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IL: Court tosses lawsuit in sex-video suicide case

A federal judge in Chicago has dismissed a lawsuit brought against a suburban Chicago school by parents of a student who killed himself after staff warned him he may have to register as a sex offender because they suspected he made a video of himself having sex with a classmate without her knowledge. Full Article


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“Judge Wood said there’s no evidence Walgren broke the law with the video…). Way to go Naperville North High School, you literally scared the boy to death without cause.

When I lived in Chicagoland, I had a buddy who summed up Naperville as having all the drawbacks of a city and none of the benefits of a suburb. He was about right. It’s also a town that thinks it’s new money, when in truth it’s mostly Monopoly money….lots of McMansions with rented, or no, furniture.

This isn’t the only time I’ve read where the threat of becoming a registrant has led to suicide. Surprises me that there are still so many idiots in black robes who to this day think the registry isn’t punishment.

It’s not that they don’t think it’s not, it’s just technical mombo-jumbo allowing it to continue existing. So those that hate us, just go along with it and stick to the “non-punishment” BS for legality purposes. It’s like how thanks to Citizens United corporations are “people” when it comes to the good stuff (donating to political parties), but not when it comes to the bad stuff (like technically not being able to criminally prosecute anyone when blatant harm has been done such as with PGE and Wells Fargo).

I hope they keep fighting and win! Poor kid didn’t have a chance to be told by anyone intelligent about the witch hunt this country is doing to anyone ‘looking at someone under legal age’. Disgusting and pathetic what these Lawmakers have done to people, resulting in unnecessary deaths, all due to one attorney who was able to argue the Utter B*llshit that possessing such material somehow creates a market for it, despite the fact that the material is made without any transactional/monetary value in 99.5% of all cases and IS CONCENSUAL in many cases as well, according to science regarding how the adolescent mind works. I can’t believe this is still allowed to continue. The same B*ullshit argument could be made that any videos showing death on the internet create a ‘market for murder’. I mean, how Insanely Stupid does one need to be to believe this?

Why isn’t Critical Thinking taught in schools anymore? How much nonsense would we eliminate and lives improved if that was the case?

@Joe123 – I also hope that the attorney in the case keeps trying. What happened to this teenager is unconscionable. How could a school official, who is not an attorney, say what was said? Now that I think of it, perhaps it is legal malpractice. The school has blood on its hands and should pay the family for the loss of their son.

Janice, absolutely correct. I’d like to see these parents sue not only the school, but the specific individual official for the threat he made. Don’t know if Illinois has statutes forbidding the paid practice of law without a license (presume they do), but think the official should be criminally charges if possible. Surprised they haven’t been fired or resigned.

Just another dead young man because of the poor quality leadership. America is loosing its young people in droves to this and that. NO ONE CARES.

This kids death was in vain.
Does anyone know how to get a fund started for the Parents to keep this suit going?
People need to know this Registry IS PUNISHMENT and worse than death.

I can think of so many stories, news that showed a guilty verdicts judgement against individuals and or groups that were partly or wholly to blame for a death due to harassment, instigating, provoking, shaming, feeding lies, manipulating and many more wrongs…..
But when authorities and people in power are to blame the court’s just act as if they had no fault in the matter ! Now these parents had to bury a son for some screwed up laws and individuals having there damndable way which drove the boy to suicide,,,,,who could deny this clear reality. .! What a bunch of shiiit ,,,,scuuum a holes in this country ! To be the parent is beyond heartbreak, to know and be forced to live with low life garbage of leaders like them !

In reading the court document, they keep using this fact against him… “Walgren was an honor-roll student with no disciplinary record or history of violence or self-harm.” and in doing so, shift the blame for the suicide onto the student.

Essentially they are saying, even though we had no proof of a crime after this warrant-less search and that we (3 people in authority) questioned him without his parents there and no due process and did not see he was emotionally distressed, it’s not our fault. Give me a break.

The court did leave the case open for appeal… “Plaintiffs are granted leave to file a second amended complaint that remedies the pleading deficiencies discussed herein, if they are able to do so consistent with the requirements of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11.”

The motions to dismiss were granted on issues that can be remedied. In the end, I see this family winning huge. I also acknowledge that no amount of money will bring their “honor-roll student with no disciplinary record or history of violence or self-harm” back.

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