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CA: Police: Men Mistook Homeless Man for Sex Offender, Beat Him to Death

[ – 9/2/19]

MODESTO — Police in Modesto say two men beat a homeless man to death with their bare hands after mistaking him for a sex offender.

Those who knew him say 63-year-old Jace Decker was often found sitting on a bench in Garrison Park.

“He minded his own business for the most part. He just was going through his own life struggles and different adversities,” friend Donnie Bibbs said.

Acquaintances say Decker was a husband with a broken heart.

“Pretty decent life and everything and, now, I think he was more so just hurt over losing his wife,” Bibbs said. “He just never really bounced back from that.”

Decker was attacked on Aug. 10, and died a few weeks later.

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  1. Mp

    So we know that there are persons who get the information from the registry and then go and hurt that person deliberately. Why not sue the government then as that could be proven it would not have happened if not for the registry? I know this happens all the time and no law suit, but why?

    • Mike

      Hi, I’ve said the same thing. When i heard about a case like this one awhile back the thought came to me, it’s a case of indirect cause. Which is something your doing like driving drunk and cause another driver to swerve and he goes off a cliff and dies, the dunk driver didnt hit him but because of driving drunk an all over the with knowing the likleyhood he’ll die and/or kill another. Well I’m sure the government had the inclination this could happen but now it’s happened over and over again now they know for sure. That’s indirect causation and the families of the dead offender can sue the federal government plus those offenders who were beaten but lived can also sue the federal government. They claim not to like vigilantes but I’ve seen video’s where in & out of court people clapped for the perpetrators and in court where some judges gave a lighter sentance and technically thats first degree murder!

  2. Bruce Ferrell

    These are depressing. There are more than a few of us here who made deals and signed “contracts”/agreements with the court. Advocates and politicians, with the stroke of a pen, wiped those agreements away just as arbitrarily as these lives were taken. “We” get to do the same in 2021; The rules/laws change, yes But will that change the mindset? Somehow I just don’t think so.

    The one thing I am absolutely certain of, as Don Ameche said in an old movie… Things Change.

    • p

      Who is the “we” you speak of? I was found guilty of possessing 150 photos of teen girls and in California, I will be designated a Tier 3 offender! My name, face and other identifying information will be on a public shame list forever! I never put a hand on a child and yet I sit in this pile of excrement that everyone things is progress!

  3. Disgusted in Michigan

    “Know the facts before you just step into the situation and try to handle,” Christopher Brown, who knew Decker, told FOX40. ”
    So if you know someone is an SO it’s ok to beat them to death?
    Utterly disgusting.

    • American Detained in America

      Yeah, I picked up on that…

    • Mike

      Wow thats what i just wrote to Fox 40 News, stating ” so if its an so its ok to beat them to death because thats what i took from what Deckers friend said. The same as Disgusted in Michigan said.

  4. Joe123

    The judges, DAs/Prosecutors and lawmakers who pushed for these laws should ALL have to pay restitution for the REAL harm they’ve caused with the sex offender hysteria. They are ALL implicit in this man’s death.

  5. Roger H

    This murder happened blocks away from my house.

    The article says the murderers thought the victim was a sex offender. I assume that means they thought he was a registrant, which means they looked at the public hit list–I mean Megan’s public registry.

    If they were clicking around my neighberhood Megan’s map they must have seen me.

    Does that mean they were targeting me because the victim might have looked like me? After all, they thought SOMEONE in my neighberhood looked enough like him to want to kill him.

    Since one of them is still on the run, does that mean he is looking for me even now?

    I try not to be paranoid, but I left a message with the Modesto police registry department and asked them to call me back. I have some questions for them.

    • Will Allen

      I doubt you are being paranoid at all. I would expect criminals are looking right in your area, exactly as appears to be the case.

      And the fact is that literally every family that is listed on the hit list needs to be ready for someone to show up IN your house in the middle of the night, trying to murder you. That is not being paranoid, that is reality. How many times do we need to see that happen to understand?

      If I were you, I would consider having an attorney send a letter to the criminal regime of Modesto and lay out the facts of this murder. I would request a 24/7 police guard at my home. I would also suggest that if I were a victim of a crime in the future, I would absolutely be holding some criminal regime liable, whether they agreed with it or thought it was fair or not. Wouldn’t matter. Personally, I have permission to be judge, jury, and executioner. The opinions and fantasies of the criminal regimes are of no concern to me.

      • Roger H

        @Will, thanks for your concerned thoughts.

        You had a good idea of getting more engaged, so I called the head registration guy who naturally knows me since I have to see him every year.

        What he said was useful to know.

