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ACSOL Action Alert: Call now to support Senate Bill 145

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved Senate Bill 145 by removing it from the committee’s suspense file last week. As a result, the bill will next be considered on the floor of the Senate. With the help of ACSOL and its members, Senate Bill 145 was approved by the Senate Public Safety Committee.

Please call your California State Senator now and say you want them to support Senate Bill 145 because it would treat gay people the same as straight for the offenses specified in the bill. The call should take only a minute.

Enter your address, city, and Zip on this website to find your senator:

Please take action quickly even if you are not directly affected by this. We want to show our support for Senator Scott Weiner, author of the Tiered Registry Law and this bill, SB 145.

Here is the text of the bill:

According to his staff, the full Senate will vote on the bill no later than May 31. If Senate Bill 145 is passed by the full Senate, the bill will require approval by at least two committees (Public Safety and Appropriations) before it can be heard on the floor of the Assembly.

If the bill becomes law, Senate Bill 145 would provide equal treatment to those convicted of the same offense regardless of whether their partners are the same sex or a different sex provided that the difference in their ages is 10 years or less and the victim is at least 16 years old. This bill would change current law which requires registration for those convicted of the same offense, such as oral copulation, if the two individuals are of the same sex but does not require registration if the two individuals are of different sexes.

ACSOL continues to support Senate Bill 145 and its author, Senator Scott Wiener. We believe the law should not require anyone to register under these circumstances.

Please speak up by calling. We are all in this together.


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  1. David

    I would strongly encourage you to support this bill. Please contact your legislator and let them know that you will not tolerate such inequities in law and prosecution. I personally know of two individuals in identical situations to my own who were not even prosecuted. Whereas I was pilloried in the media, prosecuted. and spent four years in prison as a result of my relationship. These inequities are real and they do affect real people. We need to fight all of these laws on every battle front. Please call your legislator and let them know that these laws matter to you!

  2. David

    (As for changing the age of consent, that will absolutely NEVER happen.
    No legislator would ever propose such a change. It is an absolute non-starter, would never get legislative traction, and will NEVER happen.)

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      Oh, you’ve got your crystal ball handy! Age-of-consent laws have already been changed and they will change again. What you need to do is to remind yourself that the same people you see around you today will, like you, eventually drop dead, to be replaced by brand new people. That’s how dramatic, unthinkable changes can and do occur. Never get culture-locked.

  3. totally against public registry

    Just called. Thanks Janice and team

  4. P

    We should call to support Senator Scott Weiner, author of the Tiered Registry Law? Are you referring to the tiered registry law that places people in the Tier III category for possessing images of nude teen post-pubescent girls? The Tier III that requires full disclosure for life? Is this the politician I am being asked to support? Asking for a friend.

    • Steven V.

      Although the Tiered Registry bill is in no way perfect, we must understand that change and progress in any form is a step in the right direction. Senator Wiener has and continues to be a fierce advocate for registrants and their families, but, it is imperative that we understand that he is constrained by political pressure and pressure from his constituents regarding all potential legislation, particularly surrounding a sensitive topic such as registrant rights.

      Moving forward is something that will take time and SB 145 is a step toward progress and sensible registration reform.

      • P

        The tiered registry now banishes CP offenders to a Tier III where they simply do not belong. The tiered registry bill is horrific for a large constituency. What steps will be taken to rectify the clear errors? I am strongly considering relocating to New York where a person with a low risk to re-offend can be designated a Tier I and thus be off the public registry.

        Do any of you have thoughts regarding a CP registrant relocating to New York City? I have been on Federal probation for 5.5 years and have finished mental health treatment.

        What are your thoughts regarding registrants in New York City?

        • Janice Bellucci

          ACSOL made its first attempt to “correct” the Tiered Registry in February 2019 and we will continue to do so until we are successful. A significant “correction” we requested is that everyone convicted of a felony CP charge should be moved to either Tier 1 or Tier 2. Our strongest argument for this “correction” is that it is consistent with federal guidelines, not an argument we normally make. Additional corrections included the creation of an “off ramp” so that anyone assigned to Tier 3 who does not re-offend for 30 years would be eligible to petition for removal from the registry. It took more than 6 years of hard work to create a Tiered Registry. It could take that long to correct it. Please be patient.

        • Lake County

          Any state’s laws can be changed at any moment and often do. NY is a “on for life” state, even if you move to another state. So you would be taking a big chance by moving there. The first 10 years after conviction I was on CA’s non-public registry, then the law changed and my information was published and my life as I knew it was changed forever. Don’t ever think that moving will make things better. The laws of every state are ever changing. I would also love to live in NY. It’s my favorite state. But I know that can never happen. In fact, I can no longer even visit.

        • American Detained in America

          Janice, maybe you could also include those of us who were arrested in “internet stings” where there was no contact as well. We all got moved to Tier 3 when those convicted of CP did. Why should we be Tier 3 when there was no contact?

      • jesse

        The tiered registry in its current form is so far from perfect it is laughable. Given that it is entirely offense based (other than the folks with a STATIC-99 score – a whole different set of problems), there are simply too many things that make no sense whatsoever.

        Let’s see…. (NPS – cover your eyes), here are just a few:

        – having non-reproductive sex with a 17 year old is Tier I, going to meet that same 17 year old for the purpose of having any sex is Tier III. Even if that intended sex is the reproductive kind for which registration is not even mandatory.

        – having sex with an 11 year old is Tier II, having a photo of a 17 year old (may be legal in that state) having sex is Tier III.

        – l&l conduct with a 15 year old is Tier III, the exact same with a 5 year old is Tier II (non penetrative at any time, penetrative before 2006).

        Just some examples. So many more. If you are in one of the above mentioned Tier III categories and are ready to “take one for the team” in the name of progress and sensible registration reform, I applaud you. I am not but feel the need to point out the absolute fustercluck the tiered registry is / has turned into.

        In this case, the good senator is indeed using SB 145 to pander to his constituents by selling this bill as a same sex issue when it is not. It has nothing to do with same sex relations but everything to do with certain conduct, regardless of the sexual orientation of the actors.

        • P

          The CA tiered registry bill supported by ACSOL is a complete disaster for people with CP convictions. We were all sold a bill of goods. Clusterf÷ck!

  5. mike r

    Yeah that 288.2 should be an issue with ACSOL as well. Lot better to state we want non-violent, non-contact offenders moved to lower tier, but whatever…. I do not even hardly care any more really, other than not being able to move without having to break in new neighbor idiots it does not really effect me yet. Will in my career I am sure though.

  6. Marty

    As always, more than happy to call Bob Hertzberg’s office to give my two cents. I think the guy who answered the phone knows me based on the conversation.

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