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CA: Newsom seeks to halt parole for some murderers and serious offenders. What does that signal?

[ – 3/26/19]

____ liked to suck on the toes of young boys and has spent the last 16 years in prison because of it.

A jury convicted him in 2003 at age 32 in a case that shook Newport Beach, where he was a supervisor in the city’s youth recreation program. He was tried on multiple counts of child molestation and sentenced to two concurrent life terms after being caught in the act by a co-worker.

Last week — despite an attempt by Gov. Gavin Newsom to stop it — ____ won parole.

____’s impending release is one of 33 cases in which Newsom, since taking office, has attempted to stop a serious offender from receiving parole, according to documents provided by the governor’s office. Parole hearings usually take place in front of a two-person panel. The governor can’t revoke these paroles but can ask the state’s 15-member Board of Parole Hearings to review them.

Newsom also has stopped 46 paroles for murderers, a different process that allows him to act unilaterally through executive powers.

Brian Ferguson, a spokesman for Newsom, said, “Each case that comes before the governor is evaluated on its own merits and receives careful review and consideration.”

The interventions mark a steep increase from those undertaken by former Gov. Jerry Brown and are a departure from the progressive criminal justice reform stance that Newsom has championed, including his recent moratorium on the death penalty.

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  1. Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

    “Newsom seeks to halt parole for some murderers and serious offenders. What does that signal?” Nothing good, I’m afraid. Newsom is coming into focus in relation to “sex offenders.”

    • Bill

      This crap should be illigal and he should be punished for interfering with the boards job and bias pursuits against prisoners rights to a fair un biased and out side influences not directly connected or concerned with their cases !

    • R M

      It signals that the Gov wants to be re-elected… end of statement.

  2. American Detained in America

    and again, more evidence that a potential end to this nightmare lies in electing liberal Democrats into office. Sorry guys, but the only real chance we have is with those who hold a conservative view of the U.S. Constitution. I’m not saying that’s necessarily with a Republican either.

    • AO

      Aren’t the super conservative states the ones that have the worst policies against us?

      • American Detained in America

        If that were true, then explain New York and California. In fact, California was the first state with a registry.

      • RegistrantNotAnOffender

        California may be liberal but its not as progressive as Washington, Oregon or Massachusetts. You guys have had republican governors. Washington and Oregon coincidentally are the most registrant friendly States

  3. USA

    This is a very misleading article. We have an individual convicted of numerous sex offenses against children while in a leadership role. This wasn’t an isolated incidence. Furthermore, he was convicted 15 years ago and given 2 life sentences? What do you expect? I don’t think any Governor in Ca has simply approved every request for parole? What are you suggesting? The article also states he has declined to support murderers? Do you know the facts? I believe one was a member of Charles Manson’s cult. What about the paroles he has supported? Has this website became CNN? I’ve posted other comments disagreeing with your views and for some reason, you failed to post them? Maybe I should refrain from making further donations?

    • Bill

      Maybe you should stop trying to manipulate organizations with your money to get the results you want…just do it because Justice is for all parties and balance needs to achieved to bring healing and restoration ! We need to have patience at the hardest times of debates and analoging … discussions !!!
      Please try to understand Society has made alot of this come into existence and men need to help men not attack each other and see only what we want !!!

      • Eric

        I see what USA is saying. The fact is some people who do sex offenses are seriously dangerous people. We as a group are sensitive to the label and the excessive abuse and punishment given out. But some people are a threat to society. The problem is that all people who have done sex offenses are grouped together and society looks at us a single group and nothing could be farther from the truth. It would be the same as saying every person who steals is exactly of the same mentality. That is absurd. The shoplifter and the armed robber are in no way the same. There are now something like 42 offenses that land people on the registry. Some are actually trivial, while some are very serious. Just because the person carries the label of an SO we shouldn’t wish for him to be released from consequence an able to regain his place in society, most should, but not all.

  4. AERO1

    @Eric very well said !! … plain and simple if someone has been arrested on multiple charges of rape and child molestation and sent to prison got out and reoffended should not be granted any type of early release from a parole board and if he is granted any form early release he should be labeled a sexually violent predator and should have to register for life with GPS monitoring ankle bracelet and the community should be notified whenever this person is moving into their neighborhoods beacause it’s people like that who can’t control themselves and make it harder for people who’ve made mistakes in their lives did their time and been living as a respectable citizen since especially when everybody on the registry is group togethe. so I totally understand where this judge is coming from hes just doing his job and trying to keep the community safe

    • JM of Wi.

      Once a toe guy always a toe guy…
      20 life sentences run concurrently. Pretty dramatic.
      All the human beings I’ve met on my journey through this insanity who have a fetish, have been able to heal.

    • Will Allen

      All close enough to correct except there should be no Registry. Or are you one of the completely confused people who thinks the Registries do anything useful? Obviously they do not. They are counterproductive stupidity.

      Similarly, no community has any right to know about any released person who committed a $EX crime unless they also have a right to know about everyone released (who committed any significant crime). But, do you really think even that does anything at all of significance? It doesn’t where I live. Where I live it is completely trivial to NEVER interact with your neighbors and simply live life everywhere else, completely anonymously as you want. It’s trivial so notifying people does nothing of importance. If big government does not warn me about a new neighbor, I’m not going to assume the person is not a lifelong, dangerous criminal. I don’t need big government. No one does.

  5. USA

    Well stated! Changes should also be made to SB 384 so that if you meet the requirements, it’s automatic. It’s very clear that the registry is and has been out of line for some time. Newsom is a very liberal Governor, but he stil has to do his job. Best wishes

  6. RegistrantNotAnOffender

    Your comment is complete nonsense in Smith v Doe it was the two most liberal judges RGB and Breyer who said Alaska’s registry was nonconstitutional for violating post Facto. The conservative judges all claimed that the registry is not punitive.

    Please don’t post politically charged stuff here if you have no idea what you’re talking about

  7. Mark

    Can a person who committed a sex offense as a juvenile, age 12, in California, be required to register as a sex offender 30+ years down the road when they are released from prison on an unrelated, non sex based offense?

  8. USA

    Registrant, we live in Ca? What do judges and a Governor have in common? I suggest leaving the legal garçon to lawyers. You make zero sense!!!!!!!

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      please tell me you are not that dense. Scotus decisions have an impact on California.

      detainee on America suggested conservative judges are the only way to take down the registry. That is false.

      Judges from both spectrums have shown support for the registry but quite a few liberal ones, namely those on the most important court of all, have found it unconstitutional

      • AJ

        “please tell me you are not that dense.”
        In the “garçon” of the Magic 8 Ball…
        “Signs point to yes.”

        • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

          Just what IS a “legal garçon,” anyway? Arguably, my own prosecution could be thought of as my failure to discern such a “legal” garçon.

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