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CA: ______ Isn’t A Sex Offender. But He’s Still on the Registry For Life

[ – 5/13/19]

California’s expansive registry law forces people to pay for crimes they didn’t personally commit.

Search for _____ California’s online database of registered sex offenders and you’ll see a snapshot of his offenses. You’ll learn that he was convicted of “rape in concert with force or violence” and “assault with intent to commit a specified sex offense.” You’ll also see his photo, his home address, and his birthdate, showing that he’s now 38.

But you won’t learn that ___was labeled a sex offender for an assault that someone else committed. Or that ___was 16 at the time, a recent Chinese immigrant who spoke little English. And there’s no mention of the good that he has done for his community since his release on parole in 2017. To the California Department of Justice, which publishes the database, Liu is just another one of the state’s 106,000 registered sex offenders, someone the public should fear and be warned of.

The restrictions and stigma of the sex offender label are “suffocating,” ___ told The Appeal. “People just assume I’m a monster.” On some days, he said, “I wake up in the morning and I look at this [GPS monitor] on my ankle, and it just sends a chill through my body that the system is doing this to me.”

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  1. Tim

    Mr. anonymous is not alone as we all know DNA exoneration cases are occurring at an increasing rate. A fair trial can be hard to get because we’ve elected too many former prosecutors, who’ve in turn altered the bar to conviction to the point where actual evidence is not needed.

  2. Lake County

    “I think it is unfair, I think it is wrong”. Judge LaDoris Cordell, Superior Court of California. (retired)

    Critics of California’s sex offender registry include the Superior Court judge who imposed Liu’s prison sentence in 1999. Now retired, Judge LaDoris Cordell recently told The Appeal that she was powerless to avoid the registration requirement for Liu but thinks it’s inappropriate in his case. “I have very strong feelings about this lifetime registration as a sex offender,” she said. “I think it violates the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. I think it’s cruel and unusual punishment as it applies to juveniles. If you label a juvenile with lifetime registration, I think it is unfair, I think it is wrong. I think that the law should be changed.”

    I knew Judge Cordell when she was an active judge. She was a very smart and fair judge that was respected by all. She is well known and would make a great ally for our constitutional rights. We could really use her as a CA state legislator.

  3. USA

    Wow, I think he got off lucky? He kept giving excuses for breaking into a home with a pregnant woman who was assaulted? If I where the husband, I would want to kill these guys. Let’s see, the break into a home, point a gun at women, force a pregnant woman to perform sexual acts on them and then rob them? I don’t think that’s fair. I also don’t think registering for an expunged misdemeanor battery with summary probation is fair as well. This guy had the opportunity to come to this country and live a better life. Why wasn’t he deported?

    • Joe

      OMG! How many times???

      If you are here because you have to register as a sex offender for battery, you either had the worst lawyer on the planet ever or got a really really bad deal.

      In summary? From what you have told us – nothing else – I don’t know how many times:

      You sexually assaulted an adult female and thusly you were convicted of FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY. Not “misdemeanor battery”. FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY. As part of your conviction (FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY) you were ordered to register pursuant to PC 290 for the rest of your life.

      You were sentenced to probation, and therefore had your FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY conviction dismissed under PC 1203.4 and reduced under PC 17b. Yet, by law, you continue to be required to register under PC 290. As do thousands.

      On this web site you have pointed out more than once that your victim (of FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY), was an employee in a massage parlor and implied that therefore it was no big deal. You support your contention by insinuating that these women, including your victim (of FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY) were prostitutes, or, as you have referred to them, hookers. Does that mean the victim had it (FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY) coming? Not sure.

      A judge in Orange County, at some point, denied your petition for a Certificate of Rehabilitation. You blame this on “out of control” district attorneys, but one wonders if your incessant minimization of your original crime (FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY) played a role here. Again, not sure.

      This was quite a while ago, and now you seek comfort in the fact that your crime on record (Misdemeanor SEXUAL BATTERY) is (currently) listed in Tier 1 in the upcoming Tiered Registry Bill. You keep pointing out that your offense was not against a child (under 18, mind you) and skip no opportunity to put yourself above them child (under 18) molesters.

