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CA: Recalled Judge Who Gave Stanford U Sex Offender Slap on the Wrist Fired as Girls Tennis Coach

The California judge who got ousted from the bench in a recall after he handed out a light sentence to a Stanford University student convicted of sexual assault is now out of yet another job, that of high school girls tennis coach.

Former Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky was hired at the start of the school year to coach girls junior varsity tennis at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, Calif., according to the San Francisco Chronicle. But after word got out, and complaints came in, about who the new tennis coach was, the district let him go. Full Article


Brock Turner: Sorting Through the Noise Case and Recall Analysis

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  1. SR

    I’ve been seeing this for a few days now and vast majority of comments are just pure ignorance mixed with certainty in their judgment. No one seems to get that he followed the pre-sentencing report recommendation, and that being registered is a far great punishment than pretty much any amount of time they want to see Brock do. They also don’t realize how this kind of mob mentality will come back to bite them in the future should they or their loved one is in front of a judge who might be considering their own future in regards to how they rule in the case before them.

    • Edie

      Having sat in the courtroom and listened to the justification for the sentence, he followed the letter of the law. And me with a son that was handed a mandatory minimum sentence of 100 months in Oregon, I could have been livid. But, I got it. Dauber is a know whacko in the Stanford community, has demons of her own, even wrote the highly publicized “victim statement”. So many things wrong with this unfortunate case….

  2. Hostage in Texas

    Ignorance and vengeance are destructive forces. We live in a society that is manipulated by media and government propaganda. The torch and pitchfork mentality of our country is appalling. I wish I had a time machine to travel into the future to see were this is going. I fear it will not end well. I envision a science fiction movie come to life.

  3. R M

    “The district decided to sever ties with Persky, per the Times, “after criticism and an online petition spurred by students, parents and alumni from Lynbrook High School.”

    Those students, parents, and alumni will be next ones on the registry as 80% of new sex crimes are by them.

  4. End of Days

    This man is suffering and losing his livelihood and life and he never did a thing wrong. He mearly made a decision the public didn’t agree with.
    Do any of you really think a politician will do the same? Hell no they won’t. They will all learn from this, as will other judges and prosecutors. More will be put on life ending registries.In fact there are more registries in the making. I personally know of 3 people , one married and two single that have ended their lives in the past 2 yrs. Not that they had much of a life left.
    The fate of this judge will be the fate of those that stand with us or show empathy toward us. Oh, people might say they see the person and not the offense, but those people will soon disappear rather than suffer with us. For those that keep repeating “the registry must and will be taken down”, take a look at all the other countries adding one. The Registry is here to stay. The banishment and life ending results due to it are only going to get worse.

  5. lasierra

    My only solace in this entire sh!t show is that many, if not most, of these young women running the streets with their torches and pitchforks will, at some point, have children of their own. Half of whom will be male. What? My son? NEVER!

    ….said every mother of every registrant. Sow the wind, reap the storm. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    Here is an interesting exchange (if one can call a Twitter convo that). Between Stanford Law Professor ML Dauber (personal friend of Emily Doe / Chanel Miller and reported author of Emily Doe’s victim impact statement that went viral) and Guy Hamilton-Smith (attorney (law school graduate?) and speaker at the 2019 ACSOL Conference who dares to analyze).

    ps. I guess Prof. Dauber (where do they find these people (at Stanford, no less)) runs no risk of her off-spring ending up like this.

    • Tim in WI

      It is enough to discredit the Phd. by her actions. But far more responsibility falls on SCOTUS especially the Catholics who tossed the Court ultimate authority to regulate via ex post prohibition congressional use of temporal ” a person who was in prison for” without due process. It would have been easier just to run them all through a process summarily, but instead opted automatic allocation by offending statute of sex crime.

      Permitting the victim advocacy and promoting it through tort only placates the problem. Persrky was dumped by the virtue signaling SCOTUS had established weakness in judicial independence.

    • General Bean

      You make a great point, one that is not lost on at least one mother with sons that I happen to know.
      An old high school friend of mine with 2 sons frequently speaks out on FB against this hysteria as she fears for the future of her boys. Just one mere uncorroborated accusation, not a conviction, has the power to destroy their lives. A dreadful thought.
      My friend, BTW, is a 30-year LAPD lieutenant. I don’t know if she knows my past or not (I doubt it as she’s always inviting me for drinks and I don’t want trouble for either of us), but it’s good to know that some in the LE community recognize this witch hunt and the painful ramifications of the sex offender label.

