rest). The judge instead gave me 60 days via weekends and 300 hours of community service.

The other HUGE difference between these two cases is that Turner still has to register. I think most of us here will agree that having to register far outweighs most actually incarceration sentences. I certainly would’ve been happy to accept a longer sentence if it meant I could avoid having to register. The people who were up in arms over Turner completely glossed over this major part, especially since unlike most of us, his face is a household “name” now.

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