      You do not think it is fair that you should be required to register (for SEXUAL BATTERY, as has been the law in California since Hector was a pup) but leave out no opportunity to vocally support the registration (or incarceration or deportation) of other law breakers.

      Does that about sum it up?

      • JM from wi

        Actually I think it should be clear that the establishments themselves, which hire the “hookers (who had it coming)”, are themselves out of control. This really is the fault of the city who is allowing these establishments to exist. Seriously 1 or 2 (FELONY SEXUAL BATTERY’s) is insignificant to the pain the clients are subjected to.

        • Will Allen

          Governments need to stay out of the $EX business, 100%. No type of prostitution should be illegal, not in a free country.

          If there is some type of harm, coercion, or whatever going on, that is a legitimate illegal activity that should be dealt with. But no way should it be illegal for two people to agree to have $EX and exchange whatever they like.

          People need to stop trying to push their morals onto other people and tell them how to live and control them. Control is really all it is about.

        • USA

          I think your very angry and have a lot of time on your hands. It’s not uncommon to lash out at others when angry. Best of luck JOE

  4. USA

    The 1st question I have is, how do you know the guy is innocent? 2. Will Allen: your comment regarding sex is disturbing. This clearly conveys how negligent you are when it comes to this topic (sex trafficking/slavery/minors/drug addiction). You don’t want the government to participate, but this would clearly be mandated! Disturbing!
    3. Joe, are you on here for stalking? It’s pretty sad that people aren’t allowed to give opinions! Wow

    • Will Allen


      Sorry, but I’m not the “negligent” one when it comes to trying to force behaviors onto other people and not being able to mind my own business. The negligent people are you people who think you have a right to tell other people what they may do.

      You do not have ANY business telling a person what substances he or she puts into his or her body. You do not have any business telling adults that they cannot have $EX with each other and exchange whatever they like for it.

      Not in a free country, at least. It is true that Amerika is not a free country but we are trying to get you people to mind your own business. I’m done with you control freaks.

    • Joe

      Stalking? Come again? Presenting facts in your own words, as you have shared them over time, is stalking? On a public discussion forum, pointing out and correcting the false statements (registering under PC 290 for misdemeanor battery – really???) another user makes is stalking?

      You are certainly allowed to repeatedly claim that you are a “better” 290 registrant than the rest, but I am merely pointing out the delicious fact that under California law, ALL 290 registrants are the same. Whether they register for misdemeanor battery (oooops, make that (formerly FELONY) SEXUAL battery) or the most heinous crime. Isn’t that special!

      I suggest you look up the meaning of “stalking”. And the purpose of a “Public Discussion Forum”. And while you are at it, pick up some rudimentary punctuation skills? Just a suggestion!

      • Josh


        He hooked you bud. Best advice is to ignore him. Let him make his ludicrous statements and just laugh….All the big heavy hitters who make worthwhile contributions on this forum have taken to not acknowledging anything he says. He’s a troll who is looking to start drama with anybody who will engage him. He’s not better than us no matter what he spouts and the total lack of grammatical skill and punctuation is annoying as you noted. Keep your head up and keep the positive contributions coming..

      • USA

        Will, I suggest moving to China. Joe, it’s hilarious that you portray yourself as a victim. You seem to enjoy manipulating the facts! I’m super busy. I suggest buying a self help book and changing your ways. Will Allen conveys that he wants prostitution legalized and he should be able to use illegal drugs! Joe thinks stating a comment conveys I’m better than everyone else? Very insecure. I truly suggest this. Search: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Go through the 5 levels. Where are you? If you where fulfilled, you wouldn’t care what I say.

        • James I

          @ USA

          Since you mentioned prostitutes….I thought this story from yesterday, where a SO is allowed prostitutes, is kind of funny.

          Austrailia is in a general sense bad to RSO’s…and yet, as this story indicates…giving him prostitutes is a….good(lol)…creative solution. (Heck, I kind of like it!)

          “A dangerous sex offender with a history of committing crimes out of boredom and loneliness has been granted freedom from a West Australian prison and will be able to visit prostitutes in a bid to reduce his risk of reoffending.”

          Best Wishes, James I

          PS: We most definitely are victims, imo.