    • Edie

      And if Chanel Miller chooses to pocket the money from the proceeds of her book, also probably written by Dauber, my stomach will turn again. I’m disgusted that Glamour (or whatever) magazine gave her a “woman of the year” award. Her recount of the “event” has to be fabricated because she was completely passed out. Oh, and what about her Mom who got her and her underage sister purposely drunk at their Palo Alto home before dropping them both off at a fraternity party at midnight. What parent does that? Never reported in the press, but a fact of the case. There’s so much the public hasn’t heard unless they were close to that trial, verdict, and sentence. And Mr. Turner, while having served a light sentence, has hit repeated social, public, humiliating roadblocks on top of registering that I could never ever wish on my worst enemy. I’ve met him. He’s a good kid. He made the mistake of getting drunk and losing control of his immature, sexual impulses. Judge Persky factored in all of the right elements. I’m so sick of how the accuser suffers so few consequences (well, maybe other than the trauma of believing what might have happened to her) compared to the males who are allowed such minimal defense. It takes two to tango, kids…. Let’s start holding young women who choose to inebriate themselves and put their safety in jeapordy a bit more accountable for THEIR actions….

      • Will Allen

        I do think the Persky thing was completely wrong but let’s not start blaming real victims. If 2 people are hanging out together and are equally drunk but both do not give explicit consent to $EX, then if one person didn’t really want it the other person needs to be held somewhat accountable, depending on the overall circumstances. If you get drunk and might do something like that, the legal risk is on you, not anyone you might “fall” on top of. If you get drunk, you better not be driving, physically assaulting people, or pawing at anyone.

        Having said that, F these people that have harassed Persky. That harassment would only be acceptable IF he had a long history of incorrect judgments and was deviating from what was being recommended to him. And it certainly would not be acceptable to continue the harassment after he was no longer a judge. These types of actions (and the Registries of course) destroyed any concern I had for the #metoo movement. So #fmetoo.

        The other thing about it is that I bet a good 90% of the people who have an opinion about it don’t know their asshole from a hole in the ground. So many totally uninformed, complete idiots in Amerika. Never stops any of them from having an opinion.

        I saw people saying that Registering for life was no big deal and was not really a life sentence. Said that a Registered person didn’t really have to do anything. Same people were claiming the victim was harmed for life. All BS. That victim is no more harmed for life than I was when I was molested as a child. Or when I got drunk in college and got jumped and beaten up. I actually suffered fairly serious harm from that, unlike this victim. And in no way did that make me a victim for anything longer than like a couple of weeks. So F these “victim for life” people. And if they support Registries, then I’m glad they are victims and I certainly do not care at all.

        Wage war on Registry Terrorists. Every day.

  6. JohnDoeUtah

    This is why a system that has elected judges is not an impartial, unbiased justice system.

    • Dustin

      Been making that point for years. Elected judges are just as much politicians as legislators. Rulings and opinions are decided not by law, but the politics of the moment. That’s exactly why the founders decided to make federal benches lifetime appointments.

  7. Tim in WI

    The very moment the Rehnquist Court upheld the Wetterling Act was the same moment judicial authority & sovereignty was diminished irrevocablely! The judicial role of congressional oversight via interpretation is integral to system trust and stability.
    The abandonment of judicial determination in crime sentencing as wholly judicial role has come back to bite the judicial system itself in the ass.
    Persky lost credibility despite his adherence to the law and suffered recall. He is not a the only judge to have suffered that fate. There have been others, and there will be more overrun by vindictiveness by victims advocates.

  8. Harry

    To get fair judicial, it look like that the judge will have to set behind a curtain or a one way window and his/her name will never be revealed.

  9. KM

    And this is why the Founding Fathers specifically ruled out this idea of democracy. Everyday people are too stupid and too prone to making emotional decisions. But California and a lot of the US is leaning towards this democracy notion. The fall of this great nation is now heralded.

  10. Seth

    They are treating him like he is a sex offender himself. What is next? Are they going to start putting judges who didn’t rule harshly enough on the registry too?

  11. TS

    Has anything happened to the others who presented the sentence recommendation, etc to him on the bench? Are they shaking from this? Just because he signed off on the final sentence, is he the fall guy for them all?

  12. TS

    There’s a ring of legal common sense here that’s come through my feed that may be worth it’s own post here? People sticking up for the good Judge!

    Firing Judge Persky as a tennis coach was a big mistake

  13. Mike

    Hello, there’s more officials out there that are committing crimes and getting a slap on the hand and they reduce there charges plus they keep it out of the media, well i have two pdf files with hundreds of judges, law enforcement, senators, ect like : Ex-cop takes plea deal for sex with prostitutes while on duty and gets 6 months, this is the kind of info we should be getting out to the public.

  14. Bill


    I agree. No former cop, judge, prosecutor, and politician should get special treatment than the rest of the Registrants.

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