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International Travel 2019

We have updated our main International Travel section. It features:

  1. List of Schengen Nations (allowing entry to registrants);
  2. Resources (including a CA DOJ Travel Notification Form); and
  3. User Submitted Travel Reports.

This post is linked from the Main Menu at the top of the site.

1. The 26 Schengen Nations (which allow registrants to visit)

As an agreement, Schengen was signed among the five out of ten countries of the European Union members back then, on the 14th June 1985. Under the Schengen agreement, travelling from one Schengen country to another is done without any passport and immigration controls or any other formalities previously required.

Czech republic

Note: US Citizens are visa exempt when visiting the Schengen area for up to 90 days in a 180 day period (List of Countries, Section B or map).  The European Commission is proposing creating a European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for such travelers, beginning in 2021 – which may or may not take criminal convictions into account. ETIAS Fact Sheet April 2018July 2018

2. Resources



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I’ve read to Dec 4th so far, but have decided I must come to LA for the meeting in Febuary. I am an SO on lifetime reporting. I have traveled internationally many times, but never since 1998. Becouse I thought I couldn’t. If Martha S. Was turned away at Heathrow, well..what chance I? But reading here, I see I have a chance. And I want to.
I look forward to the meeting in LAand learning more a about my possibilities and future. I am so grateful to have found this forum.
New Mexico has a SORT Chapter, but…um, it’s not at the same level as the discussions I’ve been reading here.
My sincere thanks to you all who have been participants.
P.S. Any advice on decent hotels near the meeting site is welcome.
Kindest regards

@M. Charles kiser

Note that you posted in the 2019 forum. You may get more response in the 2020 forum (link at the top of this page).

P.S. I have traveled to most of the countries in Europe (avoiding Heathrow) in the past two years with no problem – actually, I’m headed to Europe again next week. The rest of the world is trickier but doable.

I travelled to London through Heathrow twice in 2017 for work without issue, except minor harrasement upon return to US.

@Patrick, you must not have been green noticed or UK determined it’s a spent conviction Did you give 21 day notice?

I’ve learned more than about UK more recently and it’s my understanding that a spent conviction is a spent conviction under UK immigration law even for RSO. The more I read about it, it seems, if challenged, they would not be able to deny you entry for a spent offense. At least not for that reason. The key it seems is if you go there and they try to deny entry knowing how that law works can be helpful for talking to their immigration officers. A better option is to get a Visa for UK though because the determination as to it being relevant is made in advance. Don’t apply for Visa though if you would likely be denied under their rules. In that case you would be better to try with Visa waiver and hope to get lucky. If you get denied visa they will know and will know why.

What about the Philippines, how can I go there?

David did u ever find out about Philippines

@ M. Charles Kiser: You would certainly be welcome at the L.A. ACSOL Meeting on February 8th. Also, I encourage you to join us for the ACSOL Annual Conference on May 29 & 30, 2020 in Los Angeles. It’s extremely informative. Great nationally speakers and excellent presentations, workshops/groups. And, each year, there is a forum/presentation on travel, both domestic and international. I plan to attend both L.A. events.
✈️ I travel to Europe each fall (with my “unique identifier marked” US passport.) I will gladly share my travel knowledge & experiences with you. (I haven’t actually checked my status, but I suspect that I – like you – am a lifetime Registrant.) ✈️.
Best wishes!✈️

Hey David, I am planning a trip to London next year and would love any tips/contacts in the embassy for permission or advice to make it as smooth as possible!

@Shane, if your status would not be considered a spent conviction in the UK, its probably not even worth trying.

@ Shane: The truth is that if you are on a registry anywhere in the United States, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to enter Great Britain (regardless of any British standards of a conviction being considered “spent”.) I’m sorry.😕

Can we as registrants travel to Catalina Island for a weekend stay?
My wife doesn’t have papers but permission to work here in the U.S.(since I now have this on my record she can no longer get her citizenship through me now!) can immigration be a problem if traveling to the island for my wife? Is the island U.S. territory or Mexico territory?

Catalina Island is part of California. Los Angeles County Sheriffs are the LE there.
I’ve went there a few times since my conviction.