        First, I told him the article said the low-lifes thought Decker was a registrant, which means they must have looked at the Megan’s public registry. I said that would make the registry a hit list.

        Then I said that puts me in extreme danger from the violent murderer who is on the loose, maybe hiding in my neighborhood (a couple of years ago police surrounded a nearby house and megaphoned loudly “we know you are inside and must come up with your hands up”–you may have guessed we don’t live in an upper-class neighborhood).

        I then asked how I was supposed to protect myself since I can’t own a gun.

        He called the homicide detective and got back to me. Here are his answers:

        He said he wasn’t aware of our county ever having someone use the Internet to choose a victim. I told him I knew someone personally who had been stalked and almost killed (Frank). He said he had heard of this happening elsewhere.

        He said it is all too common for a criminal to say he thought his victim was a sex offender, not because he actually took the time to look up the victim (these gang members probably wouldn’t know how to hold a mouse straight). Instead, they know sex offenders are hated by society so they hope to get sympathy from society (including cops) for harming us. He gave an example of someone who stole a valuable thing from a registrant, not specifically to harm him but just because she wanted the object. When she got caught, she said it was ok because the victim was a registrant. The good news is she got prosecuted.
        He said the police investigations department would warn anyone, including sex offenders who may or may not be on the registry, when they are being stalked by those who would harm.

        He said that as an ex-felon I am only forbidden from owning firearms. I am not forbidden from owning any other item that is legal to protect myself. That means I have many options to protect myself. Examples: a baseball bat, a legal knife, a crossbow, rocks, and whatever else that is not a firearm. Of course, I need to be aware of the rules for carrying around these objects, but having them in my house is pretty clearly allowed.

        He warned me to always be aware of what is going on around me.

        Here are my thoughts:

        I’m glad that I took the time to get to know the lead registration detective so I felt like I could call him with questions.

        I’m glad he took the time to get some details for me.

        I will put extra effort in keeping aware of what is going on around me.

        I will keep some legal objects that I can use as weapons to defend myself.

        I will try to keep emotional balance. I will not become paranoid and angry and try to live in a bubble. That would destroy me emotionally and would prevent me from taking calculated risks to create social change with ACSOL.

        And sometimes I can smile knowing most of those who would harm us are usually are too lazy to learn how to use the Internet so they won’t know how to track us down.

  6. Tim in WI

    Very bad outcomes from the poor leadership choices outlayed in 1994OMNIBUS. The only winners here are the yellow free press who capitalize on every story that includes the words sex offender. Violence among the people is growing and it perpetuates via electronic infrastructure and database infrastructure. Why would a people act constitutionally when their leadership clearly does not.

  7. Harry

    The government and their political machine are solely responsible feeding society that anyone that are or perceived to be a sex offender is free game to kill. If a manufacture knowingly produce something that is false and it harm, they often are held liable. Why, can we that are harmed by these falsely base laws sued every state and federal governmental bodies and the politicians for every penny?

  8. jeffUtNARSOL

    Apparently, being on the registry and homeless makes it okay to kill a human being. No crime was committed to justify this attack even if this guy were a registrant. The registry should be abolished. Im disgusted with society to think that somebody believes they can commit an act that will right all the wrongs and somehow bring back any presumed innocence that was taken from a victim. Thanks to the ”label” a man’s innocence and life was taken away. And people dare say the sex offender registry protects the public? It should be renamed as the ”Death warrant registry”.

  9. Will I survive

    I had a person that lived near that knew I was a RSO. They were arrested and sent back to jail. They had known gang ties.
    This story makes me wonder if I should carry protection dispite my CP felony. The police are worthless in this environment and we are on our own with little chance of help. I would rather take one with me than go down without a fight.
    Janice might be able to get the city off our backs for housing, but as far as living a safe life, we will never have that. I felt safer in Afghanistan outside the wire than I do now. At least there you could defend yourself. This feels like walking through the jungle at night with a hunk of raw meat tied around your neck.

  10. Mike

    Wow this is terrible thing to happen to anyone. I’ve read about this type of stuff along time ago and sad part is, that cop who told well I’ve never heard of that happening here but ive read about it in other place which means he’s aware unless he thinks that some crime happens there but not here, wow, but i carry the legal size knife of 4″ blade by Winchester & i have a steel bar hidden in one place another object hidden in another an so on but only i know, my family (wife & kid) knows some where some of these defence objects are. Plus that cop didnt say you can’t have a sword or machete. When on probation my po said i cant have them on probation but when im off probation ( which i am) you can have them, oh and i do, i dont live parinoid i live safe and God forbid if im killed then God called me home & no not that i want to die. Just like the cop said just be aware of your surroundings.

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