        • Will Allen


          I’ll bite. I’ll let you waste some of my time. But not much.

          Why should I move to China? Aren’t you the one who loves totalitarian regimes? Obviously you would fit in much better there. I’m interested in living in an actual free country. I’d like to make Amerika decent for once. Maybe slow down and think more deeply about that for a while?

          You said, “he wants prostitution legalized and he should be able to use illegal drugs!” You phrased that incorrectly. Big surprise. The more proper phrasing is that big government should never consider or believe that it has any authority to control any personal behavior.

          Here is the key for all big government lovers regarding prostitution, drugs, Registries, etc. – mind your own f*cking business. Stop harassing people. Stop trying to force your beliefs onto other people. That is the path to peace.

  5. USA

    I’m entitled to express my views and feelings! It’s intriguing to see how everyone on this site likes to portray themselves as victims, to avoid taking accountability for their actions. It’s the blame game. Poor me! He must be innocent. This guy did some serious time? Is that my fault? We have people on the registry who didn’t do a day in jail? We also have people who believe sexual slavery should exist (legalize prostitution) and we should legalize all drugs? Boy oh boy. I guess giving your opinion (aren’t you the hypocrites rooting for a lawless USA) makes people harassers? You guys couldn’t argue anything! Best of luck and get a life!

    • Josh

      @USA……..dude! As usual you completely miss the point….I’ve heard you state multiple times on this very forum that you don’t belong on a registry because of your reduced whatever charges….is that not playing the victim? Aren’t you the same person who stated that the registry keeps you from reoffending? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that @Will Allen doesn’t need me to defend him but he’s absolutely right! The registries in our country are some of the worst symptoms of big government overstepping and interference. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are out the window in the face of sex offense registries! I DO NOT advocate for prostitution but if a man or woman consents to have sex and get paid for it of their own free will & volition then who am I or the government to say they can’t. I DO NOT advocate illicit drug use but if a person chooses to engage in that activity of their own volition then who am I or the government to say they can’t? I don’t condone or agree with either of those activities but @Will Allen is correct! I don’t want or need unnecessary government interference in my life and the registry is exactly THAT! As for your thoughts and opinions you are entitled through free speech to express those….the great part is that so are we entitled to tell you to stop trying to troll everybody and just leave this forum because your contributions add nothing positive to the discussion

    • Josh

      A quick follow up….to my previous post. I stated that I don’t believe the government has any business in personal lives when drugs are being used. I believe that when drug use negatively affects other people other then the user ie.( rape, assault, neglect, driving impaired etc…) then authorities have the right to enforce society’s laws. I’m not looking for a “lawless” country as we’re being accused of..
      Once people have served their time or completed their sentence for drug charges are they placed on a registry? The answer is NO! So why aren’t we given the same consideration? Rhetorical question obviously…it hits on the very thing that @Tim in Wisconsin loves to talk about….government interference via databases….

      • AJ

        “I believe that when drug use negatively affects other people other then the user ie.( rape, assault, neglect, driving impaired etc…) then authorities have the right to enforce society’s laws.”
        This concept can be easily summed up in the libertarian (small L) thought that my rights extend until they intrude on yours, and vice versa. That line is rarely a brightline, which is what causes all sorts of “there should be a law” cries, but this is actually how most people interact one-on-one on a daily basis.

        Also a gentle reminder: please don’t feed the animals.

        • Josh

          @AJ……As registered citizens aren’t we all leaning towards that libertarian philosophy? I’m truly asking? I’ve had my privacy infringed upon and I don’t want to violate anybody else’s because I know what that feels like. Also, you’re correct about feeding the animals….I should know better but sometimes they get unruly

        • AJ

          “As registered citizens aren’t we all leaning towards that libertarian philosophy? I’m truly asking?”

          “about feeding the animals….I should know better but sometimes they get unruly”
          I get it, trust me. There have been many times where I have written a response to this or that on here, then as I am filling out the name/email/math problem, I drop it. Where certain people and topics are concerned, I often find myself happier with posts I don’t make than with those I do. I’m sure there are those on here who say the same about me, which is quite fine (and libertarian! 😀 )

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