Sounds like your wife is on TPS or an asylee if she has an I-765. Yes, you CAN sponsor your wife for LPR. You just need a good immigration attorney. The immigration law firm I work for has successfully filed petitions where the sponsoring U.S. spouse is a registrant. It is a lot of work (and money) and you need a lot of supporting documents but it can be done.

Catalina Island is part of California. You’re not leaving the state.

For Panama City or any other Latin American Country, if you fly out of a country other than the United States, you will more than likely be stopped and checked by Agents from Interpol.

@Ruben would there be a way that I could get your contact information regarding the Immigration Attorney that you work for?

Hello Ruben,

I need to sponsor my wife and would like information the immigration attorney you are referring to.

Thank you

Mexico is out. They just got all new finger print equipment. Here is a list of countries where I have been turned away:
Costa Rica (even though got married there)
Panama City
All told I’ve been set back $13,000.
France is good (schenghen visa is good)

I know that flying to Mexico doesn’t work, as I was turned away, but I wonder if you can still walk across from the US, possibly easier at a lesser used border crossing…

@Jason, some people have been able to do this but I have also heard that if you do this and then try and travel around Mexico especially through an airport you will get detained and sent back. You may very well be able to visit border towns without this issue however.

Fairly sure once you fly to mexico and get turned around you have been entered into their system. After that no matter how you go, if you get checked they will turn you around. My personal experience.

If you dont fly into mexico and get entered into their system as banned, walking across might work.

Ive heard that once you get into mexico you can fly to other parts of the country, again only if you have never been denied entry from a flight originating in the US.

There is still the problem of giving notification to your states registry.

In Panama City where did they turn you away? I need to take a connecting flight on Copa and will only stay in the international transfer area (will not go through customs or immigration). I am worried that they pull you when exiting the plane.

Wow, you really need to ask, what Country wants to tell everyone else what to do?

“They just got all new finger print equipment” they just got new fingerprint equipment where?

Does anyone know if El Salvador or Guatemala is letting sex offenders in?

When did you try and enter Japan? I heard if you weren’t sentenced for over a year you should be fine. Did you mark yes to the criminal record on the immigration card and were you taken in for a interview when trying to enter?

I have a trip planned in April

😃 🇨🇵 ‘Love France!! 🇨🇵🤗🥳
(Just sharing!😁)

Where can a 25 year register sex offender travel to if he is a citizen of the US with a marked passport?

See below website for travel matrix

@Ruben H
Ran into similar Issue what your wanting to do is a file of I-130 spousal visa
I to have wife of 7 yrs our child lives with me in US she is in another country and as you know most likely a RP or a person with a sex offense is prohibited from a spousal visa under INA though in the last yr 8-10 spousal visa has been approved.though surprisingly from around 2010-2016-only 4 have been approved now been fighting since 2013 then refile in 2017 again
so chances of of an approval are slim to NOT happening.
I will make a suggestion the 5 star rated Immigration attorney Allen Lolly out of calif. is superior he has had approvals as well as visa waivers approved so maybe to need to give him a call he will not price gouge you but you need to jump threw many hoops that cost mega bucks as in a risk assessment testing and stat 99 and recidivism testing
here is a useful link that will give you an Idea of what your up against

We just returned from 12 days in Portugal including 3 days on the island of Madeira.
No issues during our trip.
Upon returning to the US at SFO, I was sent to Secondary, as usual. Slightly different this time. Instead of the customs agent finding someone to hand my passport to, and then have that person stay with me while I retrieved my bags, the customs agent inserted and locked my passport into a plastic case with some kind of RFI device attached to it, and then handed it back to me. She said, “Go and retrieve your luggage, and then take this case to an officer toward the exit. If you try to leave the airport, an alarm will go off.”
So we retrieved our luggage, and walked over to an agent sitting in front of a computer screen. The agent spent some time opening the plastic case to retrieve my passport, and then scanned it on his computer and stared at the screen for some time. Finally, he said “Do you have your driver’s license?”. I handed him my license, and he said “Is your address correct and current on here?” and I said yes. He then entered my street address into his computer and stared at it some more. He then handed me back my passport, and said “Ok, you can go.”
That was the first time in several years that my luggage wasn’t searched.
Also, there was a bit of a parallel with my last return to the country in Fort Lauderdale, where the officer also asked for my home street address, and keyed it into his computer. He also stared at the screen for a while before handing my passport back to me, though he did search our luggage that time.
I can only speculate that the objective of the officers was to determine if I was current in my registration, and that the main key to that information is my street address.

Two points I can continue to make:

After several trips, and visits to over 20 countries, there has still never been any person anywhere in the world (including within the US) that has looked for or seen the marked page in the back of my passport (okay, a little disclaimer: several times I have handed my passport to tour guides or hotel clerks and then retrieved my passport from them maybe an hour or two later – but if anyone did look for or see the marked page, which I doubt, they didn’t say anything).

I have yet to have any customs, ICE, Border Patrol, or any other government officer, ask if I gave my 21-day advance notice prior to travel, or even mention it in any context.

Is there any Central American country where registrants can live for extended periods of time?

@ Mike H: Hope you had a great Portugal trip!
1: Agreed – since having my IML-marked passport, no one has ever looked at that notification page.
2: Upon return to the U.S., I HAVE been asked if I gave 21-Day Travel Notification and I had a photocopy of that proof with me to hand over. (I strongly recommend that any Registrant traveling internationally keep with them at least one copy of that 21-day notification confirming that it has been submitted and received. [I am able to get a stamped & dated copy from my local police department.])
Safe travels! ✈️

Sorry common ground letter was a bit lengthy,
Maybe you can find a way to post a link to the common ground letter, it is a bit lengthy but if your looking for a good letter with case law it helps get the point across, in a letter to your congressman. The other letter from an ex senator and now lobbyist even though it is all Caps,, lol is being sent to all 535 voting members of congress to plant a seed in their brain , of those who will read it, that possibly what they voted for was not in the best interest of American citizens. Politicians tend to embellish when they can , but it makes sense and gets a point across. it’s just the beginning of a process to encourage change on this bill.

Nichols v. United States, 136 S.Ct. 1113 (2016)
Associate Justice Samuel Alito authored a unanimous decision holding that a plain text reading of SORNA applies to a place in which a resident resides, not resided.[2] Because the Philippines is a foreign jurisdiction where SORNA is inapplicable and because the law uses the present tense, Nichols had no obligation under this federal law to update his registration. Under Kansas state law and under the subsequently enacted federal legislation, Nichols does have an obligation to update his registration information.

So, if you leave, under this Court ruling, and have no plans to ever return, you do not have to give notice. I can’t shepherd this, but that is what it appears.

@Thomas Fritz

For clarification are your saying if I choose to move to Croatia; giving my 21 days notice prior to departure; I do not have to inform my current jurisdiction of my foreign address?

I will only come back to the U.S. intermittently for doctor visits and to see family. Will this cause an issue when returning at a U.S. Port of entry; other than customs asking questions?

Something tells me as long an expat registrant remains an American citizen, the registry will still be there to welcome them home when they return.

Curious- when you guys report international travel, does it have to be in person or certified letter? Is there anyone allowed to do it over email?

In Wisconsin we can send it email to the Department of Corrections. They take care of all notifications to the US Marshals Etc. We are not a sorna state.

In Michigan we report our international itinerary to the local sheriff dept. 21 days in advance per federal requirements

In my city in California, I send my 21-day advanced travel notification in via email. However, I am still required to appear in person and sign the paperwork.

Thanks for the info. When my bf tried to report int’l travel with a 21 day notice (before all of this kicked off) he was told that he couldn’t do it over email and he had to do it in person or certified letter, even though he had done it via email to the same agency three times before. I was just curious if that was California law or what, sounds like it depends on the agency.

🤗 Good News for Europe travel fans! 🤗
ETIAS implementation delayed until mid-2023!!
Now U.S. Citizens Won’t Need to Register to Travel to Europe Until 2023.

Thanks for posting that!

😁 Happy about it and happy to share it!👍

That’s great news. I get off parole in late 2022. Now I can get a fall European trip in before 2023 sets in. I’ll have a hard time getting in after ETIAS I’ve been in prison for 3 years plus there’s a 10 yr wait after conviction for sex offenses

I got mine the same year I was released in 2016

🛑 I should clarify so there is no misunderstanding: International Megan’s Law has NOT changed and Registrants MUST still provide 21-day Advance Travel Notification before traveling to any foreign country.
ETIAS is a European Visa-like program that will be required in the future (2023) for nearly all non-Europeans who wish to visit the Schengen European countries.

A ~ I don’t know the answer to your question, but I wanted to point out that you are not a sex offender if you did your time. You are a person who committed a crime and paid for it. An offender is a person who is committing a crime in the present. I hope you get to travel.😉

It’s nice and cute to pretend we’re not sex offenders in order to boost morale amongst us, but our laws and society consider us registered sex offenders. We just are, and you can’t sugar coat it.

Well, I am NOT a sex offender, anymore. It is the same thing stating a dead person is alive after being dead for 30 years.

“…laws and society consider us registered sex offenders.”

What you say may be true…but it is still wrong, and in my opinion deeply dishonest.

It was sex, at least in my case, (I do not consider non contact offenses really offenses at at…it is just society trying to punish thoughts where there are no external actions), and sex, at least Post-pubertal is what people think about, what people plan for, how people preen themselves, it is central to their identities…

Now some of people’s actions in reference to sex maybe could be channeled better, and I concede that sex and bonding is important to society and they should have a policy say in these regards…but on the other hand…there needs to be an acknowledgement that…it often is just sex, what we were made to do…what we were made for.

This maybe is a tricky balance…but at some level people and society need to understand…it is just sex…its not magic, there is no pixie dust…it is just a basic, biological human function.

It will not save you, nor kill you nor…much of anything really, it is what it is.

No biggie.

Best Wishes, James I

@USA the 2nd: You said “It’s nice and cute to pretend we’re not sex offenders in order to boost morale amongst us, but our laws and society consider us registered sex offenders. We just are, and you can’t sugar coat it.”

I committed a sex crime 24 years ago, that does not and will not forever make me a sex offender.

If you want to follow what ignorant, brainwashed, uneducated society believes, you are one of those ignorant, brainwashed, uneducated society people. Stuff yourself in a box and hide for the rest of your life.

USA the 2nd ~ There is nothing cute about this. No, we are NOT sex offenders, and the key word is “considered” a sex offender by society. Blacks were “considered” a lower class, too. Jews were “considered” a lower class to the point they were killed by the Nazis. Just because some people “consider” us sex offenders, does not mean we are. I “consider” those who committed a sex crime as “those who committed” a sex crime. Committed, in the sense that is in the PAST.

You’re out of your mind trying to make a comparison between a CHOICE to commit a criminal act that gets you listed as a sex offender versus slavery, lynchings, and discrimination that blacks endured and still endure. They didn’t make that choice. Jews didn’t make the choice to be thrown in the ovens. Grow up! YOU made a choice. YOU are a sex offender. I am a sex offender by law. Do I enjoy it? No. Do I take responsibility for my choices? Yes. But saying that you’ve been persecuted like some other racial minorities is not only shirking your responsibility, but also taking insult on black & jewish offenders that participate on this forum.

USA the 2nd ~ Drug dealers, murderers and people who drive drunk make CHOICES, YET, they are NOT on a HOT LIST. Get a grip and realize that a sex offense is CONSIDERED worse than a murder, etc HENCE the LIFETIME label and registration requirement that NO OTHER FORMER criminal has to endure. Get it now? If not, you never will, and that’s ok. I stand by opinion any time with confidence.

You are right, of course. People Forced to Register (PFR) are not “$EX offenders”. Only dumb people believe they are. America is completely full of dumb people.

Further, I’d say that the Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) have destroyed any functional use of that phrase for anything. I wouldn’t trust those “people” to use that phrase ever, even to describe a person who commits $EX crimes every day. RS/Ts have turned into nothing more than war propaganda and lies.

Obviously you know this but the person you are arguing with is not smart. He/She didn’t get that you were not comparing whatever a PFR did to bring persecution versus a black or Jewish person doing nothing. That was not the comparison. The comparison was that people are often persecuted by dumb “people” for dumb reasons.

“and sex, at least Post-pubertal is what people think about, what people plan for, how people preen themselves, it is central to their identities…’
This is so true, and it is everywhere. Except you cannot pay for it, find it for free unless you go bar hoping or IDK where, and have to suffer without it if you do not have someone. Even the paid dating sites are all scams. It is beyond reason to make sex such a central part of life and then deprive every individual of it any way they can. And they wonder why people sexually offend. How about at least letting grown ass adults pay for it or sell it, there is plenty of demand yet no supply.

You know Mike, I really, really, really, really agree with you…but I am not allowed to say this openly….(grin)

It is what it is and we all still need to be careful…in all regards.

My Very Best Wishes to You, James I

Yeah, I have been divorced for over six months now and I have yet to find anywhere to meet women. I am aware it is a personal problem, but this is ridiculous and a overwhelming problem for many men I bet.

I use online dating and do pretty well. I don’t provide a last name until I have to. Typically once someone gets to know me first and realizes that I am not the worst thing I’ve ever done, all is well. I have run into a few that couldn’t deal with my decade old poor choice. Those few I am glad to avoid. I wouldn’t want to be involved with a narrow minded judgemental woman anyway.

@ love, peace, happiness I don’t know if you live in the Everglades’ wrestle with alligators or what but your still a dirty old party animal with you and your block parties. Why did I say that.
From Mary Devye Devoy to Mary Sue Molnar to Vicki Heneys team. Even Galen Baughmam about 5 yrs. ago for Soros Justice, sent me some e-mails and yes Janice I have a few from you also. The main article which I believe says the most is Galen’s when he stood up and gave his speech on Human Rights .

Even this thing about international travel is a bit crusty.While I’ve never been to Spain I have worked in the Everglades and several tourist area’s, had many summer jobs was a product demo person with various assignments, had to do updates and get opinions from consumers and so on so.

We all at times can get different view’s about this registry and some don’t know or understand how to tackle it. All these restrictions, crefews, poly tests, etc, Its mind boggling. Even a new agency guy was limited to what he could do and print in the papers. Even mothers that have to go thru this with someone in the family has a hard time. Course I’ve never been to Spain. One wonders if were all gone Japanese. Least I spelled it right.


If the laws changed and we would no longer be labeled sex offenders, would you still identify yourself as one?

@Hopeful. What site do you use or recommend? I have tried several sites and just get scammers that want you to join other sites, pay more money or are just bots responding.

@ Bill in CA. Since this pandermic has came up who is “social distancing” who today with this labeling. Isnt’ the person that works 9 to 5 no better than the other or are we all tattooed in some ways and means by some committee or even Government. Take a look at things today or do all on here want to just crawl up in a ball and panic or be afraid to stand up. Hey Galen’s speech while inspirational is good for all on the registry. While he has his walk in life and I’m sure is still trying to find his way, don’t we all strive to find our way in this international travel suit.

Sure I don’t agree with many peoples lifestyles but I can’t judge another. Hey its bad enough for many on the registry. Yes I talk about a bit of Gospel but that’s for each one to decide and chose. Yes this whole registry issue is watered down in many ways but are we all not to look for better things to come or I wonder who said . Thou your sin’s be as scarlet they will be as white as snow. Take an example from Paul in the bible. baughman&&view=detail&mid=56D8F2155ADB2DF9753656D8F2155ADB2DF97536&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=/videos/search?q=galen+baughman&&FORM=VDVVXX

Folks, please put your remarks in “General Comments” section if they have nothing to do with “International Travel”.
(I am someone who reads the international travel section to learn more about international travel.)


I am a SO, but have not traveled overseas since 2011. I was sentence in 2010 and I am of supervised released. It looks like I can go to most EU countries even with my new passport with the identifier? Is that true. Also, when I looked at the the ETIAS regs starting in 2023 I saw that they only check convictions 10 years past? I wonder if that will includes non-violent sex offense?

Please help. In 2019 I got a Certificate of Rehabilitation and in January of 2020 my name was taken off the Megan’s Law website here in California. The superior court judge said that I will no longer have to register as a sex offender. My charge was a Misdemeanor 647.6 for streaking a birthday party (San Joaquin County), the neighbor said their children saw me. I got 90 days in county jail and registered as a sex offender from 2003 till 2019.

I traveled to the Philippines in December of 2014 but was turned away. Now in 2020 I am making plans to go to the Philippines but I am worried they might think I am still on the registry when I am not.

Does anyone here have experience in this and what can you tell me about it? Should I be worried and hire an attorney to help me or am I safe?

I will get a new passport soon and obviously it will not have a sex offender stamp in it but does that really matter?

It was the worst time ever when they sent me back. They detained me and forced me to pay for a “Day Room” they even had a security person who watched me till I left. They gave my passport to the airline and I did not get it back till I was back in the Los Angeles. Then they went through all my things and made me wait again for several hours at the airport in Los Angeles till I was finally allowed to leave.

I never want to go through that again.


Dear David O, because you seem (?) to be completely off the Registration marry go round, you should not have to give your 21day notice and so the PI should not be notified of your arrival….but! Since you have been through their system once, you may be on their list….maybe forever. Maybe not.

I suppose were I you, I’d first fly to Hong Kong…de-plane for a couple of days (it is a good city), then book a flight to Manila….or, give up on the PI entirely and fly to Jakarta or Bangkok, etc

Yours is an interesting situation not open to most of us…report back if you can on what you decided and how it went.

Best Wishes, James I

Thank you James for the reply.

Yes, I no longer register as a sex offender and I have the Certificate of Rehabilitation and the record was expunged.

Now that Los Angeles seems to be getting back to normal I plan to go to the Philippine Consulate directly and ask them if I am on any sort of blacklist. I really hope that they can tell me. I will keep you posted on what they say.

I am really nervous because I saw only one other question like mine and the guy never gave a follow up as to what happened when he went to the Philippines, so I guess that I will be the first. lol.

Being on the registry for all those years and suddenly being off is like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders but I can still feel the soreness from it being there all that time. There are so many people who are on it and do not deserve to be, everyone deserves a second chance as one mistake does not define who we are.

I wish there was someplace on here that I can post a detailed timeline and step by step instructions on how to get off the sex offender registry. It can be done, even for felons. However it takes money, a lot of money and bit of time. Helping people get removed from the registry is my way of giving a finger to the system and those who wish to keep us on it forever.

Thank you again, sorry for my rant.

David O.

Well, read this link. Avoid notifying them yourself. Scroll all tye way to the bottom.

If you have been blacklisted, i think they would tell you.

Hi David, That is absolutely horrible that you had to be on the registry for something as minor as that. i’m sorry that they put you through this torture for something so stupid. but i’m glad to hear that you were finally able to get your self off the registry.

i would be interested in hearing your info on how you managed to get it done. My boyfriend is a lifetime registrant and I don’t think he qualifies for a COR. He’s been off of parole for over 18 years. He never had any criminal issues before or after. His was one of those situations where he was 19, dumb and doing drugs. He started cheating on his girlfriend/mom of his kids with a girl he was getting high with. She demanded that he breakup with his girlfriend to be with her and when he refused, she claimed rape. This happens a lot more than you hear about. When they went to arrest him, several days later, he had a gun, so they added a weapons charge. they charged him with rape by fear. He was 19 (and so was she) and the DA basically said you plead guilty or you’re going away for life and even his public defender told him to do take it…ineffective council. He was scared and so he plead.

All of this being said, he is a lifetime registrant and does not qualify for the certification of rehab. I believe his only option is a governor’s pardon….but i can only imagine that those are pretty impossible to get. So, i would be happy to hear any information you might have on this subject. I know your path was different than the one my boyfriend would have to take, but maybe you learned a few things along in your journey.

I obviously came here because I am looking for options for us to go on vacation with a crime that i believe is considered to never be spent. I assume our options are limited, but i still have hope.

David O: I was in the same situation I was taking out of the registry I did 6 year in probation in TX and 10 years following conviction started in 2000 finish early 2017 but I tried to fly to mexico in 2015 I was detained and sent back bad experience I talk to one of the agent in Mexico and told me that I have to wait until I finish all 10 year to be out off the system so I waited to late 2018 and went to mexico got a new passport nothing in page 27 I was shaking and nervous there were no more notices in mexico I did talk to an agent in Matamoros Mexico and say that that they only keep those records for 3 years but my did not come up I have been traveling to mexico ever since I did something that makes my travel a lot easier I was able to get a Mexican passaport I was born there so I guess you might not get detained if you are are not register any more

Welp there goes travel for a lot of people

I am an RSO in Texas and I am about to move aboard a sailboat and sail off to wherever the winds take me. I have a new passport with no stamp and I’m free of supervision. I am interested in discussing coming into ports of other countries on a private vessel that is my home. I know there are yes and no countries and I have a sail plan that is made accordingly. I am interested in any experiences anyone may have had that is similar

So when you de-register in TX, where are you telling them you are traveling to? What are you going to put on your 21 day IML notice for travel itinerary?

The Bahamas is the first international port of call. After that who knows. We are heading west to the Pacific in general.

Mine was Hong Kong. I’m out of USA for good.

I’m curious because I’m looking to move to Hong Kong in a few months and will not be returning to the US. How does the visa work? Do they check criminal background? I know Ukraine you can open a business and get a TRP and it’s renewable every 3 years

With the somewhat recent “mainland-ification” of HK, it would seem a crap shoot how much longer it’s a safe or allowed destination. Were I headed to HK, I would also have a Plan B country in mind. There’s one in the general region that’s been recently hinted at that may be a decent alternative.

AJ, if you’re speaking strictly of Asia, I’m not sure that there is anything open to us with the possible exception of Burma (I’ve heard no reports from there and, by the way, I refuse to call it Myanmar). There is the country where one of our fellows lives, as discussed recently, but my understanding otherwise is that they will not allow registrants so I don’t know how to reconcile that nor what variables may come into play. That’s all based upon very little direct reporting here about there. Yeah, I’m waiting to see what happens with H.K., too. The complete crushing of their independence does not bode well for Hong Kongers nor us, considering that China (I was recently convinced NOT to call it the “mainland” for the misapprehension that China even has extraterritorial legitimacy) doesn’t let us in. Now that will be a bad day, not that I’ve been there recently but I’m very fond of the place. Taiwan even more so.

Yeah, I did have that other country in mind but I see it’s a no-go. My error and thank you for correcting me on it.

I noticed the Happiest Country in Asia is listed in green here: I guess I’ll have to take up alpinism.

I suppose you also still call places Siam and Ceylon?😂 Truth told, I’m with you that it’s still Burma.

Well, it’s been visa-free for many years and at least used to, allow up to 180 days. Extended visas and, certainly, a permanent residency application will take some interest in criminal records. Pretty much, they all do. You can check their application forms online from the H.K. Consulate.

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❓❓ Barbados & Bahamas❓❓
Hi all, Just curious… Anyone have any experience traveling to Barbados or the Bahamas (obviously, I mean as an RDO)? I know that both of them remain part of the British Commonwealth (although the Bahamas aren’t independent country.)

The Bahamas has been independent since the early 70s but the country is still a go. I took a ferry from Ft Lauderdale to Grand Bahamas almost 2 yrs ago using my passport card. I was also able to on a small plane from GB to Nassau, the capitol. Although I gave my 21 day notice, I don’t even think Bahamas customs knew I was a registered sex offender because the US state dept never never confiscated my passport card. Now I went to the Bahamas before the hurricane. I wouldn’t recommend going now because they’re still trying to recover. Other than that, the country and people are beautiful.

Last motion against IML was submitted and rejected 4 years ago . Everyone wants to know what was done after. Any progress?To provide emotional and lawful support for some people it is important for them.Any progress with IML?Lets do something besides “support “

I found this guys web site who moved to Germany but I am not sure if it is legit or not maybe he makes extra cash with his web site who knows!

He is legit! He’s a super nice guy too and very helpful. You can trust him.

He is legit. He did move prior to IMLs effective date.

The man is legit, like others say. My ex roommate ( a former registrant ) moved to Germany about a yr ago and has spoke to him. His site is there to help. It’s early in its life as a resource, and mostly focused on registrants moving overseas, but still helpful as a place to share experiences. BTW , my boy Chris says, “Gutten Tag” from Münich.

He’s pretty new. I put myself on his email list a few weeks ago and his group emailed me a couple of times. I tried to respond to his group several times but my emails keep coming back that this address doesn’t exist ( I read his story and he seems legit and it seems he is honestly trying to do something positive. He’s not asking for much money. I believe we should support his efforts and see if they go anywhere